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Edusson Review

Do you find yourself barely managing to write all your papers? Studying is a hard job. Not only do you have to stay up half a night in order to finish some of your essays, but also spend numerous hours in libraries doing research for your term papers. Sometimes it even happens that you don’t understand the topic or can’t figure out how to approach it, and so, you either pull your hair out from frustration or get depressed. Did you also experience that? For those who did, various help with homework websites opened their doors. They offer help with writing papers, researching topics, and a lot more. But, which service should you choose? Which platform should you trust? What do they offer? Today we’ll take a look at Edusson. We hope that you’ll find this Edusson review valuable and that it’ll help you decide if is the right website for you. Shall we begin? Edusson review

What does offer?

On you can order a variety of different papers. Unlike other essay writing services, Edusson does not only provide you with finished essays or dissertations but also with other types of written assignments. Check it out:
  • Essays and Papers (argumentative essay, admission essay, scholarship essay, case study, coursework, term paper, thesis, research paper, proposal, and summary),
  • Dissertations (also, annotated bibliography),
  • Reviews (articles, books, movies),
  • Articles,
  • Business Plans,
  • Projects (Capstone Project, Statistic Project),
  • Lab Reports,
  • Creative Writing and Critical Thinking,
  • Speeches,
  • Presentations.

Edusson trustpilot

Writing quality

Taking into account the cost of their papers, Edusson’s quality can be better. This website provides all kinds of assignments, but no one can tell how good your paper will be. For small assignments, like essays and reviews, a client may find minor mistakes and stylistic flaws. In large papers like dissertations or theses, you may come across improper structuring or missed references. When ordering a small assignment, you can get lucky and not need to chase your writer and support service, demanding to improve your writing. In any case, be ready to ask for a revision and to beg the writer to do some corrections. Even ordering a short essay, make sure you give detailed instructions about what you expect. Otherwise, you may get something totally different from what you need. Do the same thing for reviews, articles, lab reports, and presentations. When ordering larger papers, better leave instructions for every section. If you don’t give specifics, Edusson writers may use their own structure, which can be very different from what your teacher wants. On this website, writers often confuse instructions or misinterpret topics, which ruins the quality of the content. The Edusson paper writing service checks clients’ papers for plagiarism, so you do not have to be afraid of being accused of cheating. Still, the papers do not look unique. By ordering an essay from this website, you are going to get a paper without any innovative solutions or original ideas. The proficiency of their expert writers is unknown. They are most likely college students.

Prices is a bidding website, so you can’t possibly estimate how much you’ll pay for your paper. Bidding starts with $10 and can go up as soon as someone places a bid. However, if you have an urgent order, then, depending on the status of the writer you choose (Edusson top writers are more expensive than standard), you’ll pay:
  • Urgent (standard) – $42-48,
  • Urgent (premium) – $49-57,
  • Urgent (platinum) – $58-65.
How Does Edusson Work?

Edusson’s essay paper service works just like other legitimate essay paper platforms. First, you register and then place an order, with details such as the number of pages or words, topics, and the deadline you want to get it by. Then, you choose from a list of writers- they have a name, the number of completed orders, and a profile photo, as well as a ‘chat’ and ‘hire’ button.

After reading through the essay, you can then release the funds or make a deposit if you’re satisfied. Last but not least, you can ask for a revision or leave a review to let others know how the writer or essay platform did.

Edusson Pros and Cons



  1. Free Features. You’d normally have to pay for running head, reference page, title page, and originality checks, but you won’t when you have your paper done on Edusson.
  2. 100% Original Paper. You get a plagiarism-free paper, which eliminates the risk of being caught having others do your homework or assignment.
  3. Legitimate Website. Edusson has a privacy policy page, as well as FAQs and other things that make the platform legit.


  1. Not Too Much Online Reviews. Edusson has been around for a while, but on the internet, there are very few writing services reviews about the platform. As such, you’ll probably have to risk making a deposit to try out the platform’s writing quality and if they would turn in a good paper.
  2. Moneyback Guarantee. Few essay service sites have a moneyback guarantee, but as it turns out Edusson is one of them. Placing an order is free, and you’re only required to make a deposit if you want to get the paper submitted by the writer.

Does this company has any discounts or a loyalty program?

No, it doesn’t.

Is there anything special to be found on the website?

Yes, indeed, there is. Edusson offers free self-help resources as well as essay samples. It’s also got a mobile application.

Can you contact it for more details?

Yes, you can. If you have any questions about their services, your order or if you’d like to learn more about how to place a bid, you can always contact Edusson on chat on their website or send them an email. The choice is yours.

Is Reliable?

When it comes to getting your essay paper done on time the platform is a bit of a hit-or-miss, depending on the writer you’ve chosen. In some cases, you’ll get an essay done before the deadline, while others will seemingly ignore you until the last minute. It’s recommended that you try several writers until you find one that produces quality work at a reasonable time.

What is Rating?

In the end, Edusson has a slightly good rating due to several reasons. One, there’s a money-back guarantee and you get a wealth of free tools to go with your order. Second, you’ll get an original paper you won’t have any trouble submitting to your professor or teacher.

Is it Legit, Good or Scam?

Edusson sitejabber Edusson provides nice services provided by college students. Be sure to give specific instructions as to what you would want to happen or else they would assume what the project is all about. That is never good news because if the format is all wrong then you would have no choice but to request a revision. When that happens, you know you are going to waste time but they will do it in a fast manner anyway. Don’t expect a perfect paper coming from them though as there will be a few mistakes scattered all over the paper. When you can’t really stand those minor mistakes then it would be better to look elsewhere although we can say they are only human so they can make mistakes. However, they are providing an essay writing service so you should get more out of them. Thus, you better not expect that much when you hire them. They’re definitely not a scam but they are not the best out there. They are going to give it their best shot but it is apparent there are a lot better writers who can give you your money’s worth. The truth is their service is something that you would desire when you like their essay samples. It is also nice how they have a mobile app so it would be easy to know the status of your order. It would also not be that hard to order from them no matter where you are thanks in large part to their mobile app. In order to know what to expect from them then you can always ask them about it by chatting them up on their website. It is no secret you are going to get the answers you are looking for when you do that.

Final thoughts

Is a scam website? It doesn’t seem to be. It offers a variety of great services, customer support, and some special features. However, the lack of discounts and a loyalty program can be a big disadvantage. Also, the fact that it’s a bidding website makes prices unpredictable. You might pay very little for your essay as well as quite a lot. It all depends on the bidding. On the other hand, you know perfectly well how much you’ll pay if you have an urgent order. But, the prices might not be affordable to many students.

TL;DR Version of Edusson Review:

Edusson review
  1. Tammy says:

    Edusson paper writing service did not impress me. I ordered a 5-page research paper in finance here and I hoped to forget about this task. But it was not easy. First, I did not like the writer. We argued a lot about the price and I asked to assign my order to another writer. The other specialist did not specialize in finance, but he agreed to write this paper. Then, my order was delivered past the deadline. Besides, I discovered that I needed it to be revised, which meant I was terribly late for submission. The writer did not take money for a revision, but still, I felt the paper was not good enough. I decided not to use Edusson next time.

    If you ask me, timely delivery is a must for essay writing services. I would not pay money if this task was not urgent. It’s a shame essay writers do not cherish time of their clients and still charge considerable sums for orders that come late. The cost is another issue, but I generally agree to pay money for the paper well-written. Unfortunately, this website left me disappointed. I would search for another service that cares more about deadlines and quality of papers.

  2. Br_Texas says:

    I’ve had difficulties with contacting support service on this website. I wanted to call, but they did not answer. I waited for 20 minutes until they answered in the live chat. I wanted service operators to explain what happened to my order. I saw the finished status in my profile, but the essay was nowhere to find. I checked the spam box as well. When the service operators saw my order, they told me that the writer has not even finished working on it yet. Unfortunately, the due date was close and I was afraid to be late.

    When the essay finally came, I saw that it did not meet my instructions. The writer must have misunderstood something, and I asked to rewrite this essay. The service did not charge for a revision, and the paper still came on time. I’m glad that my issue resolved fast. However, I do not have enough nerve to deal with such issues. When I place an order, I want the writer to work on it and not bother me. Instead, I spent a long time communicating with support service and with the writer. For the money I paid, the service could work better.

  3. Brian says: is not that bad, though the website has some flaws. I filled in the order form for about half an hour because it is extremely inconvenient. Customer support does not answer in live chat. It took my writer another 8 hours to complete the revision. I mean these are not great disadvantages, but all of them make me annoyed. I pay a price and expect the service to be smooth. Maybe the website will improve over some time.

  4. Tammy92 says:

    I did not like I bought a research paper in finance, and the writer has proven himself really incompetent. Not the best service if you do not know your subject but expect your writer to be better at it. Perhaps, they hired some college students who do not have much experience in writing. I could have written such paper myself and get money for it. All in all, do not recommend the website.

  5. Trevor says:

    I agree that the price is too high. I mean, who will buy a high school essay at $50??? For this money, the quality must be more than excellent, which is not the case of this website. Other websites start their price at $10, and customers still do not complain about their quality. I read this review and looked on the website–no discounts available. I have no intention to buy my paper here, I would rather search for cheap alternative.

  6. Booker says:

    The service is alright. I think all paper writing websites have flaws. However, customer support could work faster. I honestly waited half an hour before they answered me in chat. I did not like to make calls because I get anxious.

    But I had only 8 hours deadline, and if the service is so slow, I could not potentially meet it. Support service solved my problem, and I received my paper today. No complaints about the quality.

  7. Tuck76 says:

    I placed an order on Edusson but I do not know what happens with it! There is no information in my personal account. Did this happen to anyone else?

    1. Trevor says:

      Did you try calling their support service? They can be slow in online chat so I recommend to make a phone call.

      1. Tuck76 says:

        Yes, I called but I could not understand what they say. The operator speaks with a distinct accent, like Indian or something.

  8. Boogie says:

    This is one of the most accurate Edusson reviews I could find on the internet. The quality of writing is low, as for me.

  9. one_tenth says:

    Edusson service is really expensive. $40 for a page is too much! Even if you bid for a paper, the price rarely makes less than $30.

  10. Jerry97 says:

    Maybe not the best service I bought my papers from but quite fair. I asked the writer to do a revision, and it’s fine. The price may be expensive.

    1. one_tenth says:

      Expensive? The price is just ridiculous! I would not spend more than $20 for a high school paper. And I cannot imagine how much a term paper may cost.

      1. Jerry97 says:

        Price is one thing. I would like a higher quality for a paper written by professionals. However, no one knows who these “experts” really are.

  11. opposite says:

    My English 101 essay came late! Why should I pay money to people who do not value my time? I do not recommend this website.

  12. Kevin says:

    i had 4 assessments to do, i paid for a premium writer (Prof, PhD) and i still failed all of them, the writers do not follow the instructions and poor quality, i lost more than $900 of this website, i used them because i had a health problem and i could not attend my classes or do my assessments.
    when i got my results (Failed all 4 subjects) i emailed Edusson support and they told me that they will revise them ASAP. However next day when i asked about updates, they told me that all the 4 writers are not working anymore with them, all they said they can not help me at all. PLEASE AVOID!!!!!

  13. Marco says:

    They have a support team who will attend to all your needs in a hurry. They know what needs to be done in order to produce high-quality work. If I would give them a rating with 10 being the highest, I would give them an 11 since they are that good.

  14. Donna says:

    For those who want to get some high-quality academic writing, they are the perfect people for the job. What’s scary about them is that they are still young so the sky is the limit for their future.

  15. Patrick says:

    Their highly trained customer service team were pretty nice. The person I talked to guided me from the start until the end. Needless to say, they did not let me down one bit.

  16. Dean Smith says:

    Out of all the writing companies I have come across, this one is the best by a huge margin. They certainly know what they are doing when it comes to academic writing.

  17. Laura says:

    I found the services provided by the company to be satisfactory. They had reasonable response times and the quality of the work was good. They kept me updated on the progress of our assignment and were always willing to help.

  18. Natalie says:

    The services provided by the company were satisfactory. They provided good customer service and were always timely with their responses. The turnaround time was good and they did a good job of keeping us up to date on the progress of our project.

  19. David says:

    I recently ordered on this company to take care of a essay for me and was pleased with the results. They were very knowledgeable, efficient and their communication was excellent. Highly recommend their services!

  20. Elton says:

    This company provided me with remarkable service. They were considerate of my requirements and ultimately delivered a great result. I would recommend them for their excellent service.

  21. Marta Chester says:

    I’ve been using this company’s services for a while now and have been disappointed with the results. They have consistently delivered low-quality work at an expensive price. I would not recommend their services.

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