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Rush Essay Review [Score: 7/10]

Users rating:
4,723 votes, average: 7.00 out of 104,723 votes, average: 7.00 out of 104,723 votes, average: 7.00 out of 104,723 votes, average: 7.00 out of 104,723 votes, average: 7.00 out of 104,723 votes, average: 7.00 out of 104,723 votes, average: 7.00 out of 104,723 votes, average: 7.00 out of 104,723 votes, average: 7.00 out of 104,723 votes, average: 7.00 out of 10 (4,723 votes, average: 7.00 out of 10)
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When a student looks for a good custom essay writing service might become one of the first online companies that come to his mind. Our review will help you understand all principles and details of RushEssay work and decide whether it is worth trying when you need essay help and good grades for your assignments.
This review will give information about their services, prices, special offers, and customer support. has been working since 1997, being one of the oldest and most experienced services on the market. When it comes to essay writing services, this company and its professional academic writers are ready to help customers with a wide variety of academic assignments. Check our review to learn more.

Rush Essay Services

As well as many other custom essay writing services, RushEssay is ready to offer you academic works of all kinds. These works include all types of essays, coursework, case studies, term papers, dissertations. Plus, you are welcome to order the package of editing services: they include proofreading and formatting. Their professional editors can also help you with choosing the right writing style for your academic paper. rush essay reviews Please, visit to see the full list of their services and all the details you need to know to order them. The service’s team assures they work with native English speakers who have educational degrees in particular fields and are certified, professionals. This fact makes them believe you will find their academic writers professional enough to order services from them.


Our review of the essay writing company would not be good enough if we did not mention anything about prices. They are not unique here, and they have the same payment system as their competitors: the price will depend on such factors as a type of service, an academic level of the work you need, a number of pages, and a deadline. The prices start from (with a 10 days deadline):
  • Standard Level work – $20.95
  • Advanced Level work – $22.95
  • Premium Quality service – $24.95
If you need your work done for 48 hours, the prices will differ a bit:
  • Standard Level work – $30.95
  • Advanced Level work – $33.95
  • Premium Quality service – $37.95
The shortest deadline RushEssay admits is 3 hours, and your work will cost you $44.95, $46.95, and $50.95 respectively. What is the difference between these three levels of services? It is all about a writer who will write your essay or other academic paper: MA holders work with Standard Level, Ph.D. holders work with Advanced and Premium Quality levels.

Special Offers

Every custom essay writing service tries to provide some special offers to attract new customers and hold regular ones. RushEssay is not an exception here: you have an opportunity to order a writing service and pay for the text-only (you get a title, outline, bibliography, APA/MLA formatting for free). You can save up to $65 with each order in such a way. prices The discounts offered by Rush Essay are gradual. They increase the more work a client has. Its structure starts at a flat 5%. It then increased merely to 7%. The next step up is the 13% discount. At 17%, users get at the highest discount they can count on at the essay writing service. However, most students won’t be able to reach the 17% discount easily. A short essay doesn’t even qualify for a 5% discount. It would take one or more complete dissertations to see the best discount rates applied. This is why the rates have to be taken as they are and clients need to budget without getting discounted rates.

Customer Support

24/7 customer support is ready to help you through Skype, email, online chat, or mobile. You can also get all RushEssay updates via SMS. You are welcome to contact them to make the right choice concerning the services you need most. The numbers to contact customer support are:
  • US#: 1-888-296-9266
  • UK# 44-20-0222-7415
  • AU# 61-38-807-0919
  • NZL# 64-92-804744

Rush Essay sitejabber


Those happy to see case studies and editing services offered by Rush Essay need to know things have changed dramatically in terms of quality, at least for now. In the old days, students were coming to rush essays with trust. An old Rushessay review even pointed out the company delivered original text which needed no revisions. Since then, students and pupils complain about the quality and unreliability of the service. On occasion, some essays are passable. But this has become the exception. What’s even worse is that this shift seems to be caused by the company, with its poor selection of writers. Without a solid base of native English speakers, the company can’t keep up with the competition and we can’t call it a cheap reliable essay writing service. It either needs to pay more to get better writers or it needs to be transparent and lower the prices for the questionable essays it offers. Either way, customers are not coming back for now. So, as far as you can see from our short review of, this custom essay writing service does not differ much from others on the market. They have a standard package of services, their prices are quite competitive but still not the best ones in the essay niche, and their special offers are also the same as ones other writing companies have for their customers. You can find many companies that will provide better offers, prices, and support, and you are welcome to read their reviews on our blog.

TL;DR Version of Rush Essay Review:

Rush Essay Review

Infographic-review of by

  1. Jane says:

    I heard that this service is quite popular.
    any experience?

    1. jackson888 says:

      I also heard about it. Some guys are just used to it, others hate their support.

      1. MIKI says:

        any other thoughts?

  2. Moe Johnson says:

    This website is out to scam your money! I asked for a 5 page research proposal in 5 days and paid for the top10 writers and all the other stuff. I kept extending the deadline because I knew it was a research proposal, but still they took 20 days extra!! When I finally got the paper it was about a similar but completely different subject! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!! Horrible Indian customer service and even after all of this they were refusing to give me my money back! They kept telling me no other representative was working and no manager was on site and there is no supervisor. This is the worst service and worst company I have ever seen. Someone should shut them down!!!!!!

  3. Jordan says:

    What a terrible experience! I gave clear indications to the writer. This included 4 subtitles and a title. None of the subtitles were included in the essay and as a result, it turned out different than I anticipated.

  4. YinCh. says:

    It was only after I placed my order that I started to read a Rush Essay review. If I would have read it before, it would have saved me time and money. I was drawn in by a discount code I found online and I ran with it. But to my surprise, the final text was of very poor quality. It was an order on the life of Benjamin Franklin. There’s plenty of information on the guy so the writer only needed to summarize his life and achievements for me. When I read the review, I was feeling uneasy about the final result. A few days later, the text came in. The first thing I did was check it for grammar errors. There were plenty. The second thing I did was to look for the text to check it for plagiarism. A few paragraphs were entirely plagiarized. I sent the text over to an IT friend for him to check as I wasn’t sure this could happen with a paid service. He later confirmed my discovery. Paragraphs were plagiarized. What my friend also pointed out is that some English terms are colloquial to some regions in the world outside the US as well.

  5. Chris_r says:

    The most positive Rush Essay review I read showed the essay was of decent quality, nothing special. I hoped for something different and got something that can’t be used. Don’t trust the reviews.

  6. Devin_NY says:

    When I say Rush Essay offers research paper writing I was thrilled. I expected top writing quality as it’s the standard of research papers. I’m now sure there are now specialized research writers behind this essay writing service. It looks like my research was written by a blogger or someone without experience at this academic level. I even had to explain why formatting is important for a research paper. It still shocks me how this is even possible for a paid service. A lot of false advertising in the end.

  7. Dreadful_essay says:

    Without a doubt, it was one of the worst experiences with an essay-writing service. I was already working with another company but I decided to switch to improve my essays. I found Rush Essay and I ordered 2 essays which I planned to hand it. One of them was late and the other one had plagiarized content. I’m going back to my old company or I will try to find a decent essay writing service at affordable prices. Over a year, I’m going to pay hundreds and I want the best essays for the money without any doubt.

  8. AnthonyF says: was my first choice for an admission essay for my favorite college. It had to be prepared a year in advanced when I decided where I want to apply. This got me thinking I have all the time in the world to prepare the best admission essay the college commission has ever seen. I was wrong. My first attempt was filled with grammar mistakes. I then took it to my father who looked over it and he said it didn’t follow the standards when it comes to formatting. So I asked for edits. To my surprise, they were accepted by the writer. The second try was similar to the first. The texts still had grammar errors and formatting errors which made it look unprofessional. I then proceeded to ask for a full refund. At this time, my request was declined. I asked why. They said they’ve delivered double the amount of work initially planned. I explained why the admission essay could not be useful for my application and asked for at least 50% back. This was also declined. After many calls, they agreed to offer a small discount on a second-order but I won’t be coming back for it.

  9. ADHD says:

    OK so my essay got delivered and I can make a judgment now. It’s mostly written good but I found grammar errors needed fixing. It took a few hours of my time to have it ready for a good.

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