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9 Best Essay Writing Apps in 2017

Can you imagine life without your smartphone? I certainly cannot. How boring travelling by public transportation would be if you couldn’t check new videos on YouTube! How scared you’d get while waiting in line in a clinic if you couldn’t relax with a game! How many books you’d have to carry with yourself if you couldn’t download an ebook reader! Wait, are there still people buying books? Oh, never mind… The truth is, it’s much more comfortable to be able to do everything from your phone, isn’t it? What if I told you that you could use your phone not only for communication, reading, writing or playing? Guess what? Several essay writing services decided to become more accessible to their customers by creating their own special apps! That’s right! Now you can find apps for writing essays in Google Play Store or iTunes and buy essays using your smartphone! Cool, huh? Are you wondering what essay writing services have such apps, how they work and what do they offer? Let’s figure it out!

Paper writing applications for your smartphone

While assessing essay writing apps, I’m going to focus on a few criteria. Those are:
  • Design,
  • Usability,
  • Order process, and…
  • Weaknesses.
Let’s get started!

Bid4Papers (android)

Bid4Papers has got one of the best essay writing apps for android. It scores 4.5 on Google Play and no wonder! Application’s design is pretty intuitive and it looks decent:
  • Good layout of the page,
  • Beautiful purple color that brings an aura of mystery and boosts imagination,
  • Ideal text size.
Also, the app is easy to use. There are no problems with restoring your password or placing a bid. Once you log in, it leads you to your “orders” page right away.
As far as payment options are concerned, you can:
  • Pay by uploading funds prior to making an order,
  • Pay by uploading funds after having chosen a writer,
Has Bid4Papers app got any weaknesses? I must admit I haven’t noticed many. The only thing worth mentioning is that you cannot estimate how much you’ll pay for your essay. However, it’s understandable since Bid4Papers is a bidding site.
Google Play:

EssayShark (android)

EssayShark’s also got a good app for essay writing. However, it scored a bit less on Google Play than Bid4Papers. It’s rank is 4.3. Application’s design is comparable to the one Bid4Papers’ got:
  • Good layout of the page,
  • Warm dark yellow color evoking a sense of optimism and clarity,
  • Proper text size.
EssayShark on android is quite intuitive and easy to use. How can you pay in EssayShark app? There are several possibilities:
  • Pay by uploading funds prior to making an order,
  • Pay by uploading funds after having chosen a writer,
Any weaknesses? Yes, there is a small disadvantage of this app. You can’t estimate the end price for your essay prior to bidding, same as with Bid4Papers. No wonder, it’s also a bidding site.. Apart from that, everything seems to be fine.
Google Play:

EssayShark: Essay Writer and Homework Help (iOS)

As you can see, EssayShark has got a paper writing application not only for android but also for iOS. Although it’s one of the best essay writing apps available on iTunes and it scored 4+, it’s not as good as the one for Android. On one hand, there are a few reasons why this app is not the best. One of them – its design could be improved. On the other hand, EssayShark for iOS features a very simple pattern that takes you from ordering an essay to receiving a finished :
  1. Type in details of your paper,
  2. Place a bid,
  3. Pay for your essay,
  4. Download your file.
Simple as that!
Are there any major disadvantages? Yes, there is one. The window that opens when you want to place a bid looks complicated. You need to be attentive while reading all information.

Bestessays (iOS)

Bestessays is another essay writing service that offers an app for iOS system. It’s rated 4+ on iTunes. However, it’s not one of the best essay writing apps for ipad. As far as application’s design is concerned, it’s nice and clean. Deep purple color suggests creativity and good font size aids readability. Is the app easy to use? Yes, it is. Once you open it, you’ve got menu on the bottom and you can access “order,” “message” or “profile” pages without a problem.
The order process is clear as well:
  1. Provide details of your essay,
  2. Wait for approval,
  3. Pay for your paper,
  4. Download a finished product.
Although the whole process is easy, there is one disadvantage. It’s very slow. Also, the app’s got 3 serious weaknesses:
  1. Inconvenient payment methods that don’t work,
  2. They ask you to type in your phone number, and…
  3. They want you to verify your identity.

Edusson (iOS)

Edusson’s app for iPad scored 4+ on iTunes and can be compared to other applications for iOS system I have already discussed. It’s got both advantages and disadvantages. Although the app’s got clean design, the leading green color is a bit too bright. Also, usability is not the best. Whereas it’s easy, it often crashes. So, don’t be surprised if it suddenly stops working. As far as the order process is concerned, there are 4 easy steps:
  1. Type in details of your paper,
  2. Place a bid,
  3. Pay for your essay,
  4. Download a finished product.
Are there any weaknesses you should know about? Yes, there are 2:
  1. The application’s got many buttons (some of them virtually unnecessary), so be careful what you click!
  2. There ‘s no onboarding.

EssayTigers (android)

Similar to EssayShark, EssayTigers’ got 2 apps, one for android and the other for iOS. As far as the android app is concerned, it scored poorly on Google Play compared to other essay writing applications. It’s rating equals only 3.8. If you take a look at app’s design, you’ll notice that it’s quite sketchy and layout could be better. While using it, you need to be mindful of your Internet connection. If it slows down, the interaction with the program becomes difficult.
How do we go from placing an order to receiving your essay? Well, although it’s simple to order a paper, it’s quite complicated to pay for it because of the layout of the page. Chat window tends to pop up all the time. The minimum deadline for an essay is 3 hours. Major weaknesses?
  • It’s super-slow.
  • Menu got cut down.
Google Play::

EssayTigers (iOS)

Right, since the android app of EssayTigers was not one of the top essay writing apps, you think that the iOS version should be better, right? Is it better? Well, it’s certainly received higher rating on iTunes than the version you can download from Google Play – the app scored 4+. Once you open the application, it looks more or less like EssayTigers’ website. However, whatever you click, it responds very slowly.
The path to obtaining your finished essay comprises of 3 steps:
  1. Provide details of your order,
  2. Pay for your essay,
  3. Receive a finished product.
Any significant weaknesses apart from what’s mentioned above? Not that I’ve noticed.

Assignment Lab Essay Writer App (iOS)

Assignment Lab Essay Writer App is another available essay writing app for iPad. It looks quite good in rating on iTunes. It scored 4+. As far as its design is concerned, I’d say it’s average. Quite decent, but nothing special. Although the app is easy to use, it has many unnecessary buttons, which is a bit irritating.
A huge plus goes to order process. It’s really wonderful! You can type in all your upcoming assignments, so it resembles a homework planner. Once you have decided which essay you’d like to order, you click “order this paper,” and that’s it! Your assignment is automatically sent to a writer. The app does not have any other weaknesses than the one I mentioned above – the unnecessary buttons. I must admit it’s one of the best iOS essay writing apps I have seen so far.

PaperHelp Essay App (android)

PaperHelp, just like EssayShark and EssayTigers, has got 2 apps, one for android and one for iOS. The app for android scored 4.3 on Google Play, so quite high. Its design is slightly sketchy and colorless. Thus, it could be improved. Also, similar to EssayTigers’ app, it tends to slow down when you don’t have a good Internet connection. So, it prefers fast wifi 😉 As to making an order – it’s quite easy.
The payment window is pretty similar to EssayTigers, but with a chat window issue fixed, so now paying is much easier. As far as minimum deadline is concerned, it’s not less than 3 hours. Any weaknesses? Yes, 2 that disturb:
  • The app’s very sketchy, and…
  • It tends to slow down.
Google Play:

PaperHelp Essay App (iOS)

The iOS version of the PaperHelp Essay App scored 4+ on iTunes. As far as app’s design is concerned it’s almost an ideal copy of the website. Is it easy to use? Yes, it’s quite all right. However, it tends to respond slowly, so unless you’re patient, you’ll get irritated soon enough.
The order process is quite simple:
  1. Type in details of your paper,
  2. Make the payment,
  3. Get your finished essay.
Any weaknesses? Apart from the fact that it thinks a lot before responding? No, not really. Everything else seems to be fine.

PrivateWriting (android)

PrivateWriting’s app for android could be compared to Bid4Papers. It’s nice, stylish and works great. If you take a look at it on Google Play, you’ll notice it scored quite high. Its ranking is 4.4. Application’s design is great as well. You just take a look at it and you already intuitively know what to click, so it’s a huge plus. Also, the app’s got:
  • Good font size, and…
  • Eye-friendly colors: dark blue and deep yellow.
I must say that this is the best essay writing app I have used so far. If there were stars for “usability,” I’ll award PrivateWriting app 5 stars. The order process is also great:
  1. Easy procedure,
  2. Transparent prices,
  3. Minimum deadline – 24 hours.
If you think that nothing is always 100% best, you’re right. Although this app is really wonderful, it has one major drawback: you cannot pay for an order without phone verification. So, take it into consideration before downloading this app.
Google Play:

StudyBay (android)

StudyBay’s app is not one of the best apps on the market. When you take a look at its ranking on Google Play you already know what I mean – the app’s ranking is only 3.6. This app has got one of the most minimalistic designs I have seen so far. Also, you have to scroll sideways and the app is not intuitive, which is a huge drawback. The order form is not the best as well. Thus, it could be improved. As far as order process is concerned, I believe the app’s got bot bidders. In addition, it’s hard to set page count and you have to wait at least 24 hours for your order.
Major weaknesses:
  1. The app’s super-unintuitive,
  2. Placing an order in the app requires extra effort.
  3. Minimum deadline – 24 hours.
Google Play:

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many essay writing apps you can use. Some of the essay writing services listed above have got their apps only on android or only on iOS; others have apps for both systems. Whereas there are so many paper writing apps, they are not equal in design, usability and order process. So, take it all into consideration before downloading any app on your phone. I hope that you found my review interesting and that it’ll help you pick the best essay writing app for yourself. Have a pleasant day! Emily

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