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Best Educational Subreddits 2023: Top 15 List

While college years are full of fun, it gives an equal share of stress. What should be enlightening or fun, is something that many students have to fight for it. However, there are many places for struggling students where they can seek help. Although Reddit has something for everybody, it benefits students as well. So, if you are looking for answers to your toughest questions, a certain subreddit might help you a lot. Educational subreddits are one of the best ways to research a topic and learn something new. So, get comfortable and go through the list of best educational subreddits to join on Reddit.

Essay_Helpers: The Best Educational Subreddit for Essay Writing

the best educational subreddit
Let’s start the list with a subreddit that stimulates your curiosity and make you hooked. The essay helpers is a community of students that helps fellow students in their endeavors to manage college assignments. In short, the students help each other with all kinds of writing all assignment help. Also, it is a very helpful place if you are looking for essays and all kinds of homework. The best part about this subreddit is that you can get recommendations about some of the best essay writing services that are genuine. Also, you can get legit reviews from real customers that have used the services. Essay helpers is an amazing subreddit that you need to subscribe to and keep yourself updated.

I Want To Learn: Connecting people who want to learn with people that can teach

The second one on this list is another popular educational subreddit. And, it is evident right after you visit the space. You can find out members asking questions about their favorite topic knowing that there are professionals in the community who will help them out with the right solution. So, whatever you are looking for, be it college assignments, essays, or other forms of homework, you can get answers to your queries in this space. There are over 986,000 members in the community at the time of writing this article in the community. This proves how popular this educational subreddit is.


college subreddit
This subreddit is a dedicated space where you can discuss anything related to attending college. The discussions include but are not limited to, struggles of studying, potential future careers, and so on. A college is a place where people get to know who they are and what they want to be. You may feel like you are alone in this struggle, but you are not alone. Because of communities like this one, you can connect with people who have experienced or experiencing the same situation you are in. People share their worries and come up with a solution.

Today I Learned (TIL)

This community works on an amazing concept, which is to share something that the members have learned recently. That’s where the name is coined from. It is a great way to learn something new every day that you didn’t know about. People tend to process and learn information whenever they share. So, if you learn something new, share it with the community and get to know the feedback. That way, it helps to make progress easy. There are lots of interesting discussions and debates that are helpful.

Homework Help: When you just to find the right answer

When you were young, your parents or siblings have helped you out with homework. However, this isn’t the case when you are in college. So, if you need some help with your homework, this community could be your virtual big brother or sister. They will help you whenever you need it most. At the last minute, you won’t find anyone who can help you with your homework or assignments that are troubling you. This subreddit is a place where you can find people who can help you with your homework.


Another great choice for any person who is associated with the education system. This is the right place where you can give your assignments a workout. When you become a part of this community, you get to involve in discussions on all topics. Moreover, you can start your debate. You can either look out for a fresh perspective on any type of existing idea and enjoy the wonderful concepts of others. Also, you can leave questions for others on specific topics that you have experience with. It could be tips on a college or books that one needs to read. It is a great community where you can discuss and be heard by students.

Explain Like I’m Five

While you may find the name a bit awkward, the concept is straightforward to understand. Someone posts a topic or question that they find difficult and having problems. And, someone else explains the matter in simple, easy words. So, if you are looking for a simplified solution to your problem, this community is the right place. You can find the simplest and best explanations for almost every topic like essays, paperhelp, etc. Even if you find something that seems too complicated, the members of this community can help a lot. The best part is that all the information shared within the community is facts. There are no opinioned answers to any questions.

You Should Know

Sometimes it happens that you are in no mood to visit the university and attend lectures. If you find yourself in this situation often, this subreddit should help you a lot. With over 3.2 million subscribers, this page is considered one of the popular educational subreddits that you can ever find and they may be the best subreddits for stories. This space contains different kinds of scientific facts supported by an explanation. For people who are looking to fill their heads with lots of information on any subject, this is the right place.


This is the right place for anyone who wants to learn something new but doesn’t know where to look for it. This amazing subreddit contains tutorials in abundance that help you develop and upgrade your skillsets in almost every sphere of life. In short, this page has something for everyone. This is the reason why it has around 3 million subscribers. This page is aimed at education that includes a variety of topics. Moreover, it has Gifs, images, and videos that make learning an easy and fun process.

Microsoft Excel: Help & Support with your Formula, Macro, and VBA problems

What’s interesting about Reddit is that there are subreddits for almost every topic and Excel is not an exception. If you have been using Excel for some time, you know the complexity of different types of computations in it. To an ordinary user, Excel might seem like a more advanced program. So, if you belong to this category, there is nothing to worry about because this community allows you to get an upper hand in Excel. You can learn a lot about Excel from this subreddit.

Teaching Resources

Science teachers will find this subreddit very helpful because it will help to improve critical thinking. Teaching is a very arduous job and there is no question about that. In short, the effort needed to convey a great idea is not easy. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t find interesting ways to make your task less intimidating. This community is for teachers where they share intuitive teaching techniques along with supporting materials. Even if you are an aspiring teacher, this is the best place to be.

Open Education

There is no shortage of gaining education on Reddit and this has been made possible by the community members that represent various groups. So, if you are looking for open education resources that include course materials, lectures, textbooks, or even academic content, this is the space where you should visit. The community members love to share their insights on particular subjects and provide answers to people who are seeking for writing help. All kinds of educational content are being shared here. Also, they talk about campuses, colleges, etc.

Ask Reddit

As the name suggests, this is the place where all your queries would be answered. People ask open or controversial questions and other members of the community discuss answers with them. And, it engulfs everything, right from culture-related to serious history and everything that comes between. For students, this place is the right spot to be in. Whatever you have in your mind, just speak out and see the answers pouring in.

Language Learning

If you intend to take up a course on a new language, this community is the right place for you. Members in this community share their ideas and hilarious memes to make the space work out for both worlds. Also, it is a great place where you can get answers to your mind-boggling questions on almost every topic. People from all over the world have proficiency in different subjects.

Video Lectures

This educational subreddit is all about interesting public speeches, talks, and video lectures. The topics include programming, computer science, economics, social science, biology, physic, mathematics, politics, and so on. You can find engaging and educational videos on every topic. It is another great place that you need to visit.

How to Harness the Power of an Education Subreddit?

What makes Reddit stand out from the rest is that it is an amazing tool for connecting and interacting with like-minded persons. While most people use Reddit as a shallow means of entertainment, very few know about the potentialities that lie within. So, when you stay away from the crowd, you get to know about spectacular educational subreddit communities. In short, Reddit gives you a personalized experience, unlike other forums. You get the best content from those educational subreddits that interest you. Here are some ways to take advantage of this platform.
  • Unsubscribe from subreddits that are no longer your favorite
  • Subscribe to at least 20 subreddits that interest you
  • Start your journey to an incredible world
Keep in mind that Reddit has a part of it where you can get highly educational content. People worldwide share their knowledge and experiences. And, they provide expert opinions on subjects that make you more enlightened.

Is Reddit good for education?

Reddit is one big community of discussing critical information. The subreddits contain fulfilling discussions on various topics of study. It should be noted that participation on Reddit comes with a lot of moderation. In addition to that, you are going to participate in a community. Again, this platform has rich content and is easy to use. Its vigorous voting system ensures that only the best content submitted survives. There are several important and useful subreddits, and this article will identify just a few of them. One of the most resourceful subreddits is /r/essay_helpers. From this site, you are going to access competent professionals who have accumulated vast experience in the industry. For instance, if you want an issue addressed about the Spanish language, you are going to get a native Spanish speaker.

What is the most useful Subreddit?

If you want to have reliable and authoritative information, it is good that you become aware of the most useful subreddit. r/EatCheapAndHealthy is a useful subreddit. This subreddit gives rich information on how one can eat healthy yet, with affordable options. For example, students in college are known to seek affordable options, and this platform comes in handy in such solutions. Another important subreddit is r/AskHistorians which is very useful to people who want to know history. Here, experts in various topics in history give information on the various subjects that touch on the same. Topics covered are not only national but also global. Therefore, this site is very useful for both students and professionals.

How do you use education on Reddit?

The best way of using Reddit for education is through subscribing to the various subreddits. Through this, you are going to have unlimited access to the materials and information that are going to help you in your educational objectives.


Reddit is a unique platform where you can use it to its fullest potential. If you are an avid Reddit user, you know how to harness its power. The internet is a great resource for students. College brings in plenty of challenges ad problems. And, some of them have no connection with your real education. No matter what you are dealing with at college, the best educational subreddits mentioned above help you get through it.
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