Copy Crafter Review 2023 [Score: 9/10]

CopyCrafter Overview 2023: We Have Tested It

In such a competitive and chaotic industry, CopyCrafter has taken deliberate steps to provide unrivaled quality services to their customers, building a positive brand image and standing out from the competition.


CopyCrafter Highlights

This review comes in the backdrop of several requests by students. Many of you wanted to know more about CopyCrafter and if it’s a reliable online writing service. And yes, I listened. The review comes after weeks of online research on independent sites such as Sitejabber, Trustpilot, YouTube, and Reddit. I also explored various social media pages to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company and its clients’ experiences. Unlike other reviews, I’ll limit my work to significant issues only. I’m more than excited to take this journey with you.

For a start, my first impression of the website and its design was a positive one. In fact, it took me less than a second to form an optimistic opinion of it. How fast it loaded, how organized it looked, the choice of simple colors, and the convenience of interface usage made it more than visually appealing and functional. This review highlights these and other issues, providing a balanced view of the company and its operations. To make it easier for you to follow, I’ll use a simple structure. My verdict is based on the various subjects weighed equally.        

First Impression 

Using a website has never been more convenient. The choice of a black and white web design is ingenious. It takes advantage of the stark contrast and provides a much-needed balance. There is a classic feel and look when you open the site for the first time. Most importantly, the predominantly black and white sections make callout buttons and important texts in blue and yellow stand out. As compared to other essay writing websites, CopyCrafter looks easier to the eye and is more navigable, giving a more professional impression of the website design. Moreover, it loads fast with no distortions on smartphones.           

Service Review 

The company provides all types of writing services, so you won’t get stuck with any task. You can order a research paper for undergraduate, graduate, or PhD levels and get a quality material written from scratch. This includes dissertations, proposals, theses, and other voluminous and complex works. They also do simple assignments for high school and college, including homework, term papers, and essays.

How Does this Service Work

My experience placing an order on the site was seamless. Copy crafter provides an online calculator to help you estimate the cost of your paper even before ordering. This is a vital feature, especially for students on a budget. They also require minimal information, which makes the buying experience quite enjoyable.

Types of Services



Essay writing

CopyCrafter writes all types of essays, e.g., descriptive, expository, argumentative, persuasive, etc. for all levels.  

Research paper writing

They write all your research papers, carrying out in-depth research using books, journals, and other credible sources.

Thesis and dissertation writing

If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student overwhelmed with a project proposal, thesis, or dissertation, they’ll come through for you. They can help you edit and proofread your draft or create one with you.

Proofreading and editing

The company has a pool of highly qualified writers who can help you correct your papers' grammatical, structural, stylistic, and factual mistakes.


They also provide SEO-optimized content for customers involved in online marketing of businesses, websites, or blogs.

Creative writing

They can also create fictional stories and poetry for you.

Resume and cover letter writing

The company can help you draft a winning CV, cover letter, or personal statement if you’re looking for a job.

Business and technical writing

Lastly, they can sort “all your business writing needs, e.g., proposals, end-user instructions, feasibility studies, etc.”

Paper Quality services

The paper I got from the service was nothing short of excellent. However, you shouldn’t take my word for it. The reviews I’ve read online so far indicate that the company’s quality is commendable. The papers are well-structured, formatted according to conventional styles, and free of any grammatical and stylistic errors. Their consistency is endearing.  

Meet the Deadline 

I was impressed when I saw the company offering deadlines as short as 4 hours. Consequently, I ordered a two-page history essay on Abrahm Lincon. I must admit that the strict deadline was quite pricey — $86. Nonetheless, they delivered the paper with 57 minutes to spare. Just like many other customers, I believe the company’s commitment to timeliness is impeccable.

Writers’ Competence 

It can be unreasonable to gauge the standard of all writers based on one experience. However, the feedback customers’ feedback can help create a holistic picture of Copy crafter essay writing. While the company employs writers from diverse backgrounds, mine was quite proficient in English, and delivered a spotless document. She had a unique writing style with a natural flow.   

Customer Support 

The company’s support is its lifeline. They’re always available to help clients with any challenges and to provide guidance in real time. They’re also present across multiple platforms such as live chat, WhatsApp, phone calls, texts, and emails. Try a simple question like, “Is CopyCrafter legit?” and you’ll get a response in minutes.

Discounts and Features 

It’s unfortunate that such a wonderful service offers no discounts to customers. However, since my last order, I’ve received a promo code to use on the site, which I’m yet to activate. Most repeat customers claim the service gives a 30% discount, which could be a big win for students on a budget.


Most online writing services offer several guarantees, which they sometimes fail to honor. Therefore, having them is one thing, executing them is another thing altogether. If you visit, you’ll find a raft of guarantees, including 100% confidential service, free revisions, zero-plagiarism, money-back guarantee, and 24/7 support. I don’t know how these promises weigh, but I did receive an original paper with a plagiarism report. I’ve also seen comments about their free revisions as a practical part of their offer. Lastly, I’ve read a testimonial of a student who was issued a partial refund because of lateness. 

Pros and Cons




Types of services


They’ve not completely exploited technical subjects such as programming, coding, etc.


Can meet even the strictest deadlines.




It’s a bit pricey as compared to other reputable sites.

Quality of papers

They provide top-notch papers.


Customer support

Always available 24/7 to assist customers.



Fast, safe, and compatible with mobile devices.


Price Review 

With prices starting at $15, I can say that the company is within the medium range of affordability. I have reviewed some decent companies that charge $10 per page. However, CopyCrafter’s quality level may attract even higher fees. So, I can say it’s value for money!

Service Comparison










Top quality papers




Fastest deliveries






More diverse services



Over 800 


Who Is this Service For?

While CopyCrafter claims to handle 70+ tech and non-tech subjects, I’m yet to see a review or testimonial from a customer they assisted with a STEM or technical order. It seems a favorite destination for arts, music, business, nursing, and other non-technical disciplines.

Worth the Money

If you don’t want to waste your time and money, this is the right company to work with. I’d rather pay a few extra bucks and get a quality paper than deal with a cheaper service that provides sub-standard work.

Online Reputation

copycrafter reviews

The company seems to enjoy a lot of support online. Sitejabber, an independent review site ranks it highly. With a score of 4.41 from 29 reviews, it’s clear that most of its customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Trust pilot has more CopyCrafter reviews with an average score of 3.9/5.0.  

What Users Say

While the company has few reviews online, each one I checked looked trustworthy. Companies pay for reviews online and it’s sometimes hard to know if what you’re reading is based on experience or it’s a simple marketing gimmick. It seems the company always gets there even if revisions are involved. In my cases, no adjustments were needed.  

Order Process 

Ordering an essay online has never been easier. Copy crafter has simplified the process, making it seamless for customers. I took less than 3 minutes to order my paper. And with the online calculator, the final offer doesn’t surprise you at all.


After you’ve completed the payment process, the company assigns your paper to the most qualified expert in your discipline. They’ve a matching system that automatically connects customers to available top writers. Taking this responsibility saves customers invaluable minutes, and minimizes the chances of working with an overwhelmed or an available expert. However, sometimes you can benefit from choosing a writer by yourself, which this website doesn’t allow you to do.  


CopyCrafter allows you to pay in parts, which can be helpful, especially when dealing with large orders. They also offer multiple payment options, including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Cash App, etc.  


My overall score for the service is 8.5/10. There’s very little on this company to tarnish its name. My personal experience from a mystery order, shows that it has almost everything going right. The quality of its papers is unbelievably good, the turnaround time is fast, and the support staff are amazing. They’re patient, reach out to customers for clarifications, and are always willing to help. A CopyCrafter review focusing on the company’s reputation highlights their commitment to service quality and operating with the legal frameworks. This is a safe organization to work with.

Service Criteria Score
Types of Services 10
Paper Quality 10
Meet the Deadline 9
Writers' Competence 9
Pricing 9
Customer Support 10
Payment Process 9
Guarantees 8


Is CopyCrafter Legit?

Yes. The company is legitimate and has helped many students with their assignments and classwork. They don’t engage in illegal activities. If in doubt, check individual reviews posted by happy or disgruntled students.

Is Copy Crafter Reliable?

Yes. With a rating of 9.02 out of 10 from over 2242 customers, it’s fair to say they deliver quality services. They’re reliable and consistent, which is a big plus in the industry.

Is a Good Service?

Yes. A good service should offer quality services, deliver on time, offer confidentiality, be available 24/7, charge reasonable prices, produce original contents, and have a fast and secure website. CopyCrafter exceeds all these conditions.  

Is Copycrafter Scam?

No. it’s a reputable service with a positive brand image. While you can find a few customers complaining about the quality of work they got from the service, none of them mentions any deliberate act of coning or fraud. Cheating customers isn’t in their vocabulary. 

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