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MyAssignmentHelp Overview 2023: How It Works And Key Features

MyAssignmentHelp Highlights

For the past 2 decades, we all agree that the number of online companies offering academic help has significantly increased. What does this mean to college students looking for online tutorials? Without a doubt, they have a myriad of options, which might overwhelm them. As a result, as an expert at, I opted to review MyAssignment Help, one of online writing services.

Even before I dive into the specifics of the review, I imagined what do students, regardless of their academic level, require? Rather than wishing for many options in assignment help, they need a platform where they can’t understand the merits and demerits of using online assistance.

It is because of this reason that I utilized comments and testimonials from SiteJabber, Trustpilot, and social networking sites to compile this exhaustive MyAssignmenthelp review. 

What impressed me about the website of this company was its design. In particular, I took just a couple of sentences to see the number of writers, the order form, and different channels for communication. 

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First Impression

It only took 2 minutes for me to load the website at the time I placed an order for evaluation. I thought the easy usability was because of me using the PC. As such, I opted to try the same action with my phone. Guess what? The experience was the same! The only thing I can comment about the features I saw such as order form was simplicity. Although this attribute is a good thing, it might inconvenience students who want extras. Comparing this website with CustomWritings, I found the latter to have extra features, which many students might need. 

MyAssignmentHelp Review

Considering that writers at delivered my essay, which I considered to be a graduate task, I can say this company can handle any assignment, no matter its academic level. 

How Does this Service Work?

Without a doubt, online testimonials and comments indicate that is reliable. To validate these claims, I used my laptop to place a 2-page essay on “Moral Justification for Physician-Assisted Suicide in less than 10 minutes.”

Something that didn’t seem illegal, but I disliked, was to wait for a quotation after purchasing the service. Hope the company can consider merging a built-in calculator with its order form.  

Types of Services

Services writing 

Brief description Rewriting


PhD experts complete assignments and essays from scratch.

Writers help you to rephrase an essay or remove plagiarism.

Experts proofread your essays to remove grammar mistakes and improve quality.

With these three My Assignment help services, you’re sure of getting almost all academic assistance. The only drawback concerns paying a specific rate on the basis of the language style you receive. According to my experience with and CustomWritings, I will pay lower for a paper written in basic English than that in proficient. Unfortunately, this privilege is unavailable at

Paper Quality

Based on my request, I received a 500-word essay from Even though I paid for two full pages, it wasn’t the case in my final delivery. According to my assessment, an addition of 50 to 100 words was necessary. The company approximates a page to be 250 words; however, it’s worth noting that the length of words varies, besides some experts might use subheadings, which determine the paper length.

Although the price per page of this company is the same as other players in the market, I perceived to get less value.

Meet the Deadline

Although I placed my order with a deadline of 48 hours, I got my paper within 24 hours. Considering that my essay wasn’t urgent, I opted to review testimonials on Reddit to get some insight. I think this company doesn’t specialize in orders with strict deadlines. 

Writers’ Competence

Whereas my essay question was straightforward, I was looking for specific competence in writers. In particular, I wanted to see if the expert could challenge scholarly evidence to unveil unconventional ideas. However, it wasn’t the case despite the writer presenting theories and frameworks to support “Moral Justification for Physician-Assisted Suicide.”

Customer Support writers

At, the support team replied to my message about whether I could choose a writer within 2 minutes. Besides responding to my query, I appreciate how the customer care agent gave me a link for the order form.

Discounts and Features

Since I was a new client, I got a $20 signup bonus. There is a discount code on selected subjects. What’s more, I noticed you can get a promo code for orders with varying deadlines. Any discount ensures that the customer gets affordable rates.


I understand that many students will ask themselves, “Is My Assignment Help reliable?” The best answer would be checking for guarantees. For instance, this company promises to deliver plagiarism-free papers and do unlimited edits as long as the revision instructions don’t contradict the initial ones.

Pros and Cons



100% refund guaranteed

24/7 customer care

Top quality at all academic levels

Quality services might disadvantage international students

Unfair pricing for tech companies


While other companies, such as CustomWritings, categorize technical orders in sizes, this website charges the client in terms of page number. This pricing strategy tends to disadvantage both the experts and customers. Ultimately, the company should offer its services in different language styles.

Price Review

Even though hasn’t specified the exact prices of its services, I noticed that you will pay lower and reduced charges for proofreading and editing. Based on this costing strategy, it’s apparent that writing from scratch would be pricey.

Service Comparison

Since I have experience with CustomWritings and, I opted to compare the two with According to my evaluation, students can get both writing from scratch and editing services on three sites. Unlike CustomWritings and, you can’t get a pay-in-2 option on As such, you can’t diligently evade high prices of urgent orders on the website under review.

Who Is this Service For?

I found this MyAssignmentHelp paper writing company appropriate for any task. However, I am unsure if its prices on technical projects such as programming and calculation might be attractive to students pursuing STEM degrees. What’s more, it might not be appropriate for long papers, especially dissertations, as I didn’t have the option for progressive delivery. 

Worth the Money

Unless you require progressive delivery services and specific English Styles such as simple, regular, or proficient, like those offered at CustomWritings, I can validate that the services of are worth your money and time.

Online Reputation

On Reddit, I got many reviews that this company is trustworthy. However, the confusing part was, is “MyAssignmenthelp” the same as “Myassignmenthelp” the same, considering the spellings of the two? The average rating of 22 customers was 3 out of 5 stars on Sitejabber. Positive comments were fair prices and the legitimacy of services.

myassignmenthelp reviews

What Users Say

Although I didn’t receive a comforting message from the expert about the commencement of writing, I got an SMS notification stating that my essay was ready. I previewed the completed work and noticed some ESL markers, but according to me, I didn’t see the need to request customization of content. Generally speaking, My Assignment Help website review is somehow similar to what other users say.

Order Process

  1. I visited the company’s official website. I entered on the Google search engine. This action enabled me to access the order form, which I filled in the assignment requirements.
  2. I paid for the assignment. I used Apple Pay to purchase the service.
  3. I received the assignment. All I needed to do was to login to my account and download the completed paper.


Once I uploaded the instructions, the support team selected the best available writer to work on my essay. However, I had a chance to choose from the list of active experts. 


The company accepts different payment methods, such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, among others. I noticed that the website might not accept payment of services via PayPal. Personally, I used Apple Pay to meet My Assignment Help cost.


In spite of me perceiving the company could have considered 275-300 words as a page, this company is trustworthy as it met my deadline and adhered to essay structure. Besides, I searched “MyAssignmentHelp legit” online and got many reviews, suggesting that the website in question is good for college students and I am giving this service the score 7/10.

Service Criteria Score
Types of Services 8
Paper Quality 6
Meet the Deadline 10
Writers' Competence 6
Pricing 8
Customer Support 10
Payment Process 9
Guarantees 10


Is MyAssignmentHelp Legit?

Yes, it’s legit, as you can get your full refund in case the writer doesn’t adhere to your instructions.

Is My Assignment Help Reliable?

Writers in this company strive to meet your deadline and offer the best possible quality regardless of your academic level. It doesn’t also cost a lot of money to get real help as you can utilize any available promotional coupon. 

How Good is

Since only offers custom materials for referencing purposes, it doesn’t support academic cheating. As such, it’s legal and safe to use the services of this company.

Is a Scam?

Its 10 years of experience in academic writing assistance proves that this company doesn’t scam customers.

Published by Emily
Posted Jul 10, 2023
  1. Matthew says:

    Their privacy policy is everything it is said to be. They certainly put out all the stops to being the best at what they do. It takes a lot of skill to become a good writer and that is what each member of their team is. It won’t be long before they get recognized.

  2. Marvin says:

    I agree with al the Myassignmenthelp reviews. Their quality work is what it needs to be. i am pretty envious of their talents because some people are not born that way.

  3. Arthur says:

    Their customer service is pretty good for a company that has not been around that long. It seems as if they made that a priority and you know we always welcome that.

  4. Becka says:

    They did my research paper and it did not take me long to write a review. I appreciate everything they’ve done for me and I can’t wait to hire them again in the future.

    1. April says:

      scammers they blocked my number because they dont want to issue a refund run!!!!!

  5. Ellen Williams says:

    When it comes to essays I always use MyAssignmentHelp. Not only are their writers top-notch, but the pricing is very reasonable and they write really fast. Whenever I use them, I always get a good grade so I have never bothered using any other writing service: they are always my go-to!

  6. Kyrie says:

    MyAssignmentHelp is a solid 5/5. The best site I have ever used to help with my homework: the writers are really nice and understandable, I always understand the material I need to study better after I read what they wrote. In addition, the customer service was really warm, friendly, and efficient when I had problems once. Great refund policy too!

  7. Frank V. says:

    When it comes to writing services, MyAssignmentHelp is my favorite. The writers are great, really nice for the price and they always deliver fast: they are always my go-to when I need urgent help with my material. 10/10!

  8. MKCstc says:

    They deserve one star and some jail. I have paid for two products, same deadline for both. On the first one they have sent me something related to the topic but with senseless sentences and ALOT of grammar mistakes. I have reported it as INCORRECT 12 hours before the dealine, and now, 36 hours after the same deadline with my assignment failed they are sending me the same reply, that they need more words count (for me to purchase) in order to repair their mistake. Obviously, they ignore my request to be paid back and keep on sending me the same automated messages. If on the first one the experience was horrific, on the second one it gets better. I haven’t received nothing within the deadline, but 2 hours before they were telling me they need 6 to 8 more hours. Wow! Anyway, 12 hours after the deadline they’ve sent me something unrelated to my order, I made a claim, that I don’t need their services anymore and that I want my money back and as a reply they gave me another essay, again with the wrong topic. Since their “experts” failed on every level I have asked them to give me my money back. 5 days have passed now and they still talk about repairing the mistake and that it’s a sad thing that I’ve failed.. These people are the real deal scammers. The worst thing it’s that they don’t even speak or understand english at the level they should. Wow..
    Anyway, I regret doing this, I wish I would have done some research before contacting them, if you see this, avoid them with confidence! And by the way, when you are creating a new order you instantly receive a phone call from a guy that’s calling from an asian country such as India or Bangladesh, but when you request a phone call in order to solve your problem quicker they obviously refuse, because it costs .. They are really just some scammers, low level of intelligence, disrespectful that hide behind some fake names such as Victoria, Sonia or whatever other names.

  9. nicho says:

    I got B+ on my assignment, overall I am ok with this. and the staffs are patient to make changes, thanks.

  10. Charles joye says:

    Nice coursework assignment that I got from you. So full of relevant information and got it on time too. I must also appreciate that your customer care was good and supportive.

  11. Samual says:

    I have a very good experience of using their assignment service. Though, the price was bit high, but I was pleased with the quality they have delivered.

  12. Kenith says:

    It is very big website, but they didn’t fulfil my all assignment writing criteria, my assignment solution was not good as my expectation. One thing I can say about this website that they deliver my solution before deadline.

  13. David Johnson says:

    I have ordered economics assignment from MyAssignmentHelp website. I have got assignment as expected. But they delivered me one day later due to their own reason. Otherwise everything is fine.

  14. Lova J says:

    Got good assignment within deadline. The service of MyAssignmentHelp is too good but very costly.

  15. Sanket says:

    Good and nicely done. I got not very good mark. but acceptable and good job. Nicely done

  16. Clara Smith says:

    I am a science student. I hired first time My Assignment Help exert for completing my assignment. They have provided me assignment on time. But also i will mention that sometime they listen improper way.

  17. Daniel John says:

    Very pricey but worth it when you’re in a jam. My person was communicative during the process and that was very appreciated as well.

  18. jansenmarco says:

    My deadline was 18 Hours and they provide me after 22 hours. I lost my grades but I like the assignment quality.

  19. liya says:

    This is the first time i am using a writing service. I spent more than half of my saving on my assignment but got good result. Recommended for students who earn for their expenditure.

  20. david says:

    I am very disappointed with their services because My deadline was 18 Hours and they provide me after 22 hours.I Satisfied

    with their work but they were not provided to me on time.

  21. Aiden Butler says:

    I am thankful to you for providing me economics assignment in the given deadline. I noticed only one thing with your expert that is they respond lately.

  22. Jack says:

    I am a student. I hired the first time for completing my assignment. I didn’t get the assignment as I expected from them. They charge a high price but the quality I like the work

  23. Rocky says:

    I didn’t get the assignment on time I am not happy with their services. I lost my grades because they provide me after my deadline but I Satisfied with their work

  24. Samual says:

    It was a very nice experience with myassignmenthelp. I recently booked an order for my dissertation writing help, and they provided me the best service. Among the sites that I have visited and asked for a quotation, I believed that this site gives me the best value for the money that I paid. The dissertation were well written and they allow for a revision if I am not satisfied.Thank you once again.

  25. rahimtahir says:

    Going by all the essential factors related to the website like high price and high quality, it will be a perfect choice for you.

  26. AnneP Gill says:

    With the help of this essay base, I finally finished my research I’ve been working on for the last months. It is an excellent source of ideas and a tool to organize yourself.

  27. sahid says:

    I received 72 marks this is first assignment which i have received above 70 i have given so many assignment after this i received a good marks. but expected is 75 above as i had paid too much money.

  28. Adam says:

    I would like to thank the expert and team for preparing a top notch assignment work. Will highly recommend this to anyone needing assistance with their assignments.

  29. Randy Johnson says:

    I am really glad after getting my thesis work from you guys. Thanks for support. Really appreciated.

  30. Ron Thomson says:

    Thanks for helping me complete my statistics assignment, I really appreciate your work.

  31. Nelson Paige says:

    This team is amazing. They are very nice and reply back within 5 mins. I am happy with the service and how they are treating me. I got an A because of them. Thank you My Assignment Help.

  32. Sameed says:

    The expert delivered an excellent PowerPoint presentation and the professor really thought it deserved an A grade and I did get it. I was able to get the PPT in a very good time for me to turn it in and not be late. Thank you so much to the expert who provided me with their very best dedication and attention to detail.

  33. Harper Williams says:

    Thanks for providing me very professional english assignment. I have got amazing response for it from my faculties. I highly recommended.

  34. Pete Witson says:

    Got my assignment on time and elaborated well and it was good diagram better than i expected and made. waiting for good marks.

  35. james harper says:

    Wow Amazing service provider in the town assignment quality is good i mange to achieve A grade in my mid term. Thanks team for your Great effort.

  36. ddd123 says:

    they are scammers, care!

  37. Jake says:

    They will get a poo Wikipedia page from another subject and tell you that your job is done so you pay and get f….
    When you call they don’t answer, when you try to text them they don’t reply.

  38. Damien says:

    I was disappointed with the paper used for the report. It felt flimsy and the text was too faint to see properly.

  39. Doris says:

    The paper quality of the report was far from satisfactory. It felt like cheap paper and the writing was too light to make out the words. The paper was too thin and the ink was not dark enough, making it hard to read.

  40. Michael says:

    I was not satisfied with the paper used for the report. It was too thin and the writing was difficult to make out. The ink bled through and the text was too faint to be read properly.

  41. Irene says:

    The paper used for the report was not up to par. The paper was too thin and the ink was not dark enough.

  42. William says:

    I was not impressed with the paper used for the report. It felt like cheap paper and the printing was too light. The ink bled through and the text was too faint to make out the words properly.

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