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Every student must at some point introduce themselves by writing a personal statement. What first seems to be the completion of a straightforward paper might suddenly become a substantially more complicated endeavor. A personal statement is an essay in which you sell yourself as an outstanding prospect for a certain job or position in an organization. To get started, you may get a personalized personal statement from individuals or experts who are familiar with describing the abilities of individuals with no past work experience. Your personal statement must be unique and demonstrate your individuality, yet it is easy to get lost in the writing process or not know where to begin. best personal statement writing service Fortunately, there are remedies available. Having your personal statement produced by pros who know precisely what to include and what points to emphasize may be of tremendous assistance. Yet, due to the abundance of such services, locating a reliable one might be difficult. However, you don’t have to worry as we have you covered! Continue reading our evaluations of personal statement writing services, which we’ve compiled to make it simpler for you to get your personal statement written precisely and according to your specifications. With the knowledge in this post, you will be one step closer to a personal statement you can use to confidently apply for your desired job. In fact, we aim to guarantee that you obtain the most suitable writing service. We wish to make things simple and assist you as much as possible in the process of obtaining the ideal personal statement. This is why, in this evaluation of personal statement writing services, we have included the top services you can find on the market, some standard services, as well as those you should avoid regardless of your academic level. Are you prepared to discover the ideal writing service? Let’s get started! What is a Personal Statement? Before you start your college application process, you may have heard the phrase “personal statement.” But what is it exactly? A personal statement is a brief essay that highlights your goals, experiences, and personality. It is often needed as part of the college application process, and admissions committees frequently use it to evaluate your qualifications for their university. Generally speaking, there are no formal guidelines for structuring or creating a personal statement. However, the majority are roughly 1,000 words in length and adhere to a standard format. Typically, the format consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It is essential to remember that the personal statement is your opportunity to convey your story, so be creative and original. If you feel stuck or need assistance on how to build a personal statement, you may choose to consult various available internet resources. In the end, a personal statement is your chance to shine and highlight your unique experiences and personality. You may develop a compelling essay that sets you apart from the competition and helps you reach your academic objectives with the proper strategy and direction.

What is a Personal Statement?

As you begin your journey towards college, you may have come across the term “personal statement.” But what exactly is it? Simply put, a personal statement is an essay that showcases your personality, experiences, and goals. It is typically required as part of the college application process and is often used by admissions committees to assess your suitability for their institution. There are generally no strict rules for writing or formatting your personal statement. However, most of them are around 1,000 words long and follow a basic structure. The structure typically includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It’s important to remember that the personal statement is your chance to tell your story, so be creative and make it your own. If you’re feeling stuck or need guidance on how to structure a personal statement format, consider checking out the resources available online. Ultimately, a personal statement is your opportunity to shine and showcase your unique qualities and experiences. With the right approach and guidance, you can create a powerful piece that sets you apart from the competition and helps you achieve your academic goals.

The best personal statement services: top 3

In this section, we will examine three of the top homework assistance websites where you can make an order immediately. We will describe the primary benefits of these services so that you may determine why some are better than others.

The best personal statement writing service for complex tasks: is your best option if you’re seeking more advanced forms of personal statements that need greater research and are consequently more complicated. Certainly, its writers are very trained and competent, and you can rely on them to provide exceptional personal statements. What is equally unexpected is the value you get for the reasonable pricing given, as well as the free title page, bibliography, and several other benefits.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Fast turnaround time for urgent orders
  • Experienced writers
  • 24/7 customer support available
  • Free revisionsOption to choose a preferred writer


  • Limited information about the writers
  • No direct communication with the writer

Fastest personal statement writers:

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This website, with its more than 10 years of experience in the field of personal statements composing, is the best, especially if you are short on time. Indeed, contrary to other similar services you can find online, with, if you need quick delivery, you are guaranteed to get your task back in less than four hours.The speed of the service and its efficiency set it apart from the competitors. Generally, the quality of the academic papers delivered by this service is high, meaning that you most likely won’t have to request revisions. Users praise the friendly customer support, the reliable money back and anti-plagiarism guarantees, high quality of writing, privacy policy, and the on-time delivery.


  • Wide range of writing services
  • Experienced writers
  • Affordable pricing
  • 24/7 customer support available
  • Free revisions
  • Fast turnaround time for urgent orders


  • Limited information about the writers
  • Limited transparency on writing process and writers’ qualifications

If you want to go for the oldest and most reliable company:

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Finding a great personal statement writer will make up more than half of your future application’s success. If you don’t want to gamble on quality and prefer to get reliable work back, you should consider using the highly experienced services offered by The company is the oldest on the market and their experience is reflected in their excellent quality and customer support service.


  • User-friendly website
  • Experienced writers
  • Affordable pricing
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free revisions offered within 10 days
  • Secure and confidential ordering process


  • Limited information on qualifications of the writers
  • No direct communication with the writer


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bid4papers review
If you are looking for a website that writes essays for you, then Bid4Papers is a good option. The order system and range of services – everything is created quite comfortably. When ordering, specify the requirements, choose the author based on his rating, reviews of other students, and the price he offers for execution. Feedback on the service is honest, you can also leave an honest review about the author after ordering.


  • The ability to independently determine the deadline;
  • A wide variety of services;
  • Free editing of your work written by the author of the service;
  • The possibility to check the work for anti-plagiarism free of charge;
  • The possibility to choose an author according to your budget;
  • Honest, professional authors;
  • The availability of a chat to communicate with the author.


  • There is no fixed price for services.

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This service is a good one when you are working on a tight budget and quality is not essential for your personal statement. Papers tend to be well written but are not of the best quality, as the writers are not nearly as experienced as those working for, say, The webpage is also not very transparent, but overall, you’ll be able to get a good enough statement for a cheap price.

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It is important to be aware that is a bit different from other services that offer personal statements. Indeed, on this platform, you’ll have to place an order for which interested writers can apply to work on. In general, the quality is good enough but you might have to wait longer to get your paper delivered than with other services. You might be tempted to use it for its highly competitive prices, but keep in mind that the quality won’t be the best.

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Again, as with most of the personal writing services included in this section, the quality is not the best, but the paper you’ll get back will be good enough if you can’t afford a higher-end service provider. As with the majority of companies in the field of writing papers or essays, also offers a comforting refund and revision policy.

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As a writing service with a bidding system, this website is a bit vague and sometimes troublingly unclear. There are situations when the quality of the papers delivered isn’t worth the money charges. Some users claim that the company is making use of fake reviews to look better to potential clients. What’s more, while the website states that three different levels of writing are offered, the reality is that at every level, the quality is approximately the same. If you are looking for a good company for some help with your personal statement, we would not recommend using EduBirdie.

Read a review Visit site is also one of those companies you should be wary of, as, despite the high prices, the quality of their papers leaves a lot to be desired. What’s more, contrary to other services, this company doesn’t offer any money-back guarantees, meaning that if you are not satisfied with the final work, there is no chance you’ll be refunded. As far as we know, some writers working for this company have complained about not getting paid, and the prices charged are higher than the market average.On top of that, most of the writers are not native English speakers. All of this might help to explain the average quality of the papers. The support team is not that good either, and it is hard to get in touch with the company when you have some problems you need to resolve. All in all, might not be the best choice for your personal statement.

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There are really no solid reasons why you should choose This company not only offers its services at a rather high price but also delivers poorly paraphrased work of average quality. The website is user-friendly and comprehensive, however, it is not very transparent when it comes to outlining the prices. Furthermore, customer service is almost nonexistent, and many customers have experienced problems with refunds without getting any answer from the company.If you are looking to get a nicely written, professional personal statement, there is a decent chance that you will be disappointed by this company.

The bottom line

You should now have a better understanding of which services are suitable for “write my personal statement” requests and why. If you desire, you may do your own research to assist you in making a final decision, but you now have a narrower list of services to “evaluate.” Remember that quality is key, particularly for something as critical as a personal statement. Do not fall into the trap of trying to save money at the expense of quality, since this mentality might be detrimental in the long term. However, be wary of the many online frauds, and if you want to prevent unpleasant surprises, try to avoid at least the firms listed in the “worst” section.


Can you pay someone to write your personal statement?

Yes. You may hire someone to write your personal statement on various personal statement writing services. Several websites provide writing services for personal statements at varied costs and degrees of quality. Nonetheless, it is crucial to remember that some institutions may view paying someone to create the essay as dishonest or even unethical.

How fast can a personal statement be written?

The time required to write a personal statement might vary based on the individual and their degree of writing expertise. However, if you prefer to pay for the service, many sites provide expedited services for an extra price, enabling you to obtain your paper in a shorter amount of time.

How Long Should a Personal Statement Be?

The basic guideline is that the length should not exceed 500 words. The purpose of a personal statement is to attract readers’ attention and provide information about you. Ensure that your personal statement contains only pertinent information so that prospective employers can understand how your experience, personality, and talents align with their expectations.

How to Start a Personal Statement?

Make sure you know your “why” before you begin writing your personal statement since this will help you construct a fantastic statement from beginning to end. Be sure to tell the reader why you’re writing the personal statement at the beginning, since doing so will keep them interested throughout. We also advise you to make your writing as succinct as possible; there is no need to develop a complex backstory. It would be preferable if you were honest in your personal statement since the readers who will evaluate it would be able to detect insincerity. Be as eloquent as possible, and explain why you are applying to graduate school. The more your personal statement may be in terms of specificity and candor, the better.

How to End a Personal Statement?

The most typical technique to conclude a personal statement is to describe your plans for the end of the academic year or semester. Attempt to review any earlier arguments you may have made in your personal statement, and present them in a clear manner that explains to the reader why you are eager to get started in the first place. Don’t overthink the conclusion; only ensure that it is convincing.
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