I hate writing essays – how do I deal with it?

Very few of us actually enjoy writing. Even the greatest writers procrastinate, experience creative blocks, and occasionally wish they did something else for a living. As a college student, you cannot avoid writing essays no matter what your major is. However, there is a good chance you can tolerate doing homework, and not go mad when teachers assign papers to you. Are you looking for a practical way to solve the “I hate writing essays” problem? We have selected a few ideas on this question to explore and hopefully ease your pain.

How to not hate writing when it’s all that you do at college?

It’s impossible not to despise something that you don’t like but are required to keep doing regularly. Our tips will help you make writing bearable and allow you to finish your homework fast instead of staring at a blank page for hours. Are you convinced that you will hate essays forever? These coping strategies might make you change your mind. i hate writing essays

Mix writing with other activities

Students who hate writing papers usually dwell on this problem a lot. They see a writing assignment and imagine working on it for ages. But thinking about how your essay will keep you captive for the rest of the day is too much stress, so it is better to shift your focus. Start treating each essay like a minor writing task (which is actually true) that can hardly be considered the biggest challenge in your curriculum. You have other homework to do, after all, and cannot allow yourself to spend days on writing this one. If you can’t just sit down and finish this essay in a couple of hours, take smaller steps and write 50 to 100 words every now and then. You can do your daily chores or other homework in between. This will prevent you from sitting and staring at the blank page for the whole day. It’s okay if you need more time to rethink what you know or get some extra inspiration elsewhere.

Reveal your creative self whenever you can

Unless you are covering scientific research or starting to write your Ph.D. thesis, there may be some room for creativity in your essay. Most college writing tasks are actually assigned in order to let you share your opinions on various issues, so it won’t be that hard to say what you think in them. Besides, students are usually a creative lot, and it will be easier for you to write if you have to develop a new solution to a problem rather than stuff your paper with pre-existing scholarly arguments addressing it. Keep this in mind in case you have the chance to choose an essay topic yourself.

Believe in yourself at all times

Perhaps you’re not the fastest essay writer out there, and maybe your writing doesn’t always get the top grade. However, if you believe that your work is good and worthwhile, your performance is very likely to improve. It often happens that great artwork fails to receive immediate appreciation upon its initial release, and there could be a million reasons why your teacher undervalues your writing. Your job is to move forward at your own pace, and never give up just because someone gives you a D today. Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to perform better in your essay. A self-confidence is a powerful tool that helps you cope with plenty of your own fears and weaknesses. You will never be able to stop hating essays if you consider yourself a lousy writer. To combat this attitude, consider your strong points. Think about what you do best and what writing tricks you can use to make this essay special.

Limit your time for writing

Some students take an excessive amount of time to write a high-quality paper, spending days and nights procrastinating or waiting for a brilliant idea to strike. If you are one of them, be ready for when that daytime exhaustion and hatred towards any kind of writing strikes you instead. Of course, it’s important not to write all of your papers at the last minute, but you also have to make sure you don’t attempt to spend the whole night writing a single essay. Set a deadline for yourself, even if none exists. Commit to finishing a small task in an hour or two, because you probably have other plans for the evening. If you don’t spend more time on writing than necessary, the process itself will become less stressful and more productive.

Read a lot

If you have ever wondered what it takes to become a great writer, you have probably realized that it takes a lot more than just an English class. You certainly need some basic writing skills, like paragraphing, formatting, and error-free language, but ultimately it is what you read that directly determines what kind of writer you will become. The first step to becoming a better writer is identifying your circle of interests and periodically reading some articles on those subjects in your free time. In the 21st century, the world is changing at a terrific speed, and you simply cannot know everything. But aim to discover a little bit more about something every day, and after a while, you will find yourself able to speak on a variety of topics. Think of it as one of the many other advantages of essay writing.

Work out your writing muscle, but do it wisely

Writing involves a bit of science, a bit of art, and a bit of luck since you never know whether your task will be on something you’re already familiar with until it’s sitting in front of you. Through this method, there is always a chance to learn something new and improve your writing skills, or at least change your attitude towards essays from hateful to tolerant. If that is something you would like to achieve, be prepared to learn new things consistently. This will help you perform extremely well while taking an exam, where, for instance, you have to write a striking piece in a prohibitively short period of time. However, do not push yourself over the limit when learning how to write. Focus on getting a little bit of information on everything and making your points on various subjects. Once you have mastered that skill, the right words will come to you on their own, and it will no longer be painful to write pages on topics that have already been discussed a million times.
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Posted Jul 13, 2020

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