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Best Essay Editing Service: Top 10 College Paper Editing Services

Editing is a frequently overlooked but very important step in the writing process. You need it to improve your draft, correct mistakes, and add necessary changes. There are many websites that can help you edit your paper, but choosing one from the sea of options can be stressful. For this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 editing services, which range in quality, price, and what they do. Some of them specialize in college essay editing, while others provide a full range of writing services, from outlines to proofreading. Our guide will help you choose the best reliable essay writing service for you and your wallet.
1 The best paper editing service on our list

best essay editing service
EasyEssay is your first choice when it comes to all things essays. This is a company with years of experience in the academic help business. Although its primary service is writing, EasyEssay can also edit your papers upon request. All you have to do is select Other in the Type of paper dropdown field and type Editing. This company hits the sweet spot in terms of quality and cost. The prices are relatively low, starting at $10 per page. With this service, you can get professional editing help without wasting money. You’ll also get money-back and plagiarism-free guarantees. In our opinion, this is the best essay editing service on the web.
“A few months ago, I ordered an edit of a 6-page history research paper from EasyEssay, and I’m really happy with the result. It was super affordable, plus the customer service was very polite in guiding me through the ordering process,”—says Dominic, a college student from Chicago.
2 Quality meets efficiency

best assignment service
This is another paper writing service that you can use to edit your paper. CopyCrafter has been around since 2010, and over these ten years, it has gained recognition for its quality and reliability. Overall, the prices are pretty low, but they depend on the deadlines, so you’d have to pay $10 for an edit of a 1-page paper with a 2-week deadline, and $36 if you need it in 4 hours. Also, with CopyCrafter, you get extra confidentiality in addition to the usual perks like guarantees and free revisions.
“I can’t recommend this service enough. Highly professional and always on time. I’ve been a regular customer for several years, and these guys haven’t disappointed me so far,”—says Joanna from New York City.
3 Professional and affordable editing service

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Technically, CheapEssaysOnline operates in the academic help market, but they also provide editing services. This company hires experts through a rigorous selection process with several tests because they have to comply with strict quality standards. Therefore, you can be sure that your edit will be handled by a is very easy to navigate, and if you have any questions, you can call customer support, which is available 24/7 (except on Sundays). You can also check the price of your order before actually placing it, which is very convenient.
“I decided to hire this company to do my edit because I was running low on money. I was worried that the low price would translate to lower quality, but my fears were unjustified. The edit turned out perfect, and I’m very pleased with the service,”—says Devon, a technology student from Indiana.


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The service specializes in writing assignments for university and college students. The ordering process is convenient, and the prices are affordable for everyone. After all, the authors themselves set the price, you just need to choose the one that fits your budget. In addition, when choosing an author who can perform college essay editing or any other service, you can read honest reviews from other users.
5 An upscale editing service

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This company specializes in writing and offers a long list of relevant services such as editing. Its website has a colorful and cartoonish design, which makes browsing it fun, and unlike most companies, CustomEssayMeister allows you to customize deadlines. You can select any date and time of day instead of choosing from among the available options. That said, prices on here are a tiny bit higher than average. An edit of a high-school essay with a 7-day deadline will cost you $16.95. What’s more, ordering takes 6 steps instead of the usual 4, and there’s a lack of legit customer reviews, like best online proofreading service review, on independent platforms.
“My edit turned out fine, nothing extraordinary. I don’t think I’ll be ordering from here again, and I bet there are cheaper options that can do the job just as well,”—says Alexa from North Carolina.
6 Place your bid and hope for the best

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Tutoriage is a bidding platform where you can order writing, rewriting, and editing services. As is the case with all bidding platforms, the writers set whatever prices they want. According to the site, the lowest price you can get is $7.2 for a 1-page edit with a 14-day deadline. But you never actually know who will bid on your edit and how much money they will charge. We also need to mention that we could not find any testimonials about the company on independent review sites.
“I wasted so much time trying to select a good editor because all of them were either unqualified or too expensive, and then had to pay an extra fee so that the company would choose one for me,”—says Alfie, a graduate student from LA.
7 Sketchy and stingy

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Here comes another bidding platform, except this one specializes in writing. Still, they can edit a paper for you if you ask. Paperhelp has the same issues which we’ve already discussed in the Tutoriage review, meaning that writers can charge however much they want.
“Apparently, the editor didn’t read my instructions. I asked for revisions multiple times, but eventually, I had to ask for a refund,”—complains James, a sociology student from Nevada.
8 A good bargain… or is it?

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EssayOnTime is a company that offers various writing-related services, with deadlines ranging from 3 hours to 10 days, and prices starting at €9.93. It offers many price incentives, such as a 15% discount to new customers and membership discounts for regular ones. However, the company receives some complaints about quality. EssayOnTime also can’t seem to decide which currency to use, because some pages mention US dollars, while the orders are in euros.
“I’ve been using this service for many years, and I must say that the quality has been getting worse. I think I’ll stop ordering from here,”—says Sandra, a history senior student from Alabama.
9 Average quality for an average price

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EssayPro does it all, from outlining to editing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do it well. Customer reviews reveal a less than perfect quality of service and customer support. Regardless, the prices are pretty low, starting at $7.70 for an edit of a 1-page high school paper with a 10-day deadline.
“Don’t order if you actually care about the quality of your edit. The customer service here wasn’t helpful at all,”—says Annie, a student from Michigan.
10 Ridiculously sky-high prices

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This is the only company on our list that exclusively does editing. Its website looks very professional, but once you dig deeper, you see that things aren’t as good as they seem. The prices are truly outrageous. A standard editing service starts at $149 for 0-600 words, and you can’t check the actual price before you upload your file. We can’t even imagine the reasoning behind this pricing policy because what kind of an editing job could cost so much?
“Ordering from Essay Edge is like burning money. Sure, the editor did a great job with my document, but I could’ve easily ordered the same service on a different site. Now, I can’t help but feel that I got ripped off. I mean, I paid someone to revise something I’d already written!”—says Jeff, an IT student from California.

Wondering whether a certain service does editing?

You may have checked a website or two, only to realize that the order form doesn’t show any editing or proofreading services to choose from. It’s very common, and it doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t offer them. Most websites on our list do not advertise proofreading and editing as separate services. Nevertheless, they can perform them. You just need to give clear instructions and customize the order to your needs by saying, “I need you to edit and proofread my paper. No writing is required.”

Always check for guarantees

If you want to get excellent assistance and an overall pleasant experience while using a writing help service, make sure to choose a company that has your best interests in mind. A decent editing and proofreading website should at least guarantee free revisions and refunds. Confidentiality and zero plagiarism are also highly desirable. Bonus points if the service promises to deliver your paper on time or else give you a refund.

Our verdict on essay editing services

When we realized that only a few companies stand out from an array of editing services, we decided to rank them. Our analysts took quality, prices, customer service, and customer satisfaction into account while compiling this guide. We genuinely hope you’ve found it helpful.
  • Why do you need to edit your essay?

    If you think that editing just means reviewing a paper to identify and correct grammatical errors, you’re grossly mistaken. Editing helps you refine your paper so that it best reflects your writing skill and successfully communicates what you want to say. It’s a way of making a good essay great.
  • How to edit anything from college essays to medical school dissertations?

    First, remember what ideas you want to communicate with your essay and who your target audience is. Now, keeping that in mind, read the paper and make any necessary changes. Cross out sections that add nothing to your main points, amend the structure of your paper to make it easier to read, avoid long sentences and paragraphs, and make sure the tone and style are appropriate for your audience.
  • How to choose the top essay editing service that is right for you?

    We’ve already narrowed your choice down to 10 editing services, but if you’re still undecided, then take a minute to think about what’s most important to you. Is it quality, or are you more concerned about the price? Perhaps it’s doubts about the editors’ professionalism that are bothering you. We advise that you read our shortlist again and pay attention to the criteria that really matter to you.
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