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Is there such thing as the best paper writing service? Let’s talk about top rated essay writing services, what to expect from them and how to make your choice.


Hi, everyone!

Recently, I’ve been receiving hundreds of emails and messages with questions about essay writing services. Many of them keep on repeating, so, after a brief consideration, I decided to gather them in one place, right here 🙂 Since many of those questions are very familiar to me (once, I was also in your shoes…), I’ll do my best to provide you with honest opinion, good advice and lots of support. Let’s begin!  

What made you start looking for a writing service?

Frankly, one of the assignments in college. I attended a course on literature and we were discussing haiku poems. If you’re not familiar with them, here’s a brief description: haiku poems consist of 3 lines and they’re a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Basically, the lecturer told us to write an essay for 5 pages about haiku poetry. We were supposed to provide some background history and a few examples of poems with interpretation. No matter how hard I tried I was not able to write much about any poem. I’m better in interpreting novels than poetry. So, I sought help online and discovered essay writing services. Then, everything worked like a charm 🙂

What did you expect from a valid writing service?

I expected that I would have my essay written by a professional writer with a college degree, for a reasonable price and before my deadline. Essay writing services which provide you with that are, for instance or

From the top of your head, what is the best paper writing service?

Personally, I vote for I didn’t have any problems with them, so for now I hold as the best essay writing service on the market. Also, my close friends ordered essays from and and told me they were satisfied, so you might also give those services a shot 😉
best essay writing service

How do you know you’re dealing with a legit company before you’ve paid?

Well, I would suggest checking the site before you invest any money in its services. From my own experience, if a website’s got:
  • contact information,
  • different payment options,
  • refund options,
  • information about protection of your personal data,
  • secure payment gateway (https),
  • 24/7 support or online chat,
  • possibility to contact a writer, and…
  • possibility of payment AFTER you receive your paper,
it’s one of the top writing services. If it lacks any of the above, it’s suspicious, so be careful!

Is there a sure way to know that a certain website is a scam?

No, but I’d be cautious with websites that:
  • ask you to pay for an essay in advance,
  • have contradictory information on the site,
  • are spammy and have a lot of adverts,
  • provide offers that sound irrational (e.g. we’ll write you an “original” MA thesis within 24 hours – really?).
So, if you find any of the above information on a website – RUN!

I need an essay written for me, please, help me. You’re a blogger and you know the industry. Can you? I’ll pay.

Of course, I can help you! You can get essays written for you even today. Just, don’t pick the first essay writing service you’ll find! Check the homepage of this website, where I put reviews of essay writing services. I want to make sure that if you want to get papers written for you, you’ll choose to have them written by a professional writer, and professional writers work only for a top essay writing service – one that is legit.

Why would I need to turn to a writing service? In what situations is this the right thing to do?

The moral aspect is always tough to deal with. I would say that there is no shame in using an essay writing service if:
  • you have to accommodate studies with work, so you really have no time,
  • you cannot possibly meet teacher’s requirements,
  • you lack inspiration, or…
  • the paper is from a subject you don’t want to waste your time on.
In these cases, I believe the use of essay writing services is justified.

Do you have any tips for ordering papers from writing companies?

Yes, I do. Make sure you type in that you want to have your essay written before your actual deadline, at least 3 days – you’ll have time to proofread it and ask for a review if necessary. Also, read the instructions twice and don’t forget to be precise in your paper’s description – your writer needs to know how “exactly” your essay should look like. This way you’ll avoid possible misunderstandings.

Are there situations when even the best and most reliable essay writing service will give you a bad paper? Is there a way to avoid them?

Yes, there is a chance that the best writing service will present you with a “bad” paper, but, in most cases, it’s your fault. If you don’t communicate with your writer, poorly describe the way your paper should look like and you aren’t there to answer any questions, then of course you might receive a paper you don’t like. So, be available and precise in your descriptions!

None of these sites looks trustworthy to me. Wouldn’t I be better off working with freelancers? It’s probably gonna be cheaper!

Well, once I was also thinking about it, but I found out that freelance writers aren’t always professional academics. They also take various types of projects – seldom student papers. So, they might not have enough experience to write a proper essay. Moreover, unless your topic is their expertise, you won’t pay less than you’d pay an essay writing service.

My friend once ordered an essay from an essay writing service and it was copied from the Internet. She tells me not to trust such companies. Should I follow her advice?

Many times I opened an email and saw these words, “I need a paper without plagiarism. How can I trust essay writing services since my friend got cheated?” My answer is, ask your friend what service cheated on him/her and google it. Then, go to questions no. 4 and 5 and investigate that website according to my answers. There is a chance that that very essay writing service is not legit. If I’m right, tell him/her that next time he’ll/she’ll need a paper written, first he/she should take some time to explore the website. As far as your question is concerned, the fact that your friend got cheated doesn’t mean you’ll also end up the same. You might actually get an essay done fast, for a good price and without plagiarism. Thus, the risk might be worth taking.
I hope you’ll find my answers helpful. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me on I wish you a beautiful day and A+ papers! Emily
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    I ordered a couple of pages from Bid4Papers and Affordable Papers. Both worked for me.

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