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EssayTigers Overview 2023: Core Facts About This Service

Having received increased requests for an updated Essay Tigers review, we decided to employ a slightly different approach to assess the features that make the site reliable and trustworthy.

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EssayTigers Highlights

Using information gathered from a real-life experience working with the site and from reliable third-party reviews from review websites like Sitejabber, Trustpilot,, Youtube, and Reddit, we compiled a comprehensive report on the credibility and reliability. The report covers my first impression of the website and its design, outlining the general outlook of the site. We will then dive deeper into the service delivery process from the convenience of interface usage to the quality of the output. Thus, the report compiles our perspective and verdict based on the first impression of the website design and the interaction with the company’s agents.

First Impression

The site dons a combination of bold colors reflecting some level of confidence and creating a warm and welcoming look. EssayTigers com is perhaps one of the leading essay writing services to employ a minimalist approach in its website design. The information on the feature pages is just enough, indicating the willingness to inform rather than overwhelm the user with details.

The site’s design is also impressively intuitive with interconnection between useful pages. It has a free-flowing navigation style, from top to bottom. You can hardly detect the shift between pages. The links are also responsive both on mobile and PC, with the home page featuring the major segments of the ordering process. However, the order form is comprehensive, simplistic, but not attractive. The designers adopted a pale appearance with sky-blue highlights, making the page unappealing.

Essay Tigers Review

The website is generally good looking with sufficient information to convince a first-time user. It features details about the company’s services, writers, pricing, and guarantees. You will also find information on customer reviews and ratings from third-party websites. A closer look on the feature sections hints at the company’s policies and values, including timeliness and affordability.

How Does this Service Work

The ordering process is quite straightforward, although the sight becomes a bit sluggish on mobile when feeding the order details. However, is available on both mobile and pc, with the same simplistic and intuitive design. It took us less than 20 minutes to place an order for a short two-page essay in psychology. The site does not allow users to select writers but has some categories of experts one can select.

Types of Services has no specialization in the academic writing sector. Instead, the company offers assorted services, ranging from essay writing to homework help. It was challenging to analyze the types of papers on offer without moving to the order form. The services listed on the site include academic writing, editing and proofreading, and calculations.

Available services Type of work
Academic writing Essays, discussions, dissertations, coursework, reviews presentations, etc.
Editing and proofreading Paper improvement
Calculations Programming, accounting, finance, natural sciences, math, engineering, economics, and statistics

Paper Quality

We first analyzed the available samples, which we deemed good enough for a simple academic paper. However, for a deeper analysis of quality, we used a two-page psychology paper. The final paper’s face value was exceptional with a basic paper structure and sufficient white spaces to make it legible and appealing to the eye. It also contained sufficient in-text citations and sources. However, content integration with external sources was slightly a miss despite choosing the top-level writer category. 

Meet the Deadline

The company seems to have a very strict delivery policy, forcing the writers to deliver before the deadline. Although we acknowledge and commend the timeliness, Essay Tigers reviews indicate that the policy has a negative impact on perception of quality. Customer testimonials illustrate some concern with the company’s obsession with timely delivery. However, the reviewers acknowledge the speedy delivery and corroborate our findings on this front. Since the company values timely delivery a speedy completion, Essay Tigers scores a 10/10 0n timeliness.

Writers' Competence

essay tigers writers review

The writer we worked with for this Essay Tigers writers review, was a specialist in psychology. They seemed to have sufficient knowledge of the subject, including the ability to articulate unique ideas. The writer’s willingness to address specific customer concerns was also appealing, illustrating some training in customer service. 

Customer Support

The company’s customer service department is relatively accessible and professional. With multiple communication lines and 24-hour availability we found the customer experience quite commendable. It takes less than 5 minutes to make a connection and find help.

Discounts and Features

EssayTigers discount code is only accessible to return customers. Their loyalty program allocates bonuses for subsequent orders only. However, the agents can grant a promo code via email on special cases. Since the discount policy is slightly limited, we evaluate Essay Tigers’s loyalty program as an average.


The company guarantees its customers timely delivery of original assignments. It also has a money-back guarantee that promises users a refund in case the writer fails to deliver. In our case, we could only test the timeliness guarantee as the paper was good enough based on the instructions. Since we couldn't test the company’s guarantees adequately, its only fair that we remain neutral on this front.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Speedy delivery Lack of experience in complex assignments
Relatively good quality Poor integration of sources
Competitive prices

Price Review

The service has a competitive pricing strategy, fronting affordable rates for students in different categories. Besides, Essay Tigers has a discount program designed to reward loyalty. The program allows customers to claim bonuses and reduced prices for subsequent orders based on the value of the previous order. In this case, the price for our order was relatively fair, though slightly above the market rate. A simple undergraduate paper with a two-week deadline attracts an $8.5 price per page without discounts, making the prices relatively affordable but not cheap. 

Service Comparison

While EssayTigers is both trustworthy and reliable, its cost gives it a slight disadvantage. Its close competitors such as Bid4papers and Edubirdie offer slightly lower prices and better discounts. However, EssayTigers has an edge over its competitors in terms of paper quality and customer service.

Who Is this Service For?

Like most mid-level custom writing services, EssayTigers specializes in day-to-day assignments. The service is best suited for essay writing. We could not find sufficient evidence to support the company’s experience in complex disciplines and programming.

Worth the money

Although the paper did not match the expected level of quality, we can say that it was worth the money. The pricing was fair compared to competitors. However, the writer could improve on source integration.

Online Reputation

Is EssayTigers safe? The service is genuine with a favorable reputation on review websites such as Sitejabber and TrustPilot. One can conclude that the site is safe based on customer reviews and testimonies on Reddit and YouTube.

What Users Say reviews

USers are generally satisfied with the company’s services, giving it over 4.8 rating on Sitejabber with over 500 reviews. However, reviewers highlight the company’s obsession with deadlines as a possible source of pressure on the writer's ability to deliver quality assignments.

Order Process

While the order process is straightforward, the order form is not appealing. The pale outlook is not welcoming. Besides, one must provide login details to access specific sections of the order form. Regardless of these hindrances, the order process is simplistic with three steps: paper details, personal details, and payment.


Although the site does not allow customers to choose preferred writers, it has three writer categories to choose from: basic, advanced, and top writer. Although some services have this function, most leading custom writing entities adopt a similar strategy to Essay Tigers. 


Is EssayTigers scam? Definitely not. This site has the easiest payment process in the industry. They have several payment options including bitcoin. It took us less than five minutes to process payment using a credit card. You can also incorporate a discount or bonus coupon when making the payment to reduce the total cost of your order. 


Based on the quality of the paper received and external reviews, we gave EssayTigers a 7/10 rating. Essay Tigers plagiarism policy is also a plus, guaranteeing customers legit and original assignments. We can confidently say that this site is not a scam.

Service Criteria Score
Types of Services 8
Paper Quality 7
Meet the Deadline 10
Writers' Competence 8
Pricing 8
Customer Support 8
Payment Process 6
Guarantees 5


Is Essay Tigers Legal?

Like any other custom writing service, Essay Tigers is legal and the company’s services cannot be classified as cheating. The entity is legally registered and authorized to provide research services to students and educations in several jurisdictions.

Is Safe?

Based on user testimonies and our independent review, EssayTigers is safe. Thousands of students rely on the company’s experience and expertise for their research. Besides, the site has relatively safe payment options.

How Good is EssayTigers Paper Writing?

The company’s assignments are relatively good, with adequate sources and appropriate structures. The writers demonstrate sufficient training and experience in academic writing. Besides, EssayTigers have fairly competitive prices.

Is Essay Tigers Scam?

EssayTigers is not a scam and does not engage in any illegal activities. The company specializes in academic writing, research, and proofreading services. They boast years of experience in the industry.


Published by Emily
Posted Nov 8, 2023
  1. Jacob says:

    I used this service repeatedly and I would like to tell that it worked ok, but they failed the deadline on my last order

  2. John says:

    Essaytigers used to provide the service from head to tail as this review reads. Guess this post is an old one cause they no longer give lifetime discounts, only for one time usage. Instead they launched a new loyalty program that gives bonus from every order to pay for the next one. Very convenient system I guess. Will use it with pleasure.

  3. Natalie says:

    I’ve been loyal to this service for almost 2 years, so I think it’s my duty to leave feedback here. Regardless of the complexity of my paper the final drafts I received always exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t lie, couple of papers had to be altered a bit, because I implied something, but forgot to mention that in my order. As a result the writer didn’t get it right from the first time. I think I’ll keep ordering with essaytigers till I graduate.

  4. Zack says:

    hope they’ll see my complaint. All the time that I have been using this service I had no problems with them, but the last paper was not that perfect. I ordered an essay about Target credit card scam in 2014 where the writer had to critically analyze that event and provide recommendations on how to be protected from fraud, but instead he just described what happened on 5 pages.
    I got what I wanted after the 1st revision, but I don’t really like to provide additional explanations if I have already done that in paper details.

  5. Fae says:

    Should I use them?

  6. KarenRupert says:

    OK, so I sent a message asking for a discount on a potentially large order. They sent me the offer on my email address and I declined. The point here is that their prices are too high. Even if they offer some discounts, it still better to look elsewhere. So I did just that. I sent 3 more messages to other essay writers and they all offered better prices. As any Essay Tiger review shows, their prices are just not feasible for students.

  7. Danny441 says:

    What on earth is going on with the website? Whenever I click on a new page the chat box is there to greet me. I feel harassed as if customer service is forcing me to place an order.

  8. Marvin says:

    WWII is one of the topics covered by essay writing services in detail in almost any language on earth. I cannot understand why my WWII essay was so poorly written. The main task of the paper was to present the main battles of the world, the countries which took part in it, the allies and so on. To my surprise, most of the paper was only looking at the Germans and the British. But as anyone knows, the soviets, the French and many other countries had an important role in the war. I wasn’t sure about the quality of the paper. As I know my history teacher, details are important. I was not prepared to stand before my class with a poorly-written paper and I asked for revisions. Unfortunately for me, the revisions were not made on time and the writer asked for multiple deadline changes. I anticipated this from the poor communication and took matters in my own hand. I eventually wrote everything myself. After a 5-minute Google search, I had all the data I needed and I’m planning to write the text over the weekend. Tomorrow morning I’m asking Essay Tigers for a full refund. There’s no way I can use what their writer delivered.

  9. AI says:

    The revisions are not as free as they claim. I asked for revisions and they asked for more money. I can’t pay more for something which I can’t use. I would not recommend

  10. SGT66 says:

    I woke up with a clear idea that I had to start working on my project. Time flew and the day finished with only the weekend left to finish my 2-page essay. I placed an order on Essay Tigers and I waited for the text on Sunday evening. It wasn’t delivered. I had to hand it in on Monday and I skipped the class altogether as I had nothing prepared. No, I dread meeting my professor in the next class.

  11. Customer says:

    I had to write a short essay on Pitagora for my class. My math skills are horrendous and my professor is furious with me. This is why he proposed that I write this paper to better understand who Pitagora was and why we use his knowledge today. I guess he wanted to motivate me to learn more. Unfortunately, I got sick after a bad cold and I wasn’t capable of even get out of bed, let alone write an essay on Pitagora. So I looked for someone on to write it for me. I was glad to receive the text and I printed it out and prepared to present it before the professor. In class, there was no time left to present the paper and I handed it to the professor expecting feedback the following week. I got an F. He pointed out the entire thing was completely plagiarized and even showed me where on the web my text was published exactly as it was. I felt embarrassed and I don’t know how to make things right again. At the moment, I’m trying to get my money back from Essaytigers. It wasn’t a lot as it was just a 2-page essay. But still, they should stand by what they promise and offer unique work.

  12. Individual says:

    OK, so I always look at reviews even when I’m buying something cheap. The reviews here are not great and I’m not placing an order as plenty comment on high prices and unfulfilled deadlines.

  13. flatearther112 says:

    Is there really a point to make a ‘free inquiry’? I’m now bombarded with emails and discount codes and I was only asking for next year when I’m approaching my dissertation.

  14. Vincent says:

    The result I received from this website was absolutely terrible. There were so many errors and issues that I didn’t even bother to finish my purchase. The customer service was non-existent, and I wouldn’t recommend this service to anyone.

  15. Doris says:

    I’m not impressed with this website. The service was slow and unreliable, and the quality of the products was poor. I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone.

  16. Roberto says:

    Don’t waste your time with this website. The services they offer are subpar and the customer reviews are full of complaints. Don’t expect any real help from customer service either.

  17. Dorian Roger says:

    I was very disappointed with the quality of services provided by this website. The website was slow and unreliable and the customer reviews were completely inaccurate. I wasted a lot of time and money on this service and I would not recommend it.

  18. Savana says:

    The website offers standart services, and customer reviews are relativily positive. I have no complaints about the services.

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