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Education has never been cheap, and to get a college degree while keeping up with the latest job landscape is not a walk in the park. brings you a popular online educational platform that lets you have a higher education degree without the need to leave the comfort of your couch. This site is soaring in popularity as it provides an excellent choice for transferring college credits to the real life from the site. This platform is equipped with affordable pricing, certified courses, knowledgeable teachers, and a wide assortment of disciplines. From this article, you can seek information about Please check out! Reviews

It is regarded as an average online learning platform, which has a bit of everything. This site has undergone tremendous evolution from its inception. According to reviews, happens to be a one-stop portal that includes subject explanations, college lectures, and lessons from the university learning, certified professors. reviews It is regarded as a well-renowned education platform that comes up with engaging and short videos lessons, as designed by professionals. It is useful to the students in excelling academically. In addition, it helps in transferring the credit from the website to the educational establishment. This platform hosts a plethora of programs on various topics. It has the flexibility to earn the degree with the completion of 75percent courses online, after which the credits are transferred to the partner college. This platform has entered into partnerships with a variety of American colleges, like Fordham University, Cornell University, to name a few. According to a review, this educational platform offers assistance to the students in improving their grades. In addition, the students can prepare themselves to appear for the tests and earn the credits, after which you can transfer them to a plethora of universities and colleges. In addition, they introduce work at home opportunities for the leading professionals in different fields, such as Physics, Science, Maths, History, Psychology, Business, to name a few. This online platform offers more than 50,000 articles and 25,000 video lessons to a vast assortment of teachers and students each month.

How Much is Pay?

Working at as a contractor or educator, you can expect to get paid anywhere between $50 to $80, depending on the subject and your expertise. Typically, a subject assignment or paper will get you $80on long forms. Shorter lessons and articles pay an average of $60 or less. There are some cases where you get paid $40 for quick and easy lessons. Granted, it’s a bit lower than other writing platforms but it makes for a sufficient side gig if you want to be productive during your spare time. The good news is that the time you spend on is fairly flexible- you won’t need to stay for 8 hours or so just to get paid. You can browse through available requests, read the instructions, and gauge if you could do the work, then accept the assignment and start your research. All in all, it should take you anywhere between 1-2 hours to write a major topic in about two to three thousand words. Once approved, you get paid and a employee will review your work and leave feedback. Aside from the flexible schedule, you’ll have the freedom to choose from a variety of assignments and turn down the ones on offer. For instance, if you don’t like math but are good at English or History, then you can just pick the English assignments for the day and leave the rest. You can try to dabble in other subjects, but keep in mind that you will probably spend longer trying to research and absorb extra knowledge to write or craft a well-written paper. Since you work online you only need a computer and an internet connection to apply for a job. Chances are that you’ll get accepted fairly quickly and gain access to the pay rate that educators are getting on the platform. Unfortunately, there’s no pay raise or promotion feature here, which means that although you get paid it’s highly likely that you’ll get the same rate even when you’ve worked for for a year.  

Examples of Jobs

A quick look at the website reveals that the platform is hiring a lot of educators in a wide variety of subjects and niches. accepts educators, editors, and writers from all over the world, including remote and those who live outside the US. Some of the requirements for jobs overlap, and there’s no rule saying that you can’t apply for multiple jobs. However, you should apply first for the job that you’re a perfect fit for, and this will be your primary role. The type of jobs here range from lesson reviewers to SEO specialists, freelance writers, and math content specialists. There are also real estate writers, history lesson writers, and HR practice test writers. Business-related niches include advanced physics, business practice, business lessons, and lesson reviewers, among others. As expected, the requirements and qualifications change per role. A math content specialist will be tasked to contribute to online math lessons such as geometry, statistics, algebra, and basic arithmetic. The requirement is a bachelor’s degree, expert knowledge of math concepts, and strong writing skills. Furthermore, the job requires knowledge of Wiki code, HTML, and imaging software, as well as experience teaching at middle school, high school, or university levels. Then, a nursing practice test writer has a different set of requirements, such as a bachelor’s degree, knowledge of clinical experiences and nursing concepts, and writing skills. It’s expected that you will collaborate with people and respond quickly, as well as be able to accept feedback. Pay will be discussed once you apply and have passed the interview. Last but not least, a STEM expert content copyeditor will be tasked to contribute to the library in the following topics- physics, math, chemistry, biology, and statistics. You must have knowledge in STEM-related fields and know how to do some online research. has a definitive privacy policy you can read on their official website. This should succor you to gain an idea of what kind of jobs and the workplace environment the platform is trying to emulate. The process is relatively fast, and you’ll know whether you got the job or not in a few days up to several weeks.

Is Study.Com Legit

Do many people wonder if this site is legit? After reading the review, it appears that there are some concerns about whether is a scam. In one word, no! This platform is 100 percent legit. The teacher, student, and contract employees are sure to reap a lot of benefits from this platform. They come up with legitimate services and products. is legit Although it is credible, it is not the best choice either. The cancellation and billing are one such issue. The platform is going to hook the users with the free trial where you need to provide the credit card details. However, once the trial gets over, it is not easy for the students to get a refund and cancel. In addition, the charges will get deducted from the credit card each month. However, it is possible to get a full refund by writing an email to Another drawback is that the online platform will sell the details to for-profit colleges. If you do not want to get any sort of updates from the colleges, it is possible to unsubscribe easily. After undergoing a lot of researches, it can be said that this platform is a 100 percent legit and safe learning portal.

How Does The Platform Work? price Here are the pricing plans of this online platform:

Basic Edition

It is recognized to be a budget-friendly plan which provides different features. It is inclusive of limitless access to the video transcripts and lessons. You can buy this plan at $39.99 every month. It is considered to be an excellent choice for students who want some additional tutorial help.

Premium Edition

This plan is available at $59.99 price every month. In addition to the features of the Basic editions, including video lessons, this plan is inclusive of practice tests and short quizzes, which provide insights into the guidance level and master skills. Moreover, it is equipped with different tools which support to monitor the personal coaches, progress. It is possible to get access to the instructors in this plan. At times, you can get it at reduced rates with several discounts and coupons.

College Accelerator

This plan is considered to be the extension part of the previous plan. It allows the students to accomplish the college credit courses, which get certified by NCCRS and ACE. It is useful in saving a lot of money. It is possible to avail of the plan at $199.99 for every month.

Teacher Edition

This plan is available for about 250 students free of cost. You can buy this plan at $59.99 every month. This plan acts as the assistant for the teachers. Moreover, it offers assistance to the teachers for engaging with the aspirants out of the classroom with video lessons, courses, online comparatives, books, lesson schemes, to name a few. See also here: reliable essay writing service.

Enterprise Solutions

This plan offers programs for business organizations to professionalize their work. In addition, they provide an excellent option to earn a degree without breaking the wallet.


After extensive research, it can be said that scheduling is completely flexible. Hence, it is possible to work, catering to your needs.


  • This platform provides the prerequisite opportunity to learn a lot of new things as you try to research content creation.
  • Interacting and engaging with the students is believed to be a fund for a lot of people.
  • The majority of the jobs boast of a flexible nature. So, you will be capable of working from home without the need to worry about the job hours.
  • This platform has a very less workload.


  • Work seems to be monotonous at times.
  • You will not get any incentives, like travel holidays, paid leaves, insurance.
  • Inconsistent work trustpilot To cut a long story short, is a perfect learning option for aspirants looking for an excellent choice to earn college credit for freshmen. It offers outstanding job experience to the students. happens to be an online educational site, which offers assistance to the students during the whole educational journey. features a collection of useful lessons, videos, and quizzes for the aspirants. If you want to complete your studies in the digital age without visiting college days, you should try
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