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Best Dissertation Writing Services Reviews 2023

To complete this best dissertation writing service review, we checked out the most popular websites on academic assistance. Here you will find both the best performers and the companies we were not much pleased with. We hope that our top 10 review will help you to choose the most trustworthy website to assist you with your dissertations. Our rating of the most and least reliable essay writing services is based on the guarantees they provide, their support, their troubleshooting skills, and of course, the quality of their writing. If the texts are good, pricing can become less important. However, this review also looks at how the quality of the dissertation writing correlates to the prices. As seen from the examples below, some of the best writing services are not necessarily the most expensive. dissertation writing service review

Dissertation writing services review: the complete list

The abundance of online helpers confuses students and makes the choice of the essay writing services review that you can entrust with your papers a true challenge. It’s even more difficult to select a worthy company when you need help with a complex assignment, like a dissertation. Keep on reading to find out what websites have made it to the top of our rating by providing a high quality of writing with no plagiarism.

CopyCrafter.net as a great helper for your complex papers

copycrafter - one of the dissertation writing services
As a company with an average pricing policy, CopyCrafter turned out to be one of the leaders in this segment. What makes this website one of the best from our perspective are authenticity guarantee and an option of free editing. With other similar services, revisions are often limited.


According to several dissertation writing service reviews we’ve seen online, CopyCrafter is good at providing complex and large assignments. What does CopyCrafter provides:
  • Essay MBA
  • Dissertations
  • College Papers
  • Assignment help
Simple assignments such as regular homework are delivered by the service as well. What we have noticed is the great quality of research papers.


Copycrafter’s prices vary according to the time of the delivery. Students can choose between a long 14-day delivery or even same-day delivery. An example price of an essay ready within 24 hours is $28 per page. Users choose the expected delivery time and pay for the order from their customers’ accounts. The personal account is also used as a communication tool between clients and writers.
“My MBA essay was due in two days and I was in a hurry. CopyCrafter managers have found me a great writer with expertise in marketing in a matter of minutes. The title of the essay was not very specific and it could have been interpreted in various ways during the paper writing. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the writer delivered one of the best essays in my class. It was on point without any unnecessary information. It was so well written that I decided to investigate the topic further on my own.” – Mark Finley.

Writing-help.com as the oldest reliable company

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Writing papers since 2008, Writing-help.com is the oldest company on which students can rely. Quality papers come with experience, and this proves to be a major advantage when looking to deliver the best quality essays and dissertations.

Specific results

Since it has plenty of writing experience, Writing-help.com knows what customers should get. It is estimated that a regular essay page consists of 275 words. Formatting is also standard. All texts are delivered either double or single-spaced. Essays are typed in either Arial or Times New Roman 12 pt. font. As making a paper compliant with formatting rules can take hours, the possibility to indicate specific formatting guidelines the writer should follow is quite beneficial.


Undergraduate students pay $28 per page when it’s delivered within 24 hours, but these prices can increase, the more demanding the writing becomes. PhD-level writing is also offered. This level costs $49 to get one page delivered within a day.
“I went on writing-help.com for a term paper that was approaching fast. I chose to cover a topography topic as this was going to be my topic at the postgraduate level. I was specifically looking at how technology is integrated into this field and how it changed it forever. My assigned writer did a great job and summarizing the main points in the final text. I recommend this essay writing service to anyone who needs the job done quickly.” – Dennis Kirk

Bid4Papers.com as the best bidding dissertation service

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If you plan to buy a dissertation online on a budget and safely, we recommend trusting proven services such as Bid4Papers. When you order a dissertation, you will check and pay for it page by page. And if necessary, the author will immediately make corrections. It’s safe because you don’t pay the whole amount at once and you control the process. Authors of dissertations are authors with education, former teachers and professors who know exactly all the subtleties.

Direct communication with the writer

Another considerable advantage Bid4Papers.com, as any other “best assignment service“, has over its main rivals is direct writer communication. The Internal messaging system can work both in favor of the customer and in favor of the writer. For example, the client can add details to the initial instructions of the order, or the writer can find some questions concerning the topic. This is why it’s crucial to have channels of communication with the writer.


All prices are not set by the service administration, but authors offer their own price depending on the type of task, deadlines, additional requirements. Therefore, you choose the author and the price yourself. It can be higher and lower than other services, which is a significant advantage.
“About a month ago I was looking to start writing my first dissertation chapter. I already had all the information gathered and I needed someone to read it and summarize it logically. But I wasn’t sure about the budget, especially since it was a lot of work ahead of the writer. But it wasn’t a true research paper as I already gathered all the information. Finally, I received several bids and was able to select the one whom I liked the most. And here I had to face a small problem. They were all good writers and choosing one of them proved difficult.” – Alex Ortega


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The services at CustomWritings.com are available 24/7. Dissertations are among the selected services offered by this company.

Dissertations costs

At an undergraduate level, dissertations cost $30 per page when completed within 24 hours. Those planning their work can lower this cost to $19 per page when delivered within 14 days. This is why those who plan dissertation chapters can benefit from lower fees.

Free features

As many dissertation writing services, CustomWritings.com provides free perks to its clients. Along with a free title page and bibliography section, this company offers free formatting in popular academic styles. We also noticed that their support team is very helpful which is important when it comes to large and complex assignments like a dissertation. Those who want to have an entire dissertation written for them can benefit from this feature the most. Based on small payments, it makes larger projects more manageable.
“Dissertation services seemed to be popular at customwritings.com as it was specifically what I needed. For me, it was not only about the quality of the dissertation but also about its price. I didn’t need the highest mark on the dissertation I just wanted it over as soon as possible with a passing grade. I think I chose wisely. The dissertation writers on Customwritings.com don’t seem the best but they are certainly not the worst. They got the job done at a decent price which I paid in installments.” – Chad James


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Another so-so dissertation writing service is offered by Advancedwriters.com. They offer dissertation writing assistance in more than 70 academic disciplines. Business studies, political sciences, humanities, management, economics, social studies, medical sciences, and psychology are covered by the company.


There are a few areas where some of the guarantees of Advancedwriters.com are respected. An anti-plagiarism check is performed on the essays. A money-back guarantee is also in place for the poorest essays. Privacy concerns are also important, and the company respects the student’s confidential data. Revisions are also offered on demand.


At an undergraduate level, it costs $28 per page, delivered within 24 hours. At a Ph.D. level, the cost increases to $52 per page. Advancedwriters.com also has longer delivery periods of up to 1 month. While this period is cheaper, it may not be the best guarantee on tight deadlines.
“In my class, there are no specialist dissertation writers. All of the users went online to look for help. We’ve checked out several companies that stated that they are the best dissertation writing services and selected Advancedwriters.com as the most reliable one. We all applied at the same time and this is why my feedback can be valuable to anyone looking to follow in my footsteps. We all passed the dissertation with average marks. Nothing special but nobody will ever know they weren’t written by us.” – Leslie Stephens


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Writing a dissertation with AffordablePapers.com is possible. While not all of the services of the provider are adhered to at the same level, some may make it feasible. Dissertations can even include lab reports or research papers.


The company offers free bibliography pages. Most importantly, it offers free, unlimited revisions. The thing is, though the company delivers papers before the deadline, in many cases these first drafts require revisions. This is the reason why the free revisions policy is a plus.


At a university level, it costs $28 per page, delivered within 24 hours. At a college level, this cost goes down to $24 per page. A typical page comes with around 275 words. You can improve your experience with this dissertation writing company by selecting some additional options though they will increase your price. Check out these services if you want something more than a customized piece of writing. For example, customers can receive copies of used sources as well.
“In my third year at med school, I was investigating the impact of Arginine in vascularization. This topic is widely covered by research and there’s plenty of documents to read. I had no time for this as I was preparing for my exams. This is where my paper-writing needs went on to the best dissertation writing services as I though these are among the highest in quality and they’d do great for my simple essay. The final text was not spectacular and I had to make a couple of edits on 2 paragraphs.” – Mitchell Walsh


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Dissertations start at $5 per page at StudyBay.com. Here, students submit their requirements and wait for writers to offer their services. After that, students can choose among the writers willing to take on this task. Though StudyBay services are not extraordinary, the company has some appeals that can encourage students to place their orders.

No intermediaries

There are no intermediaries between students and writers. Communication is open, which can play a positive role in the overall creative process. Furthermore, customers have the freedom to choose the reviewed writer.

Low prices

At $5 per page, the services are among the most affordable on the market. On the other hand, some reviewers have reported that the quality of writing on this website is not high either. Still, it can be good enough to cover some minor chapters or help with the bibliography.
“As soon as I arrived at my college, my English teacher asked for an essay on our favorite classics. I had no time for such an essay as I was getting to new my new colleagues. Adding the pressure of a new city wasn’t helping either. But trying to justify my choice is not what you might be interested in. Long story short, if you’re looking for the best dissertation writing services or you may not be amazed by the final results, but you’ll get something decent which might need a few small tweaks to become useful.” – Helen Velez


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The company offers writing services and essay-buying services. One can order a simple essay and expect to get it delivered before the deadline on this website. Also, the company can write quite complex papers, like theses or dissertations on student’s requests.

Low-quality writing

It costs $23 per page to have it delivered within 24 hours at EssayTigers.com. Even if these prices are not the lowest on the market, the company has been linked with poor results. Customers report plenty of writing papers delivered by non-native speakers of English filled with grammar errors. Apart from this major issue, plagiarism accusations arise too often when it comes to EssayTigers.com’s dissertation writing.
“I had high hopes for my essay on Essay Tigers as I choose the 14-day delivery option. This is the longest time they offer. In my mind, this meant the writer had sufficient time to research the topic and write a flawless essay. My oh my, the results were not what I expected. Time wasted with correcting the text for grammar errors. I eventually sent it to a friend who has a better eye for detail. I’d say the service isn’t worth the money.” – David Hulings


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There are so many promised guarantees on EduBirdie.com that some students might consider the service legitimate. However, this is not the case. If a money-back guarantee is advertised on the homepage of their website, things aren’t as simple. Some students even report such guarantees are never respected.That is why so many students might be looking at totally unreliable dissertation writing with no real chance of getting their investment reimbursed. Searching online forums for Edubirdie reviewsalso shows plenty of these repeat customer feedback impressions. On this website, you can ask to edit your paper, however, dissertation editing service reviews claim that the quality of editing is not that high. Succeeding edits still need to be made to the final texts as well.
“They say you don’t have to judge a book by its cover. This is certainly the case with edubirdie.com. I chose this essay-writing service purely because their website looks better than others. When my essay was delivered 2 days after my deadline, it was filled with grammar mistakes. After about 2 hours of corrections, I gave up and chose another service to write the essay for me from scratch. I spent double the amount I planned and this didn’t help my monthly finances at all.” – Marvin Goodwin


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The Grademiners company advertises writing services starting at $12.64. However, this is not the case. It is only offered for papers delivered within 14 days, but the best dissertation writing service reviews show this deadline is rarely met. The worst part is that even when the texts are delivered on time, they lack good grammar and proper formatting.
“OK, so I went for these cheap prices the service advertises. What a terrible mistake. If I’ve simply spent $10 more I would have probably gotten my essay on time. My writer was unresponsive for a few extra days and when the text was delivered it was already too late. I didn’t even look at it as I was furious. I’m not returning here and I’d advise you to stay away as well. What a waste of time and money. How can you run a business with no communication?” – Jeffrey Sheppard

Our conclusion regarding dissertation writing services

Unfortunately, many dissertation writing services available online aren’t legit. One of the problems they have is that even if they offer original content, it’s not usable as it’s filled with grammatical errors. Some websites can spoil their papers providing poor formatting to students. Even with the best dissertation writing services, students should still do their best in finding the crucial elements they want to cover from the start. Clear directions lead to better final writing results. Having clear communication with the writer proves at least as important as the writing services themselves. You may often need to ask for a revision of your dissertation, and it’ll be best if you can communicate with your writer directly.
  • How to start writing a dissertation?

    The final year project or the dissertation requires time management and strict organizational in order to project be of high quality. The first stage of how to start is to decide on the topic you want to write about. It is the part where you have the opportunity to research in-depth and to explore your topic through the help of previous studies.
  • How to cite a dissertation?

    Your dissertation must include a full reference list, that is, all the sources that you have used. Each specific style has its requirements on how to format your reference list and sources. Two common styles are MLA and APA, but which citation style you should use will depend much on your program.
  • How to write a dissertation abstract?

    As a brief summary of your paper, a dissertation abstract is not hard to write. Write your abstracted at the end of your project, when you have completed everything else. Make sure it includes the following:
    1. Research problems and objectives;
    2. Methods;
    3. Arguments;
    4. Your conclusion.
  • What is the difference between a thesis and a dissertation?

    The best way to understand the difference between these two concepts is when they are completed. The thesis marks the endpoint of your master’s program, while a dissertation is something that occurs during doctoral study. They are actually different in their purpose too. A thesis is a set of other researches that shows that you are knowledgeable about the topic, while dissertation is an opportunity during a doctorate program to contribute and come up with new knowledge.
  • How to choose a dissertation topic?

    Inspiration for your research proposal and dissertation topic can come from many places. To make the overall research easier for you, it may be best to choose a topic that you find interesting because this endeavor will take several weeks or even several months until it is completed. Then why not to choose for topic something interesting that you will enjoy?
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