GradeMiners Review [Score: 6.6/10]

GradeMiners Review Overview 2023: Legit, Safe or Scam?

Doing home tasks can be a difficult thing: some students have a lack of understanding, time, or knowledge so it’s hard for them to complete an assignment on a good level. At the same time, students want to get good marks, so they want to get assistance to improve their skills. Thus, a reliable essay writing service is in high demand, and students need an objective review in order not to be deceived. After doing research, I’m ready to share the review that can help you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

About Grademiners

If you’re looking for essay writing help, you’re in the right place: Grademiners is a company that helps students meet proficient writers to expand their knowledge. They deal with a range of services of different difficulties, so every customer can rely on this company. However, this review can help you understand whether this essay assistance company is good for you and your needs. grademiners writers


No matter what writing assistance you need, you can get it at Grademiners as they offer a big variety of services. Using essay writing help, you need to know the whole list of its products. So, what do Grade Miners offer?
  • various essays;
  • reports/reviews;
  • business plans;
  • case studies;
  • dissertations;
  • courseworks;
  • speech writing;
  • term papers;
  • thesis proposals;
  • presentations;
  • abstracts.
  • see also: best dissertation writers
While there is no information about services on the main page, you can find more in the website footer. It may take some time as well as the process of placing an order: get ready to fulfill a long-form first.

Quality of papers

If you want to get a perfect essay on the first try, you will not like this service. The quality of paper writing is average at Grademiners. Even when ordering the simplest essay, you may need to ask your writer to do a couple of revisions until the paper looks good enough. In the end, students get what they need, but in some cases, the deadline is violated because the writer has to make any corrections. On average, it would be safer to order minor papers from Grademiners not to get in trouble for mistakes. The situation may get worse with complex papers. When ordering a complex assignment paper, be prepared to ask for more revisions considering the content as well as the formatting of the writing. With this website, students sometimes get a different paper from what they ordered. You always need to check whether the paper corresponds to your requirements and to make corrections before the deadline. Ordering a dissertation or thesis can be even more painful with this service. So, you should prepare to check your orders carefully. Or, you may choose another service to order a complex paper from. Unfortunately, the quality of Grademiners leaves much to be desired. The writers can manage a one-page essay, but they are not good with more complex orders. Though the website offers a wide range of student assignments, you cannot rely on writers with your term paper or thesis. GradeMiners sitejabber


Depending on several factors (academic level and urgency), your price per page may vary from $11.30 to $44.95. Writers deal with any kind of academic level: High School, College, Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. Moreover, they are ready to complete your order within 3 hours if needed. Talking about payment methods, you can use PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard. The good thing is that the site has McAfee Secure to ensure all external links are safe, so it’s comfortable for clients.

Bonus Systems

Here at Grade Miners, customers won’t waste money as the company takes care of it. No matter who you are, whether a new or regular customer, get your bonus right now. The company suggests special offers for the first order that allows you to save 15% of the full price and a bonus system for already registered customers. If you’ve decided to place your first order, find a discount code on the web in order to save money. The bonus system has some features: you have a virtual wallet on your account that gets ‘money’ to it every time you place an order. You can use them to compensate for the final price for future orders, and the sum of bonus points depends on the order cost. Another way to get a discount is an email registration that is rewarded with a discount code that helps to save money. While such bonuses seem great, some pitfalls are waiting for you: customers need to pay additional fees if they want an experienced writer to complete their order. It goes beyond professional ethics, so think twice whether they don’t bill you any unwanted price.

Customer support

Another feature that can be unpleasant on Grademiners is its support service. When you need to ask why your paper has still not been sent or how you can place a revision, be prepared for a long conversation with the operators. Their online chat does not work fast on their website, so it is better to call them directly. Grademiners’ customer support is not the friendliest service. In some cases, operators just drop the line for no reason before your problem is resolved. The proficiency of the team also raises questions. You may get a person with a distinct Indian accent on the telephone, so it can be hard to understand his or her English. Sometimes, it can take a long time for you to explain what the problem is because some operators do not seem to understand English well. Grademiners plagiarism If you finally find a common language with Grademiners’ support service, you need to stay patient. This company does not like to lose its money, so they will find a million reasons not to give a refund or to charge an additional fee for a revision. And if you require many revisions, it can make your paper cost a small fortune. Sometimes, support operators openly tell that they cannot resolve your problem. Either you pay extra money or get your paper as it is. But, sometimes you may get lucky by bargaining. It seems that fixed prices do not matter much on this website.

How good is this service overall?

Here are a few things we discovered while using this writing service:
  • Not every essay is created equal. The easier it is, the higher the quality will be.
  • This service seems to struggle with tougher assignments.
  • The order form is clunky, and you have to complete multiple steps before placing the order.

Is GradeMiners a scam?

No, it’s not. We can say from our own experience using the service and based on the dozens of reviews we’ve read. does provide legitimate writing help and even gives guarantees such as free revisions and a money-back guarantee. Plus, it has been around since 2009, and such longevity means that plenty of people trust this service. Is it reliable?

When evaluating writing services based on their reliability, we look at whether these companies actually deliver what they promise. For example, if a website promises excellent customer service, it better be good. Unfortunately, this is not the case for According to students’ reviews, its support operators are often unhelpful. Add the poor quality of writing to the mix, and you can say that the service fails to deliver on its promises. Therefore, we can’t call it reliable.

Conclusion: Is Grademiners legit?

All in all, you will not get an excellent paper from this writing company. Though the prices can look average in the market and there is a bonus system, the quality of essays is low. And it gets even worse for research papers, not even mentioning Ph.D. dissertations. Grademiners offer plenty of services, but they cannot complete all of them decently. When you get your order, you may dislike the content or formatting. You may also find incorrect or missing references in the document. For this reason, we recommend always check what your writer sends you before the deadline is over. The quality of customer support services is also low on this website. Online chat often fails on this website, which is a huge drawback. If you call by phone, you may not understand what people with a strong foreign accent tell you. Or, support assistants may not understand you, which is even more annoying. Besides, support assistants work slowly on this website. Though the interface looks good and you can pay without problems on this website, Grademiners’ customers are rarely satisfied with their experience. You may get lucky if your paper is on the first try. But, you can fall into a trap if you need to ask for revisions or a refund. The site’s reviews confirm that the website has a money-back policy, but few customers managed to get their payment back if their order did not correspond with the requirements. In general, Grademiners has some nice features on the website, but their papers are of poor quality on average.

TL;DR Version of Grademiners Review: Review
All in all, I recommend you to check the websites with high ratings before opting for this one.
  1. Afia says:

    They need to change the support team! It’s hard to reach them out!

  2. Ekua says:

    Nice service to write an academic essay. They helped me a lot, and I plan to use it again

  3. pen name says:

    As an ESL student, I ask for academic help from time to time. Although this service is OK, you need to spend time before get the final draft. Think about it before ask them to assist you!

  4. Grace says:

    Emily, do they have a discount? Can’t find it on their website!

  5. Emily says:

    Yes, take a look at the main page. There should be a promo code if you use this service for the first time.

  6. GeorgiaM says:

    Because my regular writing service was unavailable, I ordered two essays from Grademiners. Both papers came before the deadline. However, there were some questions to the content. I requested revisions for these essays. The writer told me he will not make a revision as fast as I need. So I had to pay more money for urgency. After I made two payments, the writer started to work. Again, revised papers came on time. I was happy on that account because I must submit both papers on time. But I still did not like the essays. I decided to leave the writing as it was not to pay for revisions. And of course, I could not wait any longer.
    In my opinion, an essay writing service must provide at least good quality if they charge their clients. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Grademiners. I got two not so good papers for about $40. A student could find another way to spend this money. I did not call support so I cannot tell whether they work any better than their writers. Still, academic writers on Grademiners are not experts. Take it into account if you plan to order anything from this website.

  7. Joe_Pants33366 says:

    I did not read this grademiners review otherwise I would not buy my economics paper here. This was the worst experience of buying assignments online. First, I did not know the order form can fail. As I wanted to fill it one more time, it could not work because I’ve already paid for the paper. So, Grademiners had my money but did not have instructions, teacher’s requirements, etc. I called support operators. They told me they cannot make a refund because there is no order in their system. I got really sad about that fact. $30 is not big money, but I felt upset.

    After 15 minutes talk, support assistants let me email my requirements. I did as they told me, and in half an hour I’ve got an email that my order was processed. Thank goodness. In addition to this long communication with customer support, I’ve had a chat with the writer. The so-called expert could not understand the topic well, so I had to explain what to write. At this point I did regret that I could not draw my money back. As I thought, I ended up with a paper of poor quality. I hope they checked it for plagiarism at least. A lot of wasted time and money on this website. Do not recommend it.

  8. Chad94 says:

    I do not think you can order any kind of paper from these writers. People are just incompetent. They do not understand simple instructions so I started to think they write badly in English. Support assistants on the telephone speak with a strong accent. I thought I would place some small essay to check the quality of writing, but I was so discouraged when speaking with support operators that I did not place an order after all. Do not recommend to buy any large assignments here.

  9. Marti says:

    My English 101 essay came on time and it was okay. But I do not like their order form. This grademiners review said something about nice interface. Well, it is not convenient at all. I could not submit my order form because of some mistake on the website. I thought I will use another service when the order was finally placed. I also had to explain some of my instructions to the writer. To be honest, I do not like texting to people online for I always get anxious. In the end, my paper came as I expected. But I will not use this service again.

  10. Patch887 says:

    Grademiners reviews are right–the website is not good. I ordered a research paper in finance, and it would be a better idea to buy it elsewhere. First, they told me they did not have a writer for such a complex topic. Next, support service called and said that they will write this paper. In the end, I got poor writing with a few fake references and unclear formatting. Besides, I’m not sure that the paper is not plagiarism. In the end, I have more job with this paper than I had without it. Honestly, do not recommend the website.

  11. DonnieS says:

    Before I ordered an essay from Grademiners, I used another writing service. But the last two papers came late so I decided to try this website. Unfortunately, writers are not timely here as well. I would not say my paper was that terrible.. It was alright I think. But the delay makes me mad. I have submission dates, and there is no point buying any kind of paper if it comes late. I understand that academic writers have a lot of job as the semester has already started. Still, they have to write decent papers if they charge money for it.

  12. Glen says:

    I got my essay today, and I must admit it is not quite good. I could write it myself and spare money. The price is not cheap after all.

    1. Beef says:

      Read grademiners reviews before you buy anything from them. They have already said that the writing is far from good. I did not risk to buy a paper here.

      1. Glen says:

        Thanks, next time I will see a dozen reviews before I buy anything anywhere. I wonder how this website is still on the market with such a bad service.

  13. Cartilongtime says:

    Terrible website! Writers cannot compose a sentence without grammatical mistakes and support refused to give my money back! Whatever your reason for buying essays, do not use Grademiners…

    1. Glen says:

      Did you try to contact a dispute manager of this paper writing company? If they cannot make a refund, they have to make a revision or something.

      1. Cartilongtime says:

        Yes, I spoke to the manager! Customer support is just awful. They do solve your problems in any way, just say, We are sorry for the inconvenience!

  14. TammyUtah says:

    My paper is not as bad as you write, but I have another problem. It came too late! Customer support said they will not pay my money back for delay.

    1. Doctorate's says:

      It’s a shame writing company does not care about their clients. I would say they will not stand the test of time in the market…

      1. TammyUtah says:

        Yes, every website must have a good support team in case they fail so often 🙂 Will not recommend this website to any of my friends.

  15. Barrie Johnston says:

    I opted for the academic essay writing services from this platform, and my overall experience is moderate. My article was delivered on time, and the writing quality met my expectations.

  16. Caleb says:

    Some of my friends and I had ordered a few academic writing services, like Grade Miners, from this platform recently. Most of the articles were delivered before the deadline (except for a few). The articles were indeed good but needed some minor modifications at times.

  17. Outlier says:

    I was looking for a website that could offer me essay writing services for my academics, and this platform really helped me with that.

  18. Darko says:

    I have received my essay today, but the quality isn’t satisfactory enough. I’ll still need to change some parts of the article before I can submit it to the institution.

  19. Cooper says:

    I availed their academic writing service and I got delivered within a day, which is good. But, I had a tough time reaching out to their support team.

  20. Gladys Hager says:

    Grademiners is a legit site when it comes to essays. Their pricing is great and they offer a big range of services so they are my go-to when I need help understanding something. They are pretty solid.

  21. Barnes says:

    Grademiners is pretty good when it comes to academic writing. They can be a little bit slow to deliver but they make up for it by always delivering quality papers. They are very reliable so I use them very often.

  22. Jeremy says:

    When I need help with my homework I always use Grade Miners. The pricing is extremely reasonable and they deliver quite fast. Never had any problems with them either; so i would recommend them!

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