WriteMyPaper4Me Reviews 2023 [Score: 6/10] Legit or Scam?

WriteMyPaper4Me Review

Writemypaper4me.org offers all types of academic and non-academic writing services. From high school essays to comprehensive master’s dissertations, this company covers all writing needs. Its services are based on a per-order basis. Customers place orders and select the urgency of their assignments. Same-day delivery is available for orders, but it costs more than papers delivered within a few days and it’s generally of low quality. Advanced tools such as plagiarism checkers are included in the service. But, this doesn’t mean plagiarized work is not delivered to customers. writemypaper4me reviews

Writemypaper4me first impressions

Writemypaper4me has a modern website where customers create an account and post their orders. When the website first launched, it was far from perfect. At the moment, added features such as over-the-phone support make it more credible but only on the surface.

High prices

Writemypaper4me trustpilot Prices vary at Writemypaper4me. This is not based on the quality of papers. The quality is linear which means prices are only impacted by the urgency of a paper. As a general rule, same-day delivery is the most expensive. At the high school level, a page costs $36. At the university level, the same-day paper delivery costs $48. These prices drop by 50% when the paper is delivered in 10+ days. Other deadlines to choose from include:
  • 6 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 3 days
  • 4-5 days
  • 6-7 days
  • 8-9 days

Customer support options

An older Writemypaper4me review stated that customer service is sub-par. This is far from the truth at the moment. Online support is available 24/7 and customers also have the option of getting over-the-phone support. Getting someone from Writemypaper4me on the phone is not always necessary. However, urgent or same-day papers might need an official response before placing an order to ensure everything is ready on time.

Types of writing services

Writemypaper4me doesn’t list all its services on its website. In theory, the service provider deals with all types of essays. From history essays to meta-study analysis, customers can rely on all types of projects to be delivered. However, not all of these can be delivered in a short timeframe. write my paper 4 me review The company is registered in the US and it prides itself on its native English writers. However, this is not the case. Plenty of non-native writers are used to providing low-quality content. The company also offers a money-back guarantee. There are currently a few instances where this is required, as most papers are not well-written and original. We also recommend looking at our admission essay writing service list.

Features, promo codes, discounts

A Writemypaper4me discount code is not currently available, even with the first order. This is somewhat underwhelming for new customers. However, other savings are available. Customers who are looking to cover more complex topics get a 5% discount on orders over $100. So, which papers cost that much? Longer essays or academic writing requires comprehensive research. However, Writemypaper4me does include a few interesting features that make up for the lack of special offers for new customers:
  1. Page creation
  2. Plagiarism check
  3. Revision
  4. Formatting
These features can be useful in terms of presentation. But, they also ensure that the content is original. Many alternative services struggle to offer reliable services that are also not copy-pasted.

What did we order from Writemypaper4me.org?

Writemypaper4me sitejabber We ordered a master’s literature review. It must be said this type of work is among those that require the most research. Writers have to get a grip on the subject and also link it to existing research and publications. By its nature, a literature review is complex. But, it is also a great type of work to test out a service.

What we received, quality of the paper

From the start, it must be stated that the work was delivered on time. However, the quality of the writing was insufficient. Unlike other tested services, the literature review was not fully plagiarized. Studies and books were quoted. Yet, there were issues in terms of quality, especially with formatting and academic lingo. APA referencing is strict and in academia, it is a must with all papers. Apart from the referencing style, the actual language of the literature review was non-academic. It is not a matter of native vs. non-native writing but rather a matter of academic vs. non-academic writing. It’s also important to state that there were a few grammatical and punctuation errors in the text.

Is Writemypapers4me legit?

Writemypaper4me could be considered a scam. There’s a shortage of information on the homepage. This includes a lack of listed papers the service delivers. Most new customers find it confusing and as a result, they go to the customer service team to check if their work can be done. writemypaper4me.org reviews A simple listing of all the covered writing styles is sufficient to fix the issue. The overall user experience is not troublesome, however. All orders can be viewed under the customer’s account and this is also the place where each paper has its assigned due date visible. This is practical when dealing with multiple papers at once. Still, many customers are not returning due to low content quality and they can’t make the most of the backend of the website. Want to know is write my essay legit? Read this review.


Other writemypaper4me.org reviews may rate the service as reliable. However, based on the literature review experience, it’s clear higher-level academic writing at the master’s and Ph.D. levels suffers from a lack of quality. Those seeking these services are better served elsewhere. Those who are only looking to cover high school, college, and university work may find decent results.

TL;DR Version of the WriteMyPaper4Me Review: WriteMyPaper4Me review

  1. Fred_Brook says:

    Writemypapers4me.org won’t be writing any papers for me. How is it they advertise a free reference page? Aren’t references normally included in essays? No other company is charging for them.

  2. No_Thesis says:

    I understand that finance is not an area that interests a lot of people, particularly writers. But this is my field and this is why I needed a simple white paper on how today’s loans might be more difficult to pay in the future. The final white paper had nothing to do with finance terminology. Some terms were even used incorrectly. I think the writer was not familiar with the finance field. My problem was that Write My Paper 4 Me said they have writers in all categories. I think they meant a writer covers all categories instead of having specialized writers.

    But the story doesn’t end here. I then briefly explained my issue over the phone. The customer service team put me on hold. I waited and then eventually hung up as I got bored. I sent them an email. After a few days, they offered to pay me back a quarter of what I’ve spent when placing the order. I then tried to negotiate again and every time the answer was negative. If you want to use the service, make sure you have no better options as the money-back guarantee is not an actual guarantee. Its misleading information they give to their potential clients.

  3. Gal says:

    I was browsing the Writemypaper4me website when I found a sample of the exact same topic I was looking to order. It was a case study on endangered languages in general. My topic was on the Icelandic language. When I ordered the case study, I was 100% sure it was going to look like the sample I found on their website. It had links, references, statistics and proper formatting. In the end, I got a case study that looked like a blog post. It was OK for the internet but I could not face my professor at university with such writing.

  4. Kim96 says:

    I went on the company’s website and I already lost trust before I decided to place an order. ‘Free selection of topic’ is what threw me off. Is there are alternative to this? Possible a scam.

  5. Usual_suspect says:

    When I received my presentation I found out it only looked good, its content was plagiarized. I was assigned an interesting topic to present. It had a lot to do with second-hand cars and how their safety features might need to be checked as they aren’t working on most old cars and how they put passengers in risky situations. The presentation was arranged in a few elegant slides. But I googled the text and I found it on some Canadian auto blog exactly as it is. Plagiarized work. I asked for a refund.

  6. Identity says:

    Writemypaper4me took my task of writing an essay on the role of collagen and skin health. I’m studying to become a doctor and there’s simply no time for me to write the essay. I know everything that needs to be written in the essay but I simply don’t have the time to write and edit it as I prioritize other tasks this semester. This is why I decided to get Write My Papers to write it for me. When I read what they’ve written, I was left speechless. How can I use something which has little scientific backing? All of the research quoted in the essay came from dubious sources. I tried to explain this when placing the order. Some research papers are simply not to be trusted. They didn’t listen. I’ll need to reassign a new service to write it for me. However, I’ve already lost weeks with this essay. I can’t believe I need to spend more money to have someone else write the essay for me. It’s as they say, sometimes it’s better just to do everything on your own. I can’t recommend the company to anyone. Maybe I had high expectations but they do say they cover the medical field.

  7. Dr.Derik says:

    I got my paper today. Pay attention, Write My Paper 4 Me is not what it seems. Practically, my papers look like it’s been written by a 10-year old. It needs a lot of editing.

  8. Tom says:

    I ordered a same-day essay for which I’ve paid a lot. It got delivered on time but it used a lot of filler information. It wasn’t as concise as expected. I won’t be a return customer.

  9. Ben says:

    I had a good experience with this online article writing service. The author was knowledgeable and responsive, and the support team responded quickly to my questions. I recommend.

  10. Steve says:

    I am quite happy with the website I got for my paper. The reviews were mostly correct – the writer was quick and the support team was helpful. Would recommend.

  11. John Smith says:

    While the positive reviews about this company initially caught my attention, my personal experience was less than impressive. The quality of the paper was decent, but not outstanding, and the support provided by their team was lackluster. The website was straightforward, but there were some areas where it could be improved. Overall, I wouldn’t necessarily discourage others from using their services, but I also wouldn’t give them a glowing recommendation.

  12. Philippo says:

    The support team was helpful, but not overly so. While I wouldn’t necessarily discourage others from using their services, I also wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend them.

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