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Have you ever thought about purchasing an essay from a custom writing service? In such a case, you need to carefully choose who you are entrusting your assignment to. Of course, there are a few fine websites that have plenty of clients satisfied with their services. On the other hand, you may encounter less satisfactory writing companies that could ruin both your paper and your day. They say you will never know until you try. The good news is we have already conducted research on different custom writing services. Here are our ratings of the best and worst websites to deal with your papers.
1 perfect assignment writing service for complex tasks

best assignment help service
This website is our absolute favorite. Here are some of the strong points of this service.

Assignments and disciplines

On, you can order practically any type of paper. Their writers will agree to help even if you have a complex discipline and need to get the work done within a short deadline. Business studies, finance, law, physics, and many other subjects are available on this website.


The prices on are not as high as you would expect from the company which is that qualified to help you with your studies. One page of an essay for undergraduate students costs $14. You have to pay extra if your discipline is complex or if you choose an advanced writer, but usually you can keep the minimum price if you don’t need any extra options.

The quality of academic writing

With this website, you can stop worrying about the quality of your complex papers, as it is considere the best dissertation service today as well. Here is what Jake, one of their customers, had to say:
“I ordered a 3-page essay on economics from here. Though the discipline is not easy, it did not count as complex. The writer sent me an amazing essay that met all my demands. It had all the necessary sources, and all cited according to the rules. I can recommend this service if you need help with your paper.”
2 the oldest reliable essay help website

EasyEssay assignment writing service
As you can see, this company has been in the writing market for almost ages. EasyEssay hires mostly experienced writers who won’t be scared of any assignment even if you are. As for the price, it’s justified—$28 for a paper with a 24-hour deadline sounds fair when you know that a professional writer is working on it. There, writers will deliver your paper by the time you specify on the order form, which is great. Check out what July, a psychology student, says:
“My comparative analysis paper turned out just excellent. I did not expect online writers to do such a scrupulous job. The comparison was precise and thoughtful. The sources were cited according to MLA standards. I could not have been happier when buying my paper online. If you are still hesitating, know that is definitely worth your money.”
3 the fastest of writing services

Read a review Visit site custom assignment writing
If your deadline is close, this is one of the best essay writing websites that will help you complete your most urgent task. You can request that they finish your paper in 4 hours and still have an experienced writer working on your assignment. No damage done to the quality! As for prices, one page of a college-level essay with an 8-hour deadline will cost you $36. Not cheap at all, but fast, and the reviews prove the proficiency of this website’s writers.
“I asked Writemyessays writers to complete my law essay overnight. It was indeed the last minute, and I could not imagine how to complete that nightmarish paper myself. I just placed an order and went to bed, hoping for the best. You can’t imagine my relief 8 hours later when I woke up the next morning and saw my paper completed. My homework was ready, and all thanks to this wonderful website,” says Spencer, a college freshman.
4 a fine website to do your homework

Read a review Visit site
This is an interesting service that allows you to bid on the best price for your paper. While at first glance it may seem cheaper, in most cases the price still turns out to be average. The writers on this website are perfectly fine, and you can trust them to do a typical high-school or college paper. If you have to write a grad school paper, or if your discipline is complex, perhaps you should consider ordering it from one of the top-3 websites according to our ratings. As for the rest, using is quite okay.
“A few days ago, I bought a literature review from this website. I barely had time to complete my more important papers, and I had completely forgotten about my review. The writers sent me this chapter on time. The review was fine, and I evaluated the paper as good overall. I recommend using the Do-My-Essay website if you have no time for writing homework,” said Aelyn, who studies economics and finance.
5 a website for decent-looking papers

Read a review Visit site
This service looks appealing and friendly, so you may want to try and buy a paper here. And we will not stop you from doing so— has not gained any sort of negative reputation so far. Writers can complete average college papers, and prices are at a medium level. In some cases, you may request a free revision, and most papers are delivered on time.
“I liked the lab report I ordered from here. It was only two-pages long, so I figured it was worth the risk to try this website. The writer knew physics well. I placed a free revision to correct a few references. The paper came on time. I guess this website is okay to buy some papers from,” says Timothy, a high-school graduate.
6 a cheap writing service

Read a review Visit site
If you are taking care with your budget, you may consider ordering your papers from here. One page of a college essay with a 14-day deadline costs only $11, which is really cheap. The quality of assignment writing help may not be outstanding, and you may need to place a revision. But what do you expect to get from an academic writing service with low fees?Customers say that writers are good with simple writing tasks. Rick, a second-year college student, says:
“I got my essay written according to almost all the instructions. But there were a few points to fix, so I placed a revision and the writer did it for free. I also had to contact their support service to check on my payment. In the end, everything was alright, and I got a pretty good essay written for cheap”
7 an average website for a satisfactory paper

Read a review Visit site
This is the last of the okay-quality websites in our review. On, you can order many different papers, from a high-school essay to a dissertation chapter. The price is quite cheap—$14 for one page of a high school essay. There are no serious delays with the delivery here, and customer support operators answer within a reasonable time. However, the content of your paper may turn out to be different from what you expected, so be ready to request an extra revision.Regardless, the reviews are mostly positive:
“I ordered a 5-page argumentative paper at The writer was alright in general but he asked too many questions about the details of the essay. He finished the work on time, but it was at the last minute before the deadline. All in all, taking their low prices into account, this assignment service isn’t that bad. Just choose a longer deadline, and your paper will be just fine,” says Kimberly, an English literature student.
8 don’t trade high prices for incompetent writers

Read a review Visit site
This is one of the websites you come across when searching for cheap essay writing services. Though you may be tempted by the affordability of the papers, there is a range of serious concerns regarding the quality of services provided on According to customer reviews, writers are not competent enough to write anything but a simple essay and you may waste precious time on revisions making your paper look alright.
“This website is too far from being a top academic assistant. I made the mistake of ordering a 5-page research paper from here, and after 3(!) revisions it still looks bad. There were grammatical errors all over the paper. The research part itself did not present anything of value to economics, and there was a shortage of factual data. The references are cited badly, and I asked the writer to fix all the mistakes that I found. The website did not charge for revision, but I still lost too much time buying my paper from here,” reported Dave, a finance graduate student.
9 an easy way to get a rewrite and plenty of mistakes in one paper

Read a review Visit site
This essay writing website looks fine on the surface, but you should be aware that writers here may not be completely honest with you. The company is known to deliver orders past the deadline, and its papers have raised suspicions from customers. In several cases, the content of the paper did not meet the instructions, and it is hard to guarantee the full originality of these tasks. Here is just one of many disappointed testimonials: made me search for academic services more carefully. The writer did not understand my instructions at all. When I called the support assistants asking to cancel my order, someone with a very strong accent reassured me that they would complete this paper on time. I didn’t have any time to argue and just left this order as it was. In a day, a writer sent me an essay that barely met my requirements. Random plagiarism checkers found extensive sections from different websites that had just been rewritten. I was really mad and requested a refund from them. Of course, they only gave a part of my money back. Don’t go for this service if you want high quality for your money,” says Lia, a sociology student.
10 a service that will not save any of your time

Read a review Visit site
This website offers to write your essays fast and gives discounts to new customers. They also claim to assign professional writers to your orders. However, we have huge concerns regarding the quality of the papers and their delivery. Honestly, if you end up having to request multiple revisions, there is no chance of you meeting the deadline for the paper you ordered. We asked a few customers about their experiences with this website, and all the responses turned out negative.
“I don’t recommend using to anybody. I ordered two pages of a college essay and expected to have them written in a day. The writer sent my paper when it was already at the last minute, and I can tell you the essay was awful! No references, no useful facts, and plenty of mistakes, all in one short essay. I asked for a refund, but they refused to give my money back. I’m very upset about using this website,” complained Sue, a college freshman.
Finding an academic help website that meets all of your needs, has all necessary guarantees, and applies privacy policy can be difficult. But if you stick to our guide, it will be easier for you to tell the websites that are worthwhile from those of low-quality.
  • How to start writing an assignment?

    The most important part of an assignment is its structure. So, structure your assignment well. Then, try to research about the topic profoundly. Your assignment must show a logical development of thought. You should discuss the topic with some specific information. Your assignment should have an engaging introduction and a clear conclusion. Need assistance with other types of papers? Search for best research paper writing services.
  • What happens if you plagiarize an assignment in college?

    Your college never expects you to plagiarize. So, plagiarism in your assignment is considered a crime. If you have plagiarized for the first time, then your college may cancel your project or the assignment. But, serious plagiarism can get you expelled from your college. Your college can suspend you or they can even take legal actions against you.
  • How do I write a title for my assignment correctly?

    An assignment title should be informative. The title must symbolize the central idea of the entire assignment. Place it in the middle of your title page to make it visible. Don’t forget to mention your name and the name of your institution as well as your course name and the date. You can use ‘Times Roman’ font to write your assignment title.
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