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WriteMyPapers Review

WriteMyPapers.org is a low-cost writing service. It offers text-writing services in architecture, English, medicine, statistics, and other fields. But, the company encourages students not to present the final work as their own but rather to gain some inspiration from it. This raises questions of authenticity. writemypapers review The services offered at WriteMyPapers.org are standard. At the moment, the company claims it has 121134 approved works written by over 1000 writers. These works have not received feedback, but new customers have a free inquiry form to ask for more specific details.

Impressions of usability

The WriteMyPapers website looks professional but too similar to its competitors’ websites. While it is minimalistic, it has more information than the average writing service alternative. For example, it lists areas of expertise. This includes popular niches such as computer science and history. It also lists rare niches such as accounting and astronomy. However, the quality of the final results is more in the hands of the writer than the platform.


Prices start at $11.99 per page. This makes WriteMyPapers one of the cheapest options at the moment. Since most other services charge twice as much, it’s worth having a look at what customers receive for the money. However, these prices are only available with a long, 14-day delivery time. The price considerably increases with a more reasonable 2-4 day delivery. As a result, in reality, WriteMyPapers.org is not cheaper than its rivals. writemypapers discount

Customer support

Its customer support is on point. Since it is an international service, it also offers various contact methods. This is why US and Australian customers have dedicated local lines to get on the phone with a customer representative. Useful for a quick quote, the service has localized a lot of WriteMyPapers services. Clients also have dedicated email addresses for support and writing feedback. These specialized categories play their role in getting a quick response, as customer representatives know exactly what they have to deal with. However, there’s no transparency about the people behind WriteMyPapers. WriteMyPapers sitejabber

What services WriteMyPapers offers

WriteMyPapers covers most writing needs. Article writing, course writing, speech writing, and assignment writing are popular services clients can choose from. WriteMyPapers offers such types of services:
  1. Admission essay help
  2. Dissertation writing
  3. Homework writing
  4. Online classes
  5. Term Paper writing
  6. Tutoring
Interestingly, WriteMyPapers also offers writing tips, which is a helpful service with the idea that customers can learn how to write better. However, this service dubiously charges the same for actual writing. Of course, a few writing services are missing. This includes a research paper and Ph.D. writing. While these services are hard to be written completely, they can at least be partially offered with certain chapters such as summaries or literature reviews.

Features, promo codes, discounts

With every new customer, pricing and loyalty programs are important. A WriteMyPapers discount code is available for most new customers. It varies between 7% and 10%. However, the discount is limited to longer delivery times. Other types of discounts are also available. Those placing orders worth more than $500 get a 5% discount. This minimum order for this discount is higher than with alternative essay-writing services. The same applies to orders above $1000 which has a 10% discount. However, these two discounts are hard to come by for new users. Looking for something else? Check out these website that writes papers for you.

What did we order?

An order was placed for a history coursework writing assignment. The idea of the 3-page essay was to look closer at WWII’s casualties. The paper itself was short and it only needed to summarize what is easily available in terms of information.writemypapers.org

What we received, quality of the paper

The quality of the paper is generally poor. The work is original which may seem a big step forward when it comes to building trust. However, the delivered paper was not written in academic language. It is similar to what can be currently found online in WWII forums and blogs. This is why the final work needed rewriting. From a grammatical point of view, the paper was not on point. Small errors and a few major grammatical errors were made. Even checking the text with online grammar tools showed issues to worry about. The cited sources of the paper could have been more numerous as well.

Is the company reliable?

WriteMyPapers.org is almost a legit service. It can cover many types of writing up to the postgraduate level. But, it does so with poor results. Those who are on a budget get some of the lowest rates at $11.99 per page. This is coupled with low-quality results. Even more, those rushing to get work done will struggle with the fees, which are similar or more expensive than what’s asked for at the moment by competitors. Localization is another strong point for WriteMyPapers. International students can get a quote over the phone through a local phone number. While they have to pay more for quickly delivered essays or academic writing, customers can get an idea of how much they will pay for such short notice. The same spot-on services are not seen in the company’s money-back guarantee policies.


The services on offer are not high quality, in general. The more topic-specific the work is, the more difficult it is to find reliable results. As with similar services, academic writing offers the most problems since it requires a greater knowledge of English and proper grammar. But unlike many other services, WriteMyPaper doesn’t offer support for Ph.D. writing, even if its writers hold higher degrees. This is indeed troublesome. Only a few testimonials show all other types of writing are delivered by a good standard.

TL;DR Version of WriteMyPapers Review:

Published by Emily
Posted Nov 4, 2019
  1. Trav221 says:

    $28 for an undergraduate page? You’ve got to be kidding me. This is probably the most expensive service out there. I won’t be using Write My Papers at these prices.

  2. Xii23 says:

    I’m in media studies at the moment. I was particularly interested in writing my dissertation on the history of American television. There are so many dissertations on this topic and I was sure I have a unique angle to give it a new spin. I sketched a simple plan and I gave the first chapter over to a Write My Papers writer. It was a few weeks before we talked again. He sent me the finished chapter. I know this topic so well that I immediately recognized it was inspired by another thesis. I guess I was lucky I didn’t order the entire thing at once as I could’ve lost more money.

  3. Dennis says:

    I thought this essay writing service was legit. I had to do a movie review for my high school essay. I watched the movie myself. But it was a philosophical movie and I wasn’t sure what I could write about it. Then I found Writemypapers.org and I looked for the right writer. I said precisely that the work can’t be done without watching the movie. I even watched it and I had no clue what to write. The writer assured me the essay would be ready within 3 days. After 2 days, the writer sent me the movie review. I was not sure how to interpret it. The same evening, I sat down and read it word by word. It made some sense to me but I wasn’t sure how it would be judged by my teacher. I went online at movie forums to look at other reviews of the movie to see what others said about it. There was a post linking to a movie review blog, which I didn’t even know existed. I clicked on it and there it was. My essay was inspired by this blog post word by word. I’d say about 60% was indeed plagiarized and the remaining 40% was rewritten by the writer. I could’ve presented the movie review and risk it, but I decided to write my own instead and ask for a full refund.

  4. Che$$ says:

    I singed-up for the 10% discount. It turns out this is only offered when you spend $1000 or more. It wasn’t my case so I had to cancel my order with the customer service. It’s simply too expensive.

  5. Doug says:

    The company proved unreliable when asking for a refund on my plastics recycling study. I was looking into how plastics are impacting the world and how they end up in all types of countries half the world away. When I received the study, it was heavily focused on a documentary. I’d say about half of it can easily be characterized as plagiarized. I pointed out this documentary to writemypapers.org. They said it’s not plagiarism. They also refund the refund. But how can it not be plagiarism? It included all of the ideas of the documentary and some sentences were written word by word as they were presented and backed by their customer service team.

  6. JamesH says:

    Art papers are among the first advertised services on the Write My Papers website. I’m an art student and I was looking to get an essay done for the impact of French designers in the art world. Of course, I speak no French so may research was already limited to what I’ve found in English. This is when I decided to ask for a writer on writemypapers.org to research for me. Plenty of writers have French as their second language and I imagined the process would be easy, as it was information readily available. I set a 1-week timeline for the art essay to be ready and I imagined everything was going to turn out OK. When the week passed, I had no essay. After one more day, I contacted the writer asking for the essay. Two more days passed before I got a message asking for 2 more days to finish the essay. In the end, I received my essay after 2 weeks. I didn’t even want to look at it at first as I was mad about spending more to have it ready within a week when I could’ve spent less and have it ready within 2 weeks.

  7. TheTruth says:

    I wanted to use PayPal so that the transaction would not appear on my bank statement for my parents to see. Write My Papers told me this was not possible.

  8. Hal0 says:

    I know nobody reads an essay on nursing. But still, I can’t just hand over whatever is written before checking. The information on how to take blood pressure was outdated.

  9. Megan says:

    Ordering from this site was easy and the turnaround time was quick, but the support staff was only friendly and somewhat helpful in guiding me through the process. I was able to get my paper done in time.

  10. Martin says:

    I was somewhat impressed with the customer support I received when I placed my order. The writers had great reviews and the support staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I was able to get my paper done quickly and efficiently.

  11. Tom says:

    The support staff was friendly and somewhat helpful in guiding me through the process. The writers had decent reviews and the turnaround time was quick. I was able to get my paper done quickly and efficiently.

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