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Best research paper writing service: the rating

Today, there are many best term paper writing services from which you can purchase any academic paper including research papers. But are they all equally good? We decided to figure that out by investigating the quality of the writing services available, wondering what is the best one. However, just reading these reviews wasn’t enough, as these customer reviews are too diverse in terms of the assignments, deadlines, and other specifics concerning their orders. To get clear results, we decided to approach it more seriously, predictably, and systematically (as well as extravagantly). So, we picked the ten writing services that are the easiest to find, and pinpointed what to pay attention to when giving our rating:
  • Writing
  • Deadlines
  • Formats and sources
  • Originality
  • Communication
  • Customers’ reviews
To make the results more precise, we ordered two academic papers from each service: what are the best paper writing services? A six to eight-page university-level research paper with a deadline of two weeks, any formatting style. The disciplines varied from business studies to political science, but the required level was pretty much the same. The instructions we gave were quite vague, simply a list of topics of research papers to choose from. We also requested that the paper have at least 4 sources. A short MLA-style essay up to three pages long, with a deadline of eight hours. Here we came up with topics that are rather controversial (such as school uniforms) and asked the writer to complete it using three sources. After getting the results and chatting a little with the academic writing services, we realized that the picture became clearer, so here are our ratings for the best writing services in wow-to-meh order.

Top 10 research paper writing services

Here are our favorites. The sites that ticked all the criteria of how a good writing service should operate. Despite differences in fulfilling the aforementioned parameters, all the services ticked the originality box. However, their advantages and disadvantages vary in their nature and extent. So, let’s start with the top research paper writing service reviews.
1 as the best research paper writing service for complex assignments

For us, this service proved to be the best one for complex assignments. After we placed our two orders, the service instantly found writers for them. Maybe it is luck. Maybe we bulleted their favorite topics. In any case, the reaction was quick, which was comforting, because we could sit back knowing that our orders were taken care of. Furthermore, the writer for the research paper subsequently contacted us with questions about it. We were impressed by how much commitment they put into the work. Not only did they ask if the topic was appropriate, they also made suggestions about the structure, details, sources, and main idea of the paper. The way these writers approach complex assignments was impressive and definitely earned them some points. Communication and preparation aside, the research paper didn’t disappoint us. The writer did well in the structure and fact-checking departments. It was a coherent and complex yet intelligible the piece that suited our (vague) requirements. The second essay was great as well. It followed the argumentative paper structure.All the arguments were reasoned, and there was nothing that said it had been completed in such a short period. Finally, we were impressed with the dedication the writers put into their job, as they took some time to make sure the paper would be just the way the customer wanted it. Here is our testimonial.
“I will definitely use this service again. The support team and writers are real professionals, which is why I can rely on them even if the deadline is super short.”
2 oldest and best rated research paper writing service

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The first service that did great work was It positions itself as an old and reliable company, which we could well believe after both examining the papers we received and reading its user reviews. First, let’s talk about the quality of the papers we got. The custom research paper was thoughtful and well-written. The service works with professional writers and our was obviously familiar with the discipline (which was political science in this case) and presented well-reasoned thoughts in the form of a strong argument. Also, the paper had a solid structure. All the ideas were backed with reputable sources that were referenced appropriately in the APA format. The writer used a scholarly case study and news from trustworthy media in their research.Communicating with the service was pleasant as well. Before starting work on the research paper, the writer contacted us and asked if the topic they picked from the list was okay. Plus, the paper was delivered a bit earlier than its deadline. It isn’t an obligatory characteristic for any service to have, but it felt nice anyway. The second paper we ordered aimed at determining whether a piece of writing with quite a tight deadline would be undermined with regards to its quality. For this reason, our order was simpler than the previous one and required significantly less time for research. The service did well with this challenge as well, and the limited time didn’t damage the writing: the structure, arguments, and sources (including the book report we asked them to use) were in the right places, and we are happy to add our feedback to other customer reviews:
“Overall, using this service was an easy and pleasant experience, which is why it is decidedly one of the best writing services there is. As a customer, I experienced collaborating with their writer on what turned out to be a well-written and interesting paper. This is absolutely the service I will choose if I need excellent work in the future.”
3 hires excellent research paper writers

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To be honest, we didn’t expect this one to be in the top three, as the service stresses the prices of their assignments over other qualities. As a result, we didn’t predict receiving anything extraordinary. However, we were surprised but not disappointed, and it crowned our best rated selection. Despite this service’s emphasis on affordability, it managed to perform at the level of the two previously mentioned ones. It was easy to place the order, and the support team contacted us to confirm it straight away.First, the research paper. In this case, the discipline was history, and all the suggested topics required some research. Again, our writer made the effort to text us and make sure we were on the same page as to the topic they wanted to write on, then started working. The paper we received was insightful and intelligent. One of the main aspects of writing a quality paper in such a discipline is objectivity, and the writer nailed it. More than that, it was really interesting to read.The sources were relevant and trustworthy, as well as formatted in accordance with the required style. Second, the short essay. In fact, it was the best one in our whole experiment. The topic concerned felon voting, and it was the only writer that contacted us to clarify our position on the issue. We have to say that out of the ten services we reviewed, this is the only one that delivered an argumentative essay that included a counterargument, which is a great plus.
“The experience with this service was a pleasant surprise. The paper was plagiarism free and met all the criteria of a thoughtful research paper, and there were no complications with ordering, talking with the writer or receiving the result.”

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What we liked about this service was its nice website. It took little time to find the writers for our orders, and they soon after started doing their magic. Here, the college paper was in business studies. The expert also contacted us to make sure that the company they had chosen was acceptable, which was good to know. When we received the paper, we realized that there were some things to fix, as it didn’t fit the basic requirements regarding its structure and thesis statement. However, after we requested a revision, the writer complied, and corrected it in accordance with all our notes. In the end, the paper turned out fine, and we could safely assume that a revision had been necessary primarily because of the lack of specifics in the order.The service did well with the short-deadline essay, and we didn’t need to fix anything in it. That’s why EssayShark is in this position for our review.
“This service demonstrated professionalism in its experts’ research skills and communication with customers. The writers pay close attention to the details of the order and are willing to fix it if something doesn’t seem right.”

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This is another service that earned a pass in our rating, even though not everything went perfectly smoothly. The writer for our research paper had to understand psychology. It’s an interesting field and we liked how they handled and delivered the topic of their research. The issue with the paper we ultimately received was with the citation format. As it turned out, the writer created a bibliography in the APA style, but all the in-text citations were in MLA. In fact, they were just missing a coma, but it could have been a huge minus for the final grade. We also requested a revision to solve this issue, and the author fixed it in a few hours, which is why we cannot call it a bad service. The second essay was okay, and the citations in it were done correctly. Evidently, it was completed by two different writers.Our testimonial goes as follows:
“It is a decent service to order research paper assistance, as overall it did great. It is best to order help in advance, as in our case, it required a minor revision of citation choices. Nonetheless, the writing itself is original and substantial.”

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Another service that we had some questions about was The main concern also had to do with the larger assignment. The discipline it got to work on was economics. After the writer confirmed the order, they also contacted us and made sure that the topic they had picked was okay for us. It was. They delivered the paper on time, but while reading it we realised that it had problems with the sources. The problem was, three out of five sources were blog posts, which wasn’t sufficient for university-level research. They should have picked reliable articles from scholarly journals or books rather than posts that may not even have an author. Just as we did with the other papers, we requested a revision for this order. It took a day to fix this paper. Notably, the writer worked well on changing not only the sources they used, but on the content of the paper as well, which is a good sign.With our experience with this service, we came up with the following testimonial:
“The communication with the service and writing skills of the author were fine. However, they should have paid closer attention to the reliability of the sources they used. Sometimes, the customer doesn’t have time for revision, which is why it is important to know the criteria for reliable sources.”

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This is a service that didn’t impress us with custom writing skills. Before starting the process, the writer had confirmed the topic they picked with us, and then delivered the paper in two weeks. The problem we found in the paper was quite significant, as the overall writing style in their university-level research work was the same as that of a college-level argumentative essay. We thought that this problem was quite substantial, but decided to give the service another chance nevertheless. So the writer revised the paper, which took about a day. After the revision we noticed that they had taken our notes into account and fixed the writing in the paper as a whole.Therefore, our final verdict was this:
“This writing service is suitable for short academic assignments such as essays. Eventually, the service completed the requested research paper, but the first draft didn’t suit the stylistic requirements of the academic level. Nonetheless, the revision fixed it and the order turned out fine. ”

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The first from the bottom we want to mention is, ironically, So, as with all the other services, we ordered an essay and a research paper. There were several issues with the paper we received. First of all, the delivery of facts in writing. The paper was in sociology, and the writer used rather biased language. Furthermore, the writing itself barely qualified as university level. Another thing that we had an issue with had to do with the sources, a problem that we have already mentioned, as the articles used in the research didn’t meet the criteria for credibility. Again, we requested a revision and pointed out both the writing and the sources issues. When we received the results of the revision, we realized that the only thing the writer had changed were citations and sources. They altered neither the writing itself nor the facts based on the previously used sources.We were quite disappointed that the company offers only a privacy policy and doesn’t have a money back guarantee. As a result, here is the testimonial we have about this service.
“This service isn’t the best option if you need professionally written and insightful essays. The impression we got was that the research had been conducted a bit lazily, as the sources used in the paper didn’t qualify as reliable. The revision didn’t improve the situation, and only confirmed our first impression of the service.”

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Another writing service we weren’t happy with was The research paper we received had the same level of writing as the short, college-level essay we ordered along with it. The main problem was that even the essay required a major revision. However, the essay was urgent. We thought about it the following way: if someone orders a paper with an extremely short deadline, it is crucial that the result is good on the first try. Often, people who need a paper in 8 hours don’t have time to get it revised.For this reason, we realized that this service was rather unreliable, and here is our impression.
“We weren’t impressed with the quality of the papers we received. The results required extensive revisioning, and that isn’t something a customer with a tight deadline can afford. Therefore, this isn’t the best place to go if you need urgent help.”

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This is the last one in our research paper listing. Unfortunately, there is little good we can say about it. The research paper we received wasn’t satisfactory at all. There were several grammatical and formatting issues. The content of the paper also had a lot to be improved. To make our judgement fair, we requested a revision and pointed out what was wrong with it. However, the writer rejected our revision and the service failed to find a substitute.Eventually, the paper stayed unrevised, which inspired our last testimonial.
EssayPro leaves a lot of work for their customers, who have to both pay for the order and fix the flaws in it. Again, this option may not be suitable for everyone, as some people may have no time for it. Therefore, we don’t recommend this service.”

Final thoughts

The results we have gathered may partially be based on luck. However, this is the exact reason we ordered two papers from each service. We hope that it is insightful for those seeking academic help and that the services that didn’t score very well will work on improving the situation.
  • How To Start Writing A Research Paper?

    To start a research paper you must first decide on a topic. It helps to first start thinking of a broad subject for your paper then narrow down your topic idea to something specific. The best topics for research papers are specific enough to present a perspective that has not been evaluated before.

  • What Are The Steps to Writing a Research Paper?

    • Select a topic.
    • Outline your paper with your main idea and add three supporting points.
    • Find out specific information to add to your supporting points to strengthen your paper.
    • Cite your sources using in-text citations or footnotes and compile a bibliography.
    • Edit to check for any errors and make needed revisions.
  • When Should You Use In-text Citations When Writing a Research Paper?

    In-text citations are important to avoid plagiarism. You must use in-text citations anytime you paraphrase or quote any words or ideas from another source. Using direct quotes from another source must be accompanied by an in-text citation and quotation marks. Also, if you take any ideas and paraphrase them you must note the source with an in-text citation.

  • What Is An Abstract When Writing a Research Paper?

    An abstract is a paragraph summary containing around 100-300 words to describe your entire research paper. The abstract should provide the reader with detailed information about your research topic, your main supporting points, and your conclusions in a powerful manner. The abstract should explain your research succinctly and in a way that entices the reader to read more.

  • How Much Do People Charge For Writing a Research Paper?

    Prices for research papers vary widely due to different factors like the time frame for writing, the deadline, and the level of writing required. You may find research papers in the range of $5-50 per page depending on the level of expertise required for the research and how soon the deadline is.

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