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85 votes, average: 5.80 out of 1085 votes, average: 5.80 out of 1085 votes, average: 5.80 out of 1085 votes, average: 5.80 out of 1085 votes, average: 5.80 out of 1085 votes, average: 5.80 out of 1085 votes, average: 5.80 out of 1085 votes, average: 5.80 out of 1085 votes, average: 5.80 out of 1085 votes, average: 5.80 out of 10 (85 votes, average: 5.80 out of 10)
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MyAssignmentHelp is a popular academic writing service that states to be online since 2007. Today we decided to check this company and have gathered all the information available to understand: is it a scam or this website is worth trying. We hope that our review will help you to make the right decision.

What is so special about My Assignment Help?

According to the website, MyAssignmentHelp has its offices in Australia, the US, the UK, Singapore, and Canada and works with more than five thousand writers around the world, most of which are from English-speaking countries. That’s a lot! MyAssignmentHelp Another peculiarity about this company is the price. The minimum price for one page of the lowest academic level and with the widest deadline is $9 which is quite affordable. What has struck us the most, though, is the promise to provide papers of the A+ quality. As far as we know, no legit company can guarantee you a high grade as they cannot control the decisions of your teacher. Sounds like a scam, but let’s keep looking. What we liked about the service is the abundance of free tools, like a word counter, a plagiarism checker, a paraphrasing tool, a GPA calculator, various equations solvers, spellchecking, and a nice blog. They also offer a great referencing tool that helps you to compile your bibliography in APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, Oxford, and Vancouver. MyAssignmentHelp also offers for free a huge base of samples, hundreds of papers on various disciplines.

My Assignment Help reviews

When you compare reviews of MyAssignmentHelp on their site and on independent platforms, you start feeling that something isn’t right. On the site, the average rate “according to 14,001 reviews” is 4.9/5 with 98% satisfied clients. However, when you visit sites like SiteJabber, you see another picture: 3.51/5 according to 353 reviews which is not that much. 222 customers have given 5 stars to the service and 136 evaluated the website as a 1-star service. MyAssignmentHelp has also deleted its account from TrustPilot, but the Internet remembers everything and according to some print screens, on TrustPilot, MyAssignmentHelp was evaluated poorly with an average rating of 2 out of 5. Seems like we will have to order some papers ourselves to give a correct verdict.

True testimonials by our friends

services and prices We’ve asked our friend, Rebecca, who studies software development in New York to evaluate MyAssignmentHelp for us, and this is what she has to say:
“I needed a personal statement and some help with my Python homework. According to the website, they eagerly help students with STEM disciplines so I was happy to order my coding from them. I paid for my coding assignment $250 and set a 24-hour deadline. I received the first version in 23 hours 30 minutes and it was full of bugs! I asked for a revision, reminding them that I have only 24 hours, but their customer support managers started to blame me saying that I had to set a shorter deadline so that my coder had more time to make a revision. But how could I now that a service stating that it always delivers papers on time and write top-notch papers will send me something that bad! I couldn’t get my money back, so we started a long and boring negotiation with my writer with me trying to explain what he had to do. In the end, it seems like I showed him how my webpage was supposed to work. Ordering my coding from them was such a disappointment. The situation was a bit better with my personal statement. It cost me only $15, however, the final version of my paper had some mistakes. I pointed them to my writer and he tried to fix them, but my essay still wasn’t perfect. Seems like English wasn’t a mother tongue of my writer, though his profile said that he was from the UK. All in all, this wasn’t my best experience with a writing service.”
My verdict: 2/5. Search for a better service, as this one doesn’t worth its money.”

What about the price?

Though the service says that their prices start at $9, in reality, the average price is about $20 per page. However, the discount policy is quite nice, as MyAssignmentHelp offers good concession for the first order and referral program bonuses. For example, at the moment when this review is written, they offer a $20 bonus plus 25% off the price for your paper. Quite appealing, right? The service also has a loyalty program and states that it provides a satisfaction guarantee by offering revisions and refunds. However, in our case, Rebecca wasn’t happy with her Python assignment and didn’t receive her money back.

Is My Assignment Help legit?

There is information on this site that doesn’t look trustworthy. For example, they state that they have more than five thousand writers when most services offer 200 to 700 experts. If the number of their workers is that big, how do they manage their crew? Another thing that made us doubt is their eight offices all over Australia, in the US, Canada, and the UK. Such geographical position should make their customers believe that they have only English-speaking writers, but our experience showed that this wasn’t the case. Another thing that we found suspicious is the difference between their rating on their site and on independent platforms. Plus, they have deleted the account from TrustPilot which is also a red flag. What we didn’t like the most, though, was the fact that they guarantee grades. You should not give a kind of promises you cannot fulfill. As a rule, reliable writing services never guarantee your grade as they cannot control your teacher and don’t know what your teacher expects from your assignment.


All those red flags about don’t look good. What is more, our own experience wasn’t excellent: one paper (a STEM assignment) was absolutely failed and came late, another paper (a common essay) was of average quality. The rating 3.51/5 left on SiteJabber seems to be legit, and we agree with it. We would evaluate as a below-average writing service and would not recommend you to order from them. Please, let us know if you are a client of this website and if there are any pluses or minuses that we haven’t noticed.
  1. Matthew says:

    Their privacy policy is everything it is said to be. They certainly put out all the stops to being the best at what they do. It takes a lot of skill to become a good writer and that is what each member of their team is. It won’t be long before they get recognized.

  2. Marvin says:

    I agree with al the Myassignmenthelp reviews. Their quality work is what it needs to be. i am pretty envious of their talents because some people are not born that way.

  3. Arthur says:

    Their customer service is pretty good for a company that has not been around that long. It seems as if they made that a priority and you know we always welcome that.

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