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Essay Shark Review 2023: Legit, Safe or Scam?

Choosing the right company may not have been an easy task. Essayshark is a leading company, reputable for its long standing assistance to students. In this review, we will provide you with detailed information based on first-hand experience working with the company, that will help you understand its operations, benefits, strengths, and weaknesses.

EssayShark Key Features

Essayshark stands out as one of the top-rated companies to help college and university students with their assignments and homework. On its website, the company promises its clients high-quality original work at affordable prices. Many independent Essayshark reviews affirm the company as one of the best in the industry in 2023. EssayShark review One of the key positives I experienced about the company is a commitment to fulfill client instructions and deliver the order within the stipulated deadline. I purchased mystery papers from the service to rate it. I was particularly fascinated by the seamless communication with experts, which made it easier to track the progress. It is necessary to avoid revisions. I also noted that it has an easy, yet well-organized ordering process that allows students to provide detailed instructions and other relevant information to help writers understand what students anticipate. Based on my experience and the numerous independent reviews, I strongly recommend Essayshark for all homework help across different academic fields and levels. The professionals are qualified and deliver what they promise. In case you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the site for more info.
Pros Cons
Personalized approach Complex orders might be delivered slightly past the deadline
Access to highly professional experts You might wait longer for response from experts, although they ultimately respond
Timely delivery of order

Overall Rating 9/10

Based on my experience, the company ranks extremely well compared to its peers in the industry. Notably, the cons of seeking assistance from someone from Essayshark can’t deny you any score. For that reason,  I would comfortably rate Essayshark at 9/10.

Why you can trust us: Why the company stands out

To ascertain the credibility, reliability, and dependability of the information provided on the company’s site, it is imperative to have hands- on experience. In that case, I ordered three papers across different academic fields. I first placed a 2-page nursing essay question; “Critically describe the impacts of nursing burnout in the healthcare sector in the United States.” After receiving the final paper, plus the other two, I evaluated several aspects drawn from the company’s website. From my assessment, the final product met our expectations. It is, therefore, prudent for us to affirm that the company is one of the best companies to work with. If you want any assistance with your papers, you don’t have to worry about anything when you choose essay shark.

How we evaluated EssayShark: The features we focused on

To ensure that the papers met our expectations, we had set a few indicators including deadline, quality, originality, and writer’s professionalism. Here is the verdict.
  • Originality: The papers were original and unique, which means the professional wrote them from scratch.
  • Deadline: The papers were submitted early enough, allowing one adequate time to go through them.
  • Quality: The papers were of exceptional quality. They were well-researched and formatted. The experts who handled them followed all the instructions and the formatting style. In addition, each professional who handled our paper ensured it was flawless with no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and formatting errors.
  • Professionalism: The writers as well as the customer service team exhibited high levels of professionalism throughout the order processing. Communication was timely, easy, and transparent

EssayShark review

Any review you read highlights how easy it is to place an order with the company. During our experiment, we visited the company’s website and explored the different services provided. Since the company has a price calculator, we computed the order price before placing it. The next step was to create an account. The process is easy and self-explanatory, meaning we didn’t have to seek assistance from customer support.

How does this service work: The ordering process steps

The company has an easy-to-follow ordering process that entails the following steps.
  1. Providing order information: the initial step is filling out an order form, where you provide the writers with as many order details as possible. It helps the writers to understand what you are looking for.
  2. Choose your writer: You will then proceed to chat with the professional who will handle your paper. Clarify any issues with them. Reserve the fee for the order processing to commence.
  3. Track the progress: Track the progress of your order to ensure the writer follows the instructions. You may request a revision if needed.
  4. Download the final paper: The last step is to download the complete paper. At this stage, you can also rate the professional and give feedback. The rating and feedback will help other customers choose their preferred professional.

Сompliance with order instructions (10/10)

Without a doubt, the writers strictly follow the instructions provided to complete the papers. In one of the orders we placed, we deliberately left out instructions on the number of sources to be included as well as the preferred formatting style. Interestingly, the professional we had selected to handle the paper sent a message to inquire about the same. One of the things that stood out is that the professional was so articulate. They mentioned that if we delayed in responding to the message, they might require additional time, meaning they were so much concerned with delivering a quality paper. To them, it isn’t about just writing! It is providing quality papers to support you in your academic journey.

Meet the deadline (9/10)

In most reviews, customers agree that essay shark is one of the top companies where issues with late deliveries rarely occur. In our experiment, for instance, we received all papers long before the deadline. The writers seem to work tirelessly to ensure they deliver your final paper within the stipulated timelines. It will leave you with adequate time to read through your paper before delivering it to ensure it meets all the specifications.

Paper quality (9/10)

Writers from the company are reputable for delivering exceptional papers across disciplines and academic papers. To begin with, the papers fulfill the required paper structures as well as use the expected language at any given academic level. The choice of words and accuracy, preciseness and conciseness, correctness, and reliability of resources used are among the many qualities you get when working with the service.

Is the service worth the money? (10/10)

Yes. I can confidently say that purchasing an essay from Essayshark is worth every penny you spend. Based on the quality of the papers you receive, we can say the company is significantly affordable. According to Reddit users reviews and customers reviews agree that seeking help from Essayshark professionals is worth every dime. Since it is a legitimate company that has a strong reputation, don’t hesitate to order essays from it.

Writers competence (9/10)

Most independent reviewers, including Sitejabber, affirm that writers from essay shark are competent and almost always meet the expectations of the customer. In my experience, I agree with other customers since the Essayshark writers who handled our papers during the experiment delivered exceptional work. Since our orders were for different academic disciplines, we were satisfied that the writers meet the quality standard for every academic level and discipline. I was particularly fascinated by how well they choose credible evidence to support their arguments. The transition and choice of words made it interesting to read as well as easy to understand each argument from the writer’s perspective.

General impressions and usability (9/10)

Customer support

Any Essayshark review heaped praises on the company’s staff. True to their word, it was fulfilling working with the team since the staff exhibited high levels of professionalism. However, due to limited platforms, it may take more time to get responses from the support team. Most companies have different communication channels for efficiency.

Payment process

The company has a secure payment system, which means that customers should not worry about the safety of their financial info. However, it is advisable to ascertain that the website you are paying for is Essayshark. With the increasing popularity of custom writing services, some individuals are out to scam students with their money. The payment options include:
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Visa and
  • Apple Pay

Types of services

Essayshark offers diverse services as tabulated below
Essays Papers Popular Services
Custom essays College paper writing Write my college essay
Literature essays Research paper writing Write my paper
Economic essays Philosophy papers Write my dissertation
Fast essay writing Personal statement Do my PowerPoint
College essays APA papers Do my assignment
Case study writing Research papers for sale

Discounts and features

One of the notable downsides based on any essay shark review is that it doesn’t offer student discounts. However, the quality of the work you get accounts for the missing discount. The prices are also reasonable. Besides, the company allows part-to-part payment which allows students to operate within budget.


  • Money back guarantee: Essayshark commits to refunding your money in case you decide to cancel your order at any point of order processing. The company evaluates the reasons for your request to estimate the percentage.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: The company commits to safeguarding your financial and personal info. The information will not be saved after the order processing is complete.
  • Free revisions: the company acknowledges that at times customers need their papers edited to meet their specifications. In case you are not fully satisfied with the paper you receive, request a free revision.

What users say

Essayshark stands out as a trustworthy company based on the numerous positive reviews from sites such as Reddit, Sitejabber. Most customers say that the Essayshark website is one of the top custom writing services you can depend on. Most positive reviews reveal that the company has a highly talented team of writers who deliver quality papers in the shortest possible time. Additionally, the papers are of high quality, unique, and thoroughly researched. Sample testimonials Here are a few examples of customer testimonials from review companies. essay shark customer reviews

Who is the service for?

Essayshark is suitable for all students across different academic levels and disciplines. Whether you need a college admission essay,  help with research papers, or a master’s thesis and dissertation, you will find an expert to assist you. If you are struggling to balance work and education, don’t hesitate to contact the company’s support team for assistance. Once you seek help from the company’s experts, you will create adequate time to handle other issues of concern and spare time for leisure and social life.


Essayshark is without a doubt one of the best custom writing services in the USA in 2023. The quality of the writers, the professionalism of the support team, and the overall quality of work they deliver make it stand out from the rest. If you need any help with your assignment. Don’t hesitate to contact the company.


How does EssayShark work?

Essayshark is a reputable custom writing company that helps students to accomplish their dreams by offering essay writing services. If you need assistance with your assignments, the experts from the company are ready to help you.

How much does EssayShark cost?

Although the cost of services is relatively higher compared to other companies, it is quite affordable based on the quality of papers delivered. The pricing is flexible and depends on paper length, discipline, academic level, and deadline.

What is the alternative to EssayShark?

Essayshark competes with several top companies that include and

Does Turnitin detect EssayShark?

No. Essayshark doesn’t condone cheating. The writers draft your papers from scratch to deliver an original plagiarism-free final paper.

Are EssayShark real?

Yes. Essayshark is a reliable and trustworthy company. You will receive what you order within the agreed deadline.
Published by Emily
Posted Mar 18, 2015
  1. FormerEssaySharkWriter says:

    I used to be a writer for essay shark but the income is horrible. They give you 30% so when the price is around $40 or $60 we basically only get $10 or $18 for pretty much a three-four page paper. If you live in America then that’s the worse income ever because we’re like teachers- we spend hours just to make you a flawless paper and in return get $10 or $18 dollars which sucks. In Asia or other foreign countries that may be a lot compared to a real job- but if essay shark wants to have people making better papers they should really compensate them better and quit hogging all the money out of their 11,000 writers.

    1. Tina says:

      If you managed to find a better service to work for, would you kindly share which exactly? Thank you in advance, I will really appreciate:)

  2. Amy says:

    Emily, thanks for the commitment! Really appreciate!

    googled for Essay Shark reviews. All I found was spammy pages with some random info and referral links 🙁

    And then I found your page. Not only it helped my to change my mind but also to cover me during finals…

    just used another service with higher ratings. happy with it!

  3. guyfromthenet says:

    I used this service. Can’t say that it sucks; can’t say that it’s awesome.
    Just average……

  4. CHris says:

    read the review. not sure now.

  5. AaronCycle says:

    it’s my first time visiting your site and I’m very interested. Thank you for sharing and keep up 😉

  6. BruceMP says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  7. BruceJet says:

    I want you to help I can’t do my essay by myself

    1. Emily says:

      Sure BruceJet,

      Try the Top5 box on the top of the page – these are the services I’ve personally tested and approved.
      Or check the reviews posted on the website – that’s a longer way, but then you’ll make the best choice for your own current circumstances.

  8. Beabois says:

    When describing my experience of working with EssayShark service I can say, that it was more troublesome than positive. I’m not the best student in my group and I know it. This is why I wanted to get efficient writing aid from someone, whose English is perfect, and who can write fast and well. After submitting my order on the company’s website, I was sure that the work will be done smoothly and timely. Yet, a couple of complexities seemed to slow the writing process down. First, a member of the support team didn’t get me right and thought that I needed a 5-page report. But actually, I needed a 21-page thesis. Guys, do I really speak such bad English? Or is your English even worse than mine?
    Secondly, I had difficulties with selecting a proper writer for my paper. It seemed to me as if all the experts were not of the British origin, as it was promised on the website.
    Finally, as I checked my paper, I noticed a couple of paragraphs which were plagiarized. That was too much for me! Guys, what about “writing authentic papers from scratch”? Was it a scam? Should I give your service a second chance and take a risk again?

  9. JonesPol says:

    Many of my friends are busy with their families and jobs. So, they need help with their homework quite often. I have heard about EssayShark for more than once and decided to try out this academic help myself. At first, I felt quite optimistic about hiring experts to work on my assignment. It was a course work on technologies. To tell you the truth, this subject is rather complicated for me this is why I was looking for competent help with it. But no writer placed their bids to do the research for more than 3 days. I thought they were kidding! Right when I wanted to place my request with another writing company there was one expert who agreed to study the issue. My question is: Is it common practice with this writing service? Do other customers also have to wait for so long to find someone who will help them with their task which can be urgent?

  10. Eric says:

    I wasn’t quite satisfied with the text of my study, that’s why I’ve decided to write this EssayShark review. At times it sounded insufficient. It was lacking accuracy and contained some violations in formatting. Since this paper was very important for me, I wanted to avoid all the possible risks and I aimed the expertise to be of the highest quality. This is why I decided to hire a professional. Yet, the results I have received were rather discouraging than satisfying. So, I have lost 7 days while waiting for my results and had to improve the text with the help of an online editor. Additionally, I had to look for some strong arguments and objective facts, since my writer was already working on another task.

  11. Mon1994 says:

    From your academic website, I have got quality paper writing up to my topic. Although, the price was higher than I initially assumed. This happened because for some reason, my writer was changed from “The best available” to “Advanced”. This disappointed me a bit. I wonder why the support representatives didn’t find another expert from the same category, which I paid for, to work on my order. I didn’t plan any extra expenses.

  12. Kevin221 says:

    Well, when I placed my order on this website, I wanted to get a thorough and well-written research paper. In my instructions, I asked a writer to explore the topic in detail and to disclose the peculiarities of it. But what I got, was a 10-page report, where an expert hardly touched upon the main issue of the study. Though the material was relevant to the theme, it was not what I actually asked about. So, I will think twice before using this academic service again.

  13. Mark says:

    Despite my essay was 1 day later than expected, I still managed to present it on time. But next time I will be more careful and probably will select a longer due date.

  14. Trav94 says:

    The biding system is not the best thing I like about this writing service. I would rather figure out the price for my paper based on its details than upon the fees the writers offer themselves.

    1. Tacko says:

      Totally agree with you! Here’s what I wrote after I received my paper:
      “Writer, thank you for preparing the task quickly. Yet, you have used some untrustworthy sources. As a result, my grade for the paper was lower, since my teacher is very strict about a bibliography.”

      1. Trav94 says:

        Funny that you mentioned that, that’s what I wrote after I received my order:”Hi, everyone! Thank you for completing my order. But you know, I found a couple of inaccuracies in its content. I had to correct them myself, since there was no time left to request a revision.”

  15. Wilmot Powers says:

    Their top-notch customer service team would be pretty excited to help you out. You must tell the person you talk to about the essay that you want to be made and he or she will reveal the next steps. It won’t be long before you will get an essay that will exceed all expectations.

  16. Equality says:

    Once you find out how good their quality of writing is, you won’t believe how much they will charge you. That is great value for money for the quality you are going to get from them. The next step would be getting their email address so you can find out how you can avail of their services.

  17. Pat says:

    I would highly recommend them to students who need cheap writing services. Visit the site to know more about them today.

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