RapidEssay.com Review [Score: 9/10]

RapidEssay Overview 2023: Paper Quality, Discounts, Pricing

As a student, writing services help me deal with the pressure of too many tasks and deadlines. I was drawn by promising client reviews on websites like RapidEssay. 

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Rapid Essay Highlights

I am writing this Rapid Essay review due to different individuals who approached me to give my opinion concerning the rating of the company. In this case, I will evaluate sites like Sitejabber, Trustpilot, YouTube, and others in order to understand the first impression, service review, pricing review, service comparison, online reputation, writers, customer support, pros and cons, and a final verdict.

Purchasing essay services recently was a good experience. In this Rapid Essay review, I will show that this is not an illegal site and why it succeeded in meeting my high expectations:

  • The firm consistently delivers quality output.
  • They usually beat the due dates of their assignments.
  • There are many competent and capable writers employed in this organization.
  • Ensuring data confidentiality and reliability is part of what the organization stands for.

I will highly recommend Rapid Essay to anyone looking for reliable and credible academic writing support or online help.

First Impressions

What impressed me the most was how easy it was for one to buy from RapidEssay. It was easy to navigate the site and locate the “order paper’ button. The purchase form contained all that was required and I made it possible to append some attachments as well as additional instructions. As such, there were several choices that made it possible for me to customize the services to fit my needs and have precisely what I expected in the end. Thus, they proved to be useful in creating specific outcomes for me since I felt appreciated and valued.

RapidEssay Review

Talking about my amazing experience working with RapidEssay is a real pleasure. The first thing that amazed me was the numerous types of papers posted on the homepage. I can order an essay, research paper, term paper, thesis, or any other one from this company. Taking any kind of an order proved RapidEssay’s capability of being versatile hence giving proof of their readiness to give top services to clients.

How Does this Service Work

Here is why customers find buying from rapidessay.com easy and convenient:

  • Using its easy navigation and search tool, I was able to locate the order page that would enable the process of initiating an order.
  • It is straightforward to use the purchase form that directs me in filling in all details concerning my assignment. This allowed me to select paper format, education level, and timeline.
  • The pricing information was unambiguous on the order form.
  • Soon after I made a request, the company gave me a writer who had good knowledge about my paper.
  • They sent me the final draft of the written work safely to my account.
  • Overall, I found it to be remarkably simple to buy essays from RapidEssay.

Types of Services

RapidEssay provided varied kinds of academic writing services:



Customized essay writing

The writer understood my specific needs and wrote an original custom essay better than I had expected.

Academic paper assistance

Experienced and knowledgeable specialists assisted me in writing more sophisticated works, including research papers and term papers.

Admission essay support

The site wrote a captivating and convincing essay for me at college application time which focused on my strong points leaving a mark even on admissions boards.

Business and professional writing

Extra experienced writers produce business plans, reports, and proposals for clients.

Resume and CV writing

The company’s experts presented me with an appealing, as well as professional document outlining my competence and achievements.

Paper Quality

In my experience, RapidEssay always produces quality papers. My orders have always been comprehensive in their research, perfectly written, adhered to standards, and been original. Writers in such a top online writing company put priority on producing high-quality work that exceeds the set standards of academics. 

Meet the Deadline

Since I consider myself a time-conscious client, it is important for me to speak about the deadline promise of RapidEssay. For instance, 3 months ago it took one of the experts four hours to produce a top-notch urgent essay. Writers at the company excel because of their thorough planning, timely communications, flexibility, and time consciousness. 

Writers' Competence 

By going through several RapidEssay.com reviews, I have come to realize that every single writer has his own style which is presented through a particular tone, structure, and message delivery system in the assignment. However, your expert is going to ensure that your need for word choices, sentence structures, syntax, grammar variations, literary or rhetorical devices and the rhythm of phrases are served. 

rapidessay.com writers

Customer Support

Customer care is highly valued by RapidEssay.com, and I have enjoyed interacting with their staff. There is a toll-free hotline that can be reached any time of the day via telephone as well as email and chat. The customer support service responded with efficiency and professionalism. The assistants were observable, tolerant, and ever-willing to assist me all through. 

Discounts and Features

As a customer of RapidEssay, I am excited to highlight that they have amazing discounts and features:

  • The writing service is affordable because, at any time, it can offer you a coupon with a huge discount so that you can afford to buy a paper. You can cut down your cost using a promo code while getting reliable writing help at the same time.
  • Rappidessay also offers free features such as a title page, reference page, and unlimited revisions, that add value to their services.


I consider it my pleasure to talk about the outstanding guarantees given by RapidEssay:

  • The company guarantees confidentiality.
  • RapidEssay guarantees quality work.
  • They give you a refund in case of any problem with your order.
  • Devotedness towards originality and uniqueness is an assurance against plagiarism or cheating.

Pros and Cons

I will now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working with RapidEssay:



RapidEssay provides high-quality papers.

On the flip side, RapidEssay ranks higher in terms of costs as compared to other competitors.

The firm provides rapid services and makes prompt deliveries.

Varying client experience on review sites.

RapidEssay has competent customer help.


Price Review

The straightforward pricing policy makes it clear to determine the price against academic level, deadline, and number of words in the paper:



Undergrad (yrs. 1-2)

Undergrad (yrs. 3-4)



14 days






7 days






5 days






4 hours






The company’s reasonable pricing gets 7/10.

Service Comparison

The comparison below will illustrate how RapidEssay outperforms competitors like PapersOwl and CheapestEssay:

  • PapersOwl

To begin with, PapersOwl is very popular when it comes to turnaround speed. In some cases, this emphasis on speed may affect the work standard. Fortunately, RapidEssay found a middle ground on time and quality of service. It was remarkable that the company always delivered on time while maintaining high standards in their papers.

  • CheapestEssay

CheapestEssay is one of the most popular, yet cheap online writing services. They tend to provide lower costs but are not dependable with respect to quality. On the other hand, RapidEssay ensures that every paper is meticulously researched and perfectly done in a cost-effective way.

Who Is this Service For?

RapidEssay is a great provider when it comes to research papers. I demanded that complicated subject analysis or literature evaluation for my thesis be accomplished by their writers. The latter proved to have exceptional knowledge and skills in both fields. They were specific with the sources, analyzed data, and made strong cases. The delivered research papers had proper citations and sufficient information on the subject matter.

Worth the Money

If we look at it from an ex-customer’s perspective, then I believe that RapidEssay is worth the money. They offer top-notch services from very qualified professionals. Experts know a lot about particular subjects which allows them to write research-oriented, well-structured, quality articles.

Online Reputation

Following a thorough examination of RapidEssay, I can undeniably state that it has a good reputation on the Web. This excellent writing company usually receives numerous positive ratings across several forums. Many students have acclaimed RapidEssay due to providing quality papers, quick deliveries, and qualified writers among others. Upon coming across such reviews, my confidence in the company’s academic support increased considerably.

What Users Say

rapidessay reviews

I have thoroughly studied Rapid Essay page reviews and read customer evaluations on Reddit or Sitejabber, so I can give some typical topics consumers mention:

  • RapidEssay is reported to be compliant with users’ instructions and parameters.
  • The company’s commitment to confidentiality and protecting users’ personal information is appreciated by users.
  • RapidEssay is quite well-established, and many people have confirmed receiving pleasure using its services.

Order Process

I am happy to share my experience with RapidEssay's easy purchase process:

  • I completed an order form comprised of the subject, academic level, number of words, formatting style, and deadline of my paper.
  • When filling out a purchase form on the site, it automatically calculates the cost and displays it. Pricing clarity shows you the precise sum paid and no hidden costs.
  • Upon full payment, you can access a personal account dashboard using a login to track your orders in real time.
  • Its ability to produce high-quality essays in just four hours sets it apart from other companies that offer similar services. In addition, they undertake rigorous tests of product quality so that it fulfills acceptable standards.


As a delighted client of a top online writing firm, I am excited to highlight the great helpers behind the scenes. Writers in RapidEssay are rated as either Advanced, Top 10 or Native speakers. These categories help you to scan the probable writer of your essay and select one that is best suitable for you.


RapidEssay offers many safe payment options, clear prices, secure payment gateways, fast order processing, and purchase confirmations that make payment processing simple and reliable. Payment can be made with Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. This flexibility enables customers to choose a mode of payment that suits their needs.


My interaction with Rapid Essay has been good all along. It delivers high quality writing, maintains deadlines, exhibits outstanding customer care, and gives affordable rates. I always rely on RapidEssay as a writing service to relieve me of academic pressure and allow me to focus on other disciplines. Considering all the great aspects of Rapidessay I appreciate, I will rate the company 9 out of 10.

Service Criteria Score
Types of Services 10
Paper Quality 9
Meet the Deadline 8
Writers' Competence 8
Pricing 7
Customer Support 10
Payment Process 10
Guarantees 9


Is Rapid Essay Legit?

After a long time having been using the services of RapidEssay, I am convinced the company is legit. As more people have access to online services, one needs to be cautious about the authenticity of their providers. Nevertheless, a well-known and leading online writing company like RapidEssay has shown its authenticity by demonstrating its history of success, what clients say about it, as well as overall prestige within the industry.

Is RapidEssay.com Reliable?

From a firsthand observation, RapidEssay is indeed reliable. The fact that they are always on time, produce excellent work, and offer great customer support has played a key role in my school life as well as at work. Although occasional challenges might appear, they have proven to be reliable by resolving issues on time and making clients happy.

Is RapidEssay Trustworthy?

From my personal experience, I assure you that RapidEssay is a trustworthy and legal company for finding quality writing services. It has excellent customer support, strict adherence to confidentiality, superb content quality, originality of content, transparent pricing policy, and dedication to customer satisfaction have earned my trust and confidence. Anybody looking for a reliable helper that always delivers should try out this online writing firm.

Is Rapid Essay a Scam?

To say the least, RapidEssay is not a scam and one can rely on this platform to provide superior content tailored to client needs. At all times, it was known as one of the best companies in terms of quality work. Also, RapidEssay saw to it that all my essays were delivered on time. This exemplifies how professional the company is towards its customers’ satisfaction.

Published by Emily
Posted Nov 3, 2023
  1. Kate says:

    The writers of this company are very skilled and provide rapid services. They always deliver my papers on time.

  2. Mitchell says:

    I highly recommend this company for their excellent customer support and quality papers. The writers are very informed and provide rapid services, guaranteeing that all papers are supplied punctually and with the highest quality standards.

  3. Jessica Thompson says:

    I am generally satisfied with the customer support I have received from this company. They have usually been available to answer my questions and provide assistance.

  4. Mike says:

    The writers at this company produce papers that are of decent quality, but not outstanding. While I have been generally satisfied with their work, I have noticed some minor issues with the writing such as typos and grammatical errors. However, I appreciate the consistency of their work and the fact that they are able to meet my requirements.

  5. Marco Brandon says:

    I was on a tight deadline and needed my paper completed quickly, so I turned to this company for help. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to deliver on time, and the support team was helpful in providing regular updates on the progress of my order. The quality of the paper was good, and I was pleased with the final result.

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