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Affordable Papers Review

Today you can read another review of essay writing service. review helps to understand pros and cons of using this service that provides students with different academic papers.

About Affordable Papers

Being a well-known company around the globe, Affordable papers assists college and university students from USA, Australia, Canada, China, and other countries. The company states that their services are affordable considering the niche’s average. While it is a solid choice for most students, it’s nearly impossible to compare the quality of papers to top-rated companies. Obviously, if you want to save money and get cheaper writing assistance, you need to get ready for a lower quality. However, Affordable Papers makes efforts to improve usability. Recently, the site has changed the main page design only, so it is confusing to understand you are scrolling the same site. affordable papers reviews


If you are looking for high-school or college level papers, this service is right for you. Affordablepapers is focused on writing content for school and college students, but their services include university level papers as well:
  • Creative writing services;
  • Academic papers (essays of all types, critical writing assignments, research papers, term papers, coursework, and movie/book reviews);
  • Dissertations and theses (separate chapters of dissertations are also provided, research proposals, and capstone projects);
  • Academic assignments; and
  • Business Plans.
See also: fast custom essay writing service. writers


Once you have decided what paper do you need, you can calculate the price for it. Plus, you can take a look at the price chart. The total price depends on four factors:
  • academic level
  • number of pages
  • deadline
  • type of paper needed
prices The deadline ranges from 8 hours to 1 month, so you are able to choose the most affordable one for you. While placing your bid, think about the best academic level for your order. There are three levels:
  • School (offered for the simplest projects that require no research and expertise on the given topic; the prices range from $9 to $22 per page);
  • College (provided with quotes from $11 to $25 per page);
  • University (the highest level that comes with prices from $14 to $32 per page).
In short, the quotes per page range from $9 to $32.

Customer Support

Although you can contact their support team via email 24/7, you are not able to reach them out through phone or chat as they have a day off on Sundays. sitejabber There is a way to get in touch with customer support:
  • Call: 1-800-230-2187
Choose the best way to contact support team when you have some comments, problems, or questions.

Is AffordablePapers a Scam?

Affordablepapers is a legitimate website that offers college papers to students who need help writing essays, term papers, and research papers. The company is not a scam and offers high-quality custom-written papers for low prices. works with professional writers who have experience in the field of writing academic papers and research papers. The company has been in existence since 2011 and has a good reputation among students around the world. The company’s mission is to help students get affordable custom-written papers at affordable rates to focus on improving their grades rather than worrying about how much they will pay for their reports. has been providing top-notch customer service since it opened its doors in 2011, which means that you can always expect your questions to be answered promptly by someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to writing academic papers and term papers for college students.

Is Safe?

Yes, Affordable Papers are definitely safe and secure. We are a professional academic writing company providing high-quality papers to students since 2009. Our team of qualified writers can write your documents in any type of language, including:
  • English – American, British and Australian English
  • French – Canadian French and European French
  • Spanish – Colombian Spanish and Mexican Spanish
  • Italian – Italian language (macaronic) and Neapolitan slang slang
  • Portuguese – Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese

Is Legit?

Yes, we are a reputed custom writing service that can provide you with the best papers. Our writers are trained in producing high-quality assignments that are always original and plagiarism free. We understand how important it is for you to get an original paper at an affordable price, which is why we offer custom essay writing at an affordable rate! Your articles will be written by experienced experts who will write exactly what you want them to register so that they can meet your expectations at all times.

Is Affordablepapers Reliable? is a reliable custom writing company providing quality academic papers for many years, including the past few decades. We have been serving customers from all over the world and have received a lot of positive feedback.

Is Trustworthy?

Yes, Affordable Papers is trustworthy. We provide papers from the best colleges and universities in USA, and Canada. Our writers are highly qualified and professional. You can always depend on our writers to produce high-quality content that is also original, saving you the worries of getting plagiarized content as part of your school requirements.


All in all, affordable papers review shows an average quality of this service. If you need to hire professional writers to write your essay, Affordable papers is a good choice. However, you’d better explore more essay writing services before you order university level papers. If you are looking for high-quality papers only, you need to read reviews of essay writing services at OmniPapers. We do our best to provide you with trustful information. Discover top writing companies by the help of our best research paper writing service reviews.

TL;DR Version of AffordablePapers Review:

  1. zoe says:

    I couldn’t call the support team! It took some time to reach them, and this feature is paid. If you don’t have extra money, think about another company to deal with!

  2. Shaun Cassidy says:

    I would recommend this company to those students who need an average writing assignment (an essay, a research paper, a case study, etc.) without spending much money. Their prices are quite good,but don’t expect a good quality!

  3. Jayla S. says:

    My writer wasn’t able to complete the task! There were 4 revisions before I got a good paper! Just a wasting of time!!!

  4. erica says:

    Emily, thanks for this review! I was thinking about this company as I need academic help from time to time. Now I will look through other options to make the final decision

  5. sierra says:

    When I got my paper from Affordablepapers, I’ve found many mistakes even though I’m not a native speaker! Even if the price was ok, the quality shouldn’t be low!

  6. Melanie says:

    I went for Affordable Papers instead of Ultius after I read a HORRIBLE feedback from one of their customers.
    Can’t complain. I only needed 3 pages of literature review, and that went fine.

  7. BrendaS. says:

    OMG, how can you order from the website with such reviews! I honestly think we need to value our money and not buy bad papers. However, I did not see this review when I placed an order. Thank God, I only bought a 1-page essay on economics. Still, it was long interaction with writers and support.
    I tried free inquiry feature to find the best writer. The writers did not speak on my topic though. They offered to see samples of their previous papers, but of course, I would have to pay for that. So I refused. Eventually, I picked the random writer that agreed to write my order. The writer asked me some questions about my instructions despite I thought I had put them down quite clear. As the result, he sent me a very average paper with no facts and figures. When I asked to make this paper worth $15 that I paid, the writer said that I have to pay for this revision. This is just ridiculous!
    I hope you do not repeat my mistakes and find any better website to place your order. Do not waste your money on bad writers. May be they will get off the market then.

  8. Ed_Burns says:

    So many bad comments, and my feedback won’t be a good one either. I ordered a research paper from this website and it came yesterday. The writer misunderstood my instructions and sent me not the paper I wanted. I placed a revision and I got the paper today. Even now, I can see some ways to improve this writing. Despite that, customer service said I have to pay for another revision (they made the first one for free). I can see they make money on revisions. When you expect to get a perfect paper, be ready to pay more to make it at least good.

    In fact, nothing terrible happened. Friends of mine ordered their papers from some other website and they got trapped in a similar situation. I guess, most cheap writing services are about the same. If you want an excellent research paper, pay over $80 and enjoy your writing. I do not have so much to spend on papers. I communicated with the writer and with support service on this website. It looked like we’ve found common language with both, but still I would pay extra if I place more revisions. Be prepared to such things if you decide to buy your essay from Affordable papers.

  9. MoniQue says:

    Read true reviews before you order anything on Affordable papers. The website charges for every minor addition and the writers are incompetent. My paper did not contain any true fact or reliable figures before I asked writer to add them in this essay. And then, of course, I was charged for a revision! I think if writing is your job you must do it well. The prices look cheap, but God knows how many revisions to this paper you will need. It is better to find the website with free revisions–at least, you would not pay twice.

  10. Sherlock_Cumber says:

    The website looks okay, but I do not like their writers. My writer had a different vision than that of my teacher. I tried to explain that I need to highlight something different in this essay. Still, the writer did what he wanted and I was disappointed with this essay. How can they earn money on their essays if they do not know professors. The writer should have done as I said and then my feedback could be positive. But now I do not recommend this website.

  11. MN12 says:

    Affordable papers reviews do not say that not all of the claimed services are available. I ordered a thesis paper and they said they did not have a writer in my discipline. At least they gave my money back. Then I decided to buy a couple of essays from this company. The papers came on time but the quality was very average. I mean, I could write such essays myself. As I pay money for my paper, I expect to get more extraordinary writing.

    1. Tricky says:

      The paper I got from Affordable papers was not as good as I expected. Even after a revision, I was not satisfied with the quality.

  12. Dave says:

    The website is not as great as they claim to be. First, there is a lot of communication. When I place an order, I give my instructions. I do not expect their customer service to call me and the writer to ask for explanations of my instructions. Is it so hard to leave a client in peace? Next, the delays drive me mad. The paper came before the deadline, but then there was a revision, so I had to wait one more day and I missed my submission date.

  13. Tom says:

    I did not like the style of writing. Besides, I’m not sure that references are indicated correctly. I would better buy my paper from a different writer.

  14. Lizzz says:

    I had the same situation on this website. Writers are not careful with customer’s instructions or they do not know the subject as they should.

  15. Mumblebumble says:

    I read different Affordable papers reviews and ordered an essay from them. Still, the paper was not what I wanted. The writer did not understand my instructions.

  16. Jill says:

    Most writing services ensure free revisions to their clients. Unfortunately, this is not the only website that gives bad content and charges extra money for it.

  17. ChinY2 says:

    I’m disappointed with their customer service. Support operators do not answer online, I had to make a call and spend my money on these incompetent people.

  18. TrueStud says:

    The paper is okay, but the service is not so good. There are some delays. I received my paper after the deadline was over.

  19. Isolatedddd92 says:

    I did not like the quality of my paper. I asked the writers to do a revision, but the writer told me I should pay extra money for it.

  20. Degree_3 says:

    They said my requirements were different from the original instructions. Anyway, if I do not like the paper they have to do a revision for free.

  21. Deeanna Andrews says:

    When you want top students to write for you, you have come to the right place. Their privacy policy also works for everyone involved. Also, each penny you pay them is pretty much worth it as they won’t let you down.

  22. Remy says:

    Their team of knowledgeable writers are so good that you can tell right away that they love what they do. It is hard to imagine them doing something else other than writing. It is like each member plays an important role in making the team a pretty successful one.

  23. Tim F. says:

    Their team of intelligent students are so good that their work speaks for itself. They deserve a lot of credit for all the hard work they put through all of their essays.

  24. Daniel T. says:

    Even if they write so well, they give pretty rates. Better check out their privacy policy before hiring them. You will find out they are a lot better than you thought.

  25. Thuy Dinh says:

    I was totally mad at Affordable Paper today. I have been a loyal customer of this website for more than 3 years. Their service used to be great and high quality. But now I am so disappointed with the way how they treat the customer. I placed an order for a lab report about nutrition. It is a simple report which required only 1 page, and I also provide all the resources and information for the paper. I ordered on 5/28/2021 and up to now 5/1/2021, they still can not find a writer for me. I tried to talk to a live agent. His name is Dustin. He is an unprofessional staff. When I asked him about my order, he told me they are trying to find a writer. I told him that I am worrying since my order has only 1 day left, and I asked him what if you can not find a writer? Instead of comfort me, he said ” we will let you know if we can not find anyone”. How can he respond like that? It will be too late for me to find another solution for now since I am running out of time. Later on, he said they will look for a writer asap but I might have to pay extra. I really could not remain calm until then because I already paid extra for the rushing order as well as the top writer.DO THEY REALLY ASK ME TO PAY MORE. WHY DO THEY TREAT THEIR CUSTOMER LIKE THAT?

  26. Nellie says:

    I was really let down by the quality of the essay I got from this service. It was full of errors and the writing was bad. I had read some good reviews but they were not true in my case. Not worth the money.

  27. Mildred says:

    I was somewhat impressed with the essay I received from this service. The quality was satisfactory and there were a few mistakes. After reading the reviews I had high hopes but they were not quite met. Worth the money, but just barely.

  28. Maria says:

    I was pleased with the quality of the essay I received from this service. Heard good reviews about them, but still disappointed. The essay was decent, but not of a high standard. I would use this service again, but only if I had no other choice.

  29. Robert says:

    I was very disappointed with the quality of the help I received from this service. Heard good reviews about them, but very disappointed. The essay was full of errors and was not written to a high standard. I would not use this service again.

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