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Best term paper writing services: 10 reviews for 10 websites

In our quest to find out what the best term paper writing service online is, we, our younger brothers and sisters, and their friends have spent $1,596.00 on academic assistance websites. For this money, we’ve bought 10 term papers, each of which was from 4 to 10 pages long. We tried the various additional options custom writing services offer, evaluated the quality of support, checked the papers we received for plagiarism, tried to receive free revisions and refunds according to the money back guarantee, set different deadlines, and were absolutely determined to spot any faults. And here are the results. best term paper writing services We’ve split the companies we tested into three categories: the best, the average, and the worst. Take a look, and hopefully our research will help you in your search for reliable academic assistance websites with professional writers.

Top-3 term paper writing service reviews


best term paper writing service We chose because according to our research, this is the oldest reliable company on the web. It has been operating since 2008 and we were curious how it maintains its high ratings and the trust of its clients. We ordered a 9-page term-paper on chemistry (undergraduate academic level) and it cost us $172.80. may be not the cheapest website in our findings, but it provides fantastic results. The paper was delivered in 5 days, 2 days before the deadline, and it looked perfect! The writer asked us several questions while working on the project, and for this reason, the term paper we eventually received corresponded to all our requirements. Nick, who ordered this paper, had the following to say:
“I was astonished by the scrupulousness my writer demonstrated! Once he was assigned to work on my paper, he sent me a list of questions concerning the details of the assignment and used all the answers I provided to deliver exactly what I needed. My paper wasn’t that cheap, but it was totally worth every cent I paid for it!”


rapidessay term paper Before we started this experiment, we had been keeping an eye on the academic assistance market for a while, and was one of the first companies to offer a 4-hour deadline. What a challenge! We decided to test this option and ordered a 4-page term paper with a 4-hour deadline. To do so, we had to contact the support team directly, as the website didn’t offer these two variables together and stated that only two pages of high-quality writing could be completed in 4 hours. This was one of the best experiences of communicating with a support team we have ever had. They helped us to split one order into two and contacted both essay writers. Long story short, the paper that would never have been written in the cruel world of algorithms became possible thanks to the helpful people working for the company.
“I was stunned that people whom I didn’t know and hadn’t paid were so determined to help me! Moreover, the paper itself was quite good! To deliver it, both writers had to work together. I wish that all the services and companies were that reliable,” says Judy, who ordered her business studies term paper from


CheapEssaysOnline term paper We’re always a bit worried when we have to test some cheap services because as a rule, a lower price means lower quality. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case with A 5-page term paper with a 14-day deadline cost us $70 and was extremely good.
“All my requirements were met! Even though my topic was quite difficult, the writer managed to cover it the best way. The paper was completed in 6 days and required no revisions. This is what I call a great job!” explains Lidia.

Top-4 writing services with average performance and why you should give them a chance


bestcustomwriting Gamification is the key to the clients’ hearts, that’s what I’ll tell you! An adorable game on the main page which offers the chance to grab a 15% discount by feeding a dragon was really sweet, and the main reason you should at least pay this site a visit. On the other hand, we are not that confident that you should order from the website. There was nothing special about the paper delivered and if we were teachers we would give it a B.


writemyessayonline This kind of platform where a bidding system is used. This means you choose a writer for your order and be responsible for the results, good or bad, that your writer delivers. Even though we paid a great deal of attention to the writer’s rating, the paper we received could have been better. Some of the requirements were not met, although the writer fixed his work when we asked him to.


essayhave A 6-page term paper cost us almost $100 and there were a lot of grammatical mistakes in it. Maybe a great writing style is not a crucial skill for a mathematics expert, but we would have appreciated having a well-resolved task without mistakes in both grammar and calculus.
“Could be better. I mean, the calculus was right, but, seriously, can’t you hire a proofreader for any of your writers for whom English isn’t a native language?” asked Kate.


essayshark This is another site with a bidding system. What’s good about it is that you pay only if you like your paper. What’s bad is that no one is going to guarantee you the high-quality of your assignment. We paid a fortune for the writer with the best rating but unfortunately, this had little effect on the final paper. “Too high a price for a paper of average quality” is our verdict. On the other hand, ordering from the websites with a bidding system is like a lottery and you may be luckier than us. At least 78% of those who have left their feedback on TrustPilot stated that the service was excellent.

Top-3 worst writing services we’ve ever tried


ultius This was the first experience one of our younger friends had with a writing service. Josh is a freshman who decided to order a term paper from an academic assistance company to receive an example of what his paper should look like. And this is what he had to say:
“It seems that the writer simply tried to sell me someone else’s paper. When I scanned it with plagiarism-detection software it turned out that the text was more than 60% plagiarized! That didn’t become a problem for me because I wasn’t going to turn in the paper I had bought, but I didn’t want to pay for it either. Fortunately, print screens of results of plagiarism scanning were enough proof that the paper wasn’t worth its price. I asked for a full refund and got it, but now I’m sure that I’ll never use academic assistance again.”


freshessays Yes, the prices for high-school papers start at $10, those for PhD degrees will only cost you $21 minimum, and the site offers a 5% discount off your first order, but for the quality you get, it really isn’t worth it. The assignment we received, though we had ordered a graduate term paper, looked as if it was written by a first-year student for whom English isn’t a native tongue. The paper was full of mistakes and written in extremely simple language.
“I was frustrated with the paper because it didn’t cover the topic at all. My experience with was extremely disappointing. What made the situation worse was that they didn’t want to reimburse me, stating that the paper had corresponded to my instructions! So, so bad…” Alex complained.


edubirdie This is one of the best-known academic writing companies online so we had to give it a try. Moreover, after our first order was botched, we decided to give the company another chance and submitted an order once again. But we will describe one failure at a time. Let’s start with the fact that our first paper was neglected. The company has a bidding system, so we hired a writer, uploaded our additional materials and put a deadline for one week. The paper wasn’t delivered, the writer kept silent, and the support team stated that our order would be ready “tomorrow.” Tomorrow came, and the promise was repeated again and again until the 10th day, when they finally admitted that the paper wasn’t ready. They asked if we could wait, and we said “Yes,” as our experiment wasn’t finished yet. The support team member at said that we needed to submit an order once again, but as the deadline had already passed and we were asking for a paper to be ready ASAP, the price had risen by four times! But life didn’t teach us a lesson and we decided to give the company another chance. The second term paper was delivered on time but didn’t correspond to its topic. It seemed like the writer tried to modify a paper he had written for some other order so that it would correspond to our topic, but it didn’t work out at all.


Academic assistance companies are a good source of help with your studies at a relatively low cost. On the other hand, you have to check the feedback from other customers thoroughly and make sure the company applies privacy policy to choose the right assistance. There are thousands of websites offering their help but they can all be divided into two subcategories: those who assign you a writer by themselves and the platforms where it’s your responsibility to choose a decent specialist. From our perspective, it is better to ask for help from the companies which won’t blame you if a writer from their platform gives a bad performance, that is, those companies who bear the responsibility for the quality of their academic papers. Another thing you should pay attention to is the agreement between the company and the client that any reliable writing service must put on its website. Most of the companies we tested offered multiple guarantees and benefits. Unfortunately, you can only expect them to be performed if they are written in the “terms and conditions” section. We hope that you will always only work with reliable companies and will never get fleeced by fraudulent websites. Do you agree with our rating? Have you ordered research papers from any of these websites? Please, comment below and let your experience help other students in choosing the best writing service.

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