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The educational process takes a lot of time and effort, and most students need assistance from time to time. Thus, they use custom essay writing services to improve their skills and understand how to write well-researched papers, and relying on a good company is a must. One of the most experienced essay writing companies is that has been working in the niche since 1997. Although the company has good experience in writing academic papers, there are some pros and cons to taking into account before placing an order. This review can help you understand whether this company is a good choice for you. has a team of skilled writers who complete different types of academic papers of any academic level. Plus, a big number of satisfied customers proves that it’s a reliable service, and you can give it a try.

A Variety of Services at BestEssays

As a good writing company, BestEssays provide customers with a wide variety of educational and business services. The list of services offered:
  • assignments,
  • online media products,
  • writing,
  • admission,
  • editing,
  • resume services.
See also: research paper writing service reviews. While they deal with main services most essay writing companies offer, there are some new types of assignments they are ready to complete:
  • mind mapping
  • multimedia projects
  • simulation reports
  • online assignments (courses and webinars, discussions boards, online labs, etc.)

The Price Policy

Quality costs money. As the company has good experience in writing academic papers, they charge higher prices for their services. In comparison with other essay writing services, their prices are slightly higher. The prices increase progressively depending on a deadline you choose which means you need to pay the highest sum for the shortest deadline (3 hours). The final price for your order also depends on the level of quality you need:
  • Standard level: $21.99 to $53.99 per page
  • Premium level: $23.99 to $55.99 per page.
  • Platinum level: $26.98 to $60.99 per page.
To sum up, get ready to pay more for a better quality of your order, However, it looks unprofessional as all the papers should be done a good level.

Discounts and Free Features

Here at, customers’ satisfaction is a core value. Thus, you can get a promo discount code whenever you want. It gives a 5%, 10% or 15% discount, depending on how many pages you order. Plus, if you’re a newsletter subscriber, get ready to receive extra bonuses and stay updated with all new offers. The BestEssays website offers free features that include free title, outline, formatting, and bibliography.

Customer Support

Whenever you have any problems, feel free to contact customer support that works 24/7 to assist you. Plus, you can contact your writer directly to track the progress of your assignment and discuss comments. Aren’t you satisfied with the quality of a paper? Request free revisions anytime you need them. Contact the support team of via phone, e-mail, or live chat on the website. Phones:
  • US: 1-302-289-3168
  • AU: 61-39-811-4744
  • UK: 44-20-0222-7760


The review of proves that it’s a reliable experienced company that is worth paying attention to. While it has a team of proficient writers who can complete any order on a good level, get ready to pay more for the quality. Although most students are pressed for money to place an order here, it can be a good solution when it comes to getting a well-written paper fast. Moreover, you have the right to bid your own price for a paper which can be less expensive. If you’re still hesitating whether this company is a good fit for you, check out other reviews on our blog.

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  1. Gerald says:

    I want to order an essay and I look for the essay service. Did anyone try this one?

    1. James says:

      Hi, Gerald! Sorry, I didn’t use this service, but I recommend to use good service and affordable prices

  2. Frank says:

    Best Essays .com Review

    This company is a scam, Don’t waste your time or money on their services. They don’t produce papers on time. They ask for numerous extensions. Their customer support is useless!

    In the time it takes you to argue your case with support you can write the paper before their writer does!
    make sure to let everyone know!!! is a scam!!!!!

  3. Qq says:

    Don’t use Writer refused to do revision and follow instructions. and the company always find reasons not to refund your money (they always blame the customers). Ended up not submitting your assignment because of the bad essay and services. Save your money!

  4. jc says:

    Disgusting site, if only I read the reviews before using their service. Gave extensions after extensions and the representatives lie for the writers. Scam site. A refund means nothing when you’ve wasted 16 days of my time.

  5. JamesH says:

    Best Essay writing is not going to impress. During 2019, we saw several students who simply don’t have the patience to deal with the company anymore. The writing is still not as good as on other similar services and the customer service has seen better days.
    There are a few small issues any student might overlook. For example, a small grammar error here and there is not the end of the world. But Best Essay is simply not within these margins of error. By today’s standards, it is not a legit company, especially given a few other alternatives offer top essays at similar rates.

  6. Medium-rare says:

    When I found the Best Essay I was so happy. I even told my mum I’m going to get a high mark on my essay and that she should prepare to congratulate me. I know I’m not the best in my college but I expected something to put me ahead of others. This is why I wanted the best dissertation writing services. I was looking to have an essay written on the importance of driving regulation for electric scooters. In the end, I received a spun text copied from a local newspaper. It’s as others here wrote, the company can’t be trusted.

  7. Derrick says:

    Environmental protection has been a major topic of discussion in 2019. I wanted to write an essay that would have summarized the major points of discussion. This would have included the Paris agreement information as well as a few notable events of the year.

    I explained to my possible dissertations writers that I wanted only the most popular topics covered and I didn’t want to get inspiration from some unknown interview nobody has even heard about. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened. The writer didn’t do any proper research but it took me a while to find out the work wasn’t original either.

    When I received the text, it only included a few events, which were summarized from an interview. But I didn’t know them myself and I’m into environmental protection. I googled the event myself to look if I’ve missed something important. After a few clicks, I found the events mentioned in this interview. I only then realized it was the only source of information for my essay. By my estimation, the writer probably spent about half an hour on my essay. This is certainly not worth the money. I meant the work is not plagiarism, but it’s very close. Most importantly, it’s not what I expected and I’m going to look for better dissertation writers for my following papers.

  8. AndMyAxe says:

    My essay is nowhere to be found. I placed an order and the writer disappeared. I mean, does Best Essay even care about the writer’s unresponsiveness?

  9. Rick says:

    Taking into account that the company offers a large selection of services, it is one of the best essay sources to count on from a variety perspective. Apart from classic services such as article and case study services, the company also goes for multimedia products. Students looking to create a multimedia presentation might consider the website.
    Programmers also have to write essays and presentations. Best Essays offers such a specialized service. This type of writing requires a writer who’s also a programmer or at least someone familiar with programming languages and common issues.

  10. Martin says:

    I was encouraged to write this writing service review because of how good they are. I have never encountered a group of students who are this good. It is like they were born to write and I hope they do it more for many years to come.

  11. Sandy says:

    Without a doubt, they are the best essay writing service I have ever come across and I have encountered a lot. I am pretty picky when it comes to essay writers and they exceeded my expectations. Visit site now to know more.

  12. Julie says:

    I was told that they have the best essay writing services I will ever find and they were right. When I read their work, I was immediately hooked because of the high quality.

  13. Frederick says:

    The high quality in their essay is truly tremendous. I was I had their talent in writing. I would not hesitate to hire them again in the future.

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