CoolEssay Review 2023 [Score: 8.8/10] Expectations that meet reality

CoolEssay Review Overview 2023: Legit, Safe or Scam?

It’s so great to see that more and more people are doing thoughtful solutions when it comes to finding talented writers and assignments performers. Today, we want to analyze if CoolEssay is a service worth mentioning. We’ve checked if it matches the description of safe and legit website for students in the real life. Also, we looked under the hood, at the payments methods to see if they are reliable and secure. Testimonials, sale or discount activities, and plagiarism-free papers of CoolEssay are described right in this article, so let’s start! CoolEssay Review

CoolEssay: The service your best friend has told you about

CoolEssay is one of the most popular websites for buying assignments for students anywhere. The company provides writing, editing, and proofreading services in more than 75 disciplines and even helps with business correspondence. The CoolEssay team employs more than 500 writers, almost 100 of them are supervisors, and around 150 are advanced writers of the highest level. Also, they have a customer support department that cares about the worries and issues of customers. Such a variety of services may cause a distraction, but if you know for sure what you need, then the order form will be an easy quest for you. As is an online service, this form is the only way to send them your request. It saves your time and minimizes your contact with other people considering the order. Another advantage of this service is a confidentiality guarantee that wasn’t broken a single time, according to the positive testimonials of the customers. This point is important for each student. We also remind you that it’s inappropriate to buy essays and use them directly, not for educational purposes. These guys are caring about the confidentiality of your data from their most prepared digital fortress. See also: coursework writing service list

CoolEssay promo code & coupon: Can I get one?

We’ve reviewed the website of CoolEssay from top to bottom, and we haven’t found any detailed information about the coupons they provide. Only about discounts. But it’s no surprise, as this company sends coupons only to current clients. Each coupon typically includes some free pages for your next order. The reason behind this strict discount policy is that the pricing policy is quite flexible and customer-oriented. Let us explain why we say so:
  1. Because of the high quality of the papers that CoolEssay provides, the work of experienced and talented writers can’t be poorly paid. Nevertheless, they are doing hard work of balancing prices for keeping them affordable for any student.
  2. Constant discounting decreases the level of trust in the service itself, so they are extremely careful with it. And send you promo codes and coupons only when there’s a reason for that.
  3. There are a lot of complementary services besides writing, like editing and proofreading. Thus, this service is stimulating their customers to study by themselves and helps them with improvements. Also, you can order your paper in advance to decrease the price. A longer deadline means a lower price for the whole order. Isn’t it better than any kind of discount?
If you’re a discount hunter, become a customer of CoolEssay first. And who knows, maybe you won’t need any off-prices again.

CoolEssay review: Reasons to choose their services

Aside from the features, we’ve mentioned above, there are still some more reasons why this service is worth your attention. Let’s briefly mention them here:
  • Free inquiry option
If you are not sure if your topic can be professionally covered by the writers, you may request a free inquiry for your topic and get more information on deadlines and writers that are available at the moment.
  • Before-the-deadline delivery
This service is famous for its respect for the terms of your requests. They are doing everything possible to write all your papers in time. That’s a killer feature for the students who are not so aware of time management.
  • Money-back policy
CoolEssay has a bunch of cases that will be solved with a partial or full refund. And if you look at testimonials, even the pickiest customers got their money back if they were unsatisfied with a paper.
  • Secure payment methods
You may choose from different payment methods that work globally. They are selected by because of their reliability and the high availability of their services. Choose up to your preferences.
  • Personal order page with verified updates
This is a handy tool created for customers to check the status of their order and contact the support guys or a writer directly. Typically, services don’t allow contacting their experts until the work is done because don’t want to mess with additional edits. But this service doesn’t afraid of such things, as they are pretty much confident in their writers’ skills. If you still have any doubts, review the website yourself to get familiar with its style and contact people who are working there. It’s the most reliable way to understand if the service fits you or not. CoolEssays

Ordering Process

Ordering from Cool Essay is rapid and straightforward. You can kick things off by picking your desired paper variety. You can pick between categories such as term paper, research paper, research proposals and argumentative essays. Once you make that choice, you can pick your specific education level. You can pick between high school, undergraduate, master’s and doctoral educations. Finally, you can pick your desired number of pages and timeframe. Your time options start at four hours and end at 14 days. You can hit the “place an order” button and submit your payment details.

Prices and Fees

Prices and fees that are available through CoolEssay differ depending on number of desired pages, paper academic level, deadline and “extra” features. A high school paper may cost an individual $10.00 for each page. A college one may cost an individual more. It’s crucial to note that prices that are accessible don’t come with primary research. cool essay prices Customers sometimes adjust paper instructions after the site has given their projects to writers. This may involve an extra fee of anywhere between 30 and 70 percent of the beginning price.

Pros and Cons

It can help to analyze the pros and cons of essay writing services. This company brings many advantages to the table. People appreciate its budget-friendly rates. They also appreciate that the company presents users with complimentary revisions that are valid for 10 days. Users can even ask for 10 percent discounts. Some people discuss the drawbacks of this company, too. Some users indicate that the majority of the writers aren’t native English speakers. They indicate that the caliber of the papers they order isn’t ideal. Many individuals state that the website presents them with customer support that’s rapid. Despite that, they say that the support leaves much to be desired otherwise. pros and cons


Can I expect the paper from CoolEssay to be unique?

Yes, it’s one of the main promises of this service. When you send a request for a paper, the writers of CoolEssay start doing it from a blank page. Also, they don’t use any additional essay bases or previously-made papers. That’s a truly scientific approach to the task. When the paper is ready, they check it with a plagiarism checker to provide you with surely unique essay.

Is CoolEssay trustable?

Yes, with all the guarantees they offer, testimonials created by real customers, and their own efforts in distinguishing good writing companies from those who want to trick you. If you have any doubts about some mechanisms of how their services work, you can just chat with anyone who’s online from their customer support.

Is this service expensive?

It should be mentioned that it’s not the cheapest of all writing services. CoolEssay has a nice price-quality balance. And the price policy is transparent and described in detail on the website. This service will surely be expensive for those who want to cheat with papers, and won’t be expensive for those who want to invest in their studying with first-class essays.

Is CoolEssay legal?

Yes, it’s totally legal, with all contacts and addresses displayed. They have nothing to hide, as providing studying materials and doing research for the request can’t be prohibited. It’s always up to you how efficiently you’ll use anything you buy from such a company. Even if the paper you get is unique, you have to add some more effort to make it a part of your own knowledge and skill. coolessay legal

TL;DR Version of CoolEssay Review:

Coolessay review
Published by Emily
Posted Apr 21, 2022
  1. brian says:

    I was very nervous about going to a new high school in a new country where my parents moved to find work. They had lost their jobs. We were all nervous, as this country spoke a different language that was completely foreign to us. We were in the midst of learning it. My proficiency in the language was growing. But I was having a hard time doing the essays that the teacher required of the students. That is why this essay service was a good solution and it was so helpful. Also, the privacy policy of this company really had put my mind at ease. Indeed, Cool Essay was a great help to me.

  2. Glad says:

    When I was considering various essay writing services to use for my different essays for many classes, I chose to use the writing services of Cool Essay. It provided the most detailed information on its site. The prices seem to be fair. Then when I actually got my essay back from the writer, it was so well written and I was truly impressed. My professor wrote a note on my essay about the fact that the essay was well structured and supported all of the key points well.

  3. Mario says:

    I highly recommend Cool Essay for those who are wondering which essay writing services are reliable. I am totally impressed by this company that makes sure that high school students are happy with their essays. This company offers amazing service and is highly reputable.

  4. Sylvia says:

    I really liked dealing with this essay writing company, because its writing services are professional and the essays are always delivered on time. The various writers who wrote over ten essays for me all followed my instructions exactly. This company is definitely worth using for all your essay writing needs.

  5. Sophia says:

    I was very pleased with the quality of the reviews on the website. The writer was knowledgeable and provided detailed information that was helpful. I was able to make an informed decision based on the reviews.

  6. Ellen says:

    I was impressed by the website’s reviews. The writer provided comprehensive information that was clear and easy to understand. The quality was far superior to other websites I have used for reviews.

  7. Frederick says:

    I really liked the quality of the reviews on the site. The author was knowledgeable and gave a deep analysis that is easy to understand. I was able to make an informed decision based on the feedback.

  8. Brian says:

    As a student, I was very pleased with the quality of the reviews on the website. The coolessay writers were knowledgeable and provided detailed information that was very helpful. I was able to make an informed decision based on the reviews.

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