Ways to Organize Your Home Writing Cabinet (Infographic)

Work from home can be much more time and energy consuming than work at the office; so, it is very demanding for self-organization. No matter what your profession is; whether you’re a writer, a designer, or an IT professional, it’s important to organize your writing office in a way it would be comfortable for you to take duties. Having all standing, you will know where to find a thing you need at this very moment; thus, a good writing office organization gives you a chance to become more productive. If you are a writer who has a home writing office, you are a lucky guy! This article will reveal all the secrets of writing cabinet organization to you, and it’s very important to know because physical clutter reduces the ability to focus. Taking into account these tips, you will turn your home office into a pleasant, efficient, and organized workplace. Apply all that, and even writing top essay writing services reviews become easier. [tweetthis]Your environment has a huge impact on how productive you are![/tweetthis] To cover this topic, I’ve prepared the Ways to Organize Your Home Writing Cabinet infographic for you to learn all the secrets and share them with your readers. Infographic: Your Writing Cabinet Organization Use this Embed Code for publishing the infographic at your website:

How to organize your writing desk

To organize your desk at home, clean it off, leaving only those things which are necessary for your everyday usage. It can be pens, pencils, documents, or some devices. Drawers organization is no less important: use the closest drawers for keeping the frontmost things, and put all the rest in distant drawers. [tweetthis]Getting rid of unnecessary things and organizing your desk, you increase your productivity by at least 15-20%.[/tweetthis]

Use stickers

Stickers are a good way to write down your ideas, notes, or important tasks. They are useful indeed: you can mount them on the computer screen, and they will always be in plain view. You’ll never forget to do anything written at your stickers.

Use office desk lamp to increase productivity

Working at the computer on evenings or nights, you should think of choosing a good office desk lamp. The best choice here would be a lamp with asymmetric light output: such light will be distributed evenly at a diagonal angle, thereby reducing interfering glare and reflection in the computer screen. It’s also important to have an office desk lamp with a dimmer that lets you regulate light intensity individually. To see how a dimmer works, you are welcome to check this awesome video. Color temperatures around 3500K-4000K stimulate brains and can influence your productivity. Usually, they can be found in the business environment. On the contrary, warm color temperatures of 2700K-3000K help you relax and create a more pleasant atmosphere. Put a light temperature in accordance with your needs. For example, use a cold white light color while writing a new chapter of your book or a new article for your blog: it will help you concentrate; a warm white light color is perfect for reading a favorite book in the evening: it will relax you and prepare for going to bed. [tweetthis]A desk lamp with 3500-4000K light is the best variant, as it braces up and stimulates cerebration[/tweetthis]

Reasons to have a plant at your desk

It’s not a secret that having some live desk plants helps you feel coziness at the workplace. But aesthetics is not the only reason to get them. Besides good mood, desk plants provide some more reasons to have them on your table:
  • plants clean the air in your room;
  • plants reduce stress;
  • plants increase productivity.
[tweetthis]Live plants on your writing desk clean the air and boost your spirits[/tweetthis]

How green tea can help you work smarter

Green tea is the healthiest beverage on earth, as it contains elements that have a positive impact on our bodies. Two elements should be mentioned more precisely than others: L-theanine and caffeine, when combined, make brains work better and help to stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, which is very important for writers whose work is considered monotonous in point of fact. Many people report having more stable energy and being much more productive when they drink green tea. [tweetthis]Green tea contains L-theanine and caffeine that lead to improving brain functions, boosting productivity[/tweetthis] Organizing your writing desk, remember about one simple but the essential rule: reboot your office every evening. Put all things to their place in order not to waste time and energy on looking for them the next morning. [tweetthis]Reboot your office every evening for better productivity[/tweetthis]

Organize your writing cabinet

Having organized your writing desk, don’t forget about your home office organization in general. It’s important:
  • to demark zones for work and relax;
  • to choose the right color for walls;
  • to place your table in a way to get more light during a day;
  • to buy a good computer;
  • not to forget about inspiration.

Create two zones

If you’ve got tired of computer work, it’s a good reason to go to the kitchen and make a cup of green tea. But if it doesn’t help, and you still don’t want to come back to your office chair and keyboard, try to divide your writing cabinet into two zones:
  • Zone 1: Computer work
  • Zone 2: Non-computer work
Zone 1 is a writing desk where you spend the main part of your working day. Zone 2 is a place to use for work not involving the computer. Having synchronized your smartphone or laptop with a computer, you can continue working on your article or book; but you will do that, laying on a cozy sofa: changing your body pose does a power of good.

Color of your cabinet impacts productivity

If the walls of your cabinet are painted gray or beige, it’s high time to change that. According to the University of Texas study, gray, beige and white walls cause sadness and depression, especially in women. It was said, colors can influence both our mood and productivity. Blue and green are the most common soothing colors of nature. They serve good for increasing effectiveness and motivation; moreover, they give a sense of well-being. Are your walls of the wrong color? It’s high time to go shopping and buy new paint or wallpapers. By the way, when I wrote this review, I noticed that customwritings.com design contained blue and green colors, too. I suppose these colors influence both their productivity and conversion of their landing page. [tweetthis]If you wanna become happier and more productive at work, blue and green colors will be a smart choice[/tweetthis]

Daylight is the best source of illumination

The recent study from the University of Texas and the San Marcos Nature Center proves there are three main factors that influence productivity: open windows, live plants, and daylight. People who work in daylight stay more physically active and concentrated than those working in artificial lighting. Also, the research of Mohamed Boubekri, Ph.D., proves that enough daylight impacts office workers’ health and well-being positively. Therefore, choose the place for your table carefully, while organizing your writing cabinet; make sure that you work in daylight as long as possible. [tweetthis]Those working in the daylight stay more concentrated and active by the evening than those working in the lamplight[/tweetthis]

Reasons to buy an All-in-One PC

Most users choose this type of computer as it combines advantages of both desktop PCs and laptops. The main benefits of an All-in-One PC include compactness and wireless work; the perfect decision would be to buy wireless keyboard and mouse as well to avoid all that cable hassle. An All-in-One PC is easy to set: plug in a keyboard and a mouse, power up – and start working. Being a writer, you better have a comp monitor with higher resolution to see more material with no need to scroll it up and down. As for recommended system requirements, 500Gb hard disc drive, 4Gb RAM, and 2Gb graphics card will be enough for you to do writing work. [tweetthis]All-in-one PC combines advantages of both PC and laptop, letting you clear some space from frustrating wires[/tweetthis]

Shelves will free some space on your table

Put some shelves for books and documents at your table to free some space on it.

Add inspiration

As a rule, average Joes have a vacation once a year, but we all would be happy to experience positive emotions and inspiration every day. That’s why do not forget adding something inspiring to your writing cabinet. For example:
  • put some motivational quote to a wall, so it could inspire you;
  • put some pictures of your relatives or kids at the table, so they could remind you good times and inspire you to go on.
This list is easy to continue; just listen to your heart and follow it.

Add some comfort and health

Writing books or blog articles, we spend much time at tables every day though not always understand how harmful it can be for our health. If you worry about your workplace comfort, it’s high time to give it a so-called ergonomic makeover. These are the most important things to think about when changing your writing cabinet’s equipment.

Use an ergonomic chair that supports the lower back

A good chair is a keystone of comfortable work, and the money spent on it is worth spending. Your money will come back to you by means of a healthy back and a good mood. It’s important to have an ergonomic chair that supports the lower back and encourages good posture. Your chair should also have:
  • a comfortable cushion;
  • armrests;
  • adjustable seat height;
  • adjustable backrest height;
  • ability to swivel and/or roll around.
But a good chair is not enough to have: you spend the whole day sitting, and your moves are limited anyway. According to surveys by the University of Maryland Medical Center, about 250,000 deaths per year (12%) happen due to a lack of physical activity. That is why it would be wise to stand up every 20 minutes and spend at least two minutes standing; such an exercise reduces the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. [tweetthis]Indulge in comfort. Invest in a nice ergonomic office chair that supports the lower back and promotes good posture[/tweetthis]

Use mini elliptical trainers

Elliptical trainers combine all benefits of bikes, steppers and athletic tracks. Their main advantage is a good impact on different muscle groups. There are two types of such trainers: normal and mini. Mini trainers are good to use in offices: you can put them under the table and continue your work, doing some physical exercises at the same time. A very good example of mini elliptical trainers is Cubii: they have been developed for office workers in particular.

Use a sitting/standing desk for change

A practice-based study by health science officer Nicolaas P. Pronk shows that standing work has a better influence on your physical health and productivity, but it doesn’t mean you should have two different tables for sitting and standing work. You can reduce the number of your sitting hours with the help of a standing/sitting desk: it transforms easily and gives an opportunity to change position anytime.


The chaotic working environment can prevent your productivity. Organizing your writing cabinet, you structure it and put everything to its place, saving your time and increasing your productivity level many times. Don’t forget about your health as well.
These interesting devices for every writer to have will be a good bonus to this article:
  • Digital highlighter – it looks like a yellow marker but with no yellow inks inside. It serves to scan texts from paper and is used to save documents or send them to your computer or smartphone. It can also translate texts if necessary.
  • Smartpen – this is much more than a standard pen. This digital device transforms handwritten notes into sketches or digital copies. You can use it to record sounds and convert them into digital formats if necessary. It also includes great apps to complement smartphones, tablet or PC.
  • USB cup warmer – your tea will always stay hot with this device. Just plug it into your USB port and place your cup onto its hot plate.
In conclusion, I’d like to ask how do you organize your writing desk and cabinet? What elements and devices do you use? It would be great if you shared your thoughts in the comments. Any share of this article and infographic on your social media and blogs would be greatly appreciated, too. I am sure, your readers will find it interesting to check! 🙂
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Posted Jul 7, 2015
  1. Tyora says:

    This is a fantastic infographic. Like it!

  2. anonymous says:

    time to organize my home office 🙂

  3. Jesse Feller says:

    Great post, Emily! However, it seems that I can’t organize office desk at work. It’s not so easy. At least, my boss is against painting the walls blue or green 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Hi Jesse! I see, but at home you can do whatever you want 🙂

  4. Ginny Potter says:

    Hi Emily!
    Thanks so much for this informative article! I have never thought that I would be ready to organize my workplace. Good to know that there are people who care about others doing their own business. Wish you good luck!
    PS. Waiting for a new story from you!

    1. admin says:

      Hey Ginny! I’m glad you’ve liked it!

  5. Raoul Duke says:

    Awesome! I’m gonna to organize a work desk soon! Nice piece to read!!!

    1. admin says:

      Raoul, good luck with organization your work desk 🙂

  6. Steve Smith says:

    I agree that home office organization is important. But what if a person don’t have time to do this renovation? I think it’s better to clean up everything, and that’s enough. However, your piece of advice carries weight. Maybe, I can try to organize mine office soon. Who knows.

    For now, I don’t think every step should be taken.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Steve, I just showed my point. Good luck with organization your office 🙂

  7. David Ginn says:

    Hey! Now I know ways to organize my office! Thanks for sharing this infogrpahic!

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      Thanks for comment, David! I’m glad you have liked it

  8. Jeff Cross says:

    Thank you, Emily!

    This infographic made my day! I Obviously, workplace organization has evolved rapidly. What digital gadgets do you use? And which one is the best to start with?

    Thanks once again!

  9. Sonia says:

    Wow, I seem to have all the things you’ve mentioned in my place: gadgets, quotes, and other stuff. To be honest, I don’t organize my office desk at all. Should say ‘thanks’ to mom, hahah

  10. Ugonna says:

    That moment you realized you’re a noob 🙂 Now I am ready to organize my home office!

  11. Mike Anderson says:

    When is the right time to organize a writing desk? Do you have some personal ‘rules’, Emily?

  12. Jerry Klein says:

    Many thanks to this awesome site! I came to read some reviews of writing service, but this infographic have caught my eye! It seems I know everything, and now I can organize a desk! Hope to see productivity boost soon, too!

    Good job, Omnipapers!

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