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StudyBay Review

Have you ever wondered if an essay writing service can help you with writing your papers? Yes? You’re not alone. More and more students, overwhelmed by the massive amount of assignments, turn to online paper writing services for help.
Whereas there are plenty of such services on the market, not all of them are reliable. In order to help you make your choice we present you with yet another essay service reviews. This time we’ll put under the microscope. What does Studybay offer? Is Study bay expensive? Can I trust it? You will find answers to these as well as other questions in the review below. StudyBay legal Let’s begin!

What can Studybay help me with? provides you with a number of services. Among them you can find:
  1. Essays,
  2. Research proposals and papers,
  3. Courseworks,
  4. Term papers,
  5. Articles,
  6. Literature/Movie reviews,
  7. Reports,
  8. Dissertations,
  9. Theses,
  10. Creative writing papers,
  11. Business plans,
  12. Speeches,
  13. Outlines,
  14. Annotated bibliographies,
  15. Proofreading papers,
  16. Paraphrasing,
  17. PowerPoint presentations,
  18. Non-word assignments,
  19. Codes,
  20. Case studies.

How much will it cost me?

Prices on Studybay are transparent. You can check how much you’ll pay for your paper using the Price Calculator that can be found on their website. Though, generally, prices stand like this:
  1. High School papers: $6 +
  2. Undergraduate papers: $13 +
  3. Master’s papers: $16 +
  4. PhD papers: $19 +
We think that Studybay papers are quite affordable when compared with other essay writing services. No wonder, then, that Studybay rated high in essay writing services’ rankings.

Does Studybay have any free features?

Studybay does not offer any helpful materials that would be easily accessible. However, it occasionally gives coupons. Also, while going through Studybay reviews written by students, we found out that it has an interesting feature – an application. Check it out! Maybe you’ll find it useful.

How can I contact

If you have any questions for Studybay, you can contact them via phone, chat as well as email. From other testimonials We learned that chat works best, so try it first! study bay scam

Is StudyBay legit?

StudyBay has been in business since 2011 and helped more than three million students in more than 100 countries. It provides services for students or professionals looking for essay writing services. Its services include a wide range of essays, such as medical, persuasive, and research essays. It offers services from high school up to Ph.D. and business assignments; such as case studies, criminal justice research, thesis, and dissertations. This company has a professional caliber and a safe privacy policy. It won’t share data or personal information with a third party without the customer’s permission.

Is StudyBay real?

StudyBay is a real company. It has worked with students and professionals for 10 years around the world. A potential customer goes to the site, fills out a project request form, sees the price estimate for the project, and decides to proceed or not from there. StudyBay has a 20-day warranty offer. In the warranty period, a client can get edits for free or request a refund. Payment is completed after the client accepts the final project from this service.

StudyBay sitejabber

In conclusion…

If you are searching for a cheap essay writing service, Study bay can be a good choice for you. It has a nice design, a variety of services, and good testimonials. Nevertheless, there are a few concerns about this service. First, you can place your order only after you communicate with a writer or customer support assistant. Second, the website gives no guarantee of timely delivery to the client. Third, you cannot check your paper for plagiarism yourself. The writer is supposed to do it for you, but this way, you cannot be sure the paper is original. On the other hand, the papers are cheap, and you may get lucky if your writer sends you a really good essay. In some cases, you can get your money back or have your paper rewritten if the quality is really poor. But, you need to agree on it with the support service first. And of course, the testimonials on the website look too good to be true, which is not realistic. This Studybay review gives you more information on what to expect when buying papers on the website. In the end, it is only for you to decide whether to use this service or not. After all, they offer affordable prices for their services.

TL;DR Version of the StudyBay Review:

  1. Ryan says:

    It was alright I guess. I didn’t like the way it was written though, but they followed all the instructions.

    1. J.J. says:

      Lucky you. The worst service ever tbh

  2. Mike says:

    Studybay doesn’t do business plans. Turned me down when I ordered

  3. Mmarkl443 says:

    Studybay turned out unreliable. I wanted to buy an original paper on a legal website not to submit downloaded papers. I found my discipline and type of paper on the website. When I placed the order, a support service called and said they do not have a specialist to write on that topic. Or the discipline was wrong, something like that. I mean, it is academic paper website, they must have a writer for business studies… After that, they called me one more time to tell that they have found someone who can write my paper. I was too lazy to search for an alternative so I paid for my order here.
    The paper came on time but I do not think this is a good quality. There is little new information or research on the topic. Not all sources are cited properly, and I found a few formatting mistakes in it. I doubt the writer knows business studies well enough to write this paper. It looks as if I wrote it myself, which is not good actually. So why pay money if the quality is the same… Maybe it would be a better idea to buy good papers somewhere else even if you have to pay more.

  4. JohnnyCa$h says:

    The writing service is not so good indeed. I ordered a case study, and not all sources were cited properly. At least the prices are okay.
    Did you use any promo code or coupon when placing an order? Because I could not find any when I browsed through this website for discounts…
    I’m not sure that Study bay has any discounts. The prices are quite cheap, maybe this is the reason why the quality is so average.

  5. Damian says:

    My experience with this website is not so terrible. I just do not like long order procedures. When you have a lot of communication about your paper before the writer starts work, it is not good. I also had doubt whether the service was legit so I had to ask support service about that. They answered politely, but I’m still a little afraid that my teacher will find plagiarism. The website is cheap but it looks a bit sneaky to me.

  6. Jen97 says:

    Studybay review says nothing about who are the writers on this website. My paper looks as if another student has written it. I mean there are no terrible grammatical mistakes but there are some typos, a few punctuation mistakes, and wrong citations in some places. I guess, this is why their papers cost so cheaply. Actually, I can fix these mistakes myself. But what is the point of buying papers if you have to proofread them in the end.

  7. Rob22 says:

    I purchased a paper here to avoid cheating issues. They claim all papers to be original but it looks like my teacher has found some plagiarism in it. As for me, Studybay review fairly presented information about this website. It’s only a shame we do not always get what they offer us here..

  8. Jen says:

    The service is quite complex to me. You cannot just place an order and forget about it. You have to negotiate the price with the writer first…

  9. Adrian says:

    Study bay would be ok if not customer support. For an hour I tried to figure out why my paper did not come on time, which was too bad.

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