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Best Websites to Help With Homework: Top-10 College Homework Help Sites

Buying papers online seems to be a risky adventure, but students who’ve already done it would say that it’s a superb opportunity to get all sorts of ideas concerning your homework. You don’t need to hire a tutor or take online classes—just leave your instructions, pay for the paper, and the writers will send you an example of your assignment done at the highest level. The hardest part of it all is choosing a trustworthy service with great specialists and affordable prices. In this review, we will unveil the 10 best homework help websites. We’ve checked them all and consider each of these services to be a reliable option for any student seeking help online. If you are about to buy your homework from professional writers, try using any of these services.
1 One of the best homework help sites for STEM

best homework help websites
CopyCrafter is an expert in almost every college discipline you can imagine—from English 101 to programming and IT. They provide top homework help with calculations and tasks in STEM subjects that usually don’t come easily for most students. Here you can purchase a decent paper for quite a cheap price—one page of writing will cost $14 if you are an undergraduate student (years 1-2).The bad news is that almost all STEM disciplines count as complex subjects, and you need to pay a bit extra for them. However, plenty of testimonials concerning CopyCrafter claim that the quality of their assignments is outstanding. Here is what Mathew from Iowa says about this service:
“The writers did an extraordinary job and finished my urgent assignments in a few hours. I’m totally happy that I’ve decided to purchase homework here. I know that it could be cheaper, but as a math student, I really can’t compromise on the quality of my assignments.”
2 The leader among college homework help sites

Among all the websites for college students, EasyEssay looks quite appealing with its cheap prices, guarantees, and paper samples everyone can check right away. Just as the website’s name suggests, it’s easy to place an order in just a few clicks here. You can also talk directly to your writer as well as the manager who takes care of your order.This website is more oriented towards essays and writing assignments, like any other website that writes papers for you, than calculations, and you can absolutely take advantage of their cheap prices if you place an order with a 14-day deadline. Here is a testimonial from Alexis, a sociology bachelor:
“I’ve been using this website for a couple of years to keep my essays in order. I must admit they deliver papers on time and the price is very moderate. I can recommend EasyEssay based on my experience.”


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There are many essay writing sites, but choosing a good and honest one is difficult, but not with Bid4Papers. There is an honest feedback system here, which is an immediate advantage. Each client, after receiving an order, can leave a review about his author. So when choosing a writer, you can focus on reviews and an honest rating. The prices are more than affordable, because you choose the price yourself from those offered by the authors. This will provide an opportunity to buy essays online at an affordable price for all students. In addition, the list of works is quite wide, you can also order homework, writing coursework and diplomas. And communication with the author is easy, right in the chat, where you can check the execution, give additional instructions. Here’s what Michael from New Jersey has to say about using the site:
“I have tried other essay writing services and my experience with them has not always been good. On Bid4Papers, I commissioned a literature essay and got a good score from my teacher. This is not the first time I have worked with the author and I am satisfied with his work.”
4 Get your homework done on time

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When buying papers online, you can often become anxious about getting your task done as fast as you expect. Writing-Help has proven to be a cheap service with punctual writers who can finish an essay according to your instructions and deliver it ahead of the deadline. The shortest time span for completing your paper is 4 hours here. Though it is more expensive to buy any urgent papers from this website, plenty of students are satisfied with the quality of the tasks completed. Check out the testimonial from Lauren, New Jersey:
“I constantly use this website to get my psychology papers done (I don’t know much about formatting and stuff). The quality of writing is high—all of my papers turned out original and fully matched the instructions. They always come ahead of the deadline. I usually request them in 14 days because it’s really cheap, but my essays come in a week or so. That’s super cool!”
5 A secure service for every student

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This website doesn’t only look affordable and pretty, it’s actually a hub for smart writers and managers who take care of your confidentiality. More than 2000 specialists work for this writing service, and the majority of students are happy with the papers they get. If you’re afraid of plagiarism and having your personal information resold, pay attention to TrustMyPaper—they use software to keep your homework original and comply with policies designed to protect your email and phone number. Here’s the testimonial of Helen from Saint Louis:
“I’ve never used such a caring and polite online service before. Operators contacted me to ask for more details about my paper and they delivered it before the deadline. The writing was actually original, and I didn’t see anything wrong in it. I plan to buy my other papers from Trustmypaper as well.”
6 A generous writing site

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Have you ever had 100% cashback on any service? That’s exactly what AllAssignmentHelp offers to every student who places a first order on their website. Such a deal may look suspicious, however, we are here to confirm that the service is not a scam and they have plenty of satisfied customers. The company also offers you the opportunity to get a discount code if you submit your phone number.On the downside, this writing service doesn’t display their prices, so you should get a quote before placing an order. If you are satisfied with the cost they give you, it will be even more pleasant to get a paper of decent quality. Here is what Adam, a public relations student, says about AllAssignmentHelp:
“Honestly, I had doubts about buying papers from this website, but I was short on money and extremely happy to get 25% off my first order. They even sent me the essay earlier than I expected, and I’m grateful to have gotten such good service for a low price.”
7 An expert in any subject you can imagine

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If you’re looking for someone experienced to deal with your homework, chances are that MyAssignmentHelp will find just the expert you need. This company has been completing students’ papers since 2010, and they claim to have over 5000 writing specialists on their team. Many of them have PhD degrees.On this website, you can also get a free price quote before placing an order. The company claims they can provide all sorts of assignments for any level, from K-12 to grad school. Taking into account its high rating and positive reviews, we assume that this writing service deserves your attention. Check out the testimonial of Wane, a history student from Chicago:
“I’m very happy to have My Assignment Help’s website on hand because I have many subjects that I don’t understand perfectly. The company charges moderate prices, and I usually pay about $15 per page for my homework. I also request the same writers to complete my papers, so that I’m certain I’ll get high quality every time.”
8 A satisfactory service for your STEM homework

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Here is another service that specializes in exact sciences, and many students have already tried ordering papers from them. Results show that some customers were satisfied while others found some flaws, like papers coming late or the prices being higher than expected.AssignmentExpert doesn’t let you calculate the price, so you should contact support operators to find out the cost of your paper. Some students found that they’d paid money for assignments of average quality, which resulted in a number of negative testimonials. Here is a review from Hannah, a biology student:
“I purchased a couple of calculation tasks from here because I really had no time to complete them myself. In the end, I found a few mistakes from my assignment expert in the calculations. Nothing critical, but I expect higher quality from papers I’ve paid money for.”
9 A variety of subjects but minimum customer service

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Every student interested in buying cheap papers should pay attention to this service—they offer a page of high school writing for only $10, which is great. The discount for all new customers, however, is only 5%. Placing an order is easy, and you can see the price right away, which is also very convenient.The service allows you to choose from a long list of disciplines so that you can use the service for any type of homework if you like it. However, some reviews mention unpleasant customer support service with operators not answering for a long time. The quality of papers also varies on this website. Emily from New Orlean shared with us her insights on buying from SuperbPapers:
“I was hooked by the low prices and positive reviews on this website, and my first essay turned out very well indeed. However, my math assignments were far from perfect, so I stopped buying from SuperbPapers.”
10 High grades that you may not get

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The last student help website on our list looks very pretty, and it’s quite easy to buy papers here. However, the service promises that you will only get high grades for the papers you buy on their website. You know that it’s against the rules to submit essays someone has completed for you, and we don’t advise anybody to do so. In any case, PaperHelp cannot control what grades students will get—even a superb paper can fail because of various life circumstances that don’t depend on the writers. That is why submitting anything you buy online and hoping to get an A is a bad idea. Check out what Marty, a college freshman from Michigan, had to say:
“I purchased an English 101 essay from Paper Help but I didn’t risk submitting it to my teacher. We have strict plagiarism policies in college, and I don’t want to sacrifice my reputation. The paper looked alright, and I used it more for inspiration than anything else. I’m not sure I’d like to pay for more essays in the future.”
  • Is there a website that does your homework?

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    • Paperhelp
    • Writemyessays
  • Are homework websites legit?

    Yes, homework websites are legit and trustworthy. You shall check the privacy policy of the homework website for various features. Online homework websites are legal and authorized by the government. So, you shall use the services of the sites without any doubt. Of course, you shall go through the terms and conditions of the website. The privacy policy available online gives you a clear picture of the site. You can study that information to identify the real color of the homework website. Considering the above factors, Omnipapers company has essential qualities to fulfill the basic criteria for a genuine platform. The site is meant for improving the academic performance of the student through online tutoring.
  • How can I cheat on homework online?

    • You shall cheat on homework online as follows
    • Specifics are given more importance
    • Get the subject highlights from the summary of the chapter.
    • Last and first sentences given importance by skipping the middle area
    • The plot synopsis is given importance than novel reading fully
    • Requesting essays from old students.
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