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What services do online writing companies provide?

The scope of writing help is constantly growing. If you’re new to the world of online writing help, you might be surprised by how many services you can get on the internet. There used to be a time when it was difficult to order a 2-page custom essay. However, now the range of writing services extends far beyond case studies, research papers, speeches, and even dissertations. Some companies also help people write CVs, create presentations, and build graphs. Recently, we’ve seen a new trend as the most popular writing services are starting to offer assistance with STEM assignments, including programming. Still, not all writing websites provide the full scope of homework help websites.

Who are the writers?

Having reviewed more than enough online writing companies, we can confidently say that a service is only as good as its writers. If the company has a decently-sized team of experts specializing in different disciplines, it means it can cover a great range of topics and quickly assign writers to orders. Also, there are different types of academic helpers. Most companies employ writers from all over the world, both native English speakers and ESL experts for whom it is their second language. Naturally, writing services charge extra fees for the services of English native speaking experts. Writers also have different amounts of experience, and it usually costs more to hire a seasoned expert. However, results show that it’s all worth it, especially if you need help with a very important paper.

Pricing and free features

Perhaps, one of the most critical questions on the minds of students seeking writing help is how much it actually costs. Well, according to our research, the price of a single page of original content (that is, 250-275 words) can be anywhere between $9 and $15. It all depends on the company’s pricing policy. A lot of services have pretty flexible prices that mainly depend on the student’s academic level, the number of pages/assignment size, and the deadline. Of course, it’s impossible to change the first two factors, but you can order papers in advance, choose a longer deadline, and thus save money. The order price usually covers some free features, such as customer support, formatting and referencing, title page, and bibliography. Customers may be charged for outgoing calls in some cases, but they can still contact the support office for free using the internet. We believe that these features should always be free, and it’s unfortunate that some writing companies are still charging students for what should be included in the price.

Fixed prices vs. bids: Which one is better?

There are roughly two kinds of writing companies: the ones that assign you a writer themselves, setting a fixed price for the paper, and the ones that let you pick your writer, who, in turn, sets their own fee. Obviously, both have their pros and cons. With a fixed-price service, you can get very quick assistance as you don’t need to spend any time looking for the best writer. Plus, most of these websites allow you to pick a category of your expert based on their experience and rating. However, you have little control over who writes your paper. Meanwhile, bidding platforms allow you to choose a specific writer, giving you full control. Almost all writers have different fees, so you can always pick a more affordable option. On the downside, it may take a little more time to find the right expert, especially if you have a very complex assignment.

Extra paid services

Companies have worked out that sometimes, students need a little more than just writing help, so they’ve added special features to their services. One of the most popular extras is progressive delivery, which is practically a must for long papers because it allows you to split them into parts and have these papers completed one by one. This way, you have more control over the writing process. Other common extra services include copies of used sources and comments from the writer (some companies call it the Smart paper service). So as you can see, writing help services offer a multitude of options. You’re free to choose whichever fits your needs.
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Posted Feb 4, 2022

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