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Best Proofreading Service: Top 10 Reviews

When you’re working on a large academic assignment, you might need another person to review it for you. It’s a typical situation to get into your text so deep that you lose the ability to detect any errors or missing connections between sections, sentences, or paragraphs. This blindness can be cured by a fine proofreading done by someone who specializes in scientific styling, academic writing, and your discipline. But where can you find such a person? There are various companies offering proofreading services, and to choose the one you need, you should compare them all. So we’ve done a part of the job for you, creating this review of the top 10 proofreading services. Here you can find the prices, features, and testimonials you need to select the best company for your project.

The best online proofreading service nomination:

best proofreading service

Top performers in proofreading

If you are looking for a responsive and reliable company to improve your text of any complexity, EasyEssay is worth your attention. The main reason why they are so good at proofreading is that they have the highest number of experts providing this service. Even though they don’t emphasize their various text-editing options, you can still order them via the order form. Here’s what Derek, South Dakota, told us about his experience with this company:
I needed to proofread my enormous dissertation on a technical theme as quickly as possible, since I’d totally forgotten about this necessary step of the writing process. The writer from Easy Essay gave me his full attention and worked over my paper for at least 10 hours a day until it was done. I’m really proud of my work now, thanks to all the relevant edits I received from the proofreader.
2 perfect assignment writing service for complex tasks

best assignment service

Honest money for services provided

Thanks to their Get free quote option, CopyCrafter makes it easy for you to request the proofreading of any paper you need. The managers will also calculate the cost of your assignment and tell it to you right away. You don’t pay any additional fees for a proofreader on this website. After you submit your request and pay for the order, your task is put into the experienced hands of writing experts, each of whom can polish your text until you feel it’s perfect. Aside from proofreading, you can get a heartwarming level of client support via your personal account and 24/7 on the company’s website. We asked Kristen, a student from California, what she thought about CopyCrafter:
I’m quite good at writing papers and essays pro written, and I do everything fast, but this also leads to making small mistakes all the time. Whenever I get a proofreader from Copycrafter, I just forget about this problem altogether, and my ideas become polished and flawlessly presented.

TThe fastest proofreading service review:

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4+ hours to edit your paper

Meeting their deadlines is the number-one priority for every student, and the proofreaders from RapidEssay are really the best at sending your finished papers super fast. There aren’t so many services that can be as quick and proper as them, so if time is not on your side, you’d better call them immediately. The level of writing and editorial skills of their experts is exceedingly high, so you can be sure that your text will be prepared immaculately. Also, RapidEssay can choose an editor who is familiar with your scientific field and its neighboring topics, so the edits won’t cause any misunderstandings in your text. Here’s one of the testimonials, from Clarissa, Texas:
I didn’t believe that it was possible to deal with proofreading a course work twice in 12 hours, but they did it. Thanks to this editor, my work was acknowledged as one of the best in the course.

The best support from an essay proofreading service:

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Customer-friendly and convenient service

Client management and sincere support are key parts of the whole experience of communication with this company. 99 Papers is famous for their caring client managers who are ready to answer your questions 24/7. They can help you with any kind of situation, contact your writer when you can’t reach him/her, restore access to your account, etc. These features prevent unpleasant situations and make the whole writing process more transparent. Here’s how Leo, New York, described his experience with 99 Papers:
I enjoyed the way they communicated with me, each person was deeply interested in helping me. So, aside from getting a perfectly reviewed dissertation, I had the pleasure of chatting with smart, active people.

The most stylish service:

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The service you’ll be happy to share with your friends

If style means everything to you, EssayHave is the perfect choice: a website with a modern design, fast and straightforward support, and experienced proofreaders. Everything you need for quickly ordering and receiving your finished paper is here. If you have something more than a proofreading task, you can be sure that these guys will deal with any type of assignment. Here’s what feedback we’ve got from Jackie, North Carolina, about this service:
Essay Have was the first recommendation from a friend of mine who saved my term paper from total disaster. I had numerous mistakes in there and didn’t even know it should be edited, and only a review from the proofreader gave me a breath of fresh air and an outsider’s perspective on my paper. Thanks, you’ve helped me a lot!

The service with a high recommendation rate:

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The reliable service

With a 96% customer satisfaction rate, this service has plenty of return customers. You can try them as proofreaders for your current project, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to ask them for another assignment. All their experts are pros at making text better with edits and remarks. You can be sure that there’ll be a huge, positive difference between the text you send them and the one remade. Once we got such a review from Alice, who used the services of SuperbPaper:
During the last stages of work on my dissertation, I realized that I needed someone else to read it over for me, as I’d become totally blind to my errors. And not only typos, but logical and structural inconsistencies were present too. So I reached out to SuperbPaper and got a specialized proofreader I might only dream of.

The 100% unique papers service:

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The idea-generating service

The Edusson company provides writing and, what is considered “best essay editing websites“, and is famous for their creative approach to performing tasks. The writers and proofreaders are gurus of science and manufacturing sentences out of thoughts. So those who work with them get the most noticeable results, heightening their own level of scientific knowledge, adopting new research methods, and getting inspiration for experiments. This is how Eduson worked on proofreading tasks with Helen, a student from Georgia:
This was the first time an editor found inconsistencies and logical mistakes that were missed by my academic advisor. If I hadn’t ordered the proofreading at Edusson, my whole work would have been smashed at admissions. Thanks for the deep text investigation and creative ways for improving my paper.

Simple but efficient service:

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Nothing special, but efficient

If your task isn’t that hard and you’re just looking for backup, Assignment Expert is a good choice. If your deadlines are loose and your class schedule is not so hectic, the guys from this service will improve your current papers (or create other examples of them) for a fair price and at a moderate pace, so you’ll have time to review their suggestions and apply them to your text. Regarding personal experience with the Assignment Expert company, Mark from Vancouver told us:
I hate to be in a hurry; people make so many troubles for themselves because of bad planning. And as I do everything I can beforehand, I work with Assignment Expert’s editors to improve my papers at the same pace, thoroughly going up and down each page. This helps me to keep my papers on the highest possible level and get the best grades.

For those who are trying proofreading for the first time:

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A positive first proofread for your assignment

Whatever opinion on academic writing you have, you should totally try to proofread your texts before sending them to your mentors. That’s the easiest way to improve the quality of your papers. Edited text, slides, and even graphs will look better and broadcast your ideas more clearly. The company that will best suit your first acquaintance with writing and proofreading services is MyAssignmentHelp. It’s simple, it gives lots of flexible options in pricing, and it’s 100% student-friendly. Here’s what Kate, Washington DC, told us about her first experimental order on this service:
I was skeptical about this order and didn’t want to pay much, so I only ordered a few pages for proofreading, not the whole paper. And I was surprised how fast I got the edits and how solid they were. I changed my mind and worked through the whole paper with my proofreader from My Assignment Help.

All-in-one service:

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A ‘Swiss army’ proofreading service

If you’re looking for a company that has both writers and editors who can work on a couple of your requests in parallel, Write My Papers is a top choice. Thanks to support from the call center, you’ll easily be able to reach your editor or place another request. They work really simply: you send the requirements and pay for them, and after some time, before the deadline, you get the final copy. Try it for proofreading once, and you’ll finish with ordering papers. Here’s one of thousands of reviews, by Monica from Alaska, about WriteMyPapers company:
You saved my academic career! I got too many tasks at once and couldn’t manage them all by myself, and it was the best idea to call you and delegate some of them. Now I’m more precise in my class scheduling and will never take risks like this again. Thanks for helping me avoid failing!

The difference between editing and proofreading

Let’s get it straight. Many people use proofreading and editing as interchangeable terms, but anyone who knows a thing or two about writing will tell you that they’re very different. An editor looks at paragraph organization, sentence structure, and language clarity in order to understand how to improve the paper. Meanwhile, a proofreader’s job is to correct misspellings, punctuation errors, and inconsistencies. Overall, proofreading and editing services are used together to improve and polish the text to perfection.

What kind of expert can proofread a paper?

It may seem that proofreading is a simple task, but it’s not exactly so. You actually need to have certain skills in order to do it successfully. Those include being attentive to details and having a perfect knowledge of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. That’s why professional editing and proofreading services employ specially trained experts, many of whom are native speakers, to do these tasks.
  • Why do I have to proofread my papers?

    Proofreading is essential to completing your scientific research. It makes your text more logically connected and easier to read. Proofreading minimizes errors and inconsistencies in the text. A proofreader is not only an editor, but a critic who really aims at your paper’s improvement. Any complex assignment like a dissertation must be reviewed and checked, as errors are unacceptable and can even lead to rejection by the admissions committee. And less important papers should be proofread too, as it makes your essays look perfectly polished, professional, and complete. It makes a good impression on your readers and makes even simple ideas look outstanding.
  • How do I order a proofreading?

    You can order the best proofreading service from the website by filling in an order form. This is the shortest way of getting a proofreader when you have all the requirements ready. If you have doubts or something to clarify, or you’re not so sure if you have all the necessary information, you may call or text your service to get a quote on your situation. Don’t forget to ask for a pre-order price calculation so that you can prepare the payment.
  • How do I choose a proofreading service?

    The best way to choose a proofreading service is to find the golden ratio of prices and guarantees you’ll have with this company. Define your budget and find a proofreader of the appropriate academic level for your paper. Also, pay attention to testimonials and personal ratings of particular editors from each service. You should always be sure that you’ve found the best person for your task.
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Posted Feb 25, 2021
  1. Nick says:

    Copycrafter’s team have a bunch of proofreaders who are pretty good at what they do. They write everything from books to articles and they love every second of it.

  2. Joan says:

    These editing services are some of the best I have ever seen. The quality of the work certainly took a huge jump upwards. You really know how they are really committed to what they are doing.

  3. Diana says:

    Easyessay’s privacy policy makes sure that nobody knows about this agreement. It is as confidential as it gets so you have nothing to worry about.

  4. Derrick says:

    You can ask Rapidessay to do a bit of word count depending on what the instructions for your paper are. There is no doubt they will follow all instructions needed for you to get an impressive score.

  5. Mike S. says:

    There is no question they are committed to providing the best work possible. One look at it and you know they are pretty good.

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