EssayOnTime Review 2023 [Score: 6/10] Not Trustily At All

Essayontime Review is one of the oldest essay-writing services available. If the quality of the essays was OK at one time, things no longer look as good. The quality of the work is not impressive, and even if some writers hold various graduate degrees, essays are not highly marked, as detailed below. essayontime

Essayontime impressions

The website looks modern, and it makes a few marketing claims on the homepage. One of them refers to the native speakers behind the platform. However, as seen in some of the delivered essays, many, if not most, writers are not native English speakers. Still, the biggest issue regarding these somewhat dubious services is their price. Essayontime charges some of the highest prices on the market. While this would not be a problem with top-quality papers, it is certainly an issue with poor-quality information.

High prices first

The first thing students look at is the cost of service since most are not employed. Essayontime has some of the highest prices in the essay-writing market. For instance, an undergraduate-level page delivered within 24 hours costs $39.99. essayontime review This places the service among the most expensive on the market. Even so, costs are linear. They go up to $42.99 at the master’s degree level and to $46.99 at a Ph.D. level. This is why these prices are prohibitive for many students. Another issue comes with larger projects and multiple pages that require considerable budgets. Furthermore, some of these investments might not be reimbursed in case anything goes wrong with the essays.

Customer support

There are multiple methods of contact on which potential customers can rely. Customers from the US and Australia have phone numbers. An online chat version of communication is also implemented. However, these methods of contact are truly responsive only before placing an essay order. As many clients recall, there are a few methods for requesting money back, but all of them lack a good response time.


While other companies offer hundreds of essay writing services, this is not the case with Essayontime. Essays, research papers, editing, and proofreading services are offered., but these services are not specialized, and rarer types of writing, such as business writing, are not supported. This creates problems for customers who want to have all of their writing services on the same platform. They need to place orders on different websites, which takes time and which may also prevent them from earning loyalty points with multiple orders on other writing services. Check out the reliable essay writing service.

Discounts and why they don’t help

At the moment, there’s a 15% discount offered by the company. However, this means only $5.9 is deducted from the $39.99 standard page price. At $34.99, the service is still one of the most expensive on the market. It is one of the main issues to worry about, especially since there are so many other reliable and affordable writing services.

Essayontime review – what we ordered

Essayontime sitejabber We placed an order for a term paper that was delivered on time. However, its quality was insufficient to get a passing grade. The essay needed to look at a simple historical event and describe its chronology.

What we received

The essay failed to show the proper events as they happened. This can be related to poor research. What’s even more concerning is that the entire essay was not too different from what can already be found on various online services. It is crucial to look at how these events unfolded in order to write an original essay, but the writing cannot be structured similarly to what already exists online. In some universities, this is considered plagiarism. Looking for Essayontime, reviews also show the same results. Some people have a positive experience with the service. This is particularly true when it comes to automatic writer selection as the company attributes each essay to particular writers. At least the student doesn’t have to waste time finding writers. Even so, this positive aspect is offset by negative aspects such as a poor refund policy. One student even shared an experience of such a case. A delivered essay was of poor quality when it was presented in academia. It got a 35% mark. This automatically led to the student failing the course. The story continues with how the student asked for a refund from Essayontime. It took several attempts to get the company to respond. However, even after the official response, only 40% of the paid amount was given back to the student. This is troublesome as the student failed the class and also paid for a product that did not deliver on what was promised. Given the high prices for undergraduate, post-graduate, and research levels, the company has a lot of quality checks to make. Even at a high-school level, paying $37.99 for a one-page essay seems inappropriate. This is high for students who still depend financially on their parents most of the time. Furthermore, the high price is not necessarily correlated with good quality articles, even at this level of study. The worst part is that students can’t rely on the company in the future as they move on from high school. The rates are even higher as they move into academia.

Is Essayontime legit? Judging by these issues, Essayontime is not a legit service, but it’s not a full scam either. However, it can’t be trusted. Those who want to get some inspiration for their essay only to proceed with their research and writing can consider such a company. However, it may be an expensive source of inspiration since written essays are offered at better rates by other companies.

Does EssayOnTime scam its clients?

All in all, we think that is a pretty decent custom writing service, and we can say with certainty that it’s definitely not a scam. It does what it claims to do—complete written assignments for customers based on their instructions. Therefore, you can safely use this service knowing that you’ll get a paper in the end.

Is EssayOnTime reliable?

In our book, a reliable writing service is one that is able to:
  1. Consistently satisfy its customers’ expectations.
  2. Deliver papers of high quality.
  3. Provide free revisions if a customer isn’t happy with the result.
  4. Quickly help customers if they experience any issues.
Unfortunately, some users claim fails to satisfy these requirements. Therefore, we can’t call this service reliable enough.

Verdict started with good reviews; however, as evident with specific incidents, the company did not maintain high standards as expected. This is why the list of complaining customers is never-ending. Some clients even go on to say the company doesn’t offer any edits on their texts. This is one of the main problems students have with poor-quality essays, which needs to be improved. However, since this is not possible, even passable essays can’t be accepted.

TL;DR Version of EssayOnTime Review:

Essayontime Review
  1. Katherine says:

    I noticed some parts of the paper were plagiarized. I checked the sources the writer used and saw that some were taken from online sources without proper citation.

  2. Brian says:

    The writer I was assigned to didn’t seem to understand the instructions I gave. I had to keep explaining what I wanted several times before they got it right.

  3. Irene says:

    The quality of the paper I received was not up to the standards I expected. There were some typos and the content wasn’t very in-depth.

  4. Laura says:

    I’m not sure if this website provides good customer support. I contacted them several times but it seemed like they weren’t very enthusiastic when I asked for help.

  5. Gloria says:

    I am thankful to this service for helping me finish my course paper on time. Without their help, I would have struggled to make sure I delivered a quality paper in the allotted time.

  6. Frankie says:

    This article service was an invaluable tool in helping me write my paper in the allotted time. Without their help, I would have struggled to make sure I finished my paper in the time I had.

  7. Kristi says:

    The website is incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate. The reviews I read were accurate and very helpful when deciding which paper to order.

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