Ultius.com Review [Score: 7.1/10]

Ultius Review Overview 2023: Legit, Safe or Scam?

Our Ultius.com review is going to introduce this relatively new essay writing service to students who look for a good helper with their writing assignments. Ultius has been working on the market since 2010, and that’s why it does not have much experience in the field yet. A distinguishing feature of this service is your essays and other academic papers are not written by professional academic writers here but students who need to finish a training program and pass all exams to be able to work there and complete orders.

Services offered by Ultius

Ultius review is better to start with the description of their services because this is the first and main information all students want to know when they choose writing or editing service. Three categories of services are offered by this paper writing service, and they are:
  • Academic writing
Ultius writers are ready to help you with essays (all types), thesis (whether you need a doctoral thesis or just a thesis chapter), term papers, research papers (summaries, outlines, proposals), speeches, case studies, reports, reviews, etc.
  • Business writing
If you need a business plan, a good and professionally written resume, college admission, or cover letter Ultius.com will do it for you.
  • Editing
Even if you have ready work, you can always ask Ultius to rewrite, proofread, format, edit, or copyedit it. ultius scam


You will find two price lists on the Ultius website: one is for business writing and another one – for academic writing products. Pay attention to the fact that Ultius.com can’t guarantee you a writer if you are limited in time and want to purchase an essay with the shortest deadlines (six or three hours): it will depend on a writer’s availability. As far as you understand, it does not sound perfect for a student in crisis. So, their longest deadline is 20 days, and their shortest deadline is 3 hours. Ultius.com provides writing services of four different quality levels. So, the final price for your order will depend on the deadline, the number of papers, and the level of quality. Let’s take a look at some of their prices. If you have a 2 days deadline, get ready to pay the following amount of cash:
  • High school level – $32 per page;
  • Undergraduate level – $33 per page;
  • Master-level – $43 per page;
  • Doctoral level – $57 per page.
If your deadline is 12 hours for example:
  • High school level – $39 per page;
  • Undergraduate level – $42 per page;
  • Master level – $70 per page;
  • Doctoral level – $57 per page.
As you can see, the prices are hard to call low. We doubt if ordinary students are able to pay such money for academic writing services. But what about prices for business writing services from Ultius.com? Let’s imagine you have a 12-hour deadline: a resume will cost you $125, get ready to pay $150 for a CV, and they will ask you to pay $80 for a cover letter.


We must admit students will get no discounts and free features from Ultius writing services. If you visit their website you will not find any information on this, but if you like their Facebook page they promise you will find some code there to use it for a discount. The question is: why should you like a Facebook page of an essay writing company for everyone to know you use their service and are not going to write your writing yourself? Well, this question seems rhetorical indeed. ultius plagiarism The only thing you can find at Ultius.com for free is some essay samples to check and see what their works look like.

Customer Support

Clients can contact the support team of Ultius.com by live chat, email, or phone. They answer questions pretty fast and can consult you concerning the organizational process. As for the requesting process, you can’t be sure if you get it in time because the Ultius ordering support department is offline from time to time and is not available 24/7.

Is Ultius Legal?

With all the reviews, rates, feedback, and customer support publicized by Ultius, you may rest assured that it is legal. We, in Ultius, serve as a massive help for the people who want to have good quality writing quickly. We aim to make you feel assured that your assignment or task is in the best hands of professionals. You may always contact us through different platforms like chat, phone, email, and more so that we can give you continuous assurance towards our legality and about various inquiries as well. We are always here to answer your calls in the fastest way possible.

Is Ultius Legit?

ultius sitejabber Indeed, all the previous clients will be able to answer these questions. As you may know, Ultius has helped thousands of people who are finding difficulties in writing and are in a state of urgency. The legitness of Ultius is measured through the high-quality works that have been made all these years. From students to professionals, everyone has gained good trust towards us. That’s precisely why you should try and see for yourself if you are in a state of doubt about our legibility. Aside from offering discounts, we are also offering possible cashback for unsatisfied clients with our work. Hence, through that, the connection between us is maintained professionally.

Is Using Ultius.com Considered Cheating?

The usage of Ultius.com depends on you as a user. Whether you are using our service for graded material or perhaps for professional work. We are open to all kinds of work aiming to help individuals with profound difficulties writing all types of literary texts. Are you using our platform to get accessible on workloads? Are you using our platform to get good grades? The answer is all on you. However, as professional resource providers, we are not responsible for knowing the why’s and how’s of a particular matter. We only hope the best for our clients.


So, what do we have as a result? Ultius.com is a relatively new custom writing service where all papers are written by college students. Despite the large number of products they provide, the prices of the Ultius company can hardly be called low and affordable for ordinary students. The absence of free features and discounts makes customers doubt whether it’s worth trying Ultius services at all. Maybe they will take into account all their weak sides and improve their work in the future, but now Ultius.com has many drawbacks in comparison with its competitors on the market.

TL;DR Version of Ultius Review:

Ultius review
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  1. Noah says:

    Bad service, I didn’t like

    1. admin says:

      Hi. Noah! Thank you for the feedback, but could you tell us what didn’t you like? Thanks

      1. Noah says:

        they didn’t do my order in time!!

  2. Bob.M says:

    Hi, guys! What about their plagiarism checker and a guarantee of quality?

  3. noname says:

    Attention, guys! never trust this company. they don’t care of the deadline!!!
    Use writing-help or customwritings! By the way, at this blog Emily wrote about these services

  4. NONAMETOO says:

    I ordered a paper last week and told them numerous times when my paper was due.. 8am tomorrow morning. They assured me I would receive it today and I would have time to proofread it and edit anything I needed to. This company told me today that my paper is not done and I will need to give them more money if I want it today. I’ve already paid $100 and they knew the deadline and I have an email stating when it was guaranteed done by. They refuse to answer my emails now. So in other words, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. This is the first time I’ve ever utilized a paper writing company and I guarantee you it will be my last. They are thieving low-lives looking to make a quick buck.

  5. Darneshia says:

    PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW THROUGHOUT ITS ENTIRETY!!!!! DONOT…..I REPEAT DONOT HIRE THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY TO ANY WORK FOR YOU!!!! I have never experienced anything like this with a company ever! They are a COMPLETE RIP OFF! I paid them $344 for a 8 page paper with a graph and they have missed the deadline THREE DAMN TIMES! My paper was due last Friday at 5p.m. It took them 7 hours to contact the writer and they promised to have the paper completed by 6 A.M. Saturday morning, SECOND DEADLINE!!! At 3A.M. I get an email stating that my order was complete! I’m looking through the paper, the abstract is missing, the graph that I paid additional money for is missing and there’s tons of grammatical and APA format errors. Like a idiot I tell them about it and they meaning the Sales person tells me that the paper will be completed by NOON today which by the way is the THIRD deadline! Guess what???! You’re correct no damn paper! They even went so far as to remove the paper so I couldn’t download it and complete it myself! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! They are a bunch of con artists! Please read the reviews! I must take some responsibility I should have read the reviews!!!! Please Donot let this happen to you! This paper was so important because it’s the final project in order to receive my Masters Degree! Now I may have to repeat the class because I trusted these people! They keep talking about a 15% discount on my next order! Are you out of your goddamn minds? You can’t possibly believe I would use or recommend other innocent people your trashy ass service! I want my money back! The paper wasn’t completed and when I called back about the numerous errors they removed it so I couldn’t complete it.
    Now it’s 1:59 pm. I’ve received an email stated that my order is completed yet again. And to contact refunds about being compensated. Do you think I believe that bullshit??? This time they completed an abstract, there’s not a graph and the grammatical errors are on overload. If you want to receive your Degrees Donot use this company! What the hell am I going to do with a half ass paper now idiots? I’ve missed two deadlines to my instructor because of you and your lame ass writers! They continued to email me throughout the week saying the ticket has been resolved. Resolved???? I’ve yet to see my funds returned to my credit card. They keep telling me that it takes 7-10 business days to refund my money! However, it took you less than two seconds to charge my card! I want my money. Today is day number 7 still my money hadn’t been returned to me! Please avoid this service by all means, I wouldn’t wish this treatment on my worst enemy!

    1. Melanie says:

      That’s horrible!
      It’s ridiculous, Ultius’s got s a ton of fake positive feedback, I almost ordered from them.
      Super sorry for the kind of trouble you went through! Did everything end well eventually?

  6. Daniel says:

    Honestly, the worst academic writing service I’ve ever bought from. Everyone seems to complain about prices, but what about customer support? I will tell you it is just as incompetent as “academic writers” on this website.
    Initially, my order was cancelled as the deadline appeared very short. I needed this paper done within 8 hours, and they told me they did not have a writer to complete it so fast. So I’ve placed my order at a different website. In an hour or so the support lady called and explained that they have found the writer to complete my order and they are not going to give me a refund. At this point, I’ve already paid to another website for this paper. In the end, I had to cancel my order there and wait until Ultius complete it.
    Though the essay came before the deadline, my mood was spoiled already. I had a lot of unnecessary communication with support services of two websites, and buying this paper gave me more pain than I expected. I recommend everyone to read reviews before they are going to buy anything at any website. I would not complain about money if the service were good. But this is definitely not about this website.

  7. Bru887 says:

    The service is rather odd. Ultius has only students working as academic writers, which explains why the quality of my paper is so low. References are cited anyhow, and I have questions to style usage in this particular essay. As I supposed I did not find Ultius discount code anywhere though the price is not low. Buying my paper here, I wanted it to be original in the first place. I hope no issues related to cheating will arise when my teacher sees this writing.

  8. thiskindofthing says:

    The quality of writing is rather average at Ultius Inc, I mean, what can you expect from college students? Other companies offer services of professional writers at least.

  9. Diaz says:

    Where are your discounts? I paid about $50 for my paper, which is more than any other website charges. It’s a shame I did not see Ultius reviews earlier.

  10. BrandonATL says:

    Purchasing the paper on this website turned out expensive. $32 for a page of high school essay is too much for me. Could have been cheaper.

  11. Gloria says:

    I would not recommend this company to any writers. The culture was unprofessional and the reviews I read online were full of complaints. The job I was promised was not what was expected and I felt taken advantage of.

  12. William says:

    Not recommended. The culture was unprofessional and the reviews I read online were full of complaints. The job I was promised wasn’t what it was supposed to be and I felt taken advantage of.

  13. Vaughn says:

    The writing website was a waste of my time and money. The culture of the company was unprofessional, and the employees were not helpful or willing to go the extra mile. The reviews online about the service were not positive, and it was clear that the writers employed by the company were not up to par.

  14. Gladys says:

    A writing platform was a complete disaster for me. I ordered a piece of writing from them and was disappointed to find that the culture of the employees was unprofessional, and the job was not up to the mark. The reviews I read online were also not promising. The writer I was assigned was not qualified enough to deliver what I asked for.

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