99papers.com review [Score 3.9/10]

99Papers Review Overview 2023: Legit, Safe or Scam?

99Papers is a cheap writing service. It covers all types of writing and it represents one of the fastest methods of getting an essay for a low price. However, the lowest price is not also the fastest, as 99Papers delivers custom writing within 15 to more days. The platform has a few unique features. Customers can choose a specific writer, which is helpful if they’ve already worked together successfully. 99Papers also has an option to hire top performers. This is where each customer can only choose from top writers for more complex jobs. The option to allow only native English speakers is also activated by 99Papers. 99papers.com reviews

99papers: first impressions

A large selection of services is on offer at 99Papers. The good news is that the service is transparent. Customers can even see prices before they sign up, which is a rare occurrence.


Most customers rate 99Prices as affordable. Starting at $8.97 per page, they cater to a wide audience. High school goers can afford these rates and students also know the importance of proper budgeting. However, prices increase when the delivery time is shorter. See also: college paper writing service reviews. The most expensive rates are those for Ph.D. quality delivered within 3 hours. It’s no surprise a page at such a level costs $54.60. At the same time, this might not offer the most qualitative work in this short amount of time. Ph.D. students are advised to allow their writing to be worked on for at least a few days.


99papers sitejabber Customer support is available on their website. A direct chat system is implemented and a person on the other end of the line responds 24/7. Calls can also be made to a staff member for quicker responses. Students who have custom writing to be done can also fill out a form at the free inquiry section for a more official response, which is received by email. But customer support is not only used for inquiries. The 24/7 team at 99Papers also handles refunds. In some cases, clients change their mind and they like to go with another writer or to cancel a writing job. This is why having an instant response is crucial, especially for same-day deliver writing.

Writing and services

Essays, research papers, and term papers are the offered services at 99Papers. But, the website also offers other types of writing:
  • Math problems
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Proofreading
  • Quiz writing
  • Poster writing
  • Article critique
  • Corporate documents
  • Lab reports
  • Poems
This is where 99Papers try to stand out from the competition. It offers writing services for students, but it also caters to the corporate world. Furthermore, the company markets unique services such as poem writing, as they are increasingly difficult to find. But, even these services are not unique to 99Papers. 99papers.com

99Papers Discounts

There are not too many discounts to count on at 99Papers. They mainly include a 5% discount for new customers. However, differentiated pricing for high school, undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. levels means the pricing is also scaled as needed. A money-back guarantee is also offered by 99Papers. However, this policy is not linear and full refunds are rare. The final refunded amount depends on the level of work the writer has put into the writing and it is discussed on an individual level.

What did we order at 99Papers.com?

A short article review was ordered. As other 99Papers reviews state, one-page tasks are delivered in a reasonable amount of time. Within 3 days and after spending $16.95, the paper was delivered. A quick scan with a plagiarism tool revealed the work was original but only in certain paragraphs. Furthermore, the formatting was unclear and the text was not easy to read. A couple of paragraphs slipped into the non-academic colloquial style of writing. For most customers, the quality of the paper is fine. Given the price is somewhat competitive, there aren’t many other services that could have offered the same. A good tip would have been to go for one of the top-rated writers to push for top quality in every paragraph.

The results: poor quality writing

From 6 paragraphs, 4 were written at an acceptable level. For them, students are expected to receive high marks. They wouldn’t qualify for the distinction, but the paragraphs would be among the best. On the other hand, the poor writing style in 2 other paragraphs reduced the overall quality of the paper. Its grade would not be enough for a pass or insufficient for a good final mark. See also: dissertation help services

Is it legit/reliable/scam?

As with any 99Papers.com reviews, it’s important to make a distinction between styles of writing—an area where many such services fall short. It should not be allowed for non-academic writers to bid on academic writing tasks, as the style and tone of writing are different. Even formatting differs. If for general writing, short paragraphs are key to quickly summarize ideas, blocks of text are often found in academia where grammar and the actual content prevail many times. reviews


99Papers is not a legit writing service. It offers multiple writing types that others don’t offer at the moment, such as poems and corporate writing, but of very low quality. Students leaving university or college and going into the corporate world would not find their services useful. Also, those continuing their studies in the postgraduate world will also have a hard time finding any useful writing on 99Papers.

TL;DR Version of the 99Papers Review:

99Papers Review
Published by Emily
Posted Oct 31, 2019
  1. Wesley says:

    99papers’ essay writing services aren’t all that amazing, but what’s great about them is the variety they offer: they will even write corporate documents. When I need something other than an essay done, they come to my mind first.

  2. Donald says:

    This review hits the nail on the head: 99papers don’t have the best writing there is, but they are very affordable and their customer service is excellent. If you need something affordable, it’s a good site.

  3. Mark Price says:

    99papers aren’t going to win a prize for “best writing”, but if you don’t want to break the bank for your essay their site is good enough: affordable, good essays.

  4. Gladys says:

    I recently ordered a paper from this company and I’m not happy with the outcome. The paper was full of mistakes and the customer support was practically non-existent. I would definitely not recommend this company to anyone who is looking for quality papers.

  5. Sylvia says:

    I had a really bad experience with this company. The prices were really high and the quality of papers was lower than expected. The customer support was also not very helpful. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone.

  6. Matthew says:

    I read the reviews about this company and decided to give it a try. However, I was very disappointed with the result. The paper was of poor quality, and there was practically no support. I do not advise anyone to take documents in this company.

  7. Gloria says:

    I ordered a paper from this company and I’m not impressed at all. The prices were high and the support was practically non-existent. The writer didn’t even read through my paper, as I found plenty of mistakes. I would not recommend this site.

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