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Essay Shark Review Overview 2023: Legit, Safe or Scam?

Essay Shark is one of the most popular custom essay writing services on the market. Many students from all over the world trust it and ask its professional academic writers to help them deal with essays and other academic papers. This review will give you a general idea of their services, special features, prices, and principles of their work.

About EssayShark

Essayshark is a company where academic writers bid on your assignment, and it’s you who decides which writer suits your requirements and expectations best. You pick a writer, contact him directly and discuss all details and deadlines of your work. It helps you understand whether this person is professional enough to write your essay; such a scheme lets a customer avoid all worries about getting their work done on time. Giving this essay writing service review, we could not forget to mention the high quality of writings provided by Essay Shark. This company checks all writers before they join their professional team of native speakers with rich academic writing experience. Yes, it’s you who picks a writer to deal with your assignments, but you should not worry about picking a bad one: does not work with poor writers for sure. is essayshark safe


As well as many other custom writing services, Essay Shark deals with lots of categories and helps you write academic papers of different types and levels: high school essays, college essays, academic essays, theses, admission essays, term papers, CV services, presentations, research papers, reviews of all types, etc. Plus, you may ask them to edit or proofread your work: these services are also available. In addition to that, look at one of the assignments writing services.


Essay Shark review would not be complete without the information about their price policy. As we’ve mentioned already, writers bid on your project here, so you’ll not find any lists of set prices on their website. You will pay what bidders offer: post your assignment to the system and let writers bid for the right to write it for you. As far as you understand, your chances to get a better price are very high here; so, this system works in your favor for sure. On the other side, you can’t rely on this writing service when it comes to short deadlines: there is always time between posting your project, getting bids for it, and picking a writer. The lowest price allowed is $7.50 per page.

Customer Support

Speaking about the support team, their work is not as smooth as expected. It may take you more than 10 minutes to get in touch with the company’s representatives. Besides, there’s no guarantee that you will get all the information you need at once. There’s every chance you will have to call one more time to clarify the rest of the details, like if the needed writer is available or whether there’s an expert in your subject. In addition, it is necessary to say that its staff is not always responsible for giving extensive answers about its refund policy. Consequently, they can’t solve issues connected with providing compensation as quickly as possible. Also, in some cases, support staff either speaks bad English, is occasionally rude with customers, provides insufficient information about the service, or can’t solve difficulties in a couple of minutes. Such situations were not a common case but you should keep it in mind too.

What will you really get from this writing company?

On this website, you can get a paper of good quality. Yet, sometimes there are cases when EssayShark reviews are not so favorable. In addition, their bidding system does not always seem to be advantageous for customers. For example, when a customer already knows a writer and wants to maintain cooperation with a particular academic specialist, they do not always have the possibility to hire the same expert again. Moreover, the desired writer can be unavailable when needed. essayshark writers Also, many customers worry about if Essayshark is legit. Occasionally, users of this service wanted to gian more guarantees, like free revisions or refunds. But they could either get only a partial refund or couldn’t get it at all. As a result, students have to search for new custom writing websites to have their papers on time. In addition, not all the papers you can have from EssayShark are flawless. Some of them can contain minor mistakes or are based on unreliable sources. Additionally, from time to time, writers misinterpret instructions and complete assignments different from what was requested. Any of these reasons made users’ grades lower. So, you should be aware of these details and mind them when you think of hiring academic assistance from this website.

How Legit Is Essayshark

EssayShark is an extremely reliable and legit assignment writing service. The quality of writing they deliver is at par with the market standards. Even though their transparency level can be moved to a level higher, the contentment among general customers seems to be genuine. The superlative part is that you can negotiate the pricing of the orders with your chosen writer directly without any middle man coming in. You can also request perks and discounts from the writer. EssayShark is a large marketplace for professional and highly talented writers for delivering fast and easy service to select and subsequently hire a writer as per your budget. What makes EssayShark more legit is that you may also request refunds if you are not completely satisfied with the delivered order.

Can You Get Caught Using Essay Shark?

The service is EssayShark has been on the market for quite some time and you can rest assured that you will not receive caught using their services. It is generally safe and trustworthy and no user of EssayShark will ever come to know about the writers and the projects you hired for. Such is their privacy policy.

Is Essayshark A Scam?

essayshark sitejabber The power of EssayShark writing service lies in their inspiration to create a reliable writing service. But the issue is that there are writers who do not have the qualification to write your paper. And they will bid for your paper so you should choose wisely. It’s important to interview the prospective writers thoroughly before you shell out your money. If you are not careful, then you run the risk of opting for the wrong writer and the quality of the writing may go for a toss.

Is The Ordering Process A Hassle?

You will be given an order form that would take only a minute to complete. You can include some basic details about the order. The order process can be hectic since the writers interested in bidding for your project hail from varying time zones and thus, they will take time to revert back. You will be wasting around 1.5 days in your effort to find a good writer. It implies that even if you are giving them a long time for completion of the work, they will have less time to complete the task. This process is not applicable for orders that are urgent and have a deadline of 48 to 72 hours.

TL;DR Version of the EssayShark Review:

If yet hesitating whether to use EssayShark, read other reviews of best essay writing services by OmniPapers. Update: Hat tip to my audience for sharing recent updates on! Now you can hire an expert to help you with your exact disciplines assignments. The number of assignment types is large, so it can suit your needs.
  • Accounting
  • Architecture and Design
  • Astronomy
  • Aviation
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • IT/Web
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
Screenshot of page with assignments help
Plus, EssayShark has developed an app that helps to order any paper you need wherever you are. The progress makes every process mobile today, so it’s easier and more comfortable for all students to place a bid, using their smartphones.  
  With some essential features of this app from EssayShark, you can:
  • describe your task and place an order
  • order bidding
  • choose the best writer
  • keep in touch with your writer 24/7
  • track your order progress
  • pay from your mobile device
Screenshot of page with essayshark app
So, it seems that EssayShark keeps improving its services!
  1. FormerEssaySharkWriter says:

    I used to be a writer for essay shark but the income is horrible. They give you 30% so when the price is around $40 or $60 we basically only get $10 or $18 for pretty much a three-four page paper. If you live in America then that’s the worse income ever because we’re like teachers- we spend hours just to make you a flawless paper and in return get $10 or $18 dollars which sucks. In Asia or other foreign countries that may be a lot compared to a real job- but if essay shark wants to have people making better papers they should really compensate them better and quit hogging all the money out of their 11,000 writers.

    1. Tina says:

      If you managed to find a better service to work for, would you kindly share which exactly? Thank you in advance, I will really appreciate:)

  2. Amy says:

    Emily, thanks for the commitment! Really appreciate!

    googled for Essay Shark reviews. All I found was spammy pages with some random info and referral links 🙁

    And then I found your page. Not only it helped my to change my mind but also to cover me during finals…

    just used another service with higher ratings. happy with it!

  3. guyfromthenet says:

    I used this service. Can’t say that it sucks; can’t say that it’s awesome.
    Just average……

  4. CHris says:

    read the review. not sure now.

  5. AaronCycle says:

    it’s my first time visiting your site and I’m very interested. Thank you for sharing and keep up 😉

  6. BruceMP says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  7. BruceJet says:

    I want you to help I can’t do my essay by myself

    1. Emily says:

      Sure BruceJet,

      Try the Top5 box on the top of the page – these are the services I’ve personally tested and approved.
      Or check the reviews posted on the website – that’s a longer way, but then you’ll make the best choice for your own current circumstances.

  8. Beabois says:

    When describing my experience of working with EssayShark service I can say, that it was more troublesome than positive. I’m not the best student in my group and I know it. This is why I wanted to get efficient writing aid from someone, whose English is perfect, and who can write fast and well. After submitting my order on the company’s website, I was sure that the work will be done smoothly and timely. Yet, a couple of complexities seemed to slow the writing process down. First, a member of the support team didn’t get me right and thought that I needed a 5-page report. But actually, I needed a 21-page thesis. Guys, do I really speak such bad English? Or is your English even worse than mine?
    Secondly, I had difficulties with selecting a proper writer for my paper. It seemed to me as if all the experts were not of the British origin, as it was promised on the website.
    Finally, as I checked my paper, I noticed a couple of paragraphs which were plagiarized. That was too much for me! Guys, what about “writing authentic papers from scratch”? Was it a scam? Should I give your service a second chance and take a risk again?

  9. JonesPol says:

    Many of my friends are busy with their families and jobs. So, they need help with their homework quite often. I have heard about EssayShark for more than once and decided to try out this academic help myself. At first, I felt quite optimistic about hiring experts to work on my assignment. It was a course work on technologies. To tell you the truth, this subject is rather complicated for me this is why I was looking for competent help with it. But no writer placed their bids to do the research for more than 3 days. I thought they were kidding! Right when I wanted to place my request with another writing company there was one expert who agreed to study the issue. My question is: Is it common practice with this writing service? Do other customers also have to wait for so long to find someone who will help them with their task which can be urgent?

  10. Eric says:

    I wasn’t quite satisfied with the text of my study, that’s why I’ve decided to write this EssayShark review. At times it sounded insufficient. It was lacking accuracy and contained some violations in formatting. Since this paper was very important for me, I wanted to avoid all the possible risks and I aimed the expertise to be of the highest quality. This is why I decided to hire a professional. Yet, the results I have received were rather discouraging than satisfying. So, I have lost 7 days while waiting for my results and had to improve the text with the help of an online editor. Additionally, I had to look for some strong arguments and objective facts, since my writer was already working on another task.

  11. Mon1994 says:

    From your academic website, I have got quality paper writing up to my topic. Although, the price was higher than I initially assumed. This happened because for some reason, my writer was changed from “The best available” to “Advanced”. This disappointed me a bit. I wonder why the support representatives didn’t find another expert from the same category, which I paid for, to work on my order. I didn’t plan any extra expenses.

  12. Kevin221 says:

    Well, when I placed my order on this website, I wanted to get a thorough and well-written research paper. In my instructions, I asked a writer to explore the topic in detail and to disclose the peculiarities of it. But what I got, was a 10-page report, where an expert hardly touched upon the main issue of the study. Though the material was relevant to the theme, it was not what I actually asked about. So, I will think twice before using this academic service again.

  13. Mark says:

    Despite my essay was 1 day later than expected, I still managed to present it on time. But next time I will be more careful and probably will select a longer due date.

  14. Trav94 says:

    The biding system is not the best thing I like about this writing service. I would rather figure out the price for my paper based on its details than upon the fees the writers offer themselves.

    1. Tacko says:

      Totally agree with you! Here’s what I wrote after I received my paper:
      “Writer, thank you for preparing the task quickly. Yet, you have used some untrustworthy sources. As a result, my grade for the paper was lower, since my teacher is very strict about a bibliography.”

      1. Trav94 says:

        Funny that you mentioned that, that’s what I wrote after I received my order:”Hi, everyone! Thank you for completing my order. But you know, I found a couple of inaccuracies in its content. I had to correct them myself, since there was no time left to request a revision.”

  15. Wilmot Powers says:

    Their top-notch customer service team would be pretty excited to help you out. You must tell the person you talk to about the essay that you want to be made and he or she will reveal the next steps. It won’t be long before you will get an essay that will exceed all expectations.

  16. Equality says:

    Once you find out how good their quality of writing is, you won’t believe how much they will charge you. That is great value for money for the quality you are going to get from them. The next step would be getting their email address so you can find out how you can avail of their services.

  17. Pat says:

    I would highly recommend them to students who need cheap writing services. Visit the site to know more about them today.

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