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Assignment Expert Review

If you ever needed help with your math, physics, or programming assignment, you most likely have come across The website specializes in solving calculation homework and technical tasks. If you have troubles with any STEM subjects, you probably thought of getting help from writers qualified in this field. Can provide you with the high quality you want to see in your homework? Find out our verdict in this article.

Assignment Expert reviews: what you need to know

Based on the high customer ratings, the website seems to be a good homework help platform. So if you are wondering “Is it a reliable site to order my STEM assignments?” This review will guide you to decide whether is a good website or if you need alternative helpers.

What services does the website provide?

AssignmentExpert provides numerous services to students including natural sciences and technical disciplines. The online custom writing services recruit highly talented experts who will help you solve calculations and problem-solving solutions in different subjects, such as programming, math, physics, chemistry, and other subjects that learners often find challenging. In addition to the technical and problem-solving subjects, the company will also assist you in any other subject including English 101, history, economics, and other non-technical subjects on your curriculum. Although the website provides limited information on its services section on the homepage, rest assured you can get almost any academic assistance. To have a better understanding of the services, read customer reviews and testimonials. Notably, the company’s order form reveals that the service can take online tests for you, although there are no other services mentioned on the website. Comparing the homework helper with similar companies reveals it provides specialized services. similar companies, their range of services seems to be extremely narrow.

The quality of writing

According to customers’ testimonials, the quality of task-solving by AssignmentExpert is about average. The website promises that their specialists are almost the best in their fields, however, many customers admit that papers and assignments could have a higher quality. Some students say that the papers don’t get perfect even after revisions, which does not give much credit to the website samples However, does not specify the qualification of their writers, so you don’t know for sure who will work on your task. The quality of a high school essay on a trivial topic is higher. Though the website does not mention it, they write essays and other papers. According to testimonials, you can get a simple essay completed well by their writers.

Testimonials of real customers

AssignmentExpert sitejabber Unfortunately, receives not-so-good testimonials, and here are two of them:
“I was dissatisfied with a C++ project I had ordered from the company.” It was apparent that the expert who handled it made significant mistakes, leading to inaccuracies. However, I can’t complain about the services, especially since the order was delivered on time. The only challenge was, how would I use it when it failed to meet the quality I anticipated?”  says Stewart, an IT student. “I dispute the assertion that AssignmentExpert keeps their promise to deliver accurate calculations. I sought assistance with a complicated equation and to my dismay, the specialist’s computations were wrong. While the inaccurate computations didn’t completely jeopardize my homework, I was convinced I could meet higher quality without paying an “expert” for assistance. I wouldn’t advise you to consider the company for math tasks,” says Anna, a finance freshman.

The price of AssignmentExpert services

Another bizarre and noticeable element of this company is that it doesn’t display prices anywhere on its site. You will be required to inquire about the price of your order from the company’s customer agents, who will compute it for you. However, customer testimonials reveal that the cost of one page is between $10-$30. Price is determined by factors such as complexity and deadline. Unlike most homework help websites that provide a coupon or discount code to new users, AssignmentExpert doesn’t provide any information regarding discounts on its site.

The quality of support services

AssignmentExpert trustpilot Despite its significant setbacks, the company excels in providing customer service support through different communication channels. For instance, you can reach AssignmentExpert via live chat, email, or telephone. The company doesn’t charge you for engaging its support team and the responses are prompt. The only challenge is that you may have extended communication with the company representatives than intended. Customer testimonials also reveal that there’s no way to track the paper’s progress once they place the order. Surprisingly, the reviews claim that the company doesn’t communicate in case of delays to help you understand the reason or even when it will be delivered. helps many students reach their highest potential and achieve their ultimate goals. From writing a simple essay to complex research papers, we can do it. We have delivered effective results to students who have required assistance with a challenging school project. We focus on resolving technical problems and schoolwork involving calculations. You may have considered asking authors with expertise in STEM disciplines for assistance if you are struggling with any of these areas.

Pros and Cons

  • We can help with you any subject imaginable
  • We have a good track record and a high rating of 4.38 stars from over a hundred reviews.
  • We are sure you will put your money to good use and receive your request before your deadline.
  • Our prices are fair and will depend on the task and deadline.
  • With the high volume of work we have at hand, you have to send in your requests early to avoid delays.
  • Depending on the complexity of the task, your request might take longer than expected.
  • Refunds are subject to rigorous review, so provide ample information before sending in your requests.

Is Assignment Expert legit?

It turns out that this website has no particular “About us” section and the information about its location or registration is not mentioned anywhere. Because of such an unwise omission, looks like a scam website even though we have evidence that it’s not. You can order your paper here and have it completed by an unknown writer, and perhaps the quality will be good enough. We haven’t seen any testimonials saying that this service takes money and provides no service in return. Due to the lack of information, we may assume that AssignmentExpert is located somewhere where you can find cheap writers who know English. This does not make the website illegitimate, however, the quality of your paper can be lower than you expect. Take this fact into account if you are about to place an order here.

Is AssignmentExpert safe, or is it a scam?

AssignmentExpert is proven safe and genuine by the numerous people who have availed of our services. We can produce great content for your specific assignments and add diagrams and other necessary items to make the word flow natural and believable. We ensure to deliver your assignments and projects on time as requested, even with the high volume of work we receive from the many students who trust us. We have outstanding professionals that can help you understand the most complex ideas. We don’t just aim to help you do your work but also to ensure that you grasp the concepts incorporated in your assignments or projects when you need to present them. We have a high satisfaction rating that speaks for our integrity and credibility. You will surely make a significant educational investment when you pass on your work to us.

Is AssignmentExpert trustworthy and reliable?

You are reassured that we will complete your request, and you won’t have to worry about passing your work late. Our clients may contact AssignmentExpert for any concerns via call, live chat, or email. We provide assistance services without the cost and respond promptly. You can rely on us to deliver the best possible outcome for your assignments or projects to get you the best possible grade. We know that the quality of our work will significantly affect your future, and we take this seriously. Here at, your best interest is our priority, as you have entrusted us with valuable school tasks to help you reach your goals.

AssignmentExpert: our verdict vaguely provides information relating to its services and professionals, making it challenging for writers to determine its reliability. It is also difficult to ascertain whether student testimonials are adequate to base your decision to work with the company. We rank the company at 3 of 5 or a writing company of below-average quality. Our verdict is based on the fact that you can’t understand your writer, services, or even the cost of your project without a customer service team assisting you. If you are new to the company, I wouldn’t recommend you work with it while other companies are transparent with their services, pricing, and experts. However, If you have purchased a paper from, please leave your testimonial to let other students know what to expect from this website.

TL;DR Version of the AssignmentExpert Review:

AssignmentExpert Review
  1. Hina says:

    I order a assignment but when I received it that’s a totally different thing. I sent them all of material and assessment they didn’t read all of my stuff and answer the example one not the actual assignment and then they are blaming me that’s my fault. But actually there was their fault they didn’t read all of my material and not giving my money back and it’s was £50. I don’t recommend these to other because they are not good and they don’t have good staff they don’t have any manner to talk with customers they are not understanding just blaming on me that was my fault.

  2. Anita says:

    Experience with this company is average. They give tasks that are relatively clear, but I was able to get the job done in a decent amount of time. The reviews I saw were satisfactory and showed that they care about customer service.

  3. Sophia says:

    I have been working with this company for some time and I have found that the assignments are acceptable and I have been able to get the reviews done in a decent amount of time. The customer service has been okay and I am satisfied with the work I have done for them.

  4. Ellen says:

    This company has been great to work with. I have found that the assignments are easy to understand and that I can get the reviews done in a timely manner. The customer service is excellent and I am very satisfied with the work I have done.

  5. Frederick says:

    I have found that getting my assignments done with this company is manageable. The time I spend working with them has been somewhat worthwhile and I have been able to get the reviews I need done in a decent amount of time.

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