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After trying AssignmentExpert for myself, I’ve decided to write this review. AssignmentExpert is one of the many sites that helps students out when they have no time to deal with challenging assignments. My first impressions of this service and its design were overall neutral. The interface seemed crammed but usable.

First Impression

The shortest version of my thoughts is that looks trustworthy but overwhelms users with a ton of information. I thought I’d struggle to create my login but I encountered different issues.

I first opened this website on my phone and it took me a while to see where I’m supposed to tap if I want to place an order. For some reason, the big orange button that says “submit now” didn’t instantly catch my attention. After scrolling down, I saw the text describing the benefits of the service, as well as some feedback from site users.

Then I decided to switch to my PC, and things instantly got a lot better. The desktop version is a bit overwhelming but it gave me all the information I could possibly need—from the number of assignments those guys completed to their fields of expertise. The only thing that wasn’t clear at first glance was whether I could order an essay instead of an assignment.

Other services have similar flaws, but I could easily compare with On the second website, I didn’t get overwhelmed with information; the interface was much simpler, and it worked much better from mobile.

Overall, AssignmentExpert is not a winner in terms of site design and usability for me.

Service Review

This website mostly specializes in scientific subjects like physics, math, and programming. Importantly, AssignmentExpert also has a blog with various useful articles telling students how to study more effectively. Another educational category they offer is YouTube tutorials in their profile subjects. When I went to place an order, I saw that the options for the subject choice only include programming, math, engineering, economics and physics. Of course, I could always choose “other,” but it was clear at that point that AssignmentExpert is not an essay writing website.

In short, AssignmentExpert comprehensively covers a few scientific subjects, but I would look elsewhere if I needed an essay or an assignment in anything that’s not on their list.

How This Service Works

AssignmentExpert claims that all students need to do is submit their assignment, and then they just keep in touch and get the completed task. While this covers the basics, there are lots of inconveniences with this website. For example, I could only see the price once I’ve filled out the order form. There’s no calculator that would allow me to see how much I’d pay without going to the order form. This experience is a bit stressful, but the stress gets worse if you’re trying to order from your phone. The PC version of this site is a lot better, so I ended up switching to it for the rest of the process.

Overall, they completed and delivered the assignment I ordered in time, but I was much more stressed than I thought I would be.

Types of Services

Despite claiming to be “easy as ABC,” AssignentExpert doesn’t specialize in essays or research papers. However, I found the full list of the subjects they do, and there aren’t only scientific ones there. So, aside from “other,” which isn’t really a subject, they offer help with:

Math History
Physics Psychology
Chemistry Geography
Programming & Computer Science Sociology
Economics Law
English Marketing
Biology Philosophy
Management Political Science
Engineering French

matlab assignment expert

There are 18 subjects there overall while most websites, like RapidEssay, for example, have 60+ to choose from. Another thing that irritated me a lot is that you can’t really choose a paper type (essay, research paper, or coursework) on Assignment Expert. In short, this service offers very few subjects and provides a lot less options than most other similar websites.

Paper Quality

The site reviews range from positive to barely alright, and I’m one of the users who aren’t impressed. While the small physics task I submitted was done correctly, there were a few small mistakes I ended up fixing myself. I also ordered a one-page philosophy essay, and the structure was horrible. There was no introduction, and the paragraphs were huge, not at all what I was expecting. The paper also had a few typos and I also had to fix it myself. Overall, I think AssignmentExpert papers are overpriced, and I wouldn’t pay that much for them ever again.

Meet the Deadline

The customer reviews I’ve read rarely mention their tasks arriving late, and I got both the assignment and the paper I ordered on time. My only concern was that they arrived pretty close to the deadline, so I didn’t have time to ask the service for corrections. In short, AssignmentExpert delivers most orders within their deadlines.

Writers' Competence

After comparing my physics and philosophy tasks, I’ve come to the conclusion that most AssignmentExpert writers specialize in sciences and not in humanities. The physics task had a few small mistakes but they took me a few minutes to correct as I followed the lead of the correct solutions. However, I’ve spent a few hours trying to restructure the philosophy essay. I even thought that I might as well have written it from scratch. In conclusion, I don’t recommend the writers from this site to anyone who needs a high-quality paper.


One of the reviews on Sitejabber says, “I chose this site over three other sites. Every other site tried to charge me over $200. This site charged me $18 for my first project. No project after that have been over $45” (sic). Indeed, the price range is like this, and papers in humanities cost less than science assignments. However, I’ve paid around $15 for my philosophy essay and received a subpar paper. Overall, this service has middle-range prices, but its quality isn’t great either.

Service Comparison

Although AssignmentExpert is legit, it has many disadvantages when compared to Bid4Papers or CustomWritings. I’ve searched on Reddit and it turned out that many people share my perspective. Here are the chief reasons why.

Site AssignmentExpert (5/10) Bid4Papers (8/10) CustomWritings (9/10)
Prices and payment You pay upfront, there’s no way to see the price before ordering You only pay if you’re satisfied You pay upfront but there’s a way to calculate the price before ordering.
Quality of papers Good science assignments, bad essays and research papers Good at both science and humanities Good at both science and humanities
Usability Normal usability from PC, bad usability from mobile Normal usability from PC and mobile High usability from PC and mobile.


Overall, I can get higher-quality papers even cheaper on different sites, so AssignmentExpert doesn’t compare well to most of them.

Who is The Service For?

According to my experience, this service is for the students who need assistance with their physics or programming tasks. The reviews on Sitejabber praise this site for great coding help and on-point deliveries, and I agree that they do better with such tasks. In short, use this website for your science projects but avoid it if you need a paper.

Is it Worth the Money?

In my opinion, this service is overpriced, especially when it comes to papers. It’s usable for assignments but I recommend you to find another website for your essays.

Online Reputation

assignment expert online reputation

With a 3.9 rating on TrustPilot and 4.37 stars on SiteJabber, I can say that this site is reliable. This is not a scam website, and placing your orders there is safe.

What Users Say

Although most reviews are positive, as I've mentioned above, a small portion of people on independent resources call AssignmentExpert scammers. Their chief concerns are orders arriving after the deadline and waiting for the assignment only to discover that the expert couldn’t do it. This means that AssignmentExpert might have communication issues. Customers give different ratings for this site, from 1/5 to 5/5. However, most scores are in the middle range, from 3 to 4 stars. Overall, the reviews are positive, but there haven’t been any new ones for the last year, which is a great disadvantage for me.

Order Process

As I’ve mentioned before, the order form is friendly to sciences and not friendly for humanities. For example, you can choose the type of math problem you need solved but you’ll need to select “other” and manually enter your subject if you want a philosophy essay. Another big disadvantage is that you can’t see the price till you order.

This service provides the help that people mostly praise. Although not all reviews look trustworthy, I can say from experience that their level is pretty average. You can find a better website for your essays, but it’s fine if you’re studying math or programming. I recommend that you check all orders you receive for small issues because that’s what most people, including me, had to deal with from this site.


I’ve found no information about choosing your writers on this website. AssignmentExpert has many competitors that actually allow you to select the writer, especially as a returning customer. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case here since no reviews mention it and there’s no information on the website that I could find.In short, you’ll probably need to go elsewhere if you want to choose your writer.


It’s pretty convenient to submit payments on this site. It supports the basic options like Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. I found nothing wrong with this side of the service.

Customer support

There’s a live chat on this website, although it might take the support operators a few minutes to answer you. I tried it and it’s pretty straightforward and accessible. Overall, customer support is easy to get with this site.

Discounts and features

I didn’t get any welcome discount like I would on most other websites, and I had no coupon available to me at the time I placed my orders. However, here’s a feature that is basically your expert explaining what they’re writing and why. I like that add-on, but I never saw a single promo code on that site. In short, I found no discounts available, but the explanation feature is nice, though it costs extra money.


I only found straightforward information about AssignmentExpert’s money-back guarantee that confirms the right for a refund. You can also request corrections if what writers created doesn’t match your expectations. These guarantees are important but basic, with no originality guarantee and no clear pledge not to disclose my private data.

Pros and Cons

Aside from this site being legal, there are other major advantages and disadvantages to it. Here they are.

Pros  Cons
Offers comprehensive help with math, physics, and other assignments. Offers below-average help with writing papers in any subject.
Average prices accessible to most students The price-to-quality ratio isn’t always great.
Nice quality of assignments Average to poor quality of papers
Accessible customer support They might fail to notify you that they can’t complete your task.
On-time delivery in most cases Occasional late deliveries


Overall, I expected more from The site design is crammed and almost impossible to use from the phone. It’s not great at completing papers, and the physics task I ordered could use some work given its price. The communication mishaps mentioned in customer reviews were also a stress factor for me since I wasn’t sure if I’d be notified right away if they couldn’t do my task. Although it has some advantages and I am giving this service 6/10, I don’t think I’ll use this website ever again.

Service Criteria Score
First Impression of the Website 7
Service Review 6
Price Review 5
Service Comparison 5
Online Reputation 8
Order Form and Writers 6
Customer Support 7
Pros and Cons 6


What Does AssignmentExpert do?

This website can do your tasks and write papers for you according to your instructions. It’s a good way to get assistance with your homework when no other helpers are available. You need to fill out a special form telling the experts what you need to place an order.

Is Assignment Expert a Good Source?

If you need tutorials and science tasks, this website has real benefits for you. It provides decent solutions and pretty good guides. Still, your assignments might contain mistakes, so be sure to check them before you approve the order. This website isn’t great for papers in English, psychology, or any other non-science subject.

Is Scam?

No. This website provides its users with what they request, so it’s a legit site. However, you should use the materials you receive for learning, not for cheating. In other words, it’;s a great idea to use the solutions from this site as examples and a terrible idea to try and pass them as your own.

Is AssignmentExpert Legit?

If you’re asking if this site is legal or illegal, then it is a legal site. It has clear information about the company's registration featured in the footer, so it’s definitely a normal organization. If you’re looking for a non-scam site to ask for assistance, this is one of the options to consider.

Published by Emily
Posted Jul 22, 2023
  1. Hina says:

    I order a assignment but when I received it that’s a totally different thing. I sent them all of material and assessment they didn’t read all of my stuff and answer the example one not the actual assignment and then they are blaming me that’s my fault. But actually there was their fault they didn’t read all of my material and not giving my money back and it’s was £50. I don’t recommend these to other because they are not good and they don’t have good staff they don’t have any manner to talk with customers they are not understanding just blaming on me that was my fault.

  2. Anita says:

    Experience with this company is average. They give tasks that are relatively clear, but I was able to get the job done in a decent amount of time. The reviews I saw were satisfactory and showed that they care about customer service.

  3. Sophia says:

    I have been working with this company for some time and I have found that the assignments are acceptable and I have been able to get the reviews done in a decent amount of time. The customer service has been okay and I am satisfied with the work I have done for them.

  4. Ellen says:

    This company has been great to work with. I have found that the assignments are easy to understand and that I can get the reviews done in a timely manner. The customer service is excellent and I am very satisfied with the work I have done.

  5. Frederick says:

    I have found that getting my assignments done with this company is manageable. The time I spend working with them has been somewhat worthwhile and I have been able to get the reviews I need done in a decent amount of time.

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