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Essays, research papers, dissertations. Once you become a student, there is no end to writing. For many, especially those who have to balance studies with work, doing proper research and finishing all assignments is barely possible. Do you also dream of using a time machine? Unfortunately, such devices don’t exist. Yet. But, there is another type of help you can count on while writing your papers. Since for a number of young adults, meeting high school’s, college’s, or university’s requirements is tough to do, more and more essay writing services keep on springing up online like mushrooms after rain. They offer help with researching topics, writing various types of papers as well as, sometimes, writing speeches or presentations. Does offer that? Edu birdie is one of many websites offering essay help to students. Moreover, thanks to its brash marketing campaign in 2018, it is the best-known ghostwriting service in the world. If you’re wondering if Edubirdy is the right website for you, check out this article. We hope that our Edubirdie review will help you make the right choice. Let’s begin!

What papers can you order?

Edubirdie is positioned as a universal writing service, where every client can find an expert for his or her wallet. This is true. However, the cheaper the writer you choose, the more unexpected the results of his or her work will be. Edubirdie states you can order these kinds of papers from its specialists:
  • Essays and homework assignment
There are many types of Edubirdie essays and papers you can order: articles, reviews, summaries, proposals, argumentative and scholarship essays, among others. If you need something crucial, like an admission essay, choose the best expert you can find, which in case of EduBirdie, might mean the most expensive one.
  • Case studies and research papers
These are more complicated types of assignments cheap Edubirdie’s writers might not help you with. To stay on the safe side and get your research paper properly covered, opt for the most expensive expert.
  • Coursework and term papers
A term paper is your first serious academic assignment. Don’t let cheap writers spoil your grade. Choose one that offers you the highest bid. The main benefit of ordering these types of papers from is that you will receive them chapter by chapter and this kind of delivery will cost nothing extra. Alas, this is the main and the only benefit birdie has to offer when it comes to complex assignments. Edubirdie says its writers will also help you with business plans, speeches, presentations as well as reports and various projects. From our perspective, at Edubirdie‘s site, you can order key assignments only from reliable writers you or someone you trust has already worked with. In other cases, it is a pure lottery: you can never predict the level of quality of a complex paper completed by this site.

How much will you pay? is a bidding platform. The minimal sum that allows you to proceed to bidding is $10. Once someone places a bid, the sum may increase. Thus, you can’t estimate how much you’ll eventually pay for your essay. If you have an urgent order, you’ll pay more-or-less a fixed sum of money (of course, it all depends on the status of the writer you choose):
  • Urgent (standard) – $42-48,
  • Urgent (premium) – $49-57,
  • Urgent (platinum) – $58-65.

Is Edubirdie legit?

After a brief research, we conclude that Edubirdie doesn’t seem to be cheating. They have interesting offers and many satisfied clients. Their platform is also secure, which makes it more trustworthy than other websites. For the moment, their website is secure by DMCA protection services which make Edubirdie safe for visitors. The site also has a privacy policy, which we recommend you to read thoroughly before submitting an order. Since Edubirdie cooperates with international payment systems, the protection of clients’ financial data is also guaranteed. Even though the site warns you that it uses cookies, we were unpleasantly amazed by how long its ads have go on those who visited and ordered from the platform. This doesn’t change our answer to the “is Edubirdie reliable” question. The site still is. It’s just that being annoying for a website that offers papers for sale is not the wisest marketing choice. When you deal with Edubirdie, use the “incognito” mode in your browser to not get caught because of a pop-up ad. Another issue that made us worry is the number of paid-for reviews Edubirdie has on YouTube. Because of their aggressive marketing strategy, there was a huge scandal in the spring of 2018 about websites helping college and school students with cheating. This made the US and the UK government pay additional attention to academic integrity problems, plagiarism, and cheating among students. Well, thanks a lot, Edubirdie, you’ve done a great job! Emotions aside, if you want to ask, “Does Edubirdie work?” we will answer yes, it definitely works. However, we cannot promise it’ll work well for you. The biggest issue of writing services with bidding systems is that you can never be sure of anything. By offering you to choose the main tool to have your assignment written—an expert—the company relieves itself of responsibility. If the paper you get doesn’t correspond to your requirements, the website can always say that it was your fault, as you have chosen the wrong writer. This escape route also influences the money-back guarantee the company provides. Even if the site has failed to complete your order properly, its managers will do everything possible not to give a refund. Your success depends on the type of paper you need, your budget, and your requirements. And your luck. A bit.

How can you contact

If you have some questions, you can use the chat interface that can be found on their website. It seemed to us that we spoke with a bot, though. You can also send your question by email but in that case, you will have to wait for an answer. It took their customer support staff six hours to answer a common question we submitted even though the site states that its team works 24 hours, 7 days a week. Edubirdie also provides its clients with phone numbers. Call them if you want to communicate with real people, not artificial intelligence.

Is there anything special about the company?

Yes, there is:
  1. Contests. Every now and then, holds contests where you can win money, even up to $1000. It also participates in charity which is great from all perspectives.
  2. Blog. Edubirdy has got a blog with useful essay tips for students. It is free to use and there are some interesting articles once in a while.
  3. Social media. You can find Edubirdie on Linkedin, Instagram, and on Facebook. YouTube has deleted the company’s blog and all the paid-for videos after a 2018 scandal, though.

The Verdict

Well, we learned that Edubirdie has a number of great services, good customer support, and wonderful additional features like their blog and social media pages. However, since it’s a bidding website, it might not be the best choice for students who are trying to save money. In 2018, the site ordered more than 1,400 videos from YouTubers which made the phrase “Edubirdie cheating” spread on the Internet. If your teacher finds out that you’ve bought your paper from this site, you will never prove that you’ve used birdie’s help to get academic assistance only and a sample of how your assignment should look like. Reputation means a lot in the writing business, and once a company has made a mistake so significant as Edubirdie’s, it will never get its name clean and will never be treated as a trustworthy and honest website again. When we were preparing the Edubirdie review, we submitted multiple orders to the website. The platform did great with simple essays and assignments, but the quality level started to decrease when we began to order more complex papers. It seems that the company doesn’t put much effort into the hiring process and as a result, along with several great experts which definitely exist on the platform, the majority of writers Edubirdie offers is below average. If you decide to order your paper from a writing site with a bidding system, make sure to hire an expert with the highest rating and the best feedback from previous clients. That will cost you a pretty penny but will also provide you with a kind of quality guarantee.

TL;DR Version of Edubidie Review:

Want to get more? Along with this Edubirdie review, see other sites from our best essay writing service list.
  1. Mika says:

    Has anyone ordered from EduBirdie?

  2. Bruce says:

    I ordered blog entries and web content from them. Wasn’t bad, but I expected more. They’re paper writers full stop.

  3. Carpediem says:

    I’ve chosen a writer for an average price, not the cheapest one. I’ve mentioned that quality is extra important for me as I needed a college term paper. I talked to my expert to understand if he really can cover my topic which wasn’t that simple. I put the longest deadline. And still! My writer failed to complete a proper paper(((
    That wasn’t that pleasant, but I know that bidding systems are risky, so I submitted my order way before the paper was due. I had time to order it from someone else. And from birdie, I just wanted to get my money back. That was a real quest. Like, their company has a whole department of people who deal with unsatisfied clients and still couldn’t give me a clear explanation of how the refund system works.
    In the end, I received only 20% of the price I’ve paid for my college research paper on IT, which was written as if it was an English 101 school-level essay.
    The results?
    Minus 14 days. Minus $220. Minus my nerves, time, and belief in people. Plus, a paper I can’t use in any way, as I’m not a school pupil anymore.
    Write to me if someone needs it.

  4. Mamamanama says:

    I don’t like platforms where a company can at any time say that its bad service is all a worker’s fault and refrain from any obligations towards clients. But I got a coupon, and here is how my greed was punished.
    I needed a super-urgent 3-page essay on history, so I opted for Edubirdie. The worst part is that I was promised that “There is no big deal! Tomorrow morning everything will be top-notch!”
    The deadline was 6 am, so I could have a look at my essay and change the first page.
    No paper. I wrote to my writer – she doesn’t answer.
    I write to support – the paper is checked for plagiarism, it will be ready in 10 minutes, sorry for the disturbance.
    7 am. No paper. My writer still doesn’t respond. The support team offers me to check my spam folder, as they have sent it already. No, there is no paper? Weird, let’s try one more time.
    8 am. I’m on my way to school. No paper. No response from my writer, no response from the support team. And I was like: “Guys, just tell the truth. I will think of some other way not to fail my class.”
    11 am. Here is your paper!
    Seriously?! 5 hours of delay for an urgent paper?
    They’ve let me down soo much! Don’t read edubirdie reviews on their own site. They are all fake. For the moment, this is the worst writing service I have ever used.

  5. Ego333 says:

    It could have been better. I received a B- for the paper I ordered. According to my teacher, it was dull and there were no original ideas in it.

  6. Tripletripper says:

    I should have believed edubirdie reviews on the web(( I expected much more for the money I paid. Don’t repeat my mistakes and don’t order from this site.

    1. P1ckle_R1ck says:

      But what was the problem? With me, they didn’t follow my instructions on the structure and bibliography. How have they failed with your order?

      1. Tripletripper says:

        It looks as if it was written by a linguist with no understanding of natural sciences at all, and I needed a lab report on chemistry. I mean, it’s great that there were no grammatical mistakes in the text I received, but the topic wasn’t covered!
        My writer filled two pages with Wikipedia-like text about molecular masses, which wasn’t what I mentioned in my instructions. Writers have to be experts in the disciplines they’re writing on! And the company has to double-check their competency!

  7. Tricky says:

    It was okay when I ordered essays from this service. I even remember leaving good edubirdie reviews on different sites. But their quality of serious academic writing is not even close in terms of quality. Weird formatting, wrong bibliographies, and terrible grammatical mistakes are only a part of the problem. I couldn’t use the paper I received for my studies as it was horrible, and I couldn’t get my money back, as dispute resolution managers told me it was my fault, as I chose the cheapest writer. What?
    Just don’t ever order from them.

  8. Amy95 says:

    The point of my paper was to use a specific book to write it. No other specific requirements—just read the book I asked you to read. What have I got as a result? A paper with no reference to the manual I needed. Because the writer didn’t find the book on the web! And has probably lost her tongue to contact me and say that there is a problem! Fortunately, I got a refund, but no reimbursement of sleepless nights I had to stay awake to complete the review on my own.

  9. dearstan says:

    No, there was no plagiarism in my paper, and the structure was fine. But the language! I’ve mentioned several times that I’m a college student, not a kindergartner! This is not how a decent piece of academic writing should look like. And the worst part is that as the quality of vocabulary is not something the site guarantees, I didn’t manage to receive even a partial refund. This was my worst experience with this ghostwriting platform. I would never recommend edubirdie to anyone.

  10. CptnPicard says:

    This was my second time on the site, and imagine, they just denied to publish the negative review I wanted to post in their testimonials! It was just about some grammar issues. Nothing THAT bad. It disappointed me a lot 🙁

    So now, it’s not only poor grammar and stupid mistakes even Word emphasizes, it’s their lies which I don’t like! For me, this is the worst sign: if a company cannot accept its faults and work on them.

  11. Mali says:

    It might have been better if my writer answered my questions more promptly. As a result, the paper didn’t correspond to my requirements as I wanted.

    1. Badgod says:

      I had the same problem. It seems like the company simply doesn’t care about its clients! I don’t understand who are those who get good papers from birdies.

  12. JoeRogan says:

    The service is not that cheap and is not that good. I waited for answers from my writer and from the customer support all the way long. I’m disappointed.

  13. Xuan says:

    Not bad, but there was a one-day delay with my order. I wasn’t in a hurry, so that’s okay, but this is not how it has to be with professionals :/

  14. Stina Hudson says:

    I received a high-quality paper for the history topic I specified from the professional writers at Edubirdie based on the guidelines which I provided. This helped me get excellent grades in the subject.

  15. Jeff says:

    Since I am working part time to pay my college fees, I did not have time to do the research required. Edubirdie’s professional writers did the high quality research required to produce an excellent research paper, which was appreciated by my professor.

  16. Tim Jocko says:

    The professional writers have many years experience in academic writing and are familiar with the academic writing standards in all the reputed colleges worldwide, so they deliver the papers quickly.

  17. Brian O'Connor says:

    I have used Edubirdie’s writing services repeatedly since the papers, essays and reviews are of high quality, their professional writers are very competent and there are almost no mistakes.

  18. Marti S. says:

    The professional writers always follow the instructions given to them and deliver high quality essays, papers, proposals and reviews according to the time schedule specified.

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