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RushEssay Overview 2023: Legit, Safe or Scam?

I believe you and I can agree that finding an online custom essay platform that works best for you isn’t a walk in the park. I believe that in your research, you have come across numerous companies that claim to offer the best services in the essay-writing business. Notably, the companies present themselves so well that it becomes almost impossible to settle on the best. However, with adequate information, it is unbelievably easy to settle on a trustworthy and reliable company.

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RushEssay is one of the companies I have critically reviewed to ascertain whether it is among the best homework helpers that students across different academic levels could trust. In this review, I carefully evaluated and analyzed vital aspects that distinguish great custom writing services from other unreliable websites. I was overly critical to ensure that the information I share with you represents the real experience of working with someone from the company.

RushEssay Highlights

You can only get the true picture of something if you have first-hand experience. That being the case, we placed several mystery orders from different academic fields and varying deadlines to help us understand the operations of RushEssay. We then developed a list of areas we needed to critically analyze to determine whether the company was a good or a bad deal for learners.

I was particularly concerned about how well the company’s writers would write and deliver an order if I wanted to rush my essay. One of the first things you would note after visiting the company’s website is that it provides a lot of information to help you get a glimpse of what to expect. The customer support team is also readily available to help you through the chat box on the site. Admittedly, the site looks a bit different compared to what we are mostly used to. I kept a list of the pros and cons as shown below.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Original high-quality work Urgent orders are quite expensive
Effective communication between staff and customers Some minimal errors might be present, especially for urgent orders
Personalized homework help  

Why You Can Trust Us

Before you decide to work with a professional assignment helper, it is crucial to ask yourself? What is this one thing that makes you stand out from the rest? Like any other company, RushEssay has numerous promises to its customers. But does it keep them? The simple answer to this question is yes.

The company promises to deliver exceptional quality papers that are thoroughly researched at an affordable price and within the agreed timeframe. But what makes a paper exceptional? I was overly critical of this aspect and one of the key issues I was concerned about included a strong thesis statement, accurate use of evidence, paragraph and sentence structure, logical flow of ideas, and the ability to answer an essay prompt precisely and concisely.

In two of the 3 mystery papers we ordered, I was completely blown out by the level of expertise demonstrated by the writers. From the introduction to the conclusions, the writers were able to completely engage the reader, making it easy to follow their thought processes. I liked how well they developed arguments around the thesis statements and the paper topics in general. The papers perfectly suited their academic levels. What was most notable was the consistency. You could think they were written by the same writer!

Based on the outcome, it is safe for me to say that the company keeps its promises.

How We Evaluated RushEssay

Our review focused on specifics that include:

  • Paper quality: We sought to know whether the writers were capable of meeting the quality standards for different academic levels.
  • Adherence to schedule: We wanted to know if the writer could deliver the paper within the stipulated deadline. We ordered papers of different lengths and different deadlines. None was late.
  • Meet standard essay requirements: Standard essays have structural requirements that any writer should know. We investigated whether writers understood these features and whether they met them.
  • Professionalism: We acknowledge the role of professionalism in custom essay writing services. Could you work with someone who doesn’t respond to your messages or who takes ages to respond to you? I don’t think so. We wanted to know how professional the team is.
  • Originality: We sought to know whether papers are written from scratch or if the company sells pre-written papers. We found out that papers are written from scratch to match your needs. Review: How Does This Service Work

The RushEssay ordering process is straightforward and entails the following three steps.

  • Placing the order: At this stage, you are required to provide the company with order instructions to help the writers understand what you anticipate. The process is guided by an order form, making it easy to complete.
  • The writer works on your paper: Once you have provided your details, you wait for the company to assign the work to an expert. Once allocated, you can keep tabs with your helper and communicate directly with them. You can use the chance to clarify issues and track order progress.
  • Receive the final product: Once the paper is complete, you receive it by downloading it from the website or email address.

Сompliance With Order Instructions

Without a doubt, the writers were fully competent when it came to order instructions. In one of the orders, the writer sent multiple messages seeking clarification on different unclear instructions. For sure, without understanding the instructions, you can’t expect anything close to quality work. We had no issues with instructions for all our mystery orders.

Meet the Deadline

Another great thing about RushEssay writers is that writers are extremely focused on delivering outstanding orders within that set deadline. I was mostly focused on the urgent order to ascertain whether the writers could deliver a quality paper, written from scratch, and fulfill all instructions within the stipulated timelines. I was shocked at the speed and accuracy of the writers. They sent the paper with much time left to spare before the deadline.

Paper Quality

It wouldn’t make sense to conduct an entire review and fail to investigate the quality of papers. From what we got, I would confidently say that the company delivers exceptionally quality papers. Any RushEssay review and customer testimonial confirm the company’s ability to deliver quality papers. The writers can develop the paper from scratch and ensure every aspect of the paper is fully addressed. I also noted that the experts were able to incorporate quality external resources to support their argument. I rate it at 9/10 because of some notable stylistic mistakes.

Are the Services Worth the Money?

I wouldn’t hesitate to say every dollar you spend at RushEssay is worth it. I was moved by one main aspect of the company. You are in control of what you spend. For example, you can save a lot by just placing your order long before the deadline. You can also cut costs by avoiding some services and only ordering what is important for your order. You will always get the best here.

Writers Competence

You won’t regret working with someone from the RushEssay. The guys there know what they are doing. They demonstrated prowess in all the aspects we investigated. Be it prowess in the English language, be it meeting order instruction, be it research skill, mention anything and they have it. Obviously, when you pay for a service, you want to get the best there can be. After all, since you are paying, you should get value for money. It is for this reason I confirm to you that the writers are among the best you can get.

What Users Say

According to Sitejabber, a professional review website, RushEssay has got 3.86 stars from 274 reviews, which shows, that this essay writing service is average among other ones.

rush essay testimonial

Customer Support

The customer support team is top-notch. They are highly professional and their communication skills are on another level. One thing I liked about them is that once they take up your concern, they will stay on your case until you get to a conclusive solution. You can access customer support freely at any time.

Payment Process

As you may see in any Rushessay review, the payment process is easy and secure. If you face any challenges in paying for your order, the customer support team will help you through. Worried about your financial info? Don’t be! The company has a highly secure payment system to safeguard your financial information.

Type of Services

Customer essay writing services Research writing services
Case study Dissertation writing services
Course work Editing services
Term paper  

Discount and Features

The company offers a 15% discount for new customers who place orders above $50.  We placed one order above the stated amount and true to the word, we received the discount. The company also has a loyalty program, which is designed for loyal clients. The rushessay discount program, referred to as RushUp is exclusively designed for loyal customers. As the company claims, it has put in place a mechanism where your expenditure is computed to determine the amount of discount you get. It is a great innovation that most companies lack, which will help students to save substantially.


  • Free revisions: The company promises to revise your papers at no cost. In case you aren’t happy with what you get, whether in part or entirely, don’t hesitate to request free edits.
  • Privacy guarantee: You definitely wouldn’t want anyone using your data for the wrong reasons. The company guarantees to safeguard your data privacy and confidentiality. One of the things I asked the support team was how safe my data was. They assured me that they only require information that relates to the order processing.
  • 24/7 support team: The company commits to helping you address any concerns at any time.

Who Is the Service For?

The company is suitable for students across diverse academic fields. Whether you are a new student or you are struggling to balance work and study, RushEssay is your destination of choice. The writers are highly experienced in understanding your needs and providing you with personalized help to achieve your academic goals.


RushEssay is a great custom essay writing service. It has highly qualified experts drawn from different educational backgrounds to ensure its services are accessible to a wide range of students. As any rush essay review would confirm, working with the company is worth the try and we are giving this service the score 8/10. You will receive what you anticipate at the agreed time, enhancing your performance and allowing you to achieve your educational dreams.

Service Criteria Score
Сompliance With Order Instructions 10
Meet The Deadline 10
Paper Quality 9
Pricing 10
Writers Competence 10
Customer Support 7.5
Payment Process 8
Types of Services 7.5
Gurantees 7


Is Legit?

Yes! The company is completely legit. You can rest assured that you will receive exactly what you ordered. In case you aren’t satisfied, you can always ask for free edits or a refund.

Is Rush Essay Reliable?

Yes. The company is one of the most reliable services you will find. The writers are highly qualified and experienced, which helps them to deliver exceptional papers that fetch high grades.

What Is the Alternative to RushEssay?

You could get similar services offered by RushEssay from other leading companies including,, and

Does Turnitin Detect Rush Essay?

No. The company guarantees to deliver 100% unique papers written from scratch by the writers.

Is RushEssay Trustworthy?

The company is trustworthy and has a strong online reputation. Once you place your order, you can track its progress from start to end, ensuring you get the quality you ordered.

Published by Emily
Posted Jan 28, 2023
  1. Jane says:

    I heard that this service is quite popular.
    any experience?

    1. jackson888 says:

      I also heard about it. Some guys are just used to it, others hate their support.

      1. MIKI says:

        any other thoughts?

  2. Moe Johnson says:

    This website is out to scam your money! I asked for a 5 page research proposal in 5 days and paid for the top10 writers and all the other stuff. I kept extending the deadline because I knew it was a research proposal, but still they took 20 days extra!! When I finally got the paper it was about a similar but completely different subject! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!! Horrible Indian customer service and even after all of this they were refusing to give me my money back! They kept telling me no other representative was working and no manager was on site and there is no supervisor. This is the worst service and worst company I have ever seen. Someone should shut them down!!!!!!

  3. Jordan says:

    What a terrible experience! I gave clear indications to the writer. This included 4 subtitles and a title. None of the subtitles were included in the essay and as a result, it turned out different than I anticipated.

  4. YinCh. says:

    It was only after I placed my order that I started to read a Rush Essay review. If I would have read it before, it would have saved me time and money. I was drawn in by a discount code I found online and I ran with it. But to my surprise, the final text was of very poor quality. It was an order on the life of Benjamin Franklin. There’s plenty of information on the guy so the writer only needed to summarize his life and achievements for me. When I read the review, I was feeling uneasy about the final result. A few days later, the text came in. The first thing I did was check it for grammar errors. There were plenty. The second thing I did was to look for the text to check it for plagiarism. A few paragraphs were entirely plagiarized. I sent the text over to an IT friend for him to check as I wasn’t sure this could happen with a paid service. He later confirmed my discovery. Paragraphs were plagiarized. What my friend also pointed out is that some English terms are colloquial to some regions in the world outside the US as well.

  5. Chris_r says:

    The most positive Rush Essay review I read showed the essay was of decent quality, nothing special. I hoped for something different and got something that can’t be used. Don’t trust the reviews.

  6. Devin_NY says:

    When I say Rush Essay offers research paper writing I was thrilled. I expected top writing quality as it’s the standard of research papers. I’m now sure there are now specialized research writers behind this essay writing service. It looks like my research was written by a blogger or someone without experience at this academic level. I even had to explain why formatting is important for a research paper. It still shocks me how this is even possible for a paid service. A lot of false advertising in the end.

  7. Dreadful_essay says:

    Without a doubt, it was one of the worst experiences with an essay-writing service. I was already working with another company but I decided to switch to improve my essays. I found Rush Essay and I ordered 2 essays which I planned to hand it. One of them was late and the other one had plagiarized content. I’m going back to my old company or I will try to find a decent essay writing service at affordable prices. Over a year, I’m going to pay hundreds and I want the best essays for the money without any doubt.

  8. AnthonyF says: was my first choice for an admission essay for my favorite college. It had to be prepared a year in advanced when I decided where I want to apply. This got me thinking I have all the time in the world to prepare the best admission essay the college commission has ever seen. I was wrong. My first attempt was filled with grammar mistakes. I then took it to my father who looked over it and he said it didn’t follow the standards when it comes to formatting. So I asked for edits. To my surprise, they were accepted by the writer. The second try was similar to the first. The texts still had grammar errors and formatting errors which made it look unprofessional. I then proceeded to ask for a full refund. At this time, my request was declined. I asked why. They said they’ve delivered double the amount of work initially planned. I explained why the admission essay could not be useful for my application and asked for at least 50% back. This was also declined. After many calls, they agreed to offer a small discount on a second-order but I won’t be coming back for it.

  9. ADHD says:

    OK so my essay got delivered and I can make a judgment now. It’s mostly written good but I found grammar errors needed fixing. It took a few hours of my time to have it ready for a good.

  10. Monica says:

    After reading reviews about the company, I decided to give it a try. I regret this because the paper I received did not meet my expectations. The quality was substandard and I was very dissatisfied.

  11. Antony says:

    I recently used this service for a research paper and I was disappointed with the quality of the paper and the customer service I received. All of the reviews I read about the company were not accurate and I would not recommend using them.

  12. Valentino says:

    I was very impressed with the customer service I received from the company. They answered all of my questions promptly and provided detailed answers. The paper I received was of good quality; mostly all of the sources were up-to-date and relevant, the grammar and spelling were normal, and the formatting was done according to the instructions I gave. I was pleased with the customer service but hesitate to buy from them again.

  13. Susan says:

    The results exceeded my expectations when I used the Rushessay company for a research paper.

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