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Essay writing service reviews for those who need it the most.

A student’s life is challenging: a lot of assignments to complete, tests and exams to pass, and grades to get. Applying for loans and the need for a part-time job to make ends meet, and managing that all at once becomes close to impossible for a student. So, asking for professional help with academic endeavors doesn’t seem evil or pointless anymore, does it?

In 2019, essay writers are clever enough to put numerous disclaimers on their sites. They state that even if you get a top essay from a writing company, the only way you can use it is as a sample for your own writing. Most of OmniPapers reviews are written by less diligent students, me among them, which doesn’t mean you have to follow the same path. With us, you can check out examples of work of various writing services and use them as a source of inspiration. Compare different academic assistants if you’re doubting whom to choose. Read my blog on studying, careers, and productivity, check out my articles and be sure that OmniPapers has much more to offer than just reviews.

The market for essay writing services is large, and many companies do nothing but copy works online or write low-quality papers for big money. Along with quality, some OmniPapers reviews analyze the authenticity rate of papers received. We do it by using special plagiarism-checking software. This is one of the multiple methods OmniPapers uses to help you not to goof and to choose the best essay writing service or, at least, the lesser evil of two.

How I started my search for a best essay writing service.

It’s time for coming out: when I was a student, I asked Bid4papers to write my essay for me. And it wasn’t easy to find those professional and honest who’d meet my needs. When I eventually found a blog revealing the truth about writing services and ordered a paper about Ernest Hemingway with their help, that was the moment I decided to start a website and share reviews of essay writing services for my peers to choose the best ones.

That was the moment when I wrote my first review of the aforementioned blog, published it here on OmniPapers, and conceived an idea to turn this website into the ultimate guide to academic research and writing for students to save time and money.

Today, there are multiple essay writing services reviews on more than 25 companies on the site and together, we can increase this number. Choose a writing company using our recommendations or your own likes and dislikes and describe your experience. If we already have a detailed analysis of the company you’ve ordered from, you can tell your story in the comments section. If you’ve found a brilliant service on your own or was unlucky to pay a scam company for your paper, let others know. Let information spread throughout the world and change our lives, grades, and papers for the better.

Are these college paper writing service reviews legit?

I should mention that I double-check all the information I receive from external parties to make sure I don’t publish fake reviews from the writing services themselves. It’s your fellow students who write reviews here, describing custom writing companies they faced: they tell about features, prices, discounts, money back guarantees, and any other aspects you might want to check before placing an order.

At OmniPapers, you can check the latest reviews, compare essay services, see testimonials from other students, and read articles on writing craft and self-development. You are welcome to submit your review and don’t hesitate to share comments on bad custom services if you know any.

To get your essay service review published on our platform, take a look at what is already here and try to follow the common structure. Before you write an essay review, tell about a company you’ve used. Make an introduction. There is a lot of writing sites nowadays and I hope all of them have their special features and uniqueness. To submit a review, answer these questions:

  • What services does the website offer and which one did you order?
  • What are its average prices and what was the cost for your assignment?
  • Is there a customer support team and can it manage troubles efficiently?

In the end, provide a small conclusion: would you recommend the service you’ve tried to your best friends? And to your enemies? Attitude towards a client, the paper’s correspondence to the initial requirements in the order form, respect towards deadlines, free options, and additional extras: even the tiniest details are important. Don’t neglect the opportunity if you have something to tell your mates.

Important not-trifles: academic level and type of paper

First and foremost, don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish when you fill in an order form. Your college paper level does matter and with top writing services, you always get what you pay for. Another piece of crucial information about your assignment the ghostwriting service should know is the type of essay you need. Sometimes, we submit up to 20 orders to one service to provide you with the most reliable and coherent review.

  • We test lab reports as this is the most challenging assignment for the majority of students. A lab report on chemistry for a 3-4 year undergraduate student is something writing services fail to complete in three cases out of ten.
  • A research paper is another “brain-stimulating” type of homework paper we test. Order a marketing research paper for 1-2 year undergraduate student and you will receive an average paper of an average quality the company is capable of producing.
  • An admission essay is a life-changing paper for most applicants, and when we order it, we also test additional options the writing service provides. By doing so, we expect to get the best piece of writing the company can offer.
  • A case study is a type of assignment even the best essay writers need time for. Each case study is unique and academic experts have to complete them from scratch. By ordering this paper, we check the authenticity of writing services and their willingness to contact clients who haven’t left enough requirements for the order.
  • A term paper is a pivotal assignment and we order this type of paper to make sure the writing service understands the difference between a thesis, a research paper, and a dissertation, and hence, can complete academic assignments in the best way even if a client doesn’t understand what a teacher expects from him or her.
  • Thesis writing identifies if the assistance service is capable of completing complex assignments of a high academic level.

How to get a top essay from a writing company

As I’ve spent years checking academic assistance companies’ reliability and trying to find the best one, now I can detect trustworthy services in a matter of minutes. Here is my checklist I follow every time before I submit an order to an unknown company. In 90% of cases, I can predict the quality of service I will get by simply analyzing the website of the company.

The order form

If you need a custom, top quality paper, get it from a company with a long order form only. The writer cannot complete a personalized essay if he or she doesn’t know your requirements. Along with the deadline, the number of pages, the topic, and the discipline, you should be asked at least about the type of your paper, the formatting style, and the complexity of your assignment. Run if a service promises it will read your mind and compose top-notch authentic papers without asking you multiple questions.


If a company is top rated by independent feedback platforms, you are more likely to receive a great essay from it.

Check out the number of disciplines and writers the company works with to make sure it will be able to cover your topic. See if it has some experience by checking out the year of its founding.

Customer support

Avoid services that don’t provide customer support. You can foresee how comfortable you will be with a company by the number of communicational channels it offers you. Live chat is great but combine it with phone numbers, emails, FB messenger, and you are likely to get a service that cares about its customers’ convenience.


For me, there are two ultimate guarantees of a high-quality writing service: a money-back guarantee and free revisions. They show that a company will do its best to satisfy you with the first version of the paper in order not to lose its time or money.

And that’s how OmniPapers can help you

OmniPapers chooses the best essay writers from academic assistance companies with a bidding system and gives an average evaluation of services where you can’t receive personal information about your expert. To get a top essay without spending hours on paper writing, choose a perfect assistant who will differ depending on the discipline, type of paper, academic level, the money you can spend on an essay service, etc. This is what OmniPapers offers you and what makes the service unique.

If a writing site wants to be successful on the market, it has to be unique at least at something. We search for this originality, check out if what a company states corresponds to what it provides, and share this knowledge with you.

OmniPapers is a time and money saver for students willing to work with the best and to rely on the best. The website guides you through the wilds of custom writing services, allowing you to compare, rate, and choose by different criteria. As our reader, you get access to discounting programs from all reviewed websites.

Essay writing service reviews are not the only content here. I invite you to the OmniPapers blog — the key to improving your writing skills, productivity, and self-awareness. Along with tricky grammatical issues, you will find new ways to get through a blank page, some tips on time-management, and advice on how to win your battle against procrastination.

Get a 100% top essay from our leaders

If you don’t have much time to surf our site, check out our 2019 leaders. We rated academic assistance companies according to their specialties which helped us to find the best one in each category.

The most authentic writing service:

This site completes papers on the most complex subjects and has a big percentage of teachers and tutors among its writers.

  • 5/5 orders are written according to instructions, approved, and delivered on time
  • Average authenticity rate: 100%
  • Average satisfaction rate: 9.5/10
  • Uniqueness: a great understanding of the difference between various types of academic writing

The cheapest writing service:

Cheap and still good. The perfect choice if you need a top essay on a common subject and don’t want to pay a fortune for it.

  • 5/5 orders are written according to instructions, approved, and delivered on time
  • Average authenticity rate: 95%
  • Average satisfaction rate: 9/10
  • Uniqueness: great quality at lower prices

The best writing service with a bidding system:

Business competition has always been a stimulus to progress and Bid4Papers has used this rule in the best way. The platform has a harsh hiring and evaluation process which resulted in the best specialists gathered in one place.

  • 5/5 orders accepted, approved, and delivered on time
  • Average authenticity rate: 99%
  • Average satisfaction rate: 9.8/10
  • Uniqueness: great experts all gathered on one platform

The fastest writing service:

Whatever you need, they will do it fast. With this site, four hours equals four hours. Put a timer when you submit an order and you will receive your nice-looking paper not a minute later than your deadline.

  • 5/5 orders are written according to instructions, approved, and delivered on time
  • Average authenticity rate: 96%
  • Average satisfaction rate: 9.2/10
  • Uniqueness: timely delivery even for a 20-page research paper with a 4-hour deadline

The most supportive writing service:

One of my criteria when I make an essay review is the quality of the customer support the service provides. CopyCrafter has the friendliest and most efficient support team I’ve ever met and when ordering from this site, I’ve used all the arrogance and dumbness I can produce as my communication strategy.

  • 5/5 orders are written according to instructions, approved, and delivered on time
  • Average authenticity rate: 98%
  • Average satisfaction rate: 9.7/10
  • Uniqueness: customer-friendly service that will do everything to please you

Read, compare, comment, share… and let’s become better writers together.

  • Why do you need a top essay writing service?

    Students, especially those new to balancing their college responsibilities with everyday life, can feel extremely exhausted.

    The best paper writing service is always aware of student needs, catering to those who at some point may not have the time for the completion and elaboration of difficult and arduous research. It is the fastest and easiest way to get high-quality work on any topic in a short time. It will give you a little more free time and the opportunity to devote yourself to other things.

  • What can you expect from the best writing services?

    One thing is for sure; whenever you need to get a quality essay that will be done flawlessly, this is the best choice, especially in situations where you have a tight schedule and too little time. With our superior writing services, we offer you only the best of the best writers, so you don't have to worry about quality.

    You will get work that is 100% unique in a short period for an affordable price.

  • What is research paper writing?

    It can be helpful if you view this assignment as an exercise in investigative journalism. When a journalist finds a controversial story, he or she visits the scene and begins to ask questions and analyze the evidence. They then put the pieces together to find out the true story. Writing a research paper is a similar process. Our writers gather information about a particular topic or problem, analyze that information, and then present it in a report.
  • Can I get quality research paper writing?

    Top essay writing services offer the most experienced and qualified writers to do research paper writing on any given topic. We know that although some topics are not convenient for students, our writers are already deeply acquainted with them. Our writers have already written on all of the topics, they know what they are doing, they take their job seriously. If the topic is extremely rare or prohibitively unusual, our writers will research it fully.

  • Why are essay writing service reviews important?

    Today, many companies thrive on this business but do not provide the same quality of service. Some are better rated than the others.

    It is an indicator of the overall writing quality for every single company. The reviews of the other clients are important to read so that you will know what to choose for yourself. Many companies provide poorly written and/or plagiarized work, which is why we are here to give you a top-quality essay whenever you need it.

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