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Student life is challenging: a lot of assignments to complete, tests and exams to pass, and grades to get. Put it to loans and the need for a part-time job to make ends meet, and managing that all at once becomes close to impossible for a student. So asking for professional help with academic endeavors doesn’t seem evil or pointless anymore, does it?

Bringing yourself to hire custom writers is another, equally hard, challenge. The market of essay writing services is heavy, and most companies do nothing but copy works online or write low-quality papers for big money. How not to goof? How to choose the best essay writing service or, at least, the lesser evil of two?

I feel your pain, bro…

It’s time for coming out: when a student, I asked custom services to write essays for me. And it wasn’t easy to find those professional and honest who’d meet my needs. When I’ve eventually found the blog revealing the truth about writing services and ordered the paper about Ernest Hemingway with their help, that was the moment I decided to start a website and share reviews of essay writing services for my peers to choose the best.

That was the moment when I wrote my first review of the aforementioned blog, published it here on OmniPapers, and conceived an idea to turn this website into the ultimate guide to academic research and writing for students to save time and money.

Are these essay writing service reviews legit?

It’s your fellow students who write reviews here, describing custom writing companies they faced: they tell about features, prices, discounts, money back guarantees, and any other aspects you might want to check before placing an order.

At OmniPapers, you can check the latest reviews, compare essay services, watch testimonials from other students, and read articles on writing craft and self-development. You are welcome to submit your review, and don’t hesitate to share comments on poor custom services if you know any.

And that’s why you need it

OmniPapers is a time and money savior for students willing to work with best and rely on best. The website guides you through the wilds of custom writing services, allowing to compare, rate, and choose by different criteria. As our reader, you get the access to discounting programs from all reviewed websites.

Essay writing service reviews are not the only content here. I invite you to the OmniPapers blog — the key to improving your writing skills, productivity, and self-awareness. Read, compare, comment, share… And let’s become better writers all together.

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16 comments is a custom writing service that helps students deal with academic writing. To improve their writing skills and get professionally written essa...
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available Review [Score: 8.6/10]

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars 8.60 / 10
Update: Many thanks to all my readers for the emails with information about a new service of Bid4Papers! Now they provide help with exact disciplines, too. And ...
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How Paid Essays Are Like Spotify: Try Many, Pick One, Keep Exploring

Have you ever thought about the purpose of the Internet? I found one, major purpose. Can you guess what it is?

It’s not about information sharing.

It’s not about online gaming, either (though, I like it too ;-).

The correct answer is comfort.

Surprised? Think about it.

You need new clothes, but have no time to go shopping - you buy everything online and have it delivered, don’t you? Can’t decide which smartphone to buy? Once again, you turn to the Internet for help and read reviews, right? Don’t feel like going to a library and borrow your next school book? Why not to download it on your tablet or read it online? Why not, indeed?

YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook - they all exist because we need them like air to breathe.

When I think about it, I start considering the needs of people nowadays. Because, we do have needs. More and more of them each year. Don’t get me wrong. I still watch videos on YouTube, search for meanings of sophisticated words on Wikipedia and chat with my friends on Facebook, but, these days, there are more websites and services that we need than just those three.
And what are those?

Custom writing services and music software. That’s right!

What would we do without paid essay writing services? How could we live without Spotify? Can you imagine such an empty online world? It gives me the chills to think about it...

Those websites make our lives so much easier, after all. We, who use their services, appreciate them every single day. We seem to be somehow drawn to services that are so similar to each other, wouldn’t you say? Yes, you heard me right.

Our two above mentioned quality websites are like twins. Let me enlighten you!

1. They both stay updated.

Just like Spotify, a paid essay service strives to be well-informed about all novelties. Whereas Spotify gathers media products the moment they get released, custom writing service checks scholar databases in order to learn if there’s been some change in style or essay formatting.

2. They give you a customer-friendly product.

Both Spotify developers as well as paid essay writers strive to customize the product you receive. The longer you use their services, the more they know about you, and thus, the better the product they can offer you. From Spotify you might receive a special daily mix to listen to at leisure, and from an essay writing service a high-quality academic paper.

3. You don’t have to decide about everything at once.

Check it out! Spotify offers you various genres, albums and artists to choose from, so you can first explore thousands of songs and then, create your own unique playlist. Similarly, you don’t have to choose an essay from one service. First, explore! There are many types of paid essays to choose from and a number of websites offering them! Try several and pick the one you like the most.

4. The one with 5 stars gets the prize!

It’s all up to rating… Only those songs that are most frequently listened to appear in Spotify’s recommended collections. By the same token, those essay writing services that have most positive reviews get more customers. Thus, Spotify checks people’s music preferences, and services offering essays are mindful about paid essay writing reviews they receive from customers.

5. Both can be disappointing, but won’t make you depressed.

You might not know this but Spotify has had copyright issues and hundreds of songs pulled out without prior notice. But, we love it so much that we can forgive it, can’t we? As far as paid essays online are concerned, you always risk receiving the end product different than you wanted. Though, it’s not the end of the world! It can be fixed. You just need to describe to your writer what you don’t like and how you want it to be changed.

6. “I’m bored…” issue.

We all get bored eventually - either with the essay or with the music we’re listening to. But, both Spotify and essay writing services encourage us to keep on exploring their websites. You can check “your weekly discoveries’ list” on Spotify or the best offers on various online essay writing services. The choice is yours.

7. Multifunctional like the best equipment.

You can use Spotify not only to satisfy your own music cravings, but also give your party a music boost. Similarly, essay writing services are not only for students. They can also help you with writing your speech, a professional article, CV or do for you some SEO copywriting.

Final thoughts…

Spotify as well as essay writing services are websites that we have a great need for. They help us, make our lives easier as well as more comfortable, and are a consolation in times of troubles. After all, music alleviates our nerves and custom services help us research complicated essay topics.

They are both part of the Internet now, whether we like it or not. So, since they are already out there, use them to your advantage!

I hope you enjoyed my post. If so, leave a comment!

Wish all you guys a beautiful day!


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