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TopEssayWriting Overview 2023: A Comprehensive Evaluation

TopEssayWriting Highlights

We respond to our readers’ demand for a comprehensive review of TopEssayWriting with this in-depth analysis. Here, we assess the site's convenience of interface usage, quality of service, and writer's competence. My first impression of the website and its design was that the company had no interest in aesthetics. However, the site is professionally organized with sufficient information about its services. This approach gives the user a completely different impression of the website design. These findings corroborate previous Top Essay Writing reviews, illustrating the company’s commitment to professionalism and service delivery.

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Our review is based on more technical and operational qualities, including customer service, output, writers’ competence, and pricing. We analyzed these features by placing an order with them. We also reviewed customer testimonials from notable social media platforms, such as Youtube and Reddit, and review websites like Sitejabber.

First Impression

The TopEssayWriting site’s design is not as impressive as most leading custom writing websites. In fact, there is nothing attractive about its appearance. The designers must have focused all their efforts on operational efficiency. Notably, the site is one of the most efficient in terms of intuitiveness. You can basically access all the critical pages right from the home page, including placing an order. Besides, the website is available on PC and mobile, with no significant differences in structure and accessibility.

Top Essay Writing Review

Despite the awful appearance, the home page is impressively organized. You can easily identify all the available services from a centralized location when browsing the pages. The company boasts of experience offering services in all academic fields, writing research papers, dissertations, theses, and personalized documents such as application and admission essays.

How Does this Service Work

The site has one of the easiest order placement processes in the industry. Notably, you need only click the “order now” button on any of its main pages to access the order form. This is the first step in the three-stage order placement process. Once you've filled in your assignment details and selected the critical preferences in terms of writer category and paper level, you can proceed to payment. The final step is just waiting for the writer to complete your order.

Types of Services

With over forty categories to choose from, it's quite challenging to identify the services TopEssayWriting is good at without placing an order. However, customer testimonials point to the company’s prowess in writing essays and other theory-based assignments. In that case, we settled on a simple reflective essay as our test order.

Paper Quality

TopEssayWriting is good in paper quality. We can conclude that the company is both trustworthy and reliable. We received an exceptionally written assignment with all the basic paper features, including an introduction with a thesis and purpose statements. The body was properly structured with paragraphs featuring topic sentences, main arguments, and concluding statements.

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Meet the Deadline

The only disappointing aspect of our engagement with TopEssayWriting was lateness. For this reason, we assign the site a 7/10 rating on its ability to meet the deadline. Although the writer delivered the order on time, they failed on the second attempt by delivering the revision a minute late.

Writers' Competence

Despite the quality of the final paper, our engagement with the writer was not impressive. Besides the late delivery, communicating with the writer was relatively challenging. For this reason we can only afford an average rating for writers’ competence. The expert may have been busy working on other assignments or just ignorant about customer service.

Customer Support

The customer service agents are professionally trained to make the client feel comfortable and accommodated. However, the experts are most likely too busy to accommodate customer queries. 

Discounts and Features

The company’s discount program is one of the best in the industry. For instance, the discount code is available to clients after five or more orders. This allows customers to reduce prices by up to 15% when they order more than 15 assignments. 


TopEssayWriting scores an 8/10 for having a comprehensive refund policy. While most competitors relegate the refund policy to the boiler plate section on their websites, this company simplifies the conditions for clients on the guarantees page. It has one of the most comprehensive money-back guarantees in the industry. The page outlines possible refund scenarios and mistakes warranting full and partial refunds.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
High-quality assignments Poor writer-client communication
Fair prices Lateness
A comprehensive money-back guarantee Unattractive website

Price Review

The company’s pricing strategy is one of the best in the industry. Despite operating at market rate, its prices are fairly competitive. The most attractive component of the price is the available discount options. TopEssayWriting offers up to 15% off on payments when a customer places between 5 and 15 orders, making its pricing quite friendly and affordable. 

Service Comparison

Although the site is one of the leading service providers in the industry, it lags behind its competitors in writers’ competence and appearance. Market leaders like Edubirdie and Essaywriters have better-designed websites and more experienced writers. TopEssayWriting compensates for these issues with high-quality assignments and affordable prices.

Who Is this Service For

One of the notable features of a TopEssayWriting essay is the quality of content and structure. The ability to produce exceptional assignments makes the company an excellent choice for most university students. However, the lack of quality customer service among the writers makes it a bad choice for busy students. The site may not be the best for PhD and Master’s level learners.

Worth the Money

The final paper was definitely worth the money despite the negligible lateness issue and poor customer-writer communication. The assignment was properly organized with the correct paper structure, writing style, and grammar. The initial delivery was also timely, with no major amendments needed.

Online Reputation reviews

TopEssayWriting has a reputation for quality assignments. Based on customer testimonials from notable social media platforms such as YouTube, the site is fairly reliable. Reviews on Sitejabber corroborate this finding, as the site has a 4.4-star rating with over 100 reviews.

What Users Say

Most of the reviews assessed indicated that the company has a highly positive brand image. Users are impressed by the company’s commitment to quality and the ability to produce exceptional papers. We did not find many complaints about service delivery.

Order Process

Although we experienced a slight hiccup during the delivery, TopEssayWriting has a flawless order fulfillment process. Despite the fact that you need a TopEssayWriting login to process your order, working with the company is quite simple. Once you provide the login details, the subsequent steps are straightforward. The order form is simple and comprehensive, allowing you to input paper instructions without breaking a sweat. 


Due to the challenges we encountered with the writer’s communication and the late delivery, the company gets a 6/10 score for having not-so-competent writers. The experts may be experienced and knowledgeable, but they could do with some training in customer service.


The company has an efficient payment process with notable options such as credit and debit cards. The payment processing is so fast that we completed the process in less than 5 minutes. The payment form even has a section for a discount coupon and a promo code for those who qualify. 


We can conclude that is a reputable custom writing service with a good online reputation. We experienced the company’s reliability firsthand by placing an order, and we can only assign a 7.5/10 rating. Despite the excellent paper, we experienced problems with writer’s communication and timeliness.

Service Criteria Score
Types of Services 9
Paper Quality 9
Meet the Deadline 7
Writers' Competence 6
Pricing 8
Customer Support 7
Payment Process 8
Guarantees 8


Is TopEssayWriting Legit?

Top Essay Writing is a legit and legal assignment help service with a reputation for quality papers. The entity is legally registered, with no reported illegal incidents.

Is TopEssayWriting Reliable?

TopEssayWriting is reputable for producing quality work. The company is also known for hiring quality writers and customer service agents, making it reliable and trustworthy.

Is Scam?

Since the company is legally registered with no reported cases of illegal activities, we can conclude that TopEssayWriting is not a scam. It has accessible communication lines and verifiable payment options.

Is Safe?

TopEssayWriting has one of the safest and fastest payment methods. It is known for providing safe and reliable payment options. Besides, it has no reported cases of cheating due to a strong confidentiality and privacy policy, making it legit and secure for use by students globally.

Published by Emily
Posted May 4, 2023
  1. J.Green says:

    Browsing through the client’s feedback on various forums discloses the poor writing quality. Top Essay Writing is certainly far from what students expect it to be. Apart from a few decent results at the high school level, it seems the company struggles to offer academic level writing following its rigors.
    But formatting is not the only issue college students face. Even the information presented in these essays is not always true. To save time, some writers cut corners and them don’t properly research subjects. Nothing good can come out of this and a passing grade seems something which can’t be achieved here.

  2. HydroP says:

    After reading a couple of quick reviews online I figured these clients might not know what they’re talking about. They might have even confused the writers with ambiguous requirements. I should have taken them seriously. I was working on my computer history essay when I realized I have to go away for a sporting event and that I had no more time to finish it.

    I quickly compiled a list of subtitles for the writer to follow along. I hired a writer and went on with my week expecting the final essay when I got back home from my event. When I got home, the essay wasn’t ready. I message the writer and it took another day to have it delivered. Most of the content was just filler content.

    But I figured there were at least a few good ideas I could quickly expand myself. There was nothing of this nature. Furthermore, most of the time I felt like the text was copied from another essay with no direct correlation with my topic. Poor timekeeping, poor writing and an inability to follow guidelines are how I’d describe the service myself. I’m going to take reviews more seriously from now on.

  3. Manny says:

    On the first page of the Top Essay Writing webpage, it says they have PhD-level writers. What does this mean? Do they hold a Ph.D. or not? Too bad I’m asking the question now after placing my order. I was shocked to find the writing style of my research paper had nothing to do with my requirements.
    After continuous efforts, I’ve managed to rewrite the paper entirely myself. I’d say it’s now about 10% as it was when the writer delivered it to me. So much editing was needed that I wouldn’t recommend the service to anyone. You can even write it yourself to save some money instead.

  4. Justin says:

    I was looking to have a 2-page essay written in 2 days. I think it’s a reasonable amount of time. When I received the text it was written with a double spacing which means it’s a one-page essay.

  5. Evelyn says:

    If you are looking for a reliable and good writing company, then you can rely on them. I had availed their essay writing services multiple times and my papers were completed on time.

  6. Mike Bibby says:

    My friends and I have recently visited this platform and availed of their services. We were quite concerned and worried about their academic writing service. However, I feel we have indeed got the best essays delivered from them.

  7. says:

    This writing company is good and their services are delivered on time. I have thoroughly checked their privacy policy and other important things. I’ve found that they strive to deliver good-quality essays.

  8. Micah says:

    I opted for their academic writing service and I really got quality papers delivered before the provided deadline. I am satisfied with the service.

  9. Valerie says:

    The customer service for this platform is really excellent. I faced an issue/dispute for which I approached them and I got a satisfactory and quick solution. Good experience.

  10. John says:

    I ordered an essay from the writing services and the quality was ok. The help I got was decent, but the paper could have been better. I would suggest using it for a basic paper and not for something more complex.

  11. Brian says:

    I recently used this writing service for an essay and it wasn’t the best. The quality of the paper was not great, and the writer could have done a better job. I was not satisfied with the overall outcome and felt that more effort could have been put into it to make it more impressive and up to my standards.

  12. Miles says:

    I recently used the online writing service for an academic essay and it was just ok. The quality of the paper was decent, but I was not entirely satisfied. The writer did their best, but I think they could have done a much better job if they had taken more time and care over it.

  13. John Briks says:

    For an essay, I used the online writing service and it was okay. The paper I got was of decent quality, but it was not what I had hoped for. The writer tried their best, but I think they could have done better

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