Top-10 programming help services, specially selected for you

Programming Assignment Help Services: Top 10 Websites

Computer science, IT, and web-related majors are becoming increasingly popular all across the world as more young people are deciding to pursue careers in programming. However, it’s a pretty rough path to follow. Studying such complicated disciplines is much more challenging than most people expect, so they turn to academic services for help. But choosing the best website in the sea of options can be difficult. We’re here to make that decision easier, and if you’re wondering where to get reliable, high-quality, and timely programming homework solutions websites, this article is for you.
1 Get help with programming assignment for an affordable price

Programming Assignment Help
CopyCrafter is the go-to service for any homework you need because it covers an impressive range of disciplines, from literature to computer science and IT. Over their 10+ years in the business, this company has earned a solid reputation for high quality and consistency. And the best part is that prices at CopyCraft are budget-friendly, starting at $12 for a 1-page high-school homework with a 14-day deadline. The total cost of your order is based on five factors: the number of pages, the deadline, your academic level, the discipline (complex ones like computer science require an extra fee), and whether you add extra services to your order. The pricing policy is transparent, and you can see how the cost is determined as you fill out the order form. Add free revisions and a money-back guarantee to the mix, and you get the academic help service of your dreams.
“I always go to CopyCrafter when I need help with homework. It doesn’t matter if it’s programming, statistics, or some humanities-related subject; they always deliver great quality and are always on time,”—says Emma, an IT major from Portland.
2 High-quality computer programming homework help from specialists

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The service covers a wide range of homework for students, the deadlines are fast, and the authors study the topic clearly and in detail so that you get an A+. Be it technology essay or homework, you will definitely get help at a good price. Customers can communicate with their expert directly via chat, which is very convenient, but the company also maintains a strict privacy policy to protect user privacy.
“With bid4papers I know I’m putting my homework into the hands of experts who actually know what they’re doing. It’s great ‘cause you can choose a writer in a suitable price range,”—says Nick, a web development major from NYC,”
3 Fast and reliable programming homework help

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RapidEssay is the ideal option for those who value prompt and efficient service. 98.4% of orders from students have been delivered before the deadline. Therefore, the site specializes in timely delivery. You can ask a specialist to complete your task within 4, 8, or 24 hours and so on. Still, we advise everyone to order in advance because it helps you save a ton of money. The company offers free revisions and other guarantees, and if you have any questions, their 24/7 customer support won’t keep you waiting.
“I often get assigned homework with short deadlines, so I need a service that can help me do it quickly. I’m so glad I found RapidEssay because these guys always have my back,”—Brian, a college student from Houston.
4 The seasoned veteran of the academic help market

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MyAssignmentHelp was established in 2007 and has been providing assignment help in various disciplines ever since. It has offices across the world and employs over 5,000 writers, which speaks to its large customer base. However, testimonials from recent years reveal that the service quality has become mediocre compared to what it once was. We think that this old dog needs to learn some new tricks in order to survive in the competitive environment that is the academic help market. Otherwise, it will quickly lose its customers, and the rivals will eat it up.
“I’ve been using MyAssignmentHelp for many years, and I must say that the quality of their service has worsened over time. Now I’m looking for college homework help sites to get my programming homework from,”—says Ashton, a programming major from Seattle.
5 Decent quality but clueless support operators

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AllAssignmentHelp is a pretty fine service in terms of quality and price, but the best part about it is the freebies. You get a plagiarism detector, grammar check, a word-counting engine, and a reference generator all in one place, which is super convenient. The prices are very low, starting at $9, and your first order comes with a 25% discount. However, not everything in the garden is rosy. Some customers complain about unhelpful and unresponsive support operators, while others claim to have received plagiarized papers. The latter may not be a concern for programming students, but it says a lot about the company.
“I wanted to change my homework instructions after I’d paid for my order, but customer support took ages to respond,”—complains Amira, an IT major from Washington.
6 Average quality and a questionable pricing policy

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This is another company operating in the STEM field. According to customer reviews, the quality of their service is acceptable but not remarkable. Although, we really like that it allows you to customize deadlines by choosing any day of the calendar and any hour of the day. The problem with is that it doesn’t have a clear pricing policy, and a single task can cost anything from $5 to $30. This lack of disclosure can scare customers away.
“I’d really appreciate it if AssignmentExpert created some price guide to give customers some basic idea about how much they’re gonna have to pay. Every time I have to go through the hassle of submitting my instructions before I can get a price quote,”—David, a graduate student from Mississippi.
7 Specialized assignment help for STEM students

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AssignCode offers help with exact sciences in general, but its main focus is coding assignments, making it a perfect fit for programmers. It’s a relatively young company, so there aren’t many customer testimonials to review. Still, our analysts have tried this service themselves and can confirm that it can cope with any challenges you face. Do note that AssignCode is a bidding platform, so you need to provide paper instructions and choose your expert based on their expertise and price.
“AssignCode allows me to find programming specialists who have the necessary skills to do my assignment. And I like it that I can choose them myself,”—Abel, an IT student from Dallas.
8 Expensive and unreliable

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Before reviewing this company, we must say that there are very few customer testimonials about it on independent platforms. Therefore, we have to rely on our reviewers’ analysis. From what we’ve seen, the company has no defined pricing policy. According to the website, homework prices start at $29, but it doesn’t specify the number of pages or tasks, the academic level, or the deadline.
“I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. They charge ridiculous amounts of money,”—Laurie, a computer science major studying in Baltimore.
9 Choose your plan but be ready to pay extra

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One thing that sets AssignmentGeek apart from similar websites is that it differentiates between three types of services and prices them accordingly. Asking an expert to do your assignment from scratch will cost you $15.79, editing costs $10.53, and a basic check is only $8.95. Our consensus is that AssignmentGeek is pretty convenient if all you need from your expert is to tell you whether you did your assignment right or wrong.
“I can’t complain about the quality of this service, but it’s a bit too pricey for me,”—Dana, a university student from Denver.
10 Decent but overpriced

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Apart from the very few bad reviews, we haven’t found any reasons to criticize DoMyHomework123’s quality. The most frequent complaints are about the company taking a long time to assign experts to customers. We must also note that the prices are way above the market average, starting at $17.55 per page (with a 15-day deadline). Even if you’re rich, you need to spend your money wisely.
“Stay away. It’s not worth the money. Better find a service that can do the same job for a much lower price,”—Caleb, a web development student from Fresno.


If you need help with your programming homework, numerous acceptable online services are available, but we do not want you to settle for mediocrity. Therefore, we have arranged our evaluations into a top-ten list to simplify your decision. We hope that you find this information beneficial. We believe the following frequently inquired queries about programming assignments are also helpful.
  • What is programming assignment?

    A programming assignment is not just like any other homework. Essentially, it means writing help commands for a computer to make it perform specific tasks. Since computers don’t understand human languages, a programmer needs to use a special programming language. There are many of those: Java, Python, C, Go, C++, and so on. Each one has its peculiarities and functional advantages. So, a programming assignment helps students master their knowledge of programming languages, and thus, improve their ability to write programs.
  • Is programming homework help legit?

    If you order programming homework help from a reputable website, it can be entirely legitimate. Fortunately, every entry on our list is safe and secure. That said, there are plenty of scams online, so be careful before ordering anything from an unknown website. We recommend looking up the company and reading customer reviews, because if there’s little information about it, then there are three possible options: it’s very new, it’s unpopular, or they must be hiding something. Also, look out for red flags such as missing contact information and the lack of guarantees.
  • Do programming assignments cost more than regular ones?

    Disciplines like computer science and IT require specialized knowledge and skills, which is why most academic help services set higher prices for such assignments compared to literature papers, for instance. That’s the concept of fair compensation: the payment must be proportional to the task’s complexity.
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