Rapidessay.com Review [Score: 9.2/10]

Rapid Essay Review Overview 2023: Legit, Safe or Scam?

With Rapidessay.com, the cheapest one-page paper will cost you $10 for a high-school level with a 14-day deadline, and the most expensive is $72 for the doctoral level and a 4-hour deadline. As with other academic assistance sites, the price of one page depends on several factors, like the deadline and the academic level of the assignment. To compose this review, we ordered 5 various types of papers from this site. Also, we challenged its support team with the most intricate questions, and we tried to get a refund. Such a broad study was necessary to share our experiences with you so that you never repeat our mistakes and can use the best tips to get the best paper possible.

What is Rapidessay?

Rapidessay.com is an academic assistance company with more than 10 years of experience. The company was established in 2008. It has back-end offices in Eastern Europe, and today it hires the best experts from all around the globe. What differentiates this site from hundreds of others is its readiness to complete any kind of assignment in less than 4 hours. What sets it apart from hundreds of sites that also have this feature is that Rapidessay fulfills its promises. To make sure of this ourselves, we ordered a history essay with a 4-hour deadline, a chapter from a chemistry lab report with an 8-hour deadline, and a research paper on statistics due in 24 hours. To our utmost surprise, the site did not fail even once. All our orders were delivered before the time we indicated, and they were of such quality high that revisions were not needed. See also: paper writing services reviews.

Is Rapid Essay reliable?

The most important question we asked ourselves was “Is Rapidessay legit?” To give a reply, we usually check the guarantees the service provides. Rapidessay offers its customers three main guarantees:
  • Confidentiality guarantee. The site uses the GDPR and its own privacy policy. This explains why it needs some of your data and guarantees your privacy. It also uses international payment systems that are worthy of trust.
  • Plagiarism-free guarantee. The company states that it completes every paper from scratch, which allows it to avoid plagiarism. What we liked in our “test orders” were the original ideas we received, with no text similarities to open Internet sources. To ensure this, we checked the completed products with special plagiarism-detection software.
  • Money-back guarantee. From our perspective, this guarantee demonstrates the reliability of the website in the best way possible. The site has specific rules on how to calculate a refund percentage if it fails to do its work the proper way. A client can get from 10% up to 100% of the price back, but he or she has to provide evidence that the paper wasn’t completed according to the initial requirements. We didn’t manage to get our refund as all 5 papers we received were from good to great. To make the refund even less probable, Rapidessay offers free revisions if you don’t like anything in your paper. Apply for it, and your paper will be amended according to your wishes by your writer or another expert of your choice.
rapidessay review Our summary: Rapidessay.com is a reliable site with all the crucial guarantees offered and honored. Rapidessay is a writing site and one of the best editing essay websites with fixed prices. When you submit an order, its managers analyze your requirements and assign you the best match — an expert who can complete your assignment the best way. Please note that your writer might ask you some questions when the order’s status is “in process.” You’d better track your account to answer them. We were asked additional questions four times out of five, and these were good questions necessary to ask to do some good writing. Our Rapidessay review wouldn’t be complete without detailed step-by-step instructions on how to place an order and get your paper. Fortunately, the order form is convenient and clear. When first time on the site, click the “Order now” button, and you will get to the order form. Check every field in it and provide all the information you can. Then agree with all policies and click the “Create an account and sign in” button. You will receive an email shortly with a link to your personal account. Now, you can pay. It will take the service several minutes to accept your payment and assign you a writer. After that, the status of your order will change, and you will only have to check your email from time to time to make sure you don’t miss some important questions. When your paper is ready, read it thoroughly to see if you need any amendments. Ask for a revision if it is needed or push the “Approve” button and download your paper.

Who uses Rapidessay?

Rapidessay is used by high-school and college students. It can also be used by aspiring Ph.D. and master’s degree students. The company’s profile is academic writing, and according to the testimonials on the site, the most popular disciplines are management and nursing.

Pros and Cons

All Rapidessay reviews we’ve found online have something in common: They all agree that this is one of the most reliable and never-let-me-down websites there is on the market. It offers average prices, great quality, friendly customer support, good guarantees, on-time delivery, and additional options that can make your paper even better. There might be some cons in using this site, but we haven’t found them yet.

Our verdict

Rapidessay is a writing service worthy of trust. All 5 orders we submitted, even though they were various types of papers and with different deadlines and academic levels, were well-written and delivered on time. This is exactly what a student might need for assistance with a common essay and with a large and complex thesis. Our score is 9/10 as the only issue that might be improved but probably won’t be are the prices, which are average at the moment. Therefore, we recommend Rapidessay.
  1. Kate says:

    The writers of this company are very skilled and provide rapid services. They always deliver my papers on time.

  2. Mitchell says:

    I highly recommend this company for their excellent customer support and quality papers. The writers are very informed and provide rapid services, guaranteeing that all papers are supplied punctually and with the highest quality standards.

  3. Jessica Thompson says:

    I am generally satisfied with the customer support I have received from this company. They have usually been available to answer my questions and provide assistance.

  4. Mike says:

    The writers at this company produce papers that are of decent quality, but not outstanding. While I have been generally satisfied with their work, I have noticed some minor issues with the writing such as typos and grammatical errors. However, I appreciate the consistency of their work and the fact that they are able to meet my requirements.

  5. Marco Brandon says:

    I was on a tight deadline and needed my paper completed quickly, so I turned to this company for help. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to deliver on time, and the support team was helpful in providing regular updates on the progress of my order. The quality of the paper was good, and I was pleased with the final result.

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