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VivaEssays Review

The Internet is full of reviews about different services. Most of these reviews are biased and promoting service. An honest review can help a person decide if a service right for them. It is better to look for a service that provides authentic and non-plagiarized content. You can find an honest review of Vivaessays here.

Is Vivaessays legit?

We can say the service is legitimate if we get service after payment. When it comes to the Vivaessays company, they claim that they provide essay writing services. Upon checking their services, we found that they write essays for you as per your requirement. It makes Vivaessays a legitimate company. It is not enough for a company to be legitimate for us to choose it. The company must provide high-quality essays at a low price. vivaessays review


When it comes to quality, Vivaessays have mixed reviews. Some of their customers believe that they are providing a good service and have professional writers. The company claimed that all of their writers have a master’s degree or Ph.D. Some customers gave a bad review of the quality of the essays. The customers said that they got a high school quality essay. It is different than the claims of the company.


Even if the service is good, we cannot afford astronomical prices. There are 3 packages in Vivaessays. The first package is called the writing package. They will write a paper that has 300 words. If you want to edit your essay in specific formatting, you have to pay extra. They are also providing proofreading services and a quick essay writing service. single paper price

If you only want to get a writing service for a single paper, you need to pay 9.95 dollars. In case you only need your article to be edited in a format, you need to pay 7.95 dollars. 6.95 dollars are required to proofread a single paper that contains less than 300 words. The price you will get for your project will be different than this. If you want to get your articles urgently, you have to pay more than that. features

Way to buy from the Viva Essays

It is simple to buy from Vivaessays. When you go to the homepage of the website, you are going to see the order now button. Once you click the button, it will take you to a page to get details. You need to enter your contact details and details about the article. The company representative will contact you to discuss the project. They will forward the details of the customer to the writer after the discussion. You have to pay for the essay at this stage. You will get your essay in the downloadable form.


Confidentiality is crucial in essay writing services. If they share your data with your school or college, it can create a mess for you. After reading the policies of the Vivaessays, we found that they keep your details confidential. All the data regarding your identity will remain encrypted. It will not be shared with the writer. They say that they will refuse to share the identity of a customer with any third-party services. The company has a good rating. It is not a scam company.

Customer support

VivaEssays sitejabber When we go to the company website, they have written that they are available 24/7. it indicates that customer support is well organized. When we checked the reviews of the customers, the reality was the opposite. Most of the customers were complaining about customer support. They said that the support takes hours to respond to a simple request. Most of the customers are recommending to use the service only when you have adequate time. If you need your essay on an urgent basis, it can be hard. The customer support will not reply to you urgently.


At this moment, there are no special discounts on vivaessays services. They give discounts to some customers for the first time at different locations. If you want to get a discount from Vivaessays, you can ask the customer service agent at the time of purchase. There is an option to enter the discount code on the payment page. You can search Google or ask their representatives about recent deals. It is the only way to get discounts on Vivaessays.

Is legal?

When it comes to legal grounds, every company has to protect itself. Essay writing services are not legal if they claim that they can write your college essays and you can use it to cheat the system. Vivaessays have a different approach because they have written some clauses in their terms and conditions that can protect the company. They say that the essay is a sample. The company has the right to publish the articles after 6 months of delivery. They say that you should take this article as a reference and read all the details before submitting your essay. reviews

Is there a money-back guarantee

This company is giving a money-back guarantee only in one case. If the writer has not taken up the article or the article was delayed. If the writer cancels the order, you will get a hundred percent money back. If the writer has started writing on the project, 50% of the money will be deducted from the total you have paid. You will not get your money back if you are not satisfied with the service. You must give a genuine reason for rejecting the article if you want to get your money back. You will not get a refund immediately. It will take some time before the company clears everything and send money to your bank account.


By looking and all the aspects of Vivaessays, we can conclude that it is a legitimate company that provides essays without any legal problem. The price mentioned on the website is just an estimate because you have to pay differently for different types of projects. They are not giving us discounts. When we compare the quality of the essays and the price we have paid, we can say that the service is satisfactory. VivaEssays trustpilot

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