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Top 10 dissertation writing services review: from best to worst

The best dissertation writing service review has to acknowledge leading companies and poor performers. This top 10 review looks at some of the most reliable, the not very reliable, and the least reliable writing services for dissertations. Judging these services is first made on the quality of the texts. If the texts are good, pricing can become less important. However, this review also looks at how the quality of the dissertation writing correlates to the prices. As seen from the examples below, some of the best writing services are not necessarily the most expensive. dissertation writing service review

Dissertation review: the complete list of the best writing services

Finding the best writing services might seem difficult at first because a large number of companies run scam businesses with multiple websites that deliver low-quality or plagiarized work. However, the companies listed below stay on top because they deliver reliable writing services.

#1 as the best service for complex assignments

copycrafter - best dissertation writing service Copycrafter is one of the best services in its class. Nearly all reviews of the service show just how reliable its writing is. Free from plagiarism, Copycrafter Services also offers free revisions. With other similar services, revisions are often limited.


Copycrafter delivers proper research papers and term papers as dissertation writing service reviews show. Essays at the MBA level, dissertations, and college papers are also offered by the company. Simple assignments such as regular homework are delivered by the service as well. However, research papers offer the most value at Copycrafter.


Copycrafter’s prices vary according to the time of the delivery. Students can choose between a long 14-day delivery or even same-day delivery. An example price of an essay ready within 24 hours is $28 per page. Users choose the expected delivery time and pay for the order from their customers’ accounts. This is also the place where students come back to Copycrafter to download their essays.

#2 as the best bidding dissertation service

bid4papers - dissertation editing services As its name suggests, bidding is what characterizes Students or other customers post their essays outline or whatever writing needs to be done. Then, writers bid on the job, and the customer can choose the preferred writer by price or by approach. The advantage of this system is that it eliminates the guesswork or the fear of missing out when it comes to quality essays. Oftentimes, students are afraid their approach to an essay is not correct, and the bidding system can take this fear away.

Direct communication with the writer

Another considerable advantage has over its main rivals is direct writer communication. The Internal messaging system can work both in favor of the customer and in favor of the writer. Some essay requirements might change from the time when the outline was posted and bided on. This is why it’s crucial to have channels of communication with the writer.


A standard is quoted at $35 per page. This price is calculated with an estimated 7-day delivery time. However, prices vary, and comprehensive writing such as research papers comes at higher costs.

#3 as the oldest reliable company

best dissertation writing services reviews Writing papers since 2008, is the oldest company on which students can rely. Quality papers come with experience, and this proves to be a major advantage when looking to deliver the best quality essays and dissertations.

Specific results

Since it has plenty of writing experience, knows what customers should get. It is estimated that a regular essay page consists of 275 words. Formatting is also standard. All texts are delivered either double or single-spaced. Essays are typed in either Arial or Times New Roman 12 pt. font. From a time-saving perspective, clear formatting guidelines reduce the work students have to put forth to have them presentation-ready.


Undergraduate students pay $28 per page when it’s delivered within 24 hours, but these prices can increase, the more demanding the writing becomes. PhD-level writing is also offered. This level costs $49 to get one page delivered within a day.

OK/nothing special services — the grey writing area

Somewhere in between good quality and doubtful quality, OK dissertation writing services can be an option for students on a budget. As the best dissertation writing reviews show, there’s plenty of space for growth with these kinds of services, but they can be reliable when writing directions are very clear.


customwritings The services at are available 24/7. Dissertations are among the selected services offered by this company.

Dissertations costs

At an undergraduate level, dissertations cost $30 per page when completed within 24 hours. Those planning their work can lower this cost to $19 per page when delivered within 14 days. This is why those who plan dissertation chapters can benefit from lower fees.

Free features

Dissertation writing services often offer various incentives for new or existing customers. offers a free bibliography page and a free title page. Free formatting either in the Harvard style or in the AMA style is also offered by the service. Another interesting feature allows students to plan part-by-part payments. Those who want to have an entire dissertation written for them can benefit from this feature the most. Based on small payments, it makes larger projects more manageable.


advancedwriters Another so-so dissertation writing service is offered by There are 8 major writing groups for students to choose from for their dissertation writing. Business studies, political sciences, humanities, management, economics, social studies, medical sciences, and psychology are covered by the company.


There are a few areas where some of the guarantees of are respected. An anti-plagiarism check is performed on the essays. A money-back guarantee is also in place for the poorest essays. Privacy concerns are also important, and the company respects the student’s confidential data. Revisions are also offered on demand.


At an undergraduate level, it costs $28 per page, delivered within 24 hours. At a Ph.D. level, the cost increases to $52 per page. also has longer delivery periods of up to 1 month. While this period is cheaper, it may not be the best guarantee on tight deadlines.


affordablepapers Writing a dissertation with is possible. While not all of the services of the provider are adhered to at the same level, some may make it feasible. Dissertations can even include lab reports or research papers.


The company offers free bibliography pages. Most importantly, it offers free, unlimited revisions. While its average services are somewhat reliable, they need revisions. This is the reason why the free revisions policy is a plus.


At a university level, it costs $28 per page, delivered within 24 hours. At a college level, this cost goes down to $24 per page. A typical page comes with around 275 words. These prices also cover other services apart from the dissertation text itself. For example, customers can receive copies of used sources as well.


studybay Dissertations start at $5 per page at Students post their tasks and wait for writers to respond. Students then choose their preferred writer for each task. While their services are average, the company has some advantages that can prompt some students to choose one of their writers.

No intermediaries

There are no intermediaries between students and writers. Communication is open, which can play a positive role in the overall creative process. Furthermore, customers have the freedom to choose the reviewed writer.

Low prices

At $5 per page, the services are among the most affordable on the market. However, as other reviewers showed in their sample writing, this price is too low to offer good quality results; however, it may be enough to offer a rough start on the dissertation writing process.

Thesis writing service reviews — the worst services to avoid

As there are good dissertation writing services, students can also expect bad services. The following websites are known to have some of the worst services on the market. Apart from offering unreliable writing, the texts from these companies may even be plagiarized.


essaytigers The company offers writing services and essay-buying services. On one hand, students think they can post their demands and have the dissertation written for them. On the other hand, students think they can purchase already-written, original essays.

Low-quality writing

It costs $23 per page to have it delivered within 24 hours at Even if these prices are not the lowest on the market, the company has been linked with poor results. Customers report plenty of writing papers delivered by non-native speakers of English filled with grammar errors. Apart from this major issue, plagiarism accusations arise too often when it comes to’s dissertation writing.


edubirdie There are so many promised guarantees on that some students might consider the service legitimate. However, this is not the case. If a money-back guarantee is advertised on the homepage of their website, things aren’t as simple. Some students even report such guarantees are never respected. That is why so many students might be looking at totally unreliable dissertation writing with no real chance for getting their investment reimbursed. Searching online forums for Edubirdie reviews also shows plenty of these repeat customer feedback impressions. Dissertation editing services are also covered by Edubirdie, but as dissertation editing service reviews show, even this option is not reliable. Succeeding edits still need to be made to the final texts as well.


grademiners The company advertises writing services starting at $12.64. However, this is not the case. It is only offered for papers delivered within 14 days, but the best dissertation writing service reviews show this deadline is rarely met. The worst part is that even when the texts are delivered on time, they lack good grammar and proper formatting.

A final consideration of dissertation writing services

As seen above, only a small part of these dissertation writing services is legit. One of the problems they have is that even if they offer original content, it’s not usable as it’s filled with grammatical errors. Other times, poor formatting leads to poor grades, especially in academia. Even with the best dissertation writing services, students should still do their best in finding the crucial elements they want to cover from the start. Clear directions lead to better final writing results. Having clear communication with the writer proves at least as important as the writing services themselves. In some cases, even the best writing needs revision, and communication is key for an inspired final dissertation.

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