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Grab My Essay Review Overview 2023: Legit, Safe or Scam? offers writing services. It covers academic writing, copywriting, statistics, and editing. Those new to writing services find them appealing, but those who’ve already worked with a few essay-writing companies know it’s unlikely for a company to offer quality results with such a wide range of services. The company’s advertised quality control department is nonexistent. While it could work with text outlines, presentations and grammar, this department can’t deal with the actual information in the essays. This is something only writers can be responsible for as they do the actual research for the essays. This is why the advertisement regarding this department on the service’s homepage is deceptive. Grab My Essay aims to cover the major parts of writing a student might need. This includes academic writing such as admission requests, dissertation writing, and statistics’ writing. Editing services are also marketed strongly by the company. Rewriting and proofreading are a big deal for students as essays always need to be on point. See also: college paper writing service reviews. This essay writing company also offers copywriting services. This includes all types of non-academic writing which work similarly. All clients can have an entire text written for them uniquely. As the academic services, these can also be paid using VISA, Mastercard, and PayPal transfers. A money-back policy is in place regardless of the payment method. But the service’s customers should know they won’t receive all the money back if the writer has started working on the essay. This is only the case when an order is canceled and there has been no assigned writer on the task at the moment of cancelation.

First look

The main issue with how Grabmyessay looks is its cluttered appearance. Those not used to older-generation websites might not be able to navigate all of its information. Price tools, testimonials, discounts, login tools, payment options, and other information is cluttered on the homepage. grabmyessay It’s quite difficult to navigate around all this information, and many users are left without any real method of understanding where to start as a new customer. Most other writing services offer much simpler websites that are designed more intuitively to help users find important information.

Website testimonials

A widget for website testimonials is included on the homepage. All of these reviews are very positive, but they don’t reflect the experience of all users. It’s impossible for all users to be completely satisfied. Furthermore, on some level, they should have at least a few ideas on edits or text improvements. These are not shared in the testimonials section, which raises authenticity concerns. Grab My Essay testimonials are far from realistic. Simply browsing through them, students find they can’t be trusted. The writing service only has positive and extremely positive reviews. Furthermore, it has a feature that shows the location of the reviewer. Supposed clients from non-English speaking countries such as Qatar and Hungary write in perfect English, which raises the question of why they’d need essay writing help in the first place. Some of the fake reviews even go further than expected and they describe things like customer service as impeccable. But this department doesn’t write the essays and it only deals with client requests in case something goes wrong, which is not specified in the fake reviews.

Prices and customer support

The prices are not as low as they are advertised on the homepage. Not only that, when compared to other academic-level writing prices, the $29.99 price per page seems high. Furthermore, the service is not as reliable as many might believe, based on what these prices offer in terms of actual writing quality. grabmyessay discount codes The lowest rates are offered with a 14-day delivery time. At $14.99 per page, this means pages might cost half as much under certain circumstances. As many students know, longer delivery times are usually associated with lower writing quality; however, many writers don’t actually allocate the time needed for research or they completely forget about the timeline, which leads to further delivery delays and poorer quality of writing.

The Grabmyessay discount code

Promo codes are advertised with separate widgets on the website, depending on the day and the week. A Grabmyessay discount code varies in discounts of 10% and 15%. As applied to the high prices above, these don’t mean too much in reference to the final price. Even with the applied discounts, the prices remain high compared to other similar services.

Grabmyessay review – We ordered a test essay

All roads lead to a test essay to establish writing quality. For example, we placed a rewriting order for a research paper. It needed to meet Harvard writing standards, and the citations needed to be specific for admission to a research journal.

What we received

The received text was inconsistent in meeting all standards. For instance, it lacked the uniformity needed to achieve a high research standard. While some citations were properly implemented, others weren’t. It’s known that even a single formatting mistake can keep research papers from being accepted by busy research journals. Capitalization was also inconsistent, together with the abbreviation of research writers’ names, with only their last name and the first letter of their first names needed, followed by a full stop. As other Grabmyessay reviews have already shown, these types of details are not taken into consideration by the company’s writers. Even so, most still hope higher prices, as well as the advertised quality control department, can somehow fix these issues. Further edits were needed to make the text better. Unfortunately, there was no point in asking for the revisions as the deadline had expired and there were simply too many errors to revise as they weren’t revised on the original text in the first place.

Is Grabmyessay legit?

grabmyessay sitejabber Grabmyessay is a genuine scam. Too many similar stories are shared by their other clients. Many even go on to show how they got scammed into losing an original piece of text due to plagiarism and not being able to get a full refund. A customer recalls such an instance when the text was both late and plagiarized. The company refused a full refund and offered the same value in credit purchases instead. This is against the so-called money-back guarantee advertised on the homepage. In deceiving its customers, the company fails to offer real progress and improved services when it comes to major issues such as plagiarism and avoiding monetary refunds. Another problem comes with Asian-based writers pretending to be native-level English speakers. Prices are astonishingly high and for these problems, it is a company that needs to close its doors. Is Grabmyessay worth your time and money? Certainly not.


Grabmysessay reviews confirm that these poor results are not an exception. It’s not acceptable to have sub-par work delivered at such high costs. It’s not acceptable to have the company refuse to provide a refund when it advertises full money-back guarantees. This is why it’s crucial to say upfront that actual refunds are rare. This would be a better interpretation of the company’s policies. While many customers like that they can pay using various currencies, they should also know they won’t see the money back in case the delivered essays are of poor quality. Another disheartening issue comes with fake testimonials. Many potential customers read them believing they are written by customers. This is not the case. None of the testimonials published on the company’s website looks into any of the problems mentioned above. Everything seems fine at first glance. However, online forums show a different experience. Asking if they’d recommend the service to a friend often leaves to negative responses from previous Grabmyessay customers. This says a lot about how the texts were delivered. Even those not plagiarized weren’t good enough to get a passing grade, let alone a good grade. Students willing to spend so much on an essay have better options elsewhere.
  1. TuckerD. says:

    My girlfriend recommended me to look for an assignment writing service when I told her I had no clue what to write for my history assignment. At first, I thought it was a great idea. My excitement even made me write down a few ideas I wanted to give to the writer to include in the essay. From 10 ideas, only three were included in the final essay. I’m unsure the text was custom made as a result.

  2. Doug says:

    When I found Grab My Essay I was very happy. I already had in mind paying someone to write proofread my dissertation. I started asking around the university but younger students weren’t willing to put in the work. Others were skeptical about my intentions. Without a doubt, Grab My Essay seemed the better alternative. I prepared the dissertation in a document and sent it over to the writer. When I received it I only checked the first pages and they seemed fine. After about two weeks, I made time to read the rest of the dissertation and to my surprise, it was still full of grammar errors. I contacted the company and asked for a refund. They refused. I called them again and explained my situation and that the writer should have made a better job. After waiting forever on the phone, the company said full refunds are only possible when the writer has done no work at all. This means I paid and I still can’t use the dissertation. At the moment, I’m tight on cash. I’ll have to go back and check everything in detail on my own as I can’t rely on this essay writing service anymore.

  3. Corleone says:

    I found to be untrustworthy. When you sign-up there’s an expectation of having a choice of good writers. This is not true. Most of them speak poor English.

  4. Lilly says:

    My parents were shocked to know I was falling behind with my dissertation. Time was ticking so I decided to outsource a few chapters and stopped at Grab My Essay. They were delivered on time with not too many grammar mistakes. The problem is they have little correlation with my chapters which means I can’t use them in the dissertation. I’m now stuck. Some friends say I should continue my dissertation while others say I should start over based on the chapters from Grab My Essay. There’s a lot of work ahead.

  5. Fred_Kentucky says:

    it over the holidays but I went abroad during the Christmas break. While I was on holiday, I placed an order on Grab My Essay and I was hoping to use the service and have the writing done when I got home. A couple of weeks passed and I got no answer. Finally, the literature review was done. I printed it at home to check it myself. I was shocked to find out most of the references weren’t any good. I was hoping for something more substantial. The quoted research was only marginally of interest to me and they weren’t properly selected by the writer. I was already seeing my tutor asking for major revisions. I’m not sure at what type of writers Grab My Essay employs, but it seems everything was done in a rush. I counted 54 books and research papers quoted out of which 38 I had to remove. I can’t recommend the service and paying the high fees seems unreasonable in this situation. When I asked for revisions, I found out I had to pay more so I canceled everything.

  6. East_coast says:

    As soon as I was approaching my BA studies graduation day I started looking for jobs. But many jobs had very specific resume requirements and I was afraid mine was simply not up to standard. After looking at a few essay writing services, I found Grab My Essay offered resume writing services. I placed an order and I sent my current CV together with other information over to the writer. I explained that I wanted everything to be nicely formatted and my work and education history written in chronological order. Time passed and I waited anxiously as I already found a couple of jobs I wanted to apply to. When my resume was ready, it didn’t look too different from what I already had. The formatting was not consistent. Some dates were more to the left while others were pushed to the right at the end of the page. I had no idea how to fix the formatting myself and asked the writer for edits. It took a few more days to have the edits finally ready. Unfortunately, when the resume was done, the open positions I wanted to apply to were no longer available.

    I won’t be coming back.

  7. 90skid says:

    Two days before a biology course deadline I place an order on Grab My Essay. I paid some of the highest fees on their website but I was guaranteed on-time delivery. For 2 days, I did nothing on my own expecting the essay to be delivered. It was finally delivered the third day after the initial order. This proved stressful and I’m not sure I’d use the service again. Maybe if they’d offer better reassurance I’ll get my order in time in the future.

  8. Hope_academ says:

    When I found Grab My Essay I was very happy. My deadline was approaching quickly and I was out of ideas. As many would do, I placed an order for a research paper with high hopes. The good part is the essay was delivered on time. The bad part is it didn’t get me a pass mark. In the future, I will stay away from the service.

  9. Mythbuster says:

    The website is complicated and navigation is difficult. My patience was tested even up to the point of placing an order. If the essay would have been delivered on time, I might have been happier with the paper writing service.

  10. Gold_link says:

    I received a poor quality essay on a short assignment that needed to be sharp and to the point. Grab My Essay canceled my refund request. I’m not going to recommend the service to anyone.

  11. Ben says:

    You can only pay in major currencies. I live abroad and I tried to pays in USD only for my bank to block the transaction. I wasn’t able to place an order.

  12. Troy says:

    I wish I could have found them sooner as the quality of their custom writing is pretty good. I could see them as people who would not mind writing all day. They certainly practiced a lot. If you are passionate about something, you would not mind doing it a lot and that is exactly what they do.

  13. Ricky Sanchez says:

    I was looking for someone to do custom writing and I am glad I came across them. They are pretty good at what they do. I just wish there was a way for them to tell me how they became that good. I would want my kids to be that good in writing one day.

  14. Sonny says:

    When I hired them, I was not expecting a lot. Little did I know that I would get the best essay I would ever get. There is no doubt I would want to hire them again in the future for more projects.

  15. Cliff says:

    My jaw dropped when I got to read their essay. I expected them to be good but I never expected them to be this good. Consider me a happy customer and I could not wait to do business with them again in the near future.

  16. Michael Loden says:

    The dissertation writing services at Grabmyessay are excellent. I always use them as I am not very good with words, and the results are always great. I would recommend this site to anyone that needs academic papers done!

  17. Steve says:

    I’m in high school and when I need an essay done fast I always use Grabmyessay. I have consistently gotten high-quality essays at a good price, so they have become my go-to. I love them!

  18. Miles says:

    I love Grabmyessay not only because they produce good quality papers consistently, but also because their customer service is top-notch and the privacy policy is absolutely excellent as well. Would recommend!

  19. Will says:

    I got a paper from GrabMyEssay that was not what I expected. The quality was not great and I had to spend a lot of time and effort to make it workable and readable, but I eventually got it done.

  20. Emma says:

    I’m not pleased with grabmyessay. The help I received was not up to standard and my paper was not done in time.

  21. Roger says:

    Grabmyessay failed to deliver my paper on time and the quality was unsatisfactory.

  22. Brian Moore says:

    I’m really disappointed with grabmyessay because they said they could get my paper done in time, but they didn’t and their customer service was unhelpful when I tried to get an explanation.

  23. Veronica Vincenta says:

    The support team doesn’t get back to you quickly and doesn’t care about your problems. They just want to make money and don’t care about the customer’s needs. It is very disappointing, but eventually they will get back to you.

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